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Dead Rising 2 - Xbox 360
Platform: Xbox 360|Edition: Standard|Change
Price:$11.50+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

"Dead Rising 2" offers more zombie-killing goodness, and is easily picked up by anyone who's played the first game. The game is largely improved, but these improvements have found strange ways of affecting the game as a whole.

Like it's predecessor, "Dead Rising 2" has a fairly simple premise: You play as an average character trapped in a mall for 72 hours. Your mission is to fight zombies, rescue survivors, and uncover the plot behind the outbreak. In DR1, you were playing as photographer Frank West. In DR2, the player takes the role of Chuck Greene, a motocross superstar trying to pay for his daughter's anti-Zombie medication. The location is changed from a large shopping mall to "Fortune City", a Vegas-like strip full of casinos, movie theaters, and restaurants, but the basic gameplay is the same: use whatever you can to defeat zombies and save your fellow humans.

One of the main differences between DR1 and DR2 is the character's "special ability". In DR1, you played as a photographer, so the player could take pictures to earn experience points. In DR2, you play as a character with a mechanical background, so your special ability is to combine things to form new weapons. Dead Rising had a lot of improvised weapons (basically anything you found in the mall could be picked up and used as a weapon, from park benches to trash cans to handfuls of jewelry), but in DR2 these items can be combined. Some of them are simple (baseball bat + nails = baseball bat with nails in it), some of them are peculiar (jewelry + leaf blower = shotgun-like gem launcher), and some of them are outright insane (it's possible to make a fully-functional lightsaber).

Another change from Dead Rising 1 is that the game feels a lot easier overall. The zombies present more of an obstacle, but survivors are much smarter (compared to DR1's survivors, who had to be led around every step of the way) and solving the main plot is pretty hard to mess up. One feature of the Dead Rising games is the fact that you can restart the game with your earned experience. In DR1 this was necessary because it was difficult to beat the game on your first try, because of how much time it took to rescue survivors. In DR2, it's pretty easy to beat it on the first or second try, which sort of cut down on replay value. Dead Rising 2 is full of little changes that make the game a lot more convenient - better AI, easier missions, the radio is less annoying, and so on. The funny thing about this is that while these are all good changes, they almost make the game "too" easy. It's not a bad thing, just a notable change.

The graphics are pretty good. There's a wide variety of environments, from shopping areas to different theme casinos, and basically it feels like a place where people would really work and shop (for the most part). This helps drive home the nature of the zombie apocalypse scenario. In competing zombie franchise "Left 4 Dead", many of the environments seemed deliberately made, rather than depicting "actual locations". Dead Rising 2 does a better job at seeming like a real place overrun by zombies.

Overall, Dead Rising 2 was a lot of fun to go through. Veterans of the first game may find a lot of stuff familiar (things like which foods restore the most health and so on), but the new combination system will give even the most invested DR1 players something new to experiment with. Those new to the series will be able to spend a few hours trying out different weapons, items, and foods to see what works best for them, as well as exploring the whole of Fortune City. Dead Rising 2 is a game with a lot of meat to it, and is both fun and content-rich.

Rating: 9/10.
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on May 23, 2013
I just played Dead Rising ,two days ago , I really enjoyed playing it there is never a dull moment But I just purchased part 2 The charicters move the same , Better weapons right from the start and the zombies are faster ....The Action packed game has amazing special effects , more blood , missing limbs ..... IF you liked dead island than you will love this over run game full of nothing but ZOMBIES TO KILL.......... The game is cheap enough for all you zombie lovers to try it .... only 1 down fall ,, the save game is still lame trying to find one between levels and than you die and pow right back at either begining of level or over wrote your last save and start ALL THE BLEEPING WAY BACK TO THE START OF THE GAME !!!!! I say 4 1/2 stars
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on August 16, 2011
I loved Dead Rising. It was my first 360 game, and the reason I got a 360 in the first place. I mean, a MALL full of ZOMBIES! And I can use EVERYTHING in the place to kill all of them? Well, yes indeed, I will take a slice of that awesome pie thank you.

The second game takes the first to the next level. The agrivating survivors that you have to cart through the mall to the safe zones are SMARTER. Yes, now they do not run into a crowd of zombies and STOP. UnG. Now they plow through, attack with whatever they have, push off zombies, and stay by your side as much as they can. Also the time mechanic is not so bad. Before, in the first game, it was a strain to wait for the next mission. Now you are closer to the action and the missions are no so painstaking. There is weapon customization, upgrades, leveling up, and ect.

With the release of Dead Island soon upon us in 2011, and Dead Rising 2:OTR soon to reboot the Dead Rising 2 game, the price of Dead Risng 2 is lower than before. If you haven't played this Zombiefest then you need to. If you enjoy zombie games then this is a must.
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on April 20, 2011
If you are like me, you love Zombies. Left4Dead, COD: Zombies, Resident Evil and now Dead Rising....Dead Rising 2 is a sequel that tops the original in every way. You play as Chuck Greene, a moto-cross-looking Dad who competes in a reality show called Terror is Reality where he is forced to compete through American Gladiator-type games that slaughter zombies for fun infront of an audience (important as this is the base of the multiplayer portion). Chuck's daughter has been bitten and requires a drug called Zombrex which prevents her from changing every 24 hours. You run around saving and joining up with survivors, exploring missions via radio and human contact. The single player formula is still virtually the same from the original. Kill zombies, get weapons, save people, do side-missions. There is enough there to keep the player focused and interested. Plenty of substance.

