Customer Reviews: Dead Space 2
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Format: Video Game|Change
Price:$4.68 - $263.77
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on June 24, 2011
This game is my favorite then the original dead space. The original was scary and this is just the same with even more monsters longer game and great new monsters. I like how they added new gameplay elements like fighting in space with huge monsters and the train level is extremely epic with a stand out story other games need to study the gameplay design to this because its marvelous I think only Assassins creed Brotherhood is the only other game that has the best of both worlds like this. A huge frightening story at 2o hours and a great multiplayer where your are both 4 isaacs fighting the beasts or you are the beasts hunting the humans being the kiddies as i like to call them jumping on their heads and splitting them open. Plus they added a free map pack which is great to keep supporting the game and you level up your online character to get new stuff a la call of duty. And also the ps3 version has the exclusive dead space extraction which is great with 2 player coop me and my girlfriend loved it and she rarely plays games much like rockband littlebigplanet but the ps move controls were excellent. 3 games for the price of one and now at 39.99 is like a steal. Well im gonna get back to hardcore mode that only lets u save 3 times and get killed like a million times lol for that platinum trophy.
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on October 11, 2011
2510. Saturn. Orbiting city, "The Sprawl."

Wake Up Isaac. Make us whole, please, Isaac?

Your memory muddled, your heart racing, you awaken to the gruesome impalement of a man you don't even know trying to release you from the bonds of a straight jacket. His blood drowning your eyesight from the horror around you, his screams flooding your ears with an unrelenting agony, you quickly snap-to and see them in the room ahead.


Run Isaac. You need to make us whole.

And so it begins. Dead Space is pulse pounding action, from the very moment you press "New Game."

Set 3 years after the original Dead Space, you play engineer Isaac Clarke. No longer a corpse-stomping, limb chopping mute, Isaac has finally found his voice, and is now caught in yet another do or die situation: trapped in the hospital wing of "The Sprawl", Isaac must escape a horde of invading blood thirsty, flesh rending Necromorphs--all while being stuck in a straight jacket.

Haunted by visions of Nicole, Isaac has lost his grip on reality. What and who is real? Who is friend, who is foe? Why Isaac? What did he do to deserve this?

Staying true to its roots, Dead Space 2 delivers on something that was already incredible, and explodes it 10 fold into something much more refined, polished, and enjoyable.

The atmosphere, while somewhat similar to DS1, is flooded with amazing sounds and ambient lighting. You never know which sound is a Necromorph making his way towards you, or what is simply ambiance in the background. You never fully see the threat until it is inches away from you, threatening to take you away from The Sprawl dismembered into tiny pieces. Visceral has done an incredible job on the sequel, adding in plenty of moments that will genuinely creep you out. You can no longer really predict when something will pop out at you, like you could in DS1. Now, the surprises are truly surprises. Where, before, you might expect a Lurker waiting for you behind a door, you instead get a pitch black hallway, where in the midst of this blackness you are attacked by a loud, ear-shattering hallucination of Nicole. And she's pissed.

The horror in DS1 is not so much visual, as it is in the audio and the psychology of Isaac Clarke. There will definitely be scenes that make you say "Holy S&*7" (like failing the Eye machine scene in Chapter 14). You will hang upside down from a cable while battling hordes of Necromorphs and a Brute with only limited ammo, battle your way through a crazy train derailment scene. You will pilot an escape pod in zero gravity through a debris field in space--your body being split into many pieces if you fail.

This game is intense.

The replay value is definitely up there, with 4 difficulties(5 if you include the unlockable Hard Core) and many trophies requiring subsequent play throughs, you will find your self replaying DS2, not because you NEED to(if you're a trophy whore like myself), but because it's just that damn good. Survival Horror hasn't been this good since Silent Hill. And if you're someone who likes a challenge, Hard Core will meet your expectations with flying colors. 14 Hour game, 3 saves, and when you die, you revert back to your last save--NOT last checkpoint. Credits in hardcore, are reduced to just a mere fraction of what you'd get in the Veteran and Zealot modes. Save your ammo AND game wisely. Sometimes, you'll have no choice but to run.

DS2 has so far been my favorite game of the year. I'm also a Resident Evil 5 junkie so if you're seeking a game that delivers MORE fun than RE5, but stays true to the Survival Horror genre, look no further and pick up DS2.

