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on June 7, 2014
For those who are not entirely familiar with the Dead Space series, Dead Space is a sci-fi action-horror game with an intricate storyline about how humanity had invented giant, commercialized space ships in the future with the purpose of harvesting valuable minerals from other planets, or "planet-cracking", but discovers an alien artifact that reanimates dead matter into monstrous beasts. It goes beyond that, but I don't want to explain it all here. As stated, this game precedes the first one that was released for both the Xbox 360 and PS3 featuring a storyline taking place before the events of the first game. The game centers around four main characters who were alive during the USG Ishimura incident with cameos by integral characters from the first game. Unlike the first game, which was a TPS or third-person shooter, Dead Space Extraction is a light-gun game akin to the ones you would play at the arcade, like House of the Dead. It is a linear and cinematic experience with some interactivity sprinkled in.

Gameplay wise, you use the Wii motion controller as you would if it was a gun along with the nunchuck. The game would also require you to perform gestures, puzzles in-game, and shake the Wii remote and nunchuck from time to time. Shooting is great, but in my opinion, I felt that the gestures were too gimmicky and the puzzles were annoying, as they require pin-point accuracy much of the time, which is difficult to achieve with the Wii remote. Also, when the game does require you to shake the Wii remote or nunchuck, it won't register the motion accurately. There are four difficulties: Normal, Hard, Hardest, and Impossible. The game is Wii Zapper compatible and features drop in/drop out co-op.

Content wise, it has an excellent, and fairly lengthy campaign with replay value consisting of completing chapters for better scores and upgrading weapons. There is an unlock-able challenge mode and the game also features a motion comic complete with voice acting and a plot that coincides the game. Otherwise, the game has little replay value.

For the casual gamer, there is some fun to be found within Dead Space Extraction, but is short-lived once you beat the game. Although, it is a game all Dead Space fans must experience as it helps one learn more about the series' story. All in all, I would only recommend this to Dead Space fans and those looking for a short, but enjoyable experience.


- Excellent story
- Fun rail-shooter
- Couch co-op
- Expands and explains more of the series' story


- Low replay value
- Content
- Wonky motion controls
- Gimmicky gameplay
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on January 26, 2013
I couldn't believe how fun this rail shooter is. Forget all of your preconceptions regarding how short and repetitive rail shooters are. This is not similar to House of Dead or Resident Evil Umbrella Files. Visceral Games made something of a whole other breed here. First off the game is very long and it is worth every penny of that you spend on this game. Plus it adds to the back story a lot, revisiting places that you went in the first game plus exploring more of the Ishimura. If you played and loved the first game, then this is definitely worthy to have in your collection. If that wasn't enough the first Dead Space comic is included as a bonus motion comic.

I will say having a friend to play this with you adds to the fun a lot. So subtract one half star if you have to play this by yourself. However there is a fun hoard mode that I enjoyed very much.
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on January 21, 2011
The verdict has been in for a while now - the original 'Dead Space' is a modern masterpiece, a nearly ideal fusion of science fiction and scare-you-out-of-your-seat horror. Its flaws are few and can be easily dismissed in light of how well it plays and the effect it has on those who dare.

So why mess with a formula that works so well? 'Dead Space: Extraction' is the answer to that question. It's a game that succeeds well on its own merits and even manages to improve on some things from the original.

Where 'Dead Space' was a survival horror game that put the player in full control of a single character, able to stop and start at will and explore fully, 'Extraction' is a "rail shooter," meaning that the player does not fully control character movement, and it is seen from the first person. The player is in charge of picking up powerups, occasionally selecting from a choice of routes, and shooting whatever beasties pop up in our path.

And there's a lot to shoot at. Many of the same creatures from the original 'Dead Space' make their appearance here as well, rendered in lovingly gory detail. The Wii's graphical limitations were surely pushed to their limit here, but it rises to the challenge as grotesque monsters and mutants attack the players in seemingly never-ending succession. Sounds, too, are reproduced faithfully, and the same growls, shrieks, and gurgles you remember from the original are plentiful in 'Extraction.'

