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on September 19, 2012
I'm happy with this purchase. Sturdy enough to hold the Keurig. I also found that if you flip every other K-cup upside down, you will be able to fit more than 36 K-cups in the drawer.
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on April 29, 2013
I purchased two of these, then went back and bought a third a few weeks later. I have them stacked three high and they feel very stable. They don't shift when opening drawers or pushing gently and don't vibrate at all when operating the coffee maker. They have rubber feet that don't slide on the plastic top of my refrigerator and sink nicely into the foam top of the chassis underneath keeping it secured in place. The top surface seems fairly rigid, as I have not yet noticed any drooping from the weight of the Keurig and Baileys on top.

I can fit between 6 and 8 K-cups per column depending on the shape of the cup sidewalls and the orientation of the cups (reference customer images).

My first drawer operates very fluid; I would have guessed it was on rollers, but it's not. My second drawer required a little work; I had to bend the rear upper-framework of the drawer slightly to keep it from rubbing on the ceiling of the chassis. So, drawer number two works rather swell now. My third drawer also operates rather smooth right out of the box with the friction being between that of drawer#1 and corrected drawer#2.
When opened, the drawers are self supporting. The drawer stops opening once all but the rear 1" remains inside the chassis; this leverage keeps the drawer suspended open without any fear of it falling out onto the floor. If needed, you can lift the drawer at an angle and remove it just like any desk drawer can be removed.

Don't be alarmed when first receiving the box and seeing 'Glass Drawer' on the top label; the center label should correctly state mesh drawer (reference customer images).
DON'T FORGET to clip the zip-tie on the front before trying to open the drawer.

I would highly recommend purchasing this K-cup drawer. It is one of the lower priced drawers on the market; it stacks well; it does not vibrate while operating the Keurig; it's sturdy; and it's a smooth operator.
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on October 2, 2012
Morning coffee just got a whole lot easier with this Keurig K-cup organiser. I have been wanting one for months since I saw them in Bed, Bath & Beyond, but got a better price here on Amazon. Made of metal mesh welded/soldered over a metal frame, both the outer shell and the drawer are very sturdy and do not wiggle at all under the weight of the Keurig machine when we use it. Each of the 6 rows holds 6 K-cups with room to spare. We also use the refillable cups- Solo-fill Reusable & Refillable K-cup® for Keurig® Brewers and Ekobrew Cup, Refillable Cup for Keurig K-cup Brewers, Brown, 1-Count - and they fit into the rows just fine, too. There are hard rubber "feet" on the bottom corners to protect your counter tops, and a covering on top to protect the unit and prevent spills from getting into your drawer. I tested this by accidentally spilling water onto it when I was refilling the Keurig, and it just puddled there without seeping through, so I didn't have to scramble to wipe it up right away. It's easy to clean. I put the drawer into the dishwasher (but didn't put it through the heat dry cycle), and sprayed the framework with some all-purpose cleaner, rinsed it in the sink, and laid it on a towel to dry.

Seller shipped fast. It arrived 2 days before the estimated delivery date. Packaging was perfect for the item. All in all, I am very pleased with my purchase.
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on June 17, 2014
you would not have thought to use a coffee cup storage drawer in the bathroom, but it works really well (see the photos). I stack them on top of each other. 1 drawer is for tooth stuff, another for cutting things like razors and scissors, another for travel toiletries, etc. I only wish the sides and the partitions in between each row were designed to prevent stuff from possibly slipping out. i thought this would be a huge problem but it hasn't been a problem at all. Obviously, the storage units don't get moved a lot. they slide open brilliantly. things don't really shift around much. and you can see what's in the drawer from the open end. The build is excellent - very solid and good quality. I would give this 5 stars only if it had better partitions between inner rows and exterior