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on April 26, 2015
This book has multiple stories in it. The stories start where a previous book has left off. Each has multiple layers to them that help keep interest enthralled with the characters’ lives. My favorite character in this book is Juan. He’s awesome because even though he has a criminal past, he fights like hell to redeem himself and protect others. He’s an unwilling leader to a group on an island that survive because he’s willing to do whatever it takes to protect them.

I love the multiple levels of the characters in this book. Each story helps show the struggles people would face in this new world AZ (After Zombies.). Warning – There is violence, death, blood, and horror within this book. There is also life, love, and laughter.

That’s what makes it awesome.

This book left me with the craving need to know what happens next in this series. It left me wondering about the supplies I’d need in an apocalyptic event. It left me wanting to make sure those I care for will be protected in any event. It also makes me wonder how anyone could prepare for events such as these within this book.
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on May 14, 2014
How many times have you started an extended story that has 3 or more books only to find that by book 3 or 4 the author forgets how to write? Suddenly the story get muddled down in silly plot lines that go nowhere and the characters that once were so personable are stale or completely forgotten. It's like their trying to string the books out. Not to worry. T.W. Brown keeps this story going strong to the end. Fast paced with believable characters and scenarios and lengthy reads fro your money. I finished this series a couple of weeks ago and miss the characters... even the zombie wolves. I can't wait to read more from this clever writer.
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on December 2, 2013
I have been so hooked by this series that I ended up reading all of the available books without doing my reviews after each one. I don't recommend doing that because you really can't do the review the justice it so deserves. The author just keeps the flow of these people's lives going. It seem so real & I have read A LOT of zombie apocalypse styled books over the last year, I have really been trying to figure out what it is that keeps it real and all I can come up with is I think he puts himself into each & every character's shoes and then writes accordingly. I mean when someone is grabbed by a zombie you can almost feel their fear, during the attack you can almost smell the stench of rotting flesh, & if it is just a close call you can almost taste the dry mouth, sour adrenalin crash as they try to pull it together. You feel the guilt Kevin has for the way he handled things with his sister & mom. Kevin actually has more guilt than just about anyone in this series, but the main thing is that you can feel the author & yourself experiencing the lives of all these people. Some of them had a past that makes you unsure of just how you feel about them and for me that made me wonder who I would want to trust. You can't go it alone in this new world and it's not just the zombies you have to fear, there are other survivers out there that will use this new world to fulfilled their sickest fantasy.

Survival used to be about what you have obtained or what you have achieved, all your fluffy feel good things, now the keys to your survival are more dependent on your ability to bring out some of your more barbaric skills yet hold on to your humanity, and then to forgive yourself for some of the choices that you have had to make. Some of the group leaders in these stories have to decide what is best for the survival of the group and how to live with the simple fact that one may have to be sacrificed so that the rest can go on. How do you teach yourself & others that you cannot turn back to save a fallen friend because there is strength in numbers and the zombies have the majority. How do you live with the knowledge that you may have to choose one life over another not because you prefer that person but because the have a skill your group needs. T.W. Brown gets you into all of these people's heads and out of your own. I find myself waiting for an appointment looking around the room & wondering what each person in that group would bring to the table, and I laugh & think wow I have left the planet once again.

You really will want to read this book, the storyline just keeps going! I thought there was no way someone could keep a series fresh for 12 books but I think Mr. Brown can do it probably because he reads the stories to his wife, you know what they say about behind every great man is a great woman, or something like that, & every man I know thinks he's great! Just kidding! Read the book & you'll see what I mean.
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on June 8, 2012
This is the 4th book in the DEAD series. Zombies have taken a backseat to a more vicious killer, winter. As the weather starts changing groups are starting to realize that they may be ill prepared. We continue on with Steve's group and their fantastic fortress. Juan takes charge of the island with Mackenzie at his side. Kevin has found a good place to hole up, but he now has to face some demons from his past in a new survivor. Chad has found a place with a sizable population. Though as we have seen with other books looks are deceiving.We do lose a few but there are also new characters who join these varied groups, but as always caution first. At which hands are worse, Dying from a bite of a zombie or the harsh winds and snows of nature.
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on August 6, 2013
TW Brown shows no mercy in his continuing zombie epic. Characters who the reader has grown accustomed to are not safe from zombie attack or the zombie infection. And that is one big reason why the storyline doesn't bog down. Always expect the unexpected and don't get too comfortable with any character in this series. Real life situations are like that. Bad things DO happen to good people all the time and in a world filled with the walking undead the chance of such occurrences happening grows exponentially. So, that being said, several very fine characters sadly meet their fate during this winter chapter. The zombies themselves don't seem to be slowed down much by cold weather and creepers (zombies with no legs that drag themselves over ground) may lie hidden under snow cover to make a sudden, devastating appearance to those unfortunate enough to step into their path.

This book is filled with much foreshadowing also. To explain, at this point the reader has been taken well beyond "The Night Of The Living Dead" scenario, since much time has passed. This has allowed the author to begin setting up a unique zombie storyline with some new twists. Without giving away too much, some zombie "behavior" is beginning to evolve (foreshadowing) and the threat from zombie animals makes an appearance. A new megalomaniacal character with a new storyline has popped up in Egypt. Where is this going? (foreshadowing).

Meanwhile, we continue to follow the various remaining groups and their struggle for survival as winter takes hold. The one somewhat short, and perhaps a bit out of place storyline concerns the search for a zombie plague cure by three women scientists in yet another underground government facility (foreshadowing perhaps or just a small side venture?). The reader is also introduced to several new characters as well, one being a young downs syndrome girl. A whole community of female only survivors is discovered and many other survivor stragglers appear, some only for a short time.

