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on March 27, 2013
*Spoiler Free
It is very hard nowadays to create something original and worthy of following through book after book, when it comes to Urban Fantasy. I mean, there are SO MANY Urban Fantasy series out there that for one to shine more than the others it doesn't only have to be different but also offer such compelling characters and world that you won't care that it all has been done before.
Jess Haines has been able to do it all. I mean, she hasn't invented the UF wheel by any means, but with Deceived by the Others she has gone through a path with her characters that I wasn't expecting at all, as an avid and sometimes jaded reader, I can definitely appreciate that.
I for one, thoroughly enjoyed both Hunted by The Others and Taken by the Others, but even though both books were quite awesome to read they had yet to cement strong feeling about this series and characters.
However, Deceived by the Others hits it out of the park for me, by not being drowned in clichés and proving that Jess Haines is not afraid of how her readers might feel and is brave enough to pursue a path with her characters that some might consider insane.
I, for one, am glad she went where she did with this book and I can only remember one author making me feel this way and it was Jeri Smith-Ready with the third in her WVMP Radio Series, Bring on The Night. For me, an author that is not afraid to take the almost unpaved path has balls and I admire her/him with all my heart.
The H&W Investigations series was already one I quite enjoyed, but with Deceived by the Others, Jess Haines has guaranteed her spot in my yearly book budget as well as in my heart.
If you are as much as an Urban Fantasy fan as I am, I absolutely recommend this series to you. If you have already read the first two book, you CANNOT miss this one, it's brilliant.

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on July 10, 2011
Shiarra Waynest and her partner Sara run a detective agency in a post 9/11 New York. When money troubles arise, they are forced to take on cases for the supernatural community of Others. Others and Shiarra do not mix well. They scare her. It is the main reason her ex Chaz is her ex. The first Other case Shiarra takes on, is doomed from the start. By the end of it, she is contractually bound to the sexy ancient vampire Alec Royce.

Now, Shiarra must keep her business in the black, while stuck between two warring vampires, a pouting werewolf, and The White Hats. The scary world of Others begins to surprise Shiarra when she realizes not everything is black and white. This new world of hers is mostly grey. The bad guys aren't so easy to figure out and neither is her love life.

Still, Shiarra is determined to prove to Chaz that she is serious about their relationship. She knows what she wants and it's him. She wants to meet the pack, get to know his family, and maybe sign a contract to cement their relationship legally. For all her good intentions, everything goes majorly wrong. She puts herself out there and gets burned. Severely. She refuses to hide though. Riding on a wave of rage and desperation, Shiarra sets out for blood. The choice for vengeance leaves Shiarra's future hanging in the balance and we can only wait, impatiently, to see how it plays out.

Jess Haines takes supernatural storytelling to the next level. Her writing is fast-paced and witty. The stories are action-packed and oh so sexy. Book by book, Haines manages to outdo herself. She makes us laugh, cry, and want to toss the book across the room in frustration. It is that ability, the ability to weave such an intense emotional connection, that sets her apart as an author. I look forward to reading the next H&W novel because I know it will not disappoint.
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VINE VOICEon April 25, 2012
"Deceived By the Others" drove me as crazy as the first two books in the series did. Shiarra remains one to the most impulsive characters in Urban Fantasy. She is so quick to rush headfirst into situations and makes uninformed and just plain dumb decisions. This time she and her werewolf boyfriend go on a retreat with his were pack the Sunstrikers. The pack is going to a wooded getaway for their monthly full moon shift. Shiarra wants to commit to Chaz and take their relationship to the next level but wants to experience pack life firsthand. Immediately we learn that more than one group wants to get rid of Shiarra and/or Chaz. They get nasty notes and threats.

Warning for Spolier-ish detail ahead: In the course of the first half of this book, Shiarra gets kidnapped twice. By two different groups. Both groups of kidnappers are young and goofy. They both make fumbling attempts at acting tough but are more a joke. Their reasons for the kidnappings are unbelievable. Neither kidnapping does anything to further the plot of this novel.
Then in quick succession two big twists happen to Shiarra which are potentially big series game changers. I was shocked by one of the twists because I didn't really see it coming but both could really be what this series needs to get on track and find its stride. Yet, in retrospect, it makes this installment feel even more like pure filler. The only action in the book comes from the kidnappings and some petty revenge type actions. There is no climax or story resolution.

But my biggest complaint is that I still don't like Shiarra. Besides the dumb choices she makes, she presses her way into dangerous situations and she should get her booty kicked for what she does and says. These are Others she is dealing with. She is in their territory. But they let her get away with saying and doing the craziest things. She didn't even have her supernatural belt for most of this book. She is just plain human but all these creatures just kind of give in to her and let her treat them like she is some great big bad thing. This just isn't believable as a reader. Shiarra's actions at the very end of the book are just completely over the top.

I justify reading the first three books because I bought them all at once. Now I need to really decide if I want to invest money and time on the series going forward. I am pleased by the two twists I mentioned earlier but I just don't know if I am willing to try the next book.
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on April 18, 2014
This is the third book in the H and W Investigations series, and it didn't disappoint. The beginning was a little slow with a lot of detail about the werewolf pack, but it was worth the wait. I love that this book is written in the first person, and we get to hear Shiarra's sense of humor. I do wish she would realize that Alec Royce is not as evil as she thinks, however, I assume that the author has plans for that relationship in later books. The wonder and expectation just add to the suspense. I also like that the author introduced us to some supernatural beings that aren't written about as much. I have been having a difficult time putting these books down, and I am afraid that I'll finish the next two books before another one comes out. Thankfully, it looks like that will be soon, as it is available for preorder. If you like urban fantasy, you will like this book. This series will probably be most enjoyable if you read the books in order.
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on January 26, 2012
This is the third book in this series and the worst. 80% of the book is a weekend camping trip. It drags on with fluff and filler. There is so many descriptions of the resort that adds nothing to the plot. This book only sets up the next book. You can skip this book completely. All the book reveals are these three things,

Chaz is a cheater and the Sunstrikers are not what Shia thought.
Shia gets scratched by a werewolf and "maybe" infected. We don't find out in this book.
Shia and Sarah go to Royce's house to hide.

