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on December 20, 2002
Curious as to what happened between the destruction of the first Death Star and when the Galactic Empire struck back?This book is the first in a series showing asventures had by Luke,Hand and the others during that time.Based on the "Star Wars"comics that appeared after the first movie,it brings the characters to life with realistic coloring and settings all "Star Wars" fans know well!It was a trip down memory lane for me:I grew up loving this comic book series.Whether you saw "Star Wars" when it first came out or you're new to the galaxy,you'll lowe it too.
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on March 25, 2014
What I liked about this book: I thought this book was very interesting because its story is between “A New Hope” and “The Empire Strikes Back.” This particular book has a lot of action and adventure and good pictures and you can learn some things about the empire and the rebels.

The story: the story starts with Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia looking for a new place for the rebel base, so they fly to a planet and scout for a place for their base then they noticed that there were imperial storm troopers training for battle. The storm troopers came across Luke and Leia’s ship. Luckily Luke and Leia were out of site while they were watching the storm troopers, but then the storm troopers blew up the ship that Luke and Leia came in. Will Luke and Leia find their way off the planet before the empire finds them?

I recommend this book to everyone who likes Star Wars.
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on January 26, 2011
"In Deadly Pursuit" is the first collection of newspaper strips re-published by Dark Horse, but it doesn't include the first newspaper strips. The earliest newspaper strips were re-published in Volume 4 of Classic Star Wars, "The Early Adventures". That is why I read volume 4 first and then volume 1. As with the previous Classic Star Wars collection, I was very impressed with this one. In general, the stories are engaging, the characters act the way they did in the movies, and the art is very good. This volume also includes some information on how these Classic Star Wars collections were made. They are not a simple copy of what was published in the newspapers. They have been edited, re-formatted, touched up, and colored. I think that Dark Horse has done a marvelous job in all aspects, and I'm thoroughly enjoying reading through these comics.

There are several story arcs presented in this volume. The first focuses on the bounty hunter from Ord Mantell that Han mentions in "The Empire Strikes Back". First, I appreciate how this medium is used to expand on a topic brought up during the movie. These off hand comments in the movies beg to be developed into full blown stories, and I'm glad they are done in these comics. The story tells how Han was almost captured by this bounty hunter, and shows his narrow escape.

The second story is very interesting because it features a group of Imperial admirals that are plotting the downfall of Darth Vader. They have realized that it is only a matter of time before they fall victim to Vader's choke hold, and have decided to take action. They contact the rebellion for help and Luke is sent on the mission. But things take an unexpected turn when a double agent is revealed. In my opinion, this is one of the best story arcs in any of the comics I've read so far.

Luke is able to escape from the failure of his mission with the help of a shuttle pilot/thief named Tanith. She takes him to her home planet where he and the droids are enslaved along with Tanith and her family. With the help of R2, he is able to overthrow the slavers and rendezvous with Leia who is on a diplomatic mission on the planet Kabal.

Soon after his arrival, Kabal comes under attack from an Imperial armada, but Luke and Leia are rescued by Han and Chewbacca. Upon escape, they are trapped by a disgruntled Imperial scientist who has decided that they need to die with him since it is the fault of the Rebellion that he has suffered radiation poisoning.

Our heroes once again escape, but are then sent to the planet Aquaris, since Leia has recently reached an agreement with the leader of Aquaris, Silver Fyre, that Aquaris will join the rebellion. Han has his doubts however, because he knows Silver is a double crossing smuggler. The collection ends here, with the story to be picked up in the next volume.
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on September 28, 2015
This is a collection of newspaper comics turned into a book. There were lots of good adventures for Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie, and the droids after the battle of Yavin.
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on March 24, 1997
Star Wars was first inspired by the Flash Gordon serials during the 30s and 40s. It somehow seems fitting that, following the success of A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back, they would commission a wonderful newspaper serial to carry on that swashbuckling spirit. Despite being about 15 years old, these volumes (all three) are great fun. They somehow manage to perfectly capture the spirit of the original Star Wars movie in a way even its sequels couldn't. Sure the dialogue is a little stilted, and the characters are two-dimentional, but isn't that part of the appeal of Star Wars? The artwork, too, is fabulous, especially when you consider that the panels were originally about the size of a matchbook cover. They manage to convey the action perfectly. In short, if you liked Star Wars, buy all three volumes of Classic Star Wars. You won't regret it
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on July 23, 2003
is a review of the dark horse TPB comic ISBN 1569711097 which collects Classic star Wars issues 1 -7 that were based on the newspaper strips. The second edition was printed July, 1996 and printed in Canada.
This is supposed to be the adventures of our heroes that picks up after ESB. Except that han solo is in the stories, so lets just say that these stories take place during Episodes 4 thru 6. What is fun is that the stories continue and almost flow into Splinter of a Minds Eye. I agree with most that the 3 volumes done by Goodwin and Williamson are superior to Volume 4, which is based on Marvel work.
The drawings in this comic are a step up from what we typically get in newspaper strip artwork. Dark horse has done a great job producing beautifully inked pages. I can't give 5 stars here, because I am comparing this to the comics that DH is producing now. This is a 3 star work when compared to future works.
The stories here are fun to read. Remember that this was once all we had for a SW Expanded Universe. The creators here did a good job being faithful to the characters that Lucas created.
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on April 19, 2000
A long time ago,in a galaxy far,far away, I was a huge fan of the Star Wars comic strips in the early 1980's. I was such a fan that I actually cut each one out and made an album.Unfortunately, I never had the chance to get the complete set. The only thing I wished for was that someday, someone would compile these great comics into a book or album. When I caught word that they were being published I immediately rushed to purchase them. This part in the classic Star Wars series is my favorite. If you're like me and love to read the adventures that took place between the films, this is the book for you. It has great plots, and suprising twists everywhere. It also contains great artwork, and the only negative comment I have to say about the book is it gets a litte wacky at some parts. But, its all in the name of Star Wars. It is completely deserving of a four star rating. I definetely would recomend this book to any avid Star Wars fan.
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on July 3, 1999
As someone who was a mere child during the original running of the newspaper comic strips, I was seeing these for the first time, and they do not disappoint. The artwork is fairly good, and I much prefer it to the artwork in the newer comics like Dark Empire. As for the story lines, they are creative and create the same adventurous sense of fun that the movies did. I bought the first two volumes and devoured them without stopping in a matter of hours. I would definitely recommend these to any serious Star Wars fan.
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on September 13, 2001
I'm glad Dark Horse chose to reprint all the classic Archi Goodwin comics. It gives us Star Wars completists the opportunity to finish off out collections. On that merit, In Deadly Pursuit is excellent. As far as the stories and art are concerned, well, I think they serve as nothing more than history lessons. Compared to today, they just don't match up. For Star Wars, these tales are a little too ridiculous in some instances, and do not match the work that is being done today by the likes of Zahn and Stackpole. Good for fans, but hardly important for story continuity.
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on December 9, 2010
I read my copy of Classic Star Wars Volume One as a way to remember my grandmother. The comic is a reformatted version of the Star Wars newspaper strip by the legendary Archie Goodwin and Al Williamson. Gran received the Sunday edition of the strip and would cut it out for me every week to mail to me every few months; it's interesting to have a lot of the missing material filled in. Williamson is a master of science fiction illustration, he's of the mindset of "If there is a panel of a spaceship flying over a planet why not fill every square inch of space with a gazillion planets, asteroids, and weird looking spacecraft whenever possible. I love the aliens that wear humanoid spacesuits but who's heads look like wads of chewing gum with bugged eyes. Definitely takes me back to my childhood.
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