I will continue on to the next book to see what the final winter toll will be and to follow those foreshadowing threads.
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on November 29, 2013
After four seasons, I've settled very comfortably into TW Brown's zombie soap and although my earlier intense engagement has naturally faded, DEAD: Winter continues to entertain at a level above its run of the mill competitors.

Like all soaps that have cut a groove, there's now an established meme to the story which allows the reader to maintain an easy grip on where the grand arc is heading. For example, apart from the Steve-Kevin-Juan triumvirate, all other players are fair game to getting Kenny-zeroed out and Brown is not shy when it comes to bringing new characters onto the stage to replace them.

Foreshadowing abounds in Winter. Zombs start behaving in different ways ( think they could be evol.....?), an underground lab seems to have developed....., a new potential global ruler...., wild animals the door Katie!

Stay tuned for Season Five, kids....

Throughout it all, the much put-upon Bobby-Steve and JR-Kevin and Ray-Juan manfully struggle on dealing with their high-drama diva womenfolk, lazy-ass bunny-boilers and disparate pick-up casts of dress extras... Larksamussie! Juan-boy even gets elected "mayor" (who says the American Dream is extinguished just 'cos the 'hood has gone to zombie hell?). To be honest, at this stage it's astonishing none these noble men have started to fray around the edges with PTSD and assorted hen-pecked lactose allergies.

In sum: an excellent read and because the Dead franchise has (purposefully or not) evolved into a soap, Winter is more entertaining than OMG-OMG-OMG gripping.
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on June 12, 2012
Bought and read in the same day. It is the best series on zombie novels out there right now, and one of the best all time in my opinion. Mr. Brown has stated that he has been able to transition into being a full time author, which is great because now he should be able to produce more books which I will eagerly await and automatically purchase like I do with my other favorite authors. Congrats to you, Mr. Brown, for realizing your dream.

In the foreword written by Nicole Storey, she repeats the term "dreary and bleak" to describe Mr. Brown's latest gem. Not only do I agree with that assessment, but I think that Mr. Brown took it a bit too far and it took away some of my enjoyment of the fourth installment of my favorite zombie series. By the end of the book there was no expectation other than someone was going to die and those left behind would be sad and cry. I would have thought that based on the law of averages alone that someone should have pulled through, but this was never the case.

The hallmark of this series and the genius of it's author is that the characters are real. There are no central figures who just so happen to be former special forces with a closet full of the latest weapons and a seemingly endless supply of ammunition that you see in other zombie novels. This is one of the many thing I love about the Dead series, very realistic characters, scenarios, and outcomes. Still, when I look at the main character, Steve, I would have expected a cumulative emotional effect based on everything the man went through in this book. I didn't see any of that though, it was just this staccato of one disaster after another with the same emotional reactions that received too little attention from the author before the next one occurred.

I know my critiques are of the nitpick variety. Maybe I was just used to the close to perfection from the 3 previous novels, and I get where Mr. Brown was taking the 4th, but it was maybe a bit overdone is all. The only other problem I have is that I have to wait until December for the next one. Isn't there a novella or something lying about that you could throw out there to your fans in the interim Mr. Brown? Please!
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on August 26, 2012
I have to say that before I got my Kindle Fire I was a bit of a snob when it came to reading works by authors other than Stephen King, Dean Koontz (mostly old stuff), Anne McCaffery and a couple of others. Kinda made my reading list short. Since I got the Kindle Fire I love getting books for free and now read alot of other authors.

My love of the DEAD series started with a Free download of the Dead: the Ugly Beginning. I read that book and was hooked. I have read all 4 books that are in this series so far and have done it in less than a week. I am anxiously awaiting the next installment. It dragged me in and i couldn't get enough. With this Fourth Book I actually got tears in my eyes when Teresa Died. I loved that character from the beginning, how tough she was and was such a great friend to Steve.

I love the different story lines and seeing how the Zombies effect everyone. As may have been said before, the story is about the people more than the Zombies. It is so sad to think that if something on the scale of this every destroyed the world as we know it that so many people would turn out so bad.

The cliff hanger at the end is killing me, I was not expecting this installment to snd so suddenly and with so many unanswered questions.

Guess I will have to move onto some of his other books in order to pass time until the next one comes out.
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on March 13, 2013
This series has had me neglecting my home and laundry for almost a week! In this genre there are a lot of bad ones. I often times don't leave a post for those because of the famous mom quote (that I've used myself) "if you don't have something nice to say..." This book along with its predecessors are amazing! It has plenty of the zombie guts and gore along with a well developed story. Be warned, none of the characters we've come to care about are promised another day, but it is the zombie apocalypse.
I read one post that said they saw Steve and Kevin as the same character, I couldn't disagree more. The author defines Steve as a man who takes on too much responsibility and weighs every decision by its success. Kevin has the logic and fictional knowledge of zombies that help guide his choices. He doesn't belabor the deaths around him as he knows that is inevitable.
I continue to recommend this series, all of the books have been a great read so far. One more after I start laundry and run the vacuum. Dusting can wait until I'm done, lol.
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on April 5, 2014
Our characters are now truly getting past the "initial" apocalypse and hitting the hard realization that winter will be incredibly tough to get through without all of the comforts of civilization. We see quite a few new characters appear in this one, with new stories to tell and some of the zombies start to behave a little differently than we've previously had time to notice. It will be very interesting to see how this is developed!

I always love the Vignettes and we see a new group of scientists working on the cure for the epidemic this go-round. I really enjoy seeing that there was a contingency plan in place, and these three ladies make some amazing discoveries! Of course, Mr. Brown could not let things come so easily and I think everyone will enjoy their tale.

To the author: Keep up the outstanding work!! And, I started this series only recently, but I'm quickly catching up to your progress, I hope those books are gonna keep coming fast:)
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