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Format: Video Game|Change
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on September 25, 2015
I like Deadpool and enjoy basic shoot 'em up games with interesting themes and characters so this game sounded like a win to me. The downfall is the gameplay and in particular lack of direct saves and jumping moves. I am a casual gamer (I play on the lower levels first, appreciate hints, etc) so this criticism may not apply to everyone but at a certain point in the 8th section I just had to quit because I could NOT get past the super annoying multiple timed jumps needed to progress. I had this issue a few times earlier in the game but developed my skill by failing and trying over and over again. Not my idea of a fun time. This is especially annoying since you have to go through a few steps before the game saves so if you quit during a hard part you start at the beginning of that section and have to redo all the tricky spots again. Still, I figured a few rough places were ok as long as I could eventually get through them and onto more fun, shooting, and nonsense. Well not so with the one spot where you have to time multiple jumps across, up, into hidden spots, and then somehow time even more jumps while grabbing or shooting *perfectly* to keep going. If at any point you fail, guess what? Start at the very beginning of the whole sequence and pray you get enough things right to progress. I have tried one section over 100x and, quite frankly, it's gotten boring as hell. I even went online to watch a video walk through and found the steps are slightly different (again, timing has to be *perfect*) so even if I try and replicate it, It doesn't work.

I don't mind some challenge but it's things like this in games are a total turn off for me as a casual gamer. If it even had the means to save on demand I could get partly through, save. and then try again later picking up where I quit. Unfortunately the way the game is made it's all or nothing. I feel games like this that are supposed to be silly and fun should have a lesser skill demand at lower levels of play -experts can always play on hard if they feel bored- so everyone can at least finish the damn thing. As it is I eventually put it back in it's case and moved on to a new game. Hours of play and Incouldn't finish it because of one spot which had nothing to do with plot or shoot. Had I known it would be like this I never would have started (again it's fun but not an essential game by any means). For those who like to mash buttons and just casually play, consider yourselves warned.

The game itself is ok and has some interesting weapons, dialogue, and a playful theme which really runs in contract to the super challenging movement demands which tend to drag it down. You can accrue $$ and upgrade weapons and items which is ok but none of this helps if you can't coordinate things *just* right to progress in the game.
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VINE VOICEon May 14, 2015
I love Deadpool. He is one of my all time favorite comic characters. I don't mind this game, but it gets to feeling repetitive quicker than I'd like and even on the easiest levels, the end takes a lot of replays to get through. Basically, if you don't level up your weapons and stuff, then you are going to struggle. For the fanboy there is a lot of Deadpool humor and jokes. For the fangirl, there is a lot of wading through Wade Wilson's leching on women and making jokes about bodily functions and body parts, but a lot of that occurs during the cut scenes which, at least on second play through, you can skip over most of. I like this game for when I just need to mindlessly button mash bad guys for a half hour or so. It's a fairly quick game to progress through on Campaign Mode and even quicker once you finish the first playthrough and start another with all your upgrades intact. Graphics are decent but nothing special. A number of familiar faces do show up throughout the game or are referenced more as a reminder of the universe we're in rather than anything overly important to the story. Due to language, innuendo, and gore, I wouldn't recommend for the youngsters getting into comics unless you're cool with them running around spouting Deadpool-isms that could be particularly embarrassing. For the adult fans and gamers, it's decent but doesn't feel like anything truly original or must have.
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on June 29, 2013
OKay first off, we all knew this game wasn't going to be amazing from the get go. It's a licensed game from people who made the Transformers games. The gameplay is just plain boring, repetitive and sometimes annoying. The challenges are frustrating on level two: they run in the damn sewers and there is only one way to get to their spawn...and that's climb the stairs. The campaign was long and a bore after about an hour...which is actually 1/4 of the's short. The only reason I put myself through this game is Nolan North does a fantastic job portraying the Merc with a Mouth. I believe four stars is a fair accolade... 5 is just stupid and anything lower than 3 is just critical. For some main points to put together here are my comments

+ Funny dialogue/very entertaining
+ a decent strew of weapons although you might not enjoy using any of the unlock able melee weapons
+ a wide variety of types of enemies that require you to switch between projectile and melee weapons
+ level design isn't copy and paste...I for one enjoyed the constant difference in structure
+ it wasn't dumbed down to appeal to a younger audience

- Graphics are meh
- Short Campaign
- Dialogue is easily skipped on accident (So just be ready to not press buttons like I did when Deadpool interacts with characters)
- Challenges and enemies in general are very frustrating even on the lowest difficulty
- Combat and Combos are very simple: Slice, slam with heavy attack, shoot, evade. Gadgets are only useful when the AI decides to over horde you.
- X-men characters aren't with you very often and there aren't very many of them... clones of them as enemies do however appear VERY OFTEN and are kind of overwhelming
- Controls for certain abilities are shared on the same button; you wanted to evade and counter an attack? too bad, you just teleported
- Controls are confusing and sometimes awful (especially aiming guns in combat) a lock on feature outside of Aiming down sight would have been a great; even then the ADS is very difficult to accomplish against fast enemies
- No unlock able content...comics, costumes, easter eggs, cheat code abilities, cut scenes; nothing but challenges that are simply just time trials.

