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on March 24, 2017
Love Anne Perry. Have read all the Thomas and Charlotte Pitt mysteries, and all the William Monk mysteries. So glad she hasn't given up on Thomas and Charlotte. First characters of hers that I met and I hold a soft spot for them. Book is a great combo of Victorian societal norms, politics of the day, and mystery. Only real "violence" is description of the bodies found. It's not horribly graphic, but does go into some detail.
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on December 11, 2014
I think I've reached the Anne-Perry-saturation-point. While I enjoy the characters immensely in the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt series, the storytelling has lost its pizzazz. And what's with the ending? Chop! Thwack! The end. Too abrupt, and lots of dangling threads..... Oh, I know.... They are the first pages of the next novel.....
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on June 2, 2014
Plot is familiar, the best part is the Lady Vespasia and Victor Narraway angle. Something tells me that people were not quite as restrained in private as they are described.
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on April 28, 2014
I've read all of Anne Perry's Victorian novels and am a big fan of her work, in general. Her earlier works are vibrant, absolutely alive with period detail and color. They boast a swift tempo with action and suspense harmonized with romance and emotional insight. Her main characters are complex people who develop over time into seasoned and mature persons, credible and likable. The author's typically winning formula hasn't quite come together in this latest novel, in my opinion. Indeed, her last several novels seem to be more languid and formulaic. I wonder if Perry is simply getting bored with these characters and this time period? Death on Blackheath seems tired and often turgid to me. There is a lot of repetitive inner musings by Pitt and not much in the way of real action or suspense. As his investigation gets bogged down, so does the novel. Pitt, the recently promoted head of Special Branch has been called in to investigate the sudden disappearance of a housemaid in the home of a naval weapons expert. As the naval race between Britain and Germany was gearing up at the end of the 19th century, it was feared that the maid's disappearance threatened dire implications for national security. That should have provided a tense and urgent scenario for the reader, but somehow, this book never really got off the ground for me. There were so many thwarted avenues of investigation, not a lot of action, and Pitt's wife Charlotte, a spirited and clever woman who has played important roles in his earlier investigations, has a very limited role in this one. I think a number of Perry fans will find this novel not up to her usual standard, but as every Perry fan also knows, a ho-hum Perry novel is still better than a good many others.
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on December 16, 2013
Anne Perry's Thomas Pitt series has been a wonderful look at the Victorian world, its crimes characters and revelations. Each installment gives the reader another facet of Victorian life brought into excellent focus with Perry's careful descriptions and perceptive details. "Death on Blackheath" has many twists and turns. The reader begins to appreciate the complicated Victorian society and its political overtones. The rich and famous are shown to be hollow reeds when personal advancement and profit is in the offing. Women as well as men are equal villains and their class distinctions no salvation. "Blackheath" also brings new developments in the lives of our favorite characters. No one is static in Thomas Pitt's world which makes the reading of Perry's tales all the more interesting and believable. An excellent read.
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on January 25, 2015
Oh, my. Well, Anne Perry certainly has a track record. The earliest installments of her adventures of Thomas Pitt and his "highborn wife," Charlotte, were masterpieces. As the series has gone on...well.... In this installment, some grisly remains have been found on the property of a high ranking government official, which means that Special Branch, the government branch of law enforcement similar to our FBI, is called in to investigate. It sounds like an interesting plot, and it is...but I do wish Anne Perry would go back to the details that made her earlier books so engrossing. In these later entries, her characters become preachy. We spend much of our time reading of characters either sitting or standing absolutely still, thinking of the ramifications of their actions on their various relationships, be they social, familial, employment or otherwise. This gets tiresome after awhile. I want to scream at the page that these characters should stop ruminating and DO something, dammit! For all that, the plots are uniformly well done, and the solutions are satisfying. i just wish we could get to them with less pondering, is all.
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on January 8, 2014
We love it. The author has tight and intrigueing plots but evokes so much warmth and humanity in every one of her sentences. And we love the values and the compassion behind all of her books. Garth and Elizabeth Cant, Christchurch NZ
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on April 7, 2014
Another good read from Anne Perry. I love this series and the characterizations are really great. Her knowledge of the period adds so much to the color and depth of her novels. I just think I liked the books better when there was a little more of the ladies detecting. It was fun.
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on April 27, 2014
I really enjoy the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt series, but would recommend (as with most series) that you start with the first book. The set characters in it do evolve and it helps to know the background - but it's not absolutely necessary and you can read this one alone and fully understand the story. Anne Perry's mysteries are well constructed and full of social and historical insight of the Victorian era. Her stories do focus on the dark side of human nature, but there is the brighter side of family ties and men of honor.
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on April 13, 2014
Another excellent mystery for Thomas Pitt to solve. And this time, he is the main character, not Narraway. Thank heavens. I was not sure of how the culprits related to each other or the crime until near the end. The story had me turning the pages as fast as possible. Also, Charlotte has a decent part and Emily made more than a token appearance. I was missing her!

It was also nice to get a deeper look into Stoker's character and get a chance to meet his sister.

The one thing which annoyed me was the fudging of ages again. Perry has been doing this in the last few books and it bugs me. Perhaps, because she makes such a point of mentioning it. Since she does, she should try to be accurate. In the original book, The Cater Street Hangman, the year is 1881 and Charlotte is 23. Emily is her younger sister by four years. Which means, in 1897, Charlotte should now be 39 and Emily 35. But Perry has Charlotte around 40 or 41 and Emily only two years younger! Every time I get to a part regarding their ages, it distracts me away from the story. Maybe because she's such a stickler for the clues in the mystery, yet she can't seem to keep accurate track of the ages of important characters. No wonder Emily was suffering from such an acute attack of mid-life crisis! She not only aged by four years, but she caught up much closer to Charlotte than she had been previous. If I can remember how old these characters are, surely Perry can, too.
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