That is all that is revealed after you read through the endless descriptions of the resort in the Catskills. Royce doesn't appear in the book until the end and there is little interaction. Arnold is a phone call, that is it. We do get meet the Sunstrikers for the weekend. Their behavior is so JR high all I could do was roll my eyes. Skip this one.
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on July 21, 2011
My top "Uh Oh!" and "Oh No!" moments:
1. This book is a huge set up for the next book in the series. You know the only saving grace was that Shia did experience some emotional growth and she did wind up falling out of love with the wrong guy.
2. I distinctly got the feel that this was an "un-PR-romance" and you can guess what all that entails.
3. WAY TOO DESCRIPTIVE in describing the camp cabins and grounds she spent 75% of the book in. I get it... it's green, brown, and wet. Next description please!
4. "Others" as in anything supernatural should be cool, but I so do not want to be a part of the werewolf motorcycle gang (o.k.a. the Sunstrikers). OK - they didn't ride motorcycles, but they acted like shady criminals the whole time (reference TV show "Gangland".)
5. At least Jess Haines is an equal opportunity discriminator - last book anti-fang, this one is anti-paw. I guess the first book is anti-wand.
6. FYI: Should read the first 2 before this one.
7. Pace and action is nonexistent until you reach about 75% into it, so don't expect much until then.
8. Sigh, 2 kidnappings. That is trite, considering book 2 plot lines. Rewind, play, rewind, play...

Overall... disappointing. I'll read book 4, but if that book doesn't have a solid plot line or mystery or gigantic emotional growth or action (of any kind) I may have to pass on this series.
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on January 4, 2014
I am really enjoying the progression of the series- I was going to wait a few weeks for the next book, but I think I wanting to keep reading- so I'm off to the Amazon store to load up my Kindle with book 4. Really good advancement of the story in Deceived By Others, and good cliffhanger ending (not annoying, it simply sets up the next book) - Great job
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on April 13, 2017
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on July 26, 2012
I thought the first book in this series was very mediocre, and almost didn't buy the second book at all. In fact, I put it off a good while, but finally did pick it up to see what had happened. It struck me as a good deal better than book one, with Shiarra facing real consequences for her actions and having to deal more seriously with the "others" in her world.

This third book drops her development as a character back to book one levels, and in fact is worse than book one -- I really wanted to slap her upside the head for most of this book.


Here's the book's plot: Shiarra goes to upstate New York with her werewolf boyfriend Chaz during his pack's monthly Full Moon get-together-turn-hairy-and-hunt gathering. Some (mostly) mildly bad things happen to her. Not mysterious things, not (mostly) werewolf things, more like high school relationship drama things, and she goes home and vows to kill everyone.

To begin with, her emotional state is all over the board. On one page, she'll get a her widdle feelings hurt when not all of her BF's pack friends are wild about having the alpha's new human thrust into the pack order and she'll traipse off and pout when Chaz needs her to stand up for herself, then on another page she'll react to a similar dissing like a hellcat -- no consistency whatsoever.

Second, I lost all of my (very limited) respect for her due to the way she reacted when she found out that Chaz was cheating on her. Yes, bad, emotionally devastating -- we get it. BUT THAT DOES NOT GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO ATTACK SOMEONE! Domestic violence is not any prettier when the woman is on the dishing side. When Shiarra threw a silver arrow at Chaz (one of a set another of which had just almost killed him), that's no different than a jealous husband throwing acid at a wife he believes to be cheating. It's just totally wrong, probably actionable, and certainly unforgivable.

And look at it from Chaz's point of view. We don't know whether his explanation that weres have to have monthly sex & violence (the hunt, pack challenges etc) to stay healthy is true, but put that aside. We know that Shiarra ended their sexual relationship (or "put it on hold") when he came out as a were to her. From his point of view, he did the right thing and got punished for it. He may have decided damned if I do, damned if I don't.

As for the scratch (not from Chaz) that may or may not be turning Shiarra were, that was an ambiguous circumstance at best. Given that the were involved didn't like Shiarra much in the first place, and was in the grip of the full moon change, getting into close quarters to release him (he was trussed up, for really stupid reasons) was iffy judgement at best.

So, I guess my point is that while bad stuff did happen at the werewolf retreat, Shiarra's bad judgement and downright criminal responses made it a lot worse.

Granted the author does seem later to be playing up the "this is a rogue pack" card (while leaving room to back away from it later), Shiarra's hurt feelings and guesses at the culprits for another bunch of bad events are not sufficient reason to prepare to go on a killing spree, which is where we leave her. (After another stupid emotional swing, having just a few hours before decided to lay low at Royce's for a while).

I sure hope we are not supposed to like Shiarra much, because if the author really thinks she is acting heroically, she doesn't understand heroes very well. On the other hand, if this is the story of Shiarra going from being TOO STUPID TO LIVE to being a nice person, it's not going fast enough, or in the right direction.
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on June 27, 2016
Like everything about this series!
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