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TOP 500 REVIEWERon December 5, 2016
Other reviewers have mentioned the metal contact probe won't spring back after repeated use and unfortunately that's truth . Just one time inserting plug in a speaker/amp jack & removing it results in a loose less than secure connection, the probe crushes and doesn't spring back after the initial insertion, it's spent.
If you're a perfectionist about audio you'll be sending these back. The contact crushes and will not return to original shape.
I guess the majority of folks stick these together & forget about them & that's why so many people give high marks.
I'm using mine wth a Yamaha RX-A660 AV tuner and a 7.2 channel Klipsch reference speaker setup & had to be very careful with my wire routings so I didn't have to remove them.
For now they'll have to suffice but I'm in the market for some quality plugs that can be cycled.
In the past I've used a more classic style with dual set screws or the bfa type with non conductive plastic sheath. I found some here marketed by "eastone" that don't cost an arm and a leg.
If you have an application where you'll be changing your configuration and needing to plug/unplug these won't hold up.
If you look close at the probe design the split/ flared section represents a smaller area compared to others where the whole probe is segmented & expanded, so maybe it's the design & not the material.
The bottom line is that I'm not going to settle for an inferior product, especially when I have so much invested in every other component.
I'm not here to beat up on this product but I feel compelled to join the other reviewers to let you know the shortcomings.
Other than the above issue the design is adequate, the way the wire locks in is good and the body is solid metal with a grippy rubber strip, but is conductive and being a fat diameter run the risk of shorting against its neighbor.
I regret buying these and have asked to return them.
Unfortunately I can't recommend this product.
Two stars because they do work once.
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on August 3, 2015
Far better than any other connector, for ease of creating a lock down on the wire. Fits 8 awg perfectly.
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on June 9, 2017
I stumbled upon these by accident while looking for a way to simplify and clean up speaker connections to binding posts for my new Denon A/V receiver. These banana plugs worked like a charm. I guess most of us have wrestled with trying to fit heavy gauge wires into a bunch of closely nestled binding posts. It's a pain in the butt. These banana plugs greatly simplify the problem and make for a nice, clean installation. The banana plugs are well made and of high quality -- well worth the price. The plugs unscrew to make it easy to connect speaker wire to the plug. The connection of the speaker wire to the banana plug is tight and secure. At that point you simply push the banana plug into the back of the A/V receiver's binding post. Very simple and very clean and I could perceive no loss in sound quality. Gone is the hassle of trying to fit a bunch of speaker wires into an all to crowded bunch of binding posts. Highly recommended.
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on July 3, 2017
I bought these to re-do the ends of some Audioquest Crystal 2, speaker cables (about 15 years old). I got tired of screwing down tight on the spades at the back of the amplifier. I believed, correctly so, that having banana plugs would make life easier. I was right, and these were a great choice for me, as didn't want to deal with soldering the plugs onto the cable.
My biggest concern was the amount of wire that had to go into each of these bananas. the speaker cable has 6 negative and 6 positive wires, all of which of are 18 -21 gauge each. I wasn't sure they'd all fit into the screw enclosure within these plugs. They fit fine. The only issue, really, was the stiffness of the 6 wires that needed to be bent over the 'teeth' within the plugs. With minor help from some pliers, I was able to get the wires in, bent, and the plug screwed on. And clearly it was a tight fit, with good contact.

The ONLY reason this isn't a full five stars is that I'm wondering about the long-term tight fit that these will have inside the banana plug port on the back of the amp. They went in very snug when initially plugged in. I felt that, with just a couple of ins and outs, they'd loosened up a touch, and were not quite as snug. That is not to say the contact is bad. Everything sounds great. I'm just curious how snug the fit will be in the long run.

But, for the price, and the ease of installation (without solder), I think these are great.
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on July 20, 2015

Much more compact than my old Monster dual banana plugs - won't add too much length to the back of your amp (maybe an inch or so).
Grips the wire REAL tight and inserts without fuss - even when length was a little too long / short
Nice heavy quality feel
Stupid simple installation and can take "typical" 16 ga or even 12 ga wire.
Looks nicer than bare wire when you are done
Reusable when and if you want to re-wire someday
Oh ya - plug head rotates so that they don't unscrew themselves when they move around a bit.