The story of 'Extraction' takes place prior to the events of 'Dead Space,' beginning with the discovery of an ancient artifact ("The Marker") and carrying through to the infection of the crew of the USG Ishimura and the chaos that follows. In some ways it's a bigger story than the one in 'Dead Space,' told from the perspective of several different characters and spanning a lot more plot and intrigue than the original. The multiple character viewpoints, and the transitions between them, are handled very well, and each character has their own important piece of the puzzle. 'Extraction' also does an excellent job explaining some of the more frustrating aspects of Isaac's many tasks in 'Dead Space,' and unlike Isaac's dearth of personality from the original game, 'Extraction' features full-bodied and well-drawn characters, each with their own personalities, their own agendas and their own secrets.

"But Rich!" I hear you saying. "Is it SCARY?!"

Scary? Disturbing? Upsetting? Nausea-inducing? Oh yes - it's all of this and more.

What impressed me most about 'Extraction' is that it not only replicated the feel of the original, it enhanced and broadened the effect. Rather than a limitation, the "on-rails" aspect turns the game into a mad rush to escape a rapidly deteriorating situation. In 'Dead Space' you were mostly alone on the huge Ishimura from the very beginning and it was the sense of isolation that was frightening, but you can take all the time you need to explore it and deal with it. In 'Extraction' you begin on a fully-populated space station. When things go bad, they go bad fast. The scenes of sheer madness as the infection takes hold are memorable and fast-paced, filled with disturbing images and sounds as the games pushes you inexorably forward.

After the first five or ten minutes (which is sort of a training mode with a nasty twist), you're immediately on the GO-GO-GO setting, with precious few chances to stop and catch your breath until you meet your end, one way or another. You'll find weapons along the way, familiar friends like the trusty plasma cutter and some new toys too, and you have to be quick to keep them powered and loaded. Missed a powerup or ammo pack? No time to go back and get it. Wanted to check out that hallway? Too bad, we're moving on. Unlike some rail shooters, I found this aspect of 'Extraction' added to the intensity of the game as a whole, and propelled the story forward steadily.

Once you get deeper into the game, the ship is dark and quiet and the sense of menace hangs all around. Things go from bad to worse as the infection spreads. An unforgettable scene near the end forces you to do something you REALLY don't want to do. And thanks to the Wii controls, you get the experience viscerally as well as visually.

The controls are simple and intuitive, and after the first few minutes shouldn't cause any problems. Shooting is as easy as pointing at the screen and pulling the "trigger," while using telekinesis is also a simple button press. Reloading can be done quickly if you learn the trick, and shaking the nunchuk in the right area will even charge up a glow stick to beat back the darkness for a while.

Final analysis: 'Dead Space: Extraction' matches the look and feel of the first game almost perfectly, fills in many aspects of the story we were missing from the original game, and is a grisly, gory, scarily satisfying experience overall. You don't have to have played the original to play this, but at least knowing the story of the original will help you understand what's happening. Those familiar with the Dead Space story already should find this a worthy, if different, experience, and those new to the horrifying alien mutations will likely be blown away.

Why mess with what worked before? Because they can, and they can do it well.

This is a great game - probably the best rail shooter for the Wii so far, a real testament to the capability of the system, and a fitting way to expand on the story of 'Dead Space.'

Scary? You bet your last plasma round it is.
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on May 3, 2011
This game is clearly a prequel to the Dead Space game. It takes you through the encounter of the marker, and then you start to see the colony's workers hallucinating and go on killing sprees. This had a more story-developing element in that you get to see what happened firsthand. This is definitely worth investing in for those who follow the Dead Space story and are interested in seeing the original outbreak of the colony.

Visually, the game was well done, especially for it being on the Wii platform. The visual elements really coincided with what you see in the original Dead Space. What you do to Ishimura will be seen in Dead Space - there were times when I played the original thinking, "I wonder what caused that to happen", and then you see those elements in Extraction! The music and sound effects also go hand-in-hand with the elements of the original (the ones that stick out in particular are the doors opening and the computer voice of the Ishimura). You also get the same choice of array in weapons from the original game, which is also a big plus. Mechanic wise, I was satisfied. There were times where I felt a little overloaded with the mechanics due to me forgetting which part of the nunchuk a weapon selection was tied to and not having the HUD readily available on screen (there are multiple times where weapon mapping will change). There are moments where you get to pick a path and can look around the room freely (going off the "rail") - I wish those moments lasted longer, as they seemed rather too brief to snag everything in the room). Also, I got rather frustrated while encountering bosses and had no ammo on me, nor were there any ammo crates in the room to grab from (some boss fights lasted 20 minutes because I had no other weapon with ammo except the basic welder which has poor damage dealing).