Graphics: 9/10
Atmosphere: 10/10 -- Especially the final boss fight. Wow, the use of filters make this one of the most enjoyable boss fights I've encountered visually and artistically.
Sound: 9.5/10 -- Fantastic use of garbage cans rattling, lights going out, screams in the distance, necromorphs growling/shrieking(especially The Pack, they sound like demented children), and sometimes loud noises are all used to near perfection.
Controls: 10/10 -- This is one of DS2's best features. The controls are fluid and enjoyable. Not a pain in the a$$ to get used to like RE5. Plus, you can run and gun--but only while aiming, and aiming slows down your speed considerably.
Gameplay: 10/10 -- Campaign is just amazing, with a gripping story line that will keep you engaged.
Multiplayer: 7/10 -- I really found MP to be lacking to be quite honest. Lag will lead to some frustration, and the imbalance between powers really makes the Necromorph a very weak character selection. If you have a RiG character with half a brain, you can stasis globs of Necro players and obliterate them. Also, there's not really a variety in game modes, which lead to a stale MP after a while.
Replayability: 10/10 -- 4 Different difficulties, many trophies dependent upon replay, and an unlockable Hard Core mode that will test your patience and situational strategic reasoning. Immensely fun and well rewarding for the stoicly fortuitous gamer.

Overall: 9.35/10 -- 93.5% -- A

For 20$, you won't get a better bang for your buck if you're a horror buff.
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on August 17, 2015
After years of watching Zaranyzerak play the Dead Space games on youtube, I got a PS3 JUST to play all three games. Very cool. I thought that the controls were a lot better in this second game. DS2 isn't as creepy as the first game, but the gameplay is much improved. And you actually get to hear Issac speak in this game....though I'm not sure that that's a good thing. I liked it when he was silent. DS2 is much harder than the first game, though after you play it through a few times and build up upgraded weapons, nodes, and suit and suit power, it's not so tough.
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on March 13, 2011
I am not that big of a fan of horror games but this game is quiet the delight. It has the best sound I've heard, making the atmosphere very suspenseful and dramatically horrifying. There's a reason why they won awards for their sound design. The gameplay was like the first game, very straightforward & focused. The movement is smooth but still very limited, although that is part of the design and it adds to the fear. There are a lot of tense moments where you are overwhelmed with monsters that pop up from everywhere, but that is the fun of it. The guns have been vastly improved and given better secondary fire as well as a few new weapons that are actually weapons and not engineering tools, and are very cool. There are a few new types of necromorphs, giving more variety. The story was alright for me, nothing too special about it, but it's enough to keep the game going. Overall the single player was one of those games where I wanted to stop playing because theres too many suspenseful and scary moments but I still played it because it was so satisfying getting through the stage and killing those necromorphs using various powers and guns. Almost everything improved from the first game, the graphics, the gameplay, the sound, although the story doesn't do much better than the first. I would recommend this game anytime.

The multiplayer on the other hand, is just a bonus to it. It is a very basic objective based 4 vs. 4, necro vs. human game. It is fun for the first week or two but gets kinda boring because of the lack of depth and variety. Although if you can get 4 people that have a mic., then you would have a bit more fun with the multiplayer. The multiplayer is fun but don't depend on it to warrant your purchase.
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on February 13, 2012
Put on a set of headphones and turn off the lights and get ready for your heart to start racing. Dead Space 1 & 2 are both one of a kind great games. I highly recommend playing ds 1 first to really understand the storyline.

The controls are much more tight in ds 2 and and Isaac moves much more freely. There are no ridiculously impossible boss fights as in the first ds where you had to die more than a few times before figuring out the battle, even on casual difficulty.

You definitely will have trouble falling asleep after playing this game at night, especially with the lights off and the sound turned up. It's that fricking scary.

