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on August 2, 2016
This version is annotated by Richard Beeman, a genuine, non-ideological constitutional scholar. It is NOT the right wing/Skousen/LDS version described in many of the critical comments. For some reason, Amazon has applied the same set of comments to multiple versions of the Constitution, which makes it virtually impossible to determine which ones are worth buying - and reading.

This version is well worth buying and reading, and reading again. In addition to the text of the original documents, it offers excellent historical context including a discussion of how the various articles and amendments have been interpreted by courts (not ideologues) through the years. It's a very valuable resource.

UPDATE: In a comment to this review, RedRocks explains that if you try to order the paperback version of this Penguin guide, you'll actually get the Skousen/LDS version instead. (My brother confirmed this.) Kindle orders get the correct Penguin version. Amazon needs to correct this - RedRocks has complained about it before but Amazon has done nothing.
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on September 14, 2016
Pocket-sized copy of the Constitution of the USA with Amendments, some quotations by founding fathers, and Declaration of Independence.
For a buck.
Pretty Nice, indeed!
To those customers who reported their copies had a preface or commentary suggesting how we interpret this document: This edition has neither commentary nor suggested interpretations - just the declaration that it was "... proofed word for word against the original ...".
FYI, the ISBN for this publication is is 978-0-88080-144-7.
I am buying more copies as gifts for children & grandchildren.
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on July 31, 2016
Large font easy to read. No Skousen nut case seditionist commentary. Just as it was written by the founders.
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on January 14, 2016
I like this for several reasons.
1. It contains the amendments, which not all copies of the Constitution being sold on Amazon do.
2. It also contains the Declaration of Independence, selections from the Federalist Papers, and about 95 pages of explanation of the history.
3. The annotations are my favorite part. They are clear, and concise, and really help me to understand the historical context of what I'm reading.
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on September 28, 2017
If you ever take the time to watch C-SPAN, there is a decent chance the network will soon turn to the floor of the Senate or House of Representatives. On the screen will soon appear a geriatric member of Congress railing against some new cut to spending in their district or a polict decision by the President of the opposite party. Almost always in their hand is a copy of the United States Constitution, and this is by far the most popular edition in the District of Columbia. With gilt lettering for the title and a glossy ruddy cover, the Cato Institute has become a household name in no small part because of this little book.

The inside carries a very brief introduction by the editor, but the vast majority of the text is the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. There is no critical commentary accompanying, so this edition can be used in the classroom with no accusations of ideological bias. My own edition was one of the early printings, so the paper eventually popped out after repeated openings, but fortunately a little superglue made it good as new. Now for a bit of personal bragging. My copy is autographed by both Robert C. Byrd and John Dingell, who were the longest serving members ever of both the Senate and the House, respectively. If you meet your local congressman, you'll have more than enough space to get an autograph.

A must for every American citizen that should rest proudly on their bookshelf.
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on February 6, 2018
This reprint of the US Constitution is very well edited and annotated. The full original text is reproduced as written. There are no editorial comments or discussions. Original text that has been amended is enclosed in brackets, with a footnote to reference the amendment. The preamble to the Bill of Rights and the full text of all 27 amendments are included. The full text of the Declaration of Independence is included. The dimensions (3.25" x 6.5") make this a true "pocket guide". I recommend buying multiple copies of this pamphlet to give to family and friends, as I have done. Every American should be intimately familiar with these documents.
Apparently, Amazon lumps together the reviews written for various print versions of the US Constitution. All print versions are not equal and many of the Amazon reviews do not apply to the print version I reviewed. The print version I reviewed has a painting of George Washington, quill pen in hand, on the front cover. It is copyrighted by the National Center for Constitutional Studies. Accept no substitutes.
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on August 18, 2015
I think Thomas Jefferson did an excellent job! I wanted to reread our constitution to look up what was needed to amend it, very important when considering there most important political subject confronting us is how we can reverse the consequences of the Supreme Court's diabolical, political, decision, Citizen's United (a misnomer), that has resulted in billionaires buying our elections. The Constitution provides a "end around" way to amend by going through state legislators (avoiding a bought congress), even by conventions formed in the states. Our forefathers were brilliant!
Too difficult to amend out Constitution? It can be done! This is the age of the Internet! Every citizen should have a copy of the Constitution. And, the price is right. It's free on Amazon.
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on October 1, 2017
Let me be clear - this is a one star for this Kindle edition, not for the Constitution itself. The pages keep jumping forward and backwards when I swipe to go to the next page. Instead of going to the next page, the book skips many pages ahead and then won't go back. I read a lot of books on my Kindle and have never had this problem before, so can only assume it's an issue with the formatting.
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on September 20, 2017
Almost all Americans are unaware of the content of this document and that accounts for the arrogant and ignorant nonsense that goes out on the airwaves in late night, is found in the mainstream media and on the Internet. A few years ago I watched a famous quiz show featuring the final round of the best college contestants. They easily identified the theme songs from TV shows aired prior to their birth and knew all the questions about films across the decades. But not one college contestant could answer a single question in the category, US Constitution amendments.
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on January 27, 2017
An easy-to carry guide to the two most powerful documents in the history of our country. Read the Declaration to be re-inspired; read the Constitution to settle questions you may have and settle arguments. But sometimes the Constitution raises more questions, to wit:

-Can a former president having been elected and completed two terms be vice-president under another president and succeed to the presidency if the term to be succeeded is less than two years?

-Reading Article 2, why no more than a cursory focus on the vice-president? And in the appropriate amendment limiting presidential terms to being elected twice, why no term limits for a vice-president? Can you be veep forever? Looks like it to me.

So start or improve upon your knowledge of these documents. Be a better-informed citizen. You will be glad you did. Be the authority!
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