The bonus material is also a good collectors addition to the Dead Space story, as it includes 6 Episodes of the graphic comic that followed the story with the colony.

Overall, I was very pleased with the game. I was a little disappointed in the amount of gameplay and a few parts of the mechanics, but with it being a rail game, I'm willing to be forgiving.
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on October 7, 2009
Many games such as Soul Caliber: Legends tried to captalize on its franchise but failed. Luckily Extraction lives up to the Dead Space brands and impresses. This game really innovates the light gun genre in more ways than one. It all starts and ends with great presentation done with well done scripted voice talent throughout the game making you feel more immersed in the world. All the signature elements from Dead Space is done extremely well in the game.

The gameplay is impressive giving you more control than your typical light gun game by allowing you to pick paths during certain segaments and allowing some scenes for you to explore under a time limit to grab objects and such. The telekensis is back allowing you t be able to pick up objects and you still can slow things down by use of the stasis which is done great for many enemies and even for one boss battle, allows you to slow him down while the camera moves around for you to shoot its weak spot.

The controls are done really well and are pretty precise. It does some unique things by allowing you hear the audio logs through the wii-mote's speaker and you can do a melee attack with the nunchuk and as you might expect, shoot with the wii-mote's trigger button, and the A button is used for you telekensis.

Graphically, it can be a bit muddy looking but its still impressive and does a great job setting the eerie mood for the game. The enemies are well animated as are the characters that follow you throughout the game. Its a great Wii game. Its a game that doesn't have to captalize by being a mature game. Its a quality that is only hampered by its short game length. Either way, its worth a play through!
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on February 16, 2014
A well crafted rail shooter. This game has a lot more narration than other rail shooters (such as Resident Evil) and you can't fast forward through it. A lot of levels you will spend more time with the narration then shooting the space monsters. But the story and narration is good. If you want to skip the story you can go to challenge mode where you will face numerous waves of taloned space zombies.

Pros: Good story, game play and controls. Choose your own difficulty on both challenge and story mode.

Cons: Story mode was pretty short (it took around 7hrs to complete) and most of that was watching the narration. Minor Con: Aliens will latch on to you requiring you to shake the wii a little too often.
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VINE VOICEon October 20, 2009
I've never been much of a video gamer until we got the Wii system. I started out with the sports and fitness games but then my oldest son gave me his Resident Evil 4 game for Wii. I am now officially an addict. There are so few good shooter games for Wii and I'm devouring them with a frenzy.
Dead Space Extraction is a great addition to this line-up. Although it is a bit slow at the beginning - at least in story mode- it builds very quickly to a nail biting, can't stop playing to even go to the bathroom, race to make it out alive.
The graphics are good. I had to change my picture in options because it's very shaky and kind of dizzying in the default mode. Once that was done, I had no problems with anything. The weapons are easy to use and change out and the monsters get progressively scarier as you move forward into the game. If you played Dead Space, you're probably familiar with the storyline. I had not so it was all new for me. This story centers around a group of colonists who are trying to escape their planet after most of it's inhabitants have become inhuman monsters due to the effects of a large alien artifact which has been uncovered.
This is defintely for players over 17 as there is a fair amount of gore as well as language that isn't appropriate for younger kids. It's mostly a straightforward shoot'em up without having to solve any puzzles or figure anything out other than what type of weapon is most lethal to whichever monster you're facing. I wish there had been some points in the game where advancing depended on solving some type of puzzle or something similar.
I have to admit that Resident Evil 4 is still my favorite of the horror shooter games but Dead Space is certainly in the top 5. I also loved the Dead Rising:Chop Till You Drop game. I am now eagerly awaiting the release of Resident Evil 5 and the new Silent Hill for Wii. Hopefully Nintendo will get the hint that adult gamers want more of this type of game for Wii.
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on October 11, 2010
like 90% of wii owners, i passed on this game the moment i heard it was a rail shooter. no matter how good it may be, $50 is just too much to spend on a halfhearted cash-in that will last you for 6 hours of repetitive blasting, right? well, like 90% of wii owners, i was wrong.