A little pricey (over a buck a plug)
Color coding done with cheap stickers - you lose those (and you will eventually), and you lose some convenience (my wire was already poorly indicated)

I bought these mainly because my aging Yamaha receiver will literally shut itself off if it doesn't like the way I've jammed bare wire under its cheap plastic posts. I've also gotten everything hooked up and heard a little static - argh, must the thing be so picky? It is also a tad frustrating to get everything all hooked up in a tidy way with bare wire and 5-way posts anyway. I've accumulated quite a few speakers and wanted to be able to quickly re-assign them to different channels of my different amps. Banana plugs are the most convenient way to do that by far. These plugs seem like the best choice aside from the cheap color-coding. Just easy to install, super-snug tight, and pretty good looking. Smart design by some genius who deserves a raise.
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on May 16, 2017
I bought a new receiver after about 15 years. LOL! I was going to just run the speaker wire into the speaker inlets (which it had an option to do) but I thought I'd try the Sewell Banana plugs instead. Reasonably priced on Amazon and I'm so glad that I bought them! I watched some YouTube videos on how to install them and it couldn't have been simpler. Took no time to connect the Sewell Banana plugs to each wire and they attached and worked great in my new receiver! I connected a heavy gauge wire for my front speaker and a very thin gauge wire to my back speakers. I was afraid that my thin gauge wires wouldn't "grab" to the banana plugs but there was no problem! I'll probably get heavier gauge for these speakers in the future but overall I had a great experience with the Sewell Banana plug speaker connectors! I would highly recommend them to anyone!
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on January 8, 2017
Has a clever integrated screw-in-body design that allows hooking up one of these plugs to a cable in a fraction of the time it takes with the more traditional screw or soldered post designs. Saved time becomes significant considering it takes 16 of these puppies to connect a 7.1 speaker home theater rig.

Banana plugs also remove the guesswork from threading a cable into a receiver's binding posts by touch in the tight confines of a AV cabinet or in a speaker tucked between furniture.

I was surprised that it took the relatively thick 14 AWG cable quite well. No soldering of the cable tips is needed or recommended for this gauge. However, for a cable this thick, it is somewhat difficult to get the plug teeth to catch a previously tinned cable.

On the other hand, for 16 or 18 AWG cable, being thinner, I recommend tinning the ends of the cable and bending to a J with nose pliers prior to installing for a positive grip.

I was resistant to use banana plugs before, but this design won me over.
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on July 21, 2016
Love how easily they can be connected. Got these to hook up a home theater speaker system and they worked wonderfully. Used both 14GA and 12GA speaker wire and these plugs were able to accommodate them. I didn't plan well and ended up buying three 6-pair packs. Had I known what my final layout was going to be, I would have bought the 12-pair pack and saved a few bucks. I liked them enough that I ended up switching out the older banana plugs in the stereo system with these also.
One of the plugs didn't fit in to the speaker jack and I just used a different plug from the same package and it worked.
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on May 20, 2016
These banana plugs are really cool the way they work. And they work very well. Quality materials. Intelligent design. One caution: Don't go gorilla and over tighten them. You will cut the copper strands. I also feel that these work best with larger gauge stranded wire such as 16, 14, 12 AWG. They worked with the 18 AWG speaker wire I had but there weren't many strands and I really think bigger is better in this instance.
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on July 16, 2017
Pros: Supremely easy to install, makes a very secure connection, both electrically and physically, to both the wire and the terminals. And in my experience it does all this better than any other banana plug I've used (and given that I do installations for a living, I've worked with dozens) for less money.
Cons: Mechanism makes these impractical for solid core wire. But if you're concerned about strand jumping in your speaker cable enough to opt for solid core wires, then these connectors are a bad choice for you, because they will have not nearly enough pixie dust anyways.
Other: Don't ever get rid of these Sewell! These are EASILY the best bananas you make.
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