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on April 8, 2012
Good storyline. Great Ambience. Combat feels good, and zombies can pop and give you a jolt. of excitement. I found myself occasionally darting left and right in my chair to avoid attack.

4 characters to choose from. Self Centered Jock that's the throwing specialist. Former Cop, now bodyguard, who's the firearms specialist. Hotel employee who is also the martial artist and blade specialist. Rounded out with Sam B., the rapper who sings in the intro video, loner turned teamplayer, who's a pro wtih blunt weapons. You pick up a teenage girl along the way, who mostly just carries your gear, and acts as the moral compass/ plot device of the group.

What you'll love about weapons:
Huge variety and weapon mods that make them do cool stuff. Flaming baseball bat that sets foe on fire, Poisoned blades, molitov cocktails, deoderant can bombs, Meat bombs that draw zombies away from you, etc..
You can throw pretty much anything you can wield.
What you won't love about weapons:
Repairing them, fairly often, or just dumping them an picking up new weapons you find along the way. The game basically forces you to carry multiple weapons and rotate through them while on missions. You can't just relly on one UBER weapons. You'll need to carry a mix and use them intellegently.
Guns are pretty weak against zombies:
Melee weapons are where it's it in this game for zombie killing. While a single good headshot with any gun is enough to take out a human, you'll find yourself emptying a clip of bullets from your pistol to drop a lowly walker. The Shotgun can decaptitate a zombie, but you'll most often find pistol and rifle ammo.

Side missions are often repeatable, and don't advance the story line.
Story Arc missions advance the story line, and have much better XP rewards.

Characters can advance to level 50, but all the foes in the game scale to your level, so there is nothing preventing you from finishing the storyline well before that.

The Zones all feel different. The Resort, The City, Sewers, The Jungle, the Lab, and the prison look and play differently.
The Resort has lots of dead bodies that will pop up and attack you, often catching you off guard.
The City has armed Humans, and monstrous sized zombies that nearly impossible to kill from in front.
The Jungle has more human threats than zombie. You'll need to get a handle on Gun play at this point. Fast moving zombie "butchers" are a new threat here
Sewers have threats lurking around every corner, and bloated disgusting zombies that spew on you.
The Lab has you driving through zombie infested narrow roads, with every zombie type imaginable hanging around.
The Prison is the final zone of the game, no going back once you've made it inside the prison. Let's just say it's ahrder to kill a zombie when it's fast moving and wearing riot gear...

Is it perfect ? No.
*Jumping is enemic.
*Autoequip is annoying. If you hold the pickup key for longer than a split second you autoequip whatever it was you were picking up. Try fighting off a zombie that pops up on you while your raiding a bar and all of a sudden you character gets drunk because he's slamming back drinks instead of swinging a weapons because the bottle of alcohol auto equiped.
*Weapon degredation happens too rapidly.
*Ammunition limits - you can carry seeming endless ammounts of slavage, you'll use to mod weapons, trade, etc..., but you can only carry 50 pistol ammo, 60 rifle ammo, and 20 shotgun shells. It kind of makes sense from a game balance perspective, but it seems forced when your carying 18 weapons, but hardly any ammo.
*Disappearing weapons - you'll occastionaly lose a thrown weapons. It just vanishes every now and again. I had one weapon disapear from my inventory the instant I upgraded it. Get killed after throwing a weapon, and it might not be there after you respawn. It's not a major hurlde, just annoying.