I highly recommend you buy this game but get ds 1 first. Hell just buy both right now. They're both dirt cheap on Amazon. Load up the games and get ready for a non-stop necromorph onslaught.
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on January 15, 2016
Well I gave it to my grand boy for his birthday and out of all his gifts he not only said thank you but gave me a thumbs up - the only gift he gave that attention to. He has played #1 repeatedly several times through and loved it, so he will no doubt enjoy this one as much.
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on October 15, 2013
I am playing this game again on the harder level. I love how many levels this game is. Most games now are for online play and they have like only 5 levels. This one has 15! This game is really hard to loose at on the normal level. There are tons of save points, checkpoints(if you miss a save before you turn it off and die)ammo and health(you can also buy at the store throughout the game). I also like the store use in this game. You earn money and find things to sell for money at the store. You can even store things for later use if you would like. That is a really good feature as you can only 'hold' so many items on your suit(stronger suits hold more items). You work through the game adding money from which to upgrade and buy items and suits that have added strengths. Most games do not differ much from one hardness to the next but this is a little different. You can beat the game and play again and keep all your weapons their upgrades. The monsters are the same as they were before but harder to kill(but you have your upgraded weapons!) You now find less money and ammo and weapon upgrades to add. You can get even better suits of armor as well. If you really feel nuts you can play the "insane" hardest version. I will not go into detail here but suffice it to say that it is almost unheard of what they did. Check the play by play websites for the info on this. I like this game and would recommend this to anyone who just wants a good game to play and shoot some nasty mutants.
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on December 6, 2012
Dead Space 2 picks up right where 2008's masterful game Dead Space left off. Issac Clark wakes up in a colony known as The Sprawl, and has to battle not only new legions of necromorphs, but also a unknown agency after him for unknown reasons, as well as his own sanity.

Dead Space 2 feels very much like its predecessor with a few changes. The game looks significantly better than the first game did (which also still looks very good for a nearly 5 year old game). The developers have also made a couple of improvements in the gameplay that definitely work for the better. Telekinesis is now much easier and more intuitive to use. The zero gravity environments are also much more enjoyable now with boosters attached to Issac's suit, giving him much more mobility and freedom, not to mention some incredible new scenarios and set pieces. Also, the inclusion of some new weapons was nice, although its usually the tried and true favorites from the first game that seem to be the most effective.

The major change in Dead Space 2 is a much stronger focus on action. While the game does have lots of creepy and tense moments, there isn't nearly as much mystery, which inevitably leads to a much less scary game that Dead Space was. Issac also shows his face, and speaks quite a bit in this game, witty one-liners and all. The Sprawl isn't nearly as scary as the Ishimura was, with its creaking metal and narrow corridors. In fact, while the environment led to so much of the scares in Dead Space, Dead Space 2 seems to rely more on jump-scare tactics that sometimes feel cheap, almost like the developers knew their formula didn't have much new to it. Overall, the gameplay improvements make Dead Space 2 a really good action game, but that special blend of intense horror that was present in the first game seems to be lost. This is still a very good game, but I hope that they don't continue in this less horror/more action direction in the future.

Something else very much worth mentioning is the inclusion of the rail shooter Dead Space: Extraction, which comes with PS3 versions of Dead Space 2. Dead Space: Extraction serves as a prequel to the original Dead Space. The game was released on the Nintendo Wii, and is included here in version that has been updated with HD graphics and optimized for Playstation Move motion controllers. This is a very enjoyable rail shooter that fills in lots of the backstory of Dead Space, and is a very strong game in itself. Obviously, being a rail shooter, it's not as scary as the games where you have complete control of your character, but it's a very fun game nonetheless that looks great on PS3 and works incredibly well with the Move. If you have options, the PS3 version of Dead Space 2 is worth it simply for the inclusion of this very good game.
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on April 17, 2011
If you are into survivor horror games, than DS2 is the best out there. The game graphics are similar to first game so not ground breaking but the ambience is a total different story. The designs of each platform is spacious and gives the sense that you are there. Huge stage presence in audio. If you have 7.1 surrounds, this game will make you wet your pants. It is truly scary to play a lone at night. I need a pace maker now. I loved the game. Beat it on Zealot is not easy and in Hardcore, you only get three saves or check points for the game. If you die, you have to start all over!
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on November 30, 2012
This is one of my favorite games ever! Scary and intense, you pick up where Isaac left off in part once, except he's kind of losing his mind in this one. Got it right away and it's working well, brushing up on this (since my old copy was lost in a move) before part 3 comes out in a couple months.
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