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on November 11, 2014
The 80s loved robots… The Terminator (1984), Short Circuit (1986), Chopping Mall (1986), *Batteries Not Included (1987), Short Circuit II (1988)… and here's another one! This playful creation-gone-wrong film by a young Wes Craven brings back a wonderful 80s nostalgia to this lifetime horror lover. Just enough zany gore, silly scenarios and a wack-tastic ending to overcome a severely limited budget.

A teenager on a university scholarship studying the human brain, young inventor Paul (Matthew Labyorteaux) creates artificial intelligence.

We meet Paul's cute neighbor Samantha (Kristy Swanson; Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Swamp Shark) and her uber-creepy sweaty abusive dad (Richard Marcus; Enemy Mine, Tremors, The Being), his creepy old neighbor Elvira (the mean old villainess from The Goonies), and some local punks who get their man-parts squeezed by a protective BB. Speaking of which, BB is super cute but he seems to take note to those who have wronged him.

Paul's robot "BB" is nothing short of absolutely adorable and he sounds like Disney's Stitch or a Star Wars Jawa. At one point when he was meeting the teenage neighbor boy I think he said "Houtini." BB is always getting upgraded and, as a result, smarter. Meanwhile Paul is making decades of scientific progress in mere weeks, already developing the circuitry to jump-start the nervous system of a cadaver.

When a prank-gone-wrong results in creepy Elvira shotgun-blasting BB to robot Heaven, Paul loses his robo-bestie. Worse yet, the very night of his first kiss with Samantha, a domestic dispute with her father sends her to the hospital with a fatal injury. So naturally Paul steals Samantha's body, surgically implants BB's "spare brain" (a motherboard, basically) into Samantha, and then Weird Science meets Re-Animator as he reanimates BB-Sam complete with remote control. Why there is no button to turn his Cyborg-girlfriend into a sex droid is beyond me. I guess as a teenage neuro-robotics prodigy he gets plenty of play already.

Let's just say that the remote control doesn't work out as effectively as Paul would like, because BB-Sam goes on a killing spree to snuff out everyone who ever wronged BB or Samantha. This in mind, maybe it's a blessing that he didn't go the sex droid route. Although it would have made for a great death scene! LOL.

Director Wes Craven (Scream 4, Deadly Blessing, Cursed) was playful with his low budget-limited few moments of gore. A violent dream sequence has Samantha killing her father and then being doused by his blood as if pouring from a spout. We also witness the exquisitely goretastic use of a basketball for a detonation-like decapitation. Not to mention the unreasonably stupid but equally super-fun gory surprise ending.

The basketball scene and the ending alone are worth owning this movie, but it offers a lot of 80s horror nostalgia and a story that works in its own zany way. I really enjoyed it.
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on October 28, 2015
I love Wes Craven so much, so whatever work he did I loved ! This might not be one of my FAVS from him .. But I like the movie... #RIP WES
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on November 3, 2007
I remember seeing this a long time ago.I was glad to get to see it again.I really like this movie.It shows how far someone will go to keep a good friend.Keeps you interested.
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on December 5, 2013
Okay so its the perfect bad movie for a "bad movie night" at your home. Its so bad its laughable--but so good enough watchable. Its on the level with troll2 is you need a comparison. A gem for any guilty pleasure movie collection.
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on August 27, 2014
For the life of me I just can't see how this incredible genius of a horror film has proven to be both underrated and criminally overlooked. I still have fond memories as a child of having seen it in a hotel on a movie channel while we were on vacation. Also, back in the summer of '96 while visiting my grandparents, I watched Monstervision with Joe Bob Briggs and saw this movie again for the first time in nearly a decade and then afterwards got to see "Midnight Offerings". Another awesome 80's horror movie, btw.

Well, anyhoo I personally feel that this movie goes into some relavant themes: Sexual attraction and repression, friendship, malicious and mean neighbors, bullies, an abusive father, and an experiment turning into a total nightmare.
Beebee is without a doubt a lovable and fun robot so what happens to him later on is really sad. The main character and his paper delivering buddy are fun characters as well. And as for Kristy Swanson she is drop dead gorgeous, seriously smokin' hot, and amiable. Later on she proves both instinctive and incredibly wicked.

As one of you other reviewers mentioned about Ann Ramsey getting her head splattered by a basketball, is a classically awesome kill scene for sure! I have never scene a scene of murder like that before.

The way they made the characters as relatable as they could truly helped the movie a lot. I also enjoyed the scenes where Kristy Swanson creeps around and stalks her victims like any good slasher as well as the robot vision she had to work with were certainly great elements to be sure.

The ending however could've turned out way better than it did. That's my only criticism of this classic mid 80's gem! Other than that it's a great solid sci-fi horror/slasher movie that anyone who loves truly unique horror movies, is a Wes Craven fan, or just loves good classic 80's horror movies is sure to love, possible as much as I do.
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on November 17, 2005
Even though this movie was poorley excuted and the acting was pretty bad ! I have to say this is much better than alot of Wes Cravens newer work ! This is when Wes, was a raw executer of horror. Now he is putting out Trash like "Redeye" and the Unforgettable laughable Scream movies! He in my opinion has been headed for a downward spiral over the years. Just getting by on his creditability of his past ! And even though his cinematograpy is better now days, it doesn't necessary make up for horrible writing. Where in this movie his cinemetograpy and directing was childs play? The story was extremley interesting and creative !

Well, anyway this is the story about a loss of two friends one a robot ! And how this young and very sick but ingenious young man decides to combine the two. But the only problem is her soul is dead but BB which is the robot's isn't ! And based on the fact that BB wasn't such a nice robot in the beginning ! This turns in to a grizzly plot for revenge on everyone that had harmed Samantha and BB from the beginning. By the time signs of Samantha started to show it was too late. It was almost like they were at conflict with one another in the same body but both very angry at what had happened !

Loaded with gore, and extremley gruesome and creative murders. Especially the basketball murder that was interesting! Where did Wes Cravens creativity go ? Now this is an interesting movie and script even for todays standards. I just wish it could be remade with better actors and a better execution ! I hadn't seen this movie in 19 years since was 11 or 12 ! But i remember really thinking this movie was extremley unique even for that time! So I fetched a copy off of Amazon and watched it again! Why this isn't out on DVD I don't Know? Why doesn't this ever get reran on any cable stations I don't know? It's kind of weird considering all the other crap that gets played or made! This movie definitley you can tell it was around that "Nightmare On Elm Street period. His directing and style in this movie is quite similiar. Especially the boiler room scene with her father and how her father resembled the Freddy charcter.
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on July 13, 2014
I just watched this after not seeing it since the 80s. And, it did not disappoint. This was my type of horror film. Classic 80s score, blood, screams and creepy mean old people. The audio and video was good. A must watch, so grab your popcorn and your favorite beverage and watch BeBe in action.
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on December 15, 2015
I saw this when I was eight years old, and the ending tormented me for years. The story line is good, the acting is good, and of course Wes Craven was did a good job directing it. This in my opion Wes Cravens best film he has done.
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on November 6, 2015
This movie is so hard and I was surprised to see it listed on amazon..and the price was's a grade B scifi but one of the best,not too cheaply done or anything.this belongs in the cult classics section on any video site.
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on October 29, 2015
Only reason I gave it a 2 was because it was directed by the late Wes Craven. Plus a young Kristi Swanson is nice to look at, other than that its a lame movie, even by 80's horror standards. Campy yes but not a great story by any means.
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