Overall I'd say wait until it's worth about 20 dollars; it's a great collection of Deadpool humor and the mischief just left me in disbelief how awesome Deadpool was in this game. But if you would rather, I'd say watch someone else play this game...although gameplay can still be kind of fun... It took me about 4-5 hours to complete.
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on August 1, 2013
I've always loved Deadpool. In the world of Comics, he's unique. He constantly breaks the fourth wall, he has crazy, off-the-wall hilarious dialogue, and he does all those wacky things that we've all thought about, but never got to see done in the comics.

A friend of mine at work told me about the game, and I immediately swore him to absolute silence regarding the game itself. I did not want to know about it. I did not want to hear quotes. I did not want a single thing spoiled for a game starring my favourite character of all time. I rushed home, ordered it, and paid for one-day shipping (thank you, Amazon Prime!).

You know, I'm of two minds regarding the game. On one hand, it certainly delivers that inimitable Deadpool hilarity, chock-full of profanities and out-of-place pop culture references. The dialogue is BRILLIANT. I mean, it is superb. Hilarious to the point of bust-a-gut, it is wildly irreverent, irrelevant, and unmistakably 'Deadpool'. Full points for that, High Moon.

The game is also tremendously funny outside of mere dialogue. An hour or two in is an all-too-brief pastiche of the original Zelda on NES (courtesy of Deadpool blowing the game's budget on explosions), and a point wherein you can slap an unconscious Wolverine for about five minutes straight.

The game would have made a brilliant comic book. The problem is that it doesn't make a very good game.

It's pretty evident that the dialogue was written first, and the game mechanic and engine were written around that. The camera is over-the-shoulder third-person, a view which I tend not to like. Controls are a little clunky, with Deadpool practically straining at the bit to break into a full run every time you tilt the joystick. The look around axis is particularly unpleasant, being a curious mixture of overly sensitive and strangely inaccurate.

There are too many quicktime events. A game having a few here and there doesn't really bother me, but you just can't escape the things in this game! You also have side-scrolling platforming sections, a carnival ride blasting apparitions of Deadpool's own diseased imagination, top-down maze exploration sections, stealth all feels fairly disjointed and schizophrenic.

Which, considering the subject matter, may have been the point, but as much as I admire them sticking to the character of Deadsy, I can't help but feel somewhat let down by the game itself. If I wanted to be entertained only by dialogue, I'd watch a comedy variety show.
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on August 22, 2013
First, let me say that if you like Deadpool you will like this game. If you don't follow Deadpool you probably won't care much for this game. The third person action style works well in most instances, and it shines when you are thrown in a ring against 20 bad guys and told to murder them all before they murder you. The quick pace of the combat is enhanced through Deadpool's Body-Slide-By-1 teleport ability and allowing you to link sword and gun attacks across larger areas. The game does a good job of locking onto an enemy once the previous one has fallen and quick stepping you over to that enemy for your next attack.

The levels are fairly varied but they do get quite bland after a while. I would have liked to see more Deadpool-ish areas and locations. The villains that you fight are mostly C and D listers, with the exception of Mr. Sinister. The non boss enemies are interchangeable in that some have guns, some have batons, some are strong and require breaking, and that's really all you fight throughout game. Different character models, same AI, attack pattern, weaknesses, etc.

Deadpool does offer some comedic relief as he works his way through the game, and the voices in his head do a good job of keeping the story moving. After a while Deadpool's one-liners start to grate on your nerves though.

Overall, I really enjoyed this game and I beat it 3 times in the first week of owning it. If you are a Deadpool fan you should find that there is enough here to keep you entertained and give you value for your money. If you don't like Deadpool, don't follow him, or don't know who he is then this game will likely offer you nothing worth your time and money.
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on July 22, 2013
It seems I am in a minority here, but thought I'd add my two cents. First of all, this game is HILARIOUS! The writing and comedy alone make it worth playing and will give you hours of laughs, even well after you turn it off. I've found myself giggling days after last playing.
The drawback for me is the game play. I'm not a hardcore gamer, but I do play weekly and try to complete games 100%. As far as skill goes I'm average at best. So that being said, this game is at the same time simple and linear, and controller-launching infuriating. This is not open world. Anyone expecting (or hoping for in my case) a Deadpool Arkham City should stay away. It is very linear and there is no real planning or strategy involved.
The combat for Deadpool is basic light and heavy, and the obvious gun blasting. And that's it. Therein lies the frustration. Quite often during combat you will be surrounded by ten enemies, with another half-dozen at a distance shooting at you. No block, no crouch, limited teleporting to about 2 feet with a cooldown period. This made for some give it all up moments of not being able to get through. Which for a funny light license game is a big red flag. No co-op, no online, no other characters to play as, you can't blast away as Cable, or fly around as Rogue. Hate to keep comparing to Batman but when something is done right why not imitate it to death! Can't believe I was able to play as Robin in a game and not Cable! Argh.
Hope I don't sound whiney, just trying to share for anyone who may be like me and not sure if this is the game for them, I regret paying $50 for it. Once again Activision fails Marvel. This is a solid $20 game, and like watching a good funny movie.
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on August 11, 2014
If you are a DeadPool fan, BUY THIS GAME! If you are a comic fan, BUY THIS GAME! If you are a beat em up fan, BUY THIS GAME! High Moon studios really knocked it out of the park with this game. This is the way DeadPool was meant to be played.