the first thing that needs to be known is that this is not a conventional rail shooter like house of the dead the resident evil chronicles, but more of a genre defying shooter like sin and punishment. the gameplay features unique twists that deepen the strategy beyond just shooting everything that moves, giving you an arsenal of mostly impractical weapons and enemies that can't be killed with straightforward shots; you'll have to target an enemy's narrow, flailing limbs in order to take them out, which becomes a tense challenge when the screen is full of charging monsters. luckily, your controls are up to the task with a wiimote scheme that matches metroid corruption and resident evil 4 in demonstrating the obvious superiority of IR aiming.

the game makes heavy use of story and exploits the on rails gameplay to set up cutscenes that wouldn't work in-game otherwise, controlling the camera so that all the sights eurocom want you to see effortlessly unfold before your eyes. the camera pans so naturally during gameplay that you often forget the game is on rails at all, feeling comfortably under your control without any player input needed. the production values are amazing, with far above average acting, great art direction, stunning graphics, and an orchestrated score that easily bests the ones heard in most actual films. from the first few minutes alone, it's clear that extraction isn't another halfhearted attempt to capture the wii audience without making a full game; it's something special all on it's own, and in my opinion ranks beyond metal gear in pulling off convincingly cinematic gameplay.

the game's 10 chapters will take you through a gruesome and compelling story that clocks in around 7 to 8 hours total; if that doesn't sound like much, it's important to stress that it's quality and not quantity that matters most and extraction packs enough into those few hours to satisfy once the game is done. outside of the story, there's a challenge mode that places you in one of 10 different locales from the game against hordes of necromorphs to try for a high score, although shooting waves of the same enemies gets a little redundant early on.
there are a few incentives to replay the single player missions such as finding missed upgrades or data files, but the main replay value is the great gameplay itself, which will more than likely pull you in more than once. my only complaint is that due to the real time nature of all the cinema scenes, none of them can be skipped the second time through, but when they're this well done it could be worse.

extraction is one of the few examples of an effort on the part of a 3rd party developer to make something truly great on the wii, and at it's current price there's no excuse for any wii owner to pass it up anymore. not only do eurocom deserve the sale, but you owe it to yourself as a wii owner to play one of the very best the system has to offer.
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My husband and I bought a Wii on a whim after Thanksgiving and 7 different games to get us started. We bought games in a variety of genres so we could get a real feel for the system & figure out what we really enjoy. After trying a couple of other shooting games with the Wii pistol attachment for the Wii Remotes, "Dead Space Extraction" is the winner! This game is by far the best of all the games we've tried, including those that are not in the shooting categories.

The graphics are amazing, the story line was quick-paced, made sense and the story actually had us wanting to know more. We loved being able to play side by side on a single screen without having to do the whole split screen effect - each of us has our own cross-hairs to aim and shoot the aliens with, but on one screen so we can make full use of the 50" television. The other nice thing about this game was that the main characters change without losing the flow of the story and the point of the game - keeps things interesting and stirs up the skill set. There are multiple difficulty levels here as well so when you think you've mastered it, you can come back and let it kick your butt all over again. SO GLAD WE BOUGHT THIS ONE!
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on December 31, 2009
This is a great game! If you're a fan of on-rail shooters (not having to walk, the game guides you around, you just shoot) then you'll love this when like I love the house of the dead series (2&3 and Overkill). The only issue I had with this game is that a lot of it, is well, too dark. Not creepy/scary, which it kind of is, but the fact most of the game is DARK. You can adjust your TV settings all you want, but unless you find glowsticks in the game, you find yourself wondering where all these noises are coming from. Which I guess adds to the creepy aspect of the game, but I'm a gamer who likes to SEE all parts of the game and take in the sights. Other than the dark levels, which don't last forever - this game is great. The creatures are incredibly creative concepts, the weapons and the upgrading system keeps you hooked - and this game isn't just another Wii game Nintendo developers rushed along. I bought the "New Super Mario Brothers" and Dead Space extraction at the same time, and I own every Mario game - and I play Dead Space for more consecutive hours than Mario - and even my girl friend gets into this game (she doesn't play many games to say the least).

I hope you enjoy the game - but if this is one of your first "on-rail" or first person shooters for the Wii - I HIGHLY suggest you buy House of the Dead Overkill first. It's a much better game (if you can handle the swears that fly out of "Samuel L. Jackson's" mouth.
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