Multiplayer as I stated before is a bunch of different games in their "Terror is Reality" show such as Hamsterball (Player in a ball, rolling around splattering zombies and hitting bumpers). Some are more fun than others but all are entertaining. My only grip would be that its so hard to find a multiplayer match with 4 people due to how popular it isn't. Yet- This game is a blast! I highly recommend buying it if you liked the 1st Dead Rising or love Zombies/Zombie-obliterating.

FUN: (5/5)
Gameplay: (5/5)
Replayability: (4/5)
Graphics: (4/5)
Value: (4/5)

*Thousands of zombies on screen at once with no issues
*Tons of weapons as well as combo cards which allow you to fuse two weapons together to create a mega-weapon.
*Lots of areas and survivors to explore and encounter
*Plenty to do
*Fun, fun and fun
*Humor is always there
*Chuck is actually pretty cool

*Time constraints eliminate time for exploration and more fun =( but it is manageable.
*Controls feel like a Capcom game (I don't know why but every Capcom game has just 'different' controls that look and feel different.
*3 save slots- may not seem like a big deal but it sort of is...
*You have to read, rather than listen to what the characters you encounter are telling you sometimes.
*Some sections may feel mildy repetitive but its up to you to alter that.
*No news shocker here...Dying sucks.
*Please Multiplayers come back! Its hard to find a game... =(

THEY ARE MAKING A DEAD RISING 2: FRANKS STORY GAME which defeats the purpose of buying this game if the new one has improvements and more to it...however, I am definitely enjoying this and cannot recommend not buying this. This game is fun.
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on July 8, 2013
I started with this game, Dead Rising 2, and got hooked. There are so many different ways to play that it never gets dull. You can do the main storyline, skip it if you choose, only rescue survivors, only defeat psychopaths, or just ignore everything and spend the whole of the game killing zombies. With so many ways to play, this game is well worth the money. If the first Dead Rising bored you, as it did me, don't let that stop you from playing this one. MUCH more fun than the original.
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on January 21, 2014
This game goes for a good cheap price now, and I can see why. The play in it is quite fun for a good little while--but then, you realize that the story line is paper-thin in campaign mode.

And this is the kicker for me: you're timed in the campaign. Yes, I get that time is of the essence in a Zombie Apocalypse. But where Deadrising games have a lot of fun in their mini-malls are carnage--they will leave campaign-crazies like myself left feeling really bummed. Some missions in the main story line have to be done back to back or within such a tight time-frame that you find yourself rushing to just "continue" along in the main plot.

Stick with Left 4 Deads, Dead Island games for your zombie fill. Deadrising is worth a rent at best--or buying it for very cheap. The limited time of gameplay you will have--it is good fun. :)
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on March 29, 2014
I have waited 4 years and I am VERY satisfied the graphics WAY BETTER, improved sound effects, Multiplayer with 9 games(Terror is Reality), Two player Co-op, and single player what else do you need!? More weapons and the combo cards made me drool all over my floor! Even after you beat the game you still want to play it just like DR1 or Co-op. So if you like zombie games then Dead rising 2 is for YOU!
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on November 24, 2010
I loved the first game, except for the time limit. It's the type of game that begs for wandering around aimlessly, fighting zombies, playing with weapons, and discovering new areas. The biggest problem I had with the new one is that it did the same thing... put a time limit on you.

I don't mind being forced to do missions, but a lot of times, the time limit requires that you sit around waiting for the new part to open up so you can do the timed mission and not allowing you enough time to go somewhere else and run a side mission. So, I didn't like that feeling of being trapped behind a time. I was under the impression when I preordered the game that the timelimit would be taken out.

The first one was fun because it was over the top ridiculous and just plain fun. This game takes the story a little more seriously, introduced a little child that is just plain annoying, and doesn't give you proper time to explore in order to try out making new weapons. Also, some spots are just too difficult. I have been playing coop with a friend and we are stuck at a part with two sword weilding tv girls who just don't take enough damage from any weapon we've used thus far, run faster than us, and just murder us in no time flat. It's frustrating because we have to respawn and make our way back there every time. I ended up shelving the game and planning to go back again at SOME point in the future.

The game is still fun. However, it's kind of like GTA games where the most fun is had by moving around and causing damage, murder, and mayhem! Minus the time limit and little girl who needs her medicine (not a spoiler, you learn about it in the beginning, or in Case Zero if you buy that), this game has potential. IF there's a 3rd, it needs to go back to being corny and ridiculous.

I recommend buying it at $30. That seems like a fair price from what you get.

PS - Amazon gave preorders a special clothing code as a bonus. Capcom took forever to make that code available, so we got a sweet 1/2 off coupon for Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 as well as an extra $10 off gaming coupon. That made me love Amazon, but Capcom definately seemed to take their time thanks to an underwhelming reception of the game. True or not, that's how it felt. It had no bearing on this review though.
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on November 30, 2014
good game, definitely a step up from the first game. if you still own a 360 its worth a playthrough if you have a few bucks laying around and like smashing zombies with whatever you can find. Decent story but can be very difficult at points. i ended up trading it in at gamestop toward an xbox one game.
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on March 20, 2018
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