DeadPool is one of the funnest gaming experiences I have had in a LONG time! I was literally cracking up the entire time playing it between all of DeadPool's one liners, the jokes and gags, and the overall production style.

Graphics (4/5); As an Xbox 360 game, the game is not as beautiful some of the AAA titles, however, the color palette is great...deep and dark colors, with vivid backgrounds and sprites. The overall presentation is EXCELLENT and you can tell that High Moon studios really put time into making the scenery believable and took on a modern take of the character costumes (which I loved). There are a ton of great set piece moments with add to the game and each one is done very well. Again, the production quality is top notch.

Gameplay (4/5): This is pretty much an Arkham Asylum/God of War clone in regards to gameplay style with the usual 2 button attacks, evade, and counter. Fortunately, the controls are great and it's easy to pull off long-chain combos. When the action gets frenetic, it plays like one of the better action games out there. There are multiple melee weapons, guns, and upgrades to choose from so you have a bunch of options to choose from. My only gripe (which were VERY minor) was the camera get a little too close at times, which limits your field of view. However, this is a MINOR critique in an otherwise stellar game. Tip: the enemies do get a lot harder once you get towards the end of the game so make sure you upgrade your weapon dmg and combos!

Story (5/5): Story plays out just like it would any DeadPool comic. Tons of cameo appearances and even tongue-in-cheek call-outs of some lesser known villains. You really feel as if you are controlling DeadPool in any one of his crazy adventures. The game is absolutely HILARIOUS too with swearing, crude jokes, and violence galore! Warning: definitely not a kid-friendly game!

Sound (5/5): Voice work is FANTASTIC with Nolan North giving one of my fav performances for any character in a game. He completely nailed DeadPool, down to his manic voices. He must have spent a LONG time in the studio to do all the voicework in the game. The voices for the other characters were great as well (although I have a place in my heart for the voicework from the 90s animated series) with some great, and once again, hilarious performances.

Presentation (5/5):You can tell that there were some really hardcore and dedicated comic fans making this game. Everything about the game breaths like right out of an issue from DeadPool, X-Men, X-Force, etc. The locales are authentic, the costume selection is great, and the production value is outstanding.

Replay (3/5): Although there are a ton of challenges, the single player campaign runs a little short around 8-10 hours. I really wish it would had a few additional missions thrown in, however, I was completely satisfied on the gameplay and story alone. It was well worth the price of purchase. And, it's quick enough that I will go back and try to beat it on Hard mode (while also trying to finish the challenges).

High Moon deserves a ton of accolades for pumping out a solid, fun, and immersive game that caters to both comic and action game fans alike. If only all Marvel games were this good...
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on February 3, 2016
This definitely for a mature audience! I know that it what the rating is on the front, but me being naive about games, took it a bit lightly. My son was begging me for this game for his birthday, because he is into Marvel games and videos. I bought into it, and almost regret it. The game is pretty bloody and gory, and has a lot of crude humor surrounding the violence. Honestly, I am not too worried about my son playing violent video games as much as I am about the crude humor centered around the violent actions. Nonetheless, the graphics are well done, and the game plays in our Xbox360 without freezing. Overall, I rated this 4 stars because it's a video game that seems to be pretty well designed, I would just err on the side of caution before having your teens play this.
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on January 8, 2016
This game is everything I expected. It's bloody, gory and funny. I especially enjoyed his descriptions of other characters and the occasional breaking the fourth wall to bitch at the player, etc. Definitely worth the money.
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on February 14, 2016
My daughter wanted this for so long, so I got it for her as a gift. Based off her reactions:

The game ran smooth with no glitches or lag.

The action and fight scenes were plentiful.

The plot and game as a whole was random (im told it fit the character perfectly though).

And lastly that it ended too soon. She had beaten it within only two afternoons, roughly 7 hours.

All the same she loves it and hopes they'll release another Deadpool game soon.
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