Customer Reviews: Death Race 3: Inferno
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on August 6, 2013
Death Race Inferno is actually the best story of the three. It mixes betrayal, backstabbing, and a plot twist you won't see coming and mixes it all with an action packed romp through practical effects and the creative death sequences that the films are known for. Don't let its direct-to-DVD history fool you, this is actually better than the Jason Statham original. I only wish the villain hadn't spent half of the film doing nothing but grinning reaction shots. Thankfully, those shots only made the ending more satisfying.
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on January 9, 2016
Fast and furious meets prison break. This series can be watched 1,2,3 or 2,3,1. The first movie is set after the 3rd takes place.
If you like action movies with explosions, fast cars, big fights and a decent story. I think you will enjoy this. It's a decent series. It's not Shakespeare, but there is enough character development and story arc that you have a good flow and don't feel like it's just there so the fights have a reason to happen. It all feels cohesive. I really enjoyed these movies.
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on August 12, 2013
As the plot comes full circle in the third installment of this incredible series is a must own for your collection of movies if you dont yet own these three movies I would recomend these to you as a great action movie set that you are bound to fall in love with and keeps you on the edge of your seat through out the entire movie as you watch all the twists and turns and mesmorising thrill of raciing genious this is a movie for you
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on July 13, 2013
well this is the third movie of Death Race and just like the other two it is filled with action
a lot of car races and blowing up along with fighting and showing true friendship along with loyalty
it will keep you in your seat and you will be pleased with this one as you did with the other two
really you need to watch them one, two. three. it is worth a afternoon for sure and im sure you
will not be Disapointed in the least.
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on April 20, 2013
I have Death Race 1 & 2 and now 3 an Action Sequel to Death Race 2 and the story is about Death Race owner Weyland ( Ving Rhames ) forced to sell the rights to corrupt British Millionaire Niles York ( Dougray Scott ) who acquired the rights by hostile take over and relocate Death Race to the Kalahari Desert in South Africa but before leaving Weyland ( V. Rhames ) arranges Lucas ( Luke Goss ) aka Frankenstein to have surgery & heal the infected scars sustained from the Previous Film Death Race 2 and only one race away from gaining his freedom so Nile's York ( Dougray Scott ) tells Lukas aka Frankestein ( Luke Goss ) to loose the race o pay with his life so Lucas fights to keep his team : Danny Trejo as Goldberg , Fred Koehler as List , Tanit Phoenix as Katrina , Navigator and himself Alive .

Not a Bad Sequel with good Action car chases stunts fights gorgeous woman navigators & explosions , clear picture and sound .
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on July 30, 2013
Just Like The Other Films Except This Time Its The Third Race And Frankenstein Can't Win At Any cost. Pure Action As The Death Race Moves to The First Ever South African Track In The Desert. There's hyena's instead of dogs and I find that real cool and the woman of the second death race have to fight for a spot this time. plus the track is a lot different a lot bigger and more guns and bullets flying this time around as well as missles on the track pure adrenaline. recommend to all death races a guaranteed A+ film in my book
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on August 10, 2013
Luke Goss did a awesome job in Death Race 3, this edition takes place in the desert of Africa twist and plots are usual in Death Races this one is even better the High Light of the franchise, if you where a fan of Death Race 2, Death Race you will enjoy this feature film.
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on February 2, 2013
I gave "Death Race 3: Inferno" 3 stars because it means "It's ok" in Amazon's rating system. I liked the unrated version enough to keep it, but it's easily the worst of the modern "Death Race" movies. (I haven't watched the rated version yet.) First of all, it seems unnecessary to the story because the second film could have easily led right into the first film. However, I will admit that the writers came up with a clever twist to the overall story. (I'm not talking about moving the race to a different location. I don't want to spoil it, but if you give up on this film early on you'll miss the twist I'm referring to.)

Second, two of the characters' behavior is over the top: specifically, the main bad guy and the woman producing the "Death Race" show. They both do ridiculous things and make ridiculous statements, like when one of the prisoners makes a run for it by fleeing on foot into an area populated with civilians, and the producer orders the prisoner to be taken out by a missile; when someone reminds her that the civilians will be killed along with him, she says something like "they'll be rewarded in the next life." Is there no FCC in the future? Or police or government officials that would take action against the killing of innocent bystanders? This is insulting to the viewer; it's as if the producers of this sequel thought they could throw all logic out the window because the audience wouldn't care. WRONG. Sadly, the main villain is the type who easily loses his cool, gets into people faces and then screams at them to make his point. Ooh, scary. Then there's the cave these two brainiacs use as a control booth to run the show. Yes, cave. It looks like an underground lair Dr. Evil might use in an "Austin Powers" movie, with monitors and computers surrounded by rock formations. Really silly.

Third, the word "Inferno" in the title cheapens the film by overhyping it. (Big deal: there were flame throwers and explosions. That's nothing new.) Fourth, for some inexplicable reason, the producers thought audiences would enjoy seeing Danny Trejo's bare ass. VERY WRONG!

So what's good about it? The video is very crisp and clean, and the audio is loud and well mixed. If you've got surround sound, your system will get a good work out. Most of the actors give decent performances, and there's no shortage of action. There's not a lot of laughs, but Trejo's character made me chuckle once or twice. The twist I mentioned above is a nice surprise, especially since this is a prequel to the first movie, and audiences go into prequels expecting the plot to unfold in a certain way. As far as recommending the film, I'm on the fence. I had to see it to satisfy my curiosity, but I don't see myself watching it too often. I'd say rent it first.
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on September 9, 2014
all i can say is that i loved it it was dramatic yet realistic. exciting yet calm enough to have real depth. and had just enough of a great ending to keep you on your toes however this should have been 2 not three it is the story of 1 continued. i liked one and two and i love how they kept this actor in this one it really helped the audience believe that one guy could survive a crash like that.
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on February 8, 2013
I initially got into watching the Death Race films because of the video game, Carmageddon and the the 1975 movieDeath Race 2000.

The switch to making the races more like Paris Dakar Rally through sand dunes and small towns really doesn't work as well as it did in the first two movies on Terminal Island which made for better and more exciting driving sequences. These films don't have a lot of depth to them but they have enough to string the action sequences together at a fast enough rate to be enjoyable if you are after an all out action film.

It is still an odd feeling to watch Luke Goss in an acting role having known him originally from the boy band, Bros. However, his acting now is a lot better than the singing was back then.
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