Is it well worth $20 ? Heck Yeah !!
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on March 5, 2017
It is probably the best zombie survival game you will play on pc or any console the original dead island is where its at not that definitive bull crap:)
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on October 27, 2012
Let me start off by saying this game is friggin awesome. I did not like any of the left 4 dead games because the characters were boring, and we knew nothing about them. In dead island we learn the back story of our character of choice, of coarse we do get very little character development. The melee acting is very fun, crank up your volume and swing. The weapons do fall apart which is a nice touch, but some weapon like the crowbar fall apart way to quickly. Its like really three enemies killed and the crow bar is almost broken? The NPC's do get kinda annoying, and like most games they always ask for help and they have you do all the work. Now i know that i am being picky, but this game is 40 plus hours long. There is a lot of repetition in missions like the collect 5 "whatever" for so and so.
This game is like borderlands mixed with fallout(1,2,3,new vages) and left 4 dead. Its worth the money but i will be waiting several months for my next play through.
All in all i would give it a 8/10
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on October 11, 2011
This game is definitely a lot of fun - the game play is good and some of the views are stunning. Like any game, there's a few bugs. I'm having a problem with my mic creating feedback from itself in the game, but my boyfriend isn't having the same problem, so I'm guessing thats just something with the settings. Other than that, I'd recommend that you have a good friend to play it with. My boyfriend said the single-player was fun but that its awesome having the two of us playing. It makes the little side quests that aren't interesting a lot of fun. Haven't tried out the public but I'm pretty sure I won't; I like the co-op aspect of it. Other than that, I'm only about 10% done the main quest, but the maps seem really big, but not so big that you can't get an overall sense of direction.
Overall I guess, the little aspects of the game that aren't the smoothest are easy to get used to, and there's a lot of little details that really add to the game and make up for the tiny glitches. The things they did well are done really well, and the rest is like any other game with maybe a bit of an annoying system for selecting items or something, but thats a normal variation from game to game and its easy to get used to.
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on March 11, 2012
I am playing this one as single player on a PC and thoroughly enjoying it. Game loaded fine but did take a while as it is a long game. I already had a steam account so game updated in about 60 seconds.
Lots and Lots of side quests of varying degrees of difficulty plus the main quests. If you enjoy killing Zombies this is the game for you. Shoot them, Hack them, bludgeon them, electrocute them etc. Some cons, as there are in every game, such as the Thug Zombies have a longer reach then you do with a shovel,If you are a shooter guns are few and ammo scarce, Some times the quest tracker stops showing you where you are. At the first of the game do not set your gamma low as they suggest as you cannot see your hand in front of your face. I am looking forwards to many more hours of play and replay with this one!
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on October 22, 2011
good game. great graphics, only thing i dont like is that anyone can get on your game unless you set it to private before you even start the game. I have had my game messed up twice by online gamers jumping in my level. Dont like that at all. once the main mission is done its a game o fetch the rest of the time with side and reoccuring missions that will just run you ragged. also there is an issue with switching weapons you cant just hit a key or button and change to the next weapon, you have to go to the inventory menu and equip it each time you want to change, even thought you have 8 weapon slots. and the firearms arnt that effective as they should be head shots dont kill the zombies it takes multiple hits. Over all i like this game but get it as cheap as you can.
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on November 12, 2011
Once again great shipping by amazon. Got it in a few days for a good price. Wasn't sure I would like the game even though I loved the previews and the idea of a great zombie game. Game is an amazing open map. Could play for hours upon hours at a time. Has some easier challenges and some tough obstacles. With the online play one can choose to work with others that are in the same skill levels working on the same challenges. Actual story mode last a extremely long time and can get sidetracked easily while you go kill some more zombies or better yet mutilate them. All in all one of a kind. Of course the PC is the way to go if you want the best experience of gaming. I'd give a rating of 9.2 out of 10.Could make some improvements as always but definitely worth every penny.
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on December 28, 2011
The ghrapics of this game looks really good but I have to say that the first few chapter of the game is too easy but the game picks up when you reach the downtown are. The weapons are mostly melee and it can be customized. pistols are almost no use against zombies but great agaisnt human enemies. But the best thing about this zombie game is its open world! You can go almost anywhere and the map is easy to navigate too. The game is quite long too; it has so many side missions that it also gets repetitive at times. But if you are a zombie fan, there is no better zombie game than this right now.
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on March 1, 2017
No good, but they immeadiately made it right
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on March 13, 2015
I bought it and it arrived so I tried it out. I TRIED to install it but then a product code popped up so I could actually have played the game, IF i HAD A PRODUCT CODE WHICH DID NOT COME WITH THE GAME. Don't waste your time and money on this.
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