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on February 9, 2013
I'm a fan of Deadpool comics, especially by author Daniel Way, and this one has to be one of my favourite issues. The character of Deadpool is both funny and awesome, something not all comic book character can claim of doing well, and this issue shines it through superbly as everyone's favourite Merc with a Mouth decides to become a pirate AND an X-Men in the same issue! The illustrations themselves are wonderful and keep you reading all the way. Overall, if it's a Deadpool comic you want in which Deadpool is, well, himself at his best, this is the comic for you!

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Collecting: Deadpool #13-18

Writer Daniel Way continues his character-defining run on Deadpool. Deadpool finds himself in a completely unusual position for him: he has money, lackeys, and a PIRATE ship! What more could he want? Despite having everything a super-powered mercenary could want, Deadpool finds that something is missing in his life. He finds in existential conversation with a dead shark that his life is empty because he is alone. So, Deadpool with a typical headlong-plunge dives into the deep end of trying to join a super team, the X-Men.

Deadpool shows his moves. Domino's deepest fear is revealed. And Wolverine is defeated in way too embarrassing for him to ever speak of again! This graphic novel expertly gives readers and entertaining Deadpool tale that finally weaves the Merc with a Mouth into more complicated relationships with other Marvel heroes.

The build up to Deadpool's existential crisis was a bit slow, but the X-Men/Deadpool issues were absolutely excellent.
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on July 3, 2010
I loved the entire book, the humor was top notch particularly in the Pirate segment but to be honest I wasn't too excited by the prospect of Deadpool going against the X-Men to join the X-Men, but I was proved wrong, Daniel Way is a brilliant writer PERIOD he genuinely gets the character of Deadpool and everything he represents. But the real reason this book gets 5 stars is because of the pirate section, sure there wasn't as much action as there could have been but that's not what I look for in a DP book, what I look for is top notch humor and excellent story and it delivered on both accounts the bit where Deadpool threatens Bob with a stick in order to teach him to talk like a parrot was hilarious and who on Earth hires a blind navigator?!

But one can not review one part of this book without the other, warning a few spoilers follow: After DP rescues the island of Jallarka (for some reason that sounds funny to me) Deadpool sets off on his tricked out pirate ship in search of whatever adventure comes his way, after a little soul searching and a lot of hallucinating he finds himself in California and finds what he considers his new purpose in life: To join the X-Men! After getting the cold shoulder from his idols he sets off to prove himself by any means necessary, which basically means there going to be a lot of bullets fired, pancakes eaten and amazing fight scenes!

I highly recommend this book to any Deadpool fan or to anyone who just needs a good laugh!
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on August 4, 2013
While reading this as a continuation was great for the story, is so makes for a good starting point for new readers interested in Deadpool. With all of the familiar faces of the X-Men any comic fan can sit back and enjoy this read. There are 2 story arcs that split this TON the first is Deadpool the pirate, which sounds stupid but is delivered with the great wry sense of humor we're used to in Deadpool. The second arc is with Deadpool and the X-Men,it's just as funny and you really get into Deadpool's head and see every process and line is done intentionally. You'll enjoy this from start to finish.
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on May 23, 2011
Great book, good continuation from vol 2. Deadpool is basically going through an anti hero mid life crises. His pirate adventure in the begining books are just a fun wild distraction both for the reader and to Deadpool himself.
During a conversation with a shark carcass (lol) we learn that DP has started to embrace some surprising realities about himself. Realizing that his defective brain and deformed skin will always keep away those he cares about or wants to care about... its oddly profound, the demented clown actually made me a little sad in this book... but of course he decides to fix his self isolation by causing the WORST media stunt in history, Magneto couldnt have done a beter job of making the mutants look bad to the human race lol. Very funny, very good read.
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on January 19, 2015
2 funny stories. Deadpool becomes his version of a pirate. He ends up fighting real modern day pirates. Second the X-men try to use a trick to keep Deadpool out of very serious business. Deadpool with his own custom made Xmen suit, made by him, of course has other ideas. The X-men have no idea how to deal with him which is very funny. Every Deadpool fan will like this book. LOTS of cool characters plus Deadpool.
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on November 19, 2014
This was a fun read and my first Deadpool comic. I thought the writing was very creative. Deadpool is funny on his own, but his interaction with other characters, particularly Domino was hilarious. I definitely want to read more Deadpool comics because of this volume.
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on February 26, 2014
the first half of the book was not what I expected. it was dead pool as a pirate and the art was less then stellar. I was expecting a arc just on his X-men stint so it bothered me a bit. I still liked it cause it had some great moments and art work in the X-men arc.
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on May 22, 2015
Not as funny as the first two, but I enjoyed it all the same. I really got a feel for Deadpool in this one and feel like the character is developing maybe it's just me.
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on January 31, 2017
Enjoyed the story but a little campy!
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