Customer Reviews: Dead Spell
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on May 27, 2011
Dead Spell by Belinda Frisch is a story that comes from a writer's dark heart. There is a light in this tale but it is like the sun trying to shine through a curtained window in a slight breeze.

Harmony, Brea, Adam, Jaxon and the others join in trying to discover a secret that has the potential to destroy many lives as they try to survive life itself.

Belinda Frisch has written an urban tale so real, hard and dark it will have you cringing, wide-eyed and looking over your shoulder. I wonder with amazement at how the author brought all this forward without being swallowed up in it. That is where the talent of an outstanding author comes to bare.

If you enjoy reading believable, dark tales of people living on the hard crust of reality then Dead Spell is the book for you.

My hat is off to Belinda Frisch, whose sweet smile and dark writing left me with tears, of pain and joy, for those that made up this great story.
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on July 19, 2013
Dead Spell is about a troubled "broken" teenager that is seeing a ghost Tom who makes her cut herself. I believe it is supposed to be a horror book but I didn't find it the least scary.
This book could have been really good but it just fell flat for me. I never was able to connect to Harmony and I wanted more of her background, which you do get a tiny bit more at the end but still not enough.
Dead Spell was not a true horror for me I would say it was more of a mystery but some reviews said it did scare them so I suppose I just read to many horror novels and am picky on that.
***SPOILER***After Harmony kills herself and Brea and Adam hook up that irritated me to no end! I mean the guys girlfriend just died and her best friend, not to mention this is yet another under age girl he is almost sleeping with? Thankfully she came back to her senses and went back to Jaxon. I got the impression that Harmony was possessing her or something maybe? The book hinted at it but never explained it, nor did it ever say if that was what happened why did she leave? Because Brea found out the truth finally? Well if that was it Harmony killed her boyfriend and almost killed her best friend. To me that whole part would have been better left out. ***End of SPOILER***
Overall a interesting read and would consider more books from the author.
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on April 26, 2011
It's so hard to review a good book without giving the game away. For me, the pleasure in this book was being taken to unknown places: flawed yet endearing characters with broken pasts and hidden secrets and a plot that twists through a few unexpected curves. So, I don't want to spoil someone else's pleasure by taking away those unknown places. Dead Spell is a quick read - mainly because it pulls you in; you want to finish it, to not put it down. It mixes paranormal threat with the grim reality of living for people who have to get by with very little - keeping the whole read hair-raising but grounded.
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on August 9, 2012
This isn't the genre of books I typically read; however, when this came across my email as a free book, I decided to give it a shot. I found that I really enjoyed the "ride" this book took me on! I read it in just a day and a half--I truly couldn't put it down.
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on October 22, 2013
Harmony is a troubled teen who is misunderstood. Brea her best friend is shy and quiet and forbidden to hang out with Harmony. Her Mother doesn't like the mentally unstable wild Harmony. Harmony believes she is being stalked by a ghost, no one believes her. Her mother is a parnoid schizophrenic and they believe Hrmony has inherited the disease. Harmony knows she can count on Brea her best friend to help her solve the mystery that has been surrounding her for as long as she can remember. A real fast paced, page turner filled with surprises and secrets, shocking twists and turns . I look forward to reading more books by Belinda Frisch.
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A few things bothered me about this. The blurb says that Brea believes Harmony about a ghost haunting her. But reading this, you don't get the feeling she does. It's more like she humors her. For a ghost story, there's more drama in these young girls lives than ghostly anything. I think the story has promise, but if you're going to advertise it as a ghost book, there should have been more interaction with the ghost. All in all, it was an ok read. Nothing stood out and made me say "oh my!" I wasn't overly thrilled with it.
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on February 14, 2013
Ms Frisch creates a gritty realism while taking the reader on a sweet ride on the dark side of life and humanity. Her strengths lie in her characters; they're real with real faults and shorcomings. reading time well-spent.

Monty Wheeler
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on September 12, 2012
I love this book. Very good writing. I hated how it ended. My heart went out to Harmony. I too at times feel like the whole world is against me. I can relate to this character on so many levels. Very sad and touching. This books shows how the past can haunt you no matter how hard you try to forget it. I am constantly haunted by my past and feel i can never escape it. The author did a wonderful job in writing this book. I look forward to seeing more work by the author. Good job!!!!!!!
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on January 24, 2014
What a ride into the twilight zone of a teenager. The characters were real as life. Gives you a surprise for the underdog and a sad story for the main character. Be prepared for many surprising turns.
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on September 24, 2012
This book should have probably been made into more than one book.

It had so much going on and while the story is interesting, the author probably should have broken it up into a series or made it a whole lot longer because she never really delves into the charecters (sp?) enough and then she leaves huge gaps in the story itself so it really doesn't flow well.
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