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Other reviewers have mentioned the metal contact probe won't spring back after repeated use and unfortunately that's truth . Just one time inserting plug in a speaker/amp jack & removing it results in a loose less than secure connection, the probe crushes and doesn't spring back after the initial insertion, it's spent.
If you're a perfectionist about audio you'll be sending these back. The contact crushes and will not return to original shape.
I guess the majority of folks stick these together & forget about them & that's why so many people give high marks.
I'm using mine wth a Yamaha RX-A660 AV tuner and a 7.2 channel Klipsch reference speaker setup & had to be very careful with my wire routings so I didn't have to remove them.
For now they'll have to suffice but I'm in the market for some quality plugs that can be cycled.
In the past I've used a more classic style with dual set screws or the bfa type with non conductive plastic sheath. I found some here marketed by "eastone" that don't cost an arm and a leg.
If you have an application where you'll be changing your configuration and needing to plug/unplug these won't hold up.
If you look close at the probe design the split/ flared section represents a smaller area compared to others where the whole probe is segmented & expanded, so maybe it's the design & not the material.
The bottom line is that I'm not going to settle for an inferior product, especially when I have so much invested in every other component.
I'm not here to beat up on this product but I feel compelled to join the other reviewers to let you know the shortcomings.
Other than the above issue the design is adequate, the way the wire locks in is good and the body is solid metal with a grippy rubber strip, but is conductive and being a fat diameter run the risk of shorting against its neighbor.
I regret buying these and have asked to return them.
Unfortunately I can't recommend this product.
Two stars because they do work once.
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on April 6, 2017
I love this product. This is my 3rd set. I have not had issues, just keep getting more speakers and AVR components. Some people have stated an issue with how firm the plug fits into the back of their components, especially repeated in/out of components. I have noticed that it loosens slightly over time but as much as to be expected. Plus, if you installed everything properly, why would this be an issue? Do your AVR components move themselves or on some type of moving platform? If so, do a direct connect. I don't have any issue with these banana plugs removing themselves from my devices even with my 15" magnetic drive subwoofer on full blast causing my neighbors house to shake. I have to admit I enjoy the complaints, it means its working...
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on September 7, 2016
I've used countless brand name banana plugs in the past, I mean seriously countless, everything from no name cheapo piece of garbage to overpriced platinum coated "comes complete with a happy ending" selling point BS banana plugs, from screw terminal to clip-in, 0 to 90 degree angles and everything in between. After using these for the first time, I will never use another brand or style banana plug. These are the balls AND the sack, my friends.

Seriously speaking, I am a big guy. I have literally TRIED to pull 12 awg wire off of these once they're compressed on and, I mean I'm no Ahhnold but I can bench 300 pounds with no ego and, well, the wire strands started to break from within the wire itself before I stopped the test. When I unscrewed the plug to check the status on the inside, not a friggen strand of wire was out of place or showed ANY signs of strain.

Ok so physically they're built like brick sh*t houses, but let's get to brass tax, how do they sound? Awesome. I used a more expensive brand of the platinum rated over priced screw type connectors on the left speaker and these on the right speaker (receiver in mono for the test) and, well, my dog couldn't tell the difference and I trust his hearing far better than my own, never mind the fact that I couldn't hear a difference at all.

I know these aren't as easy on the wallet as other brands and types of connectors, and I also know that they ARE easy on the wallet compared to some other brands and types of connectors. I have been in car audio and home audio for over 20 years now, I'm not saying I am the guru of anything, please don't take that as a boast, I am a student of life, and in learning, I found that these are well worth the money you invest.
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on April 23, 2017
They work fine. I wish they came with instructions on exactly how much to strip . . . how to get plug contact AND prevent bare wire from pulling out of plug. I found no instructions whatsoever, and have never used or seen a plug up close or witnessed anyone using one. I guess the company assumes people who buy their plugs have experience using plugs. There are many, many, many different ways to attach a wire to a plug. That they left out simple instructions on the "best" way to connect a wire to their plug is a mystery. No diagram . . . no instructions. When you strip a 12ga wire, and spread the bare wire over the contact point, it's difficult to screw the plug base. Diagram/instructions needed.
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Enthusiast: Woodworkingon November 23, 2015
I recently had a need to replace sets of cables with Banana plugs which previously used a Monster twist on crimp-less design in which the rubber had separated into two pieces. These deadbolt banana plugs use an innovative connection whereby the copper strands are folded over once inserted through the bottom section and then held in place as the top piece is screwed into place. A very secure connection and one in which it's easy to grab as well. The Monster plugs were basically one time connections before the rubber boot tore in half - not so with these.

I made a 2nd set of 3 cables for a new smaller 2nd Home Theater setup using just a 3.1 configuration. I will be buying more when I move to a 7.1 setup later on.
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on December 29, 2016
Connect your speaker wires like a civilized person, not an animal. Makes installation of speaker wires take a few seconds instead of minutes of twisting and shoving stranded wire through the tiny holes and twisting connectors in a cramped area. If you change speakers or receivers at a relatively high frequency like I do, these minutes of frustration add up quickly. Electrical contact seems like it would be improved, significantly cuts down on rats nest of wires behind stereo components, especially one with a lot of connections like a home theater receiver. Let's you sleep well at night knowing that the wires behind your stereo are nice and neat. Or maybe that's just me.
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on March 18, 2017
Great product. They are much heavier duty than I expected.

Each plug assembly is well machined, and coated. Had no issues with installing them. Took a couple tries before I got the perfect wire insulation strip and wire stickout from the plug body, but once I got the hang of it I breezed through installing to wall plate wires and the wires going to back of receiver.

The little time I put into this will make future disconnects and connections so much easier and I'm 100% confident in the connection. Very happy to spend the little bit of money for the convenience it will provide from here on out.
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on November 9, 2015
This was the first time I have ever used banana plugs and they were incredibly easy to install.
I think the hardest part was determining how much insulation to strip back just so that you
have enough wire for the connector to grip but not so much as to show wire outside of the
connector. Once tightened down the cable was locked in tight. I gave ever single one a couple
of tugs and not one slipped out.

These worked great on my Klipsch KM series speakers and Onkyo receiver. And they were
perfect for the super tight space between my receiver and wall. I use 14 gauge cable for
my fronts, center and subs and for the first time used "SIIG 16-Gauge Flat Speaker Wire" for
the rear surrounds and not one problem with either cable.

Time will tell if they vibrate apart but I suspect that may either be a very long time or never.
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on August 30, 2017
The Deadbolt Banana Plugs are apparently the same product sold by another company that charges A LOT more (named after scary creatures from your childhood). Literally the same construction all the way through. They take up to 12ga speaker cable but is more friendly to 14ga and 12ga cable.

They lock onto stranded speaker cable with teeth on the inside and won't let go. Then the plugs go into your gear or speakers. That's it!

I've been using these (either Sewell's or the other brand's units) for close to 20 years now and I won't use anything else for banana plugs.
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on September 3, 2017
I've never knew banana plugs existed and just kind of stupidly thought the connection spots on most speakers were just huge by design. Anyway, when moving into a new place recently I needed to buy new speaker wire and kind of stumbled upon banana plugs. I bought some from a local shop since I was anxious to test it out, but they were kind of clumsy to install with the wire since you needed to use a tiny screwdriver. I went ahead and ordered these ones based on the reviews and they are beyond fantastic. Very easy to setup with the wire and connect to the speakers/receiver. I can't notice a difference in audio quality from using these vs. bare wire, so I highly recommend them if you want to make your home theater setup a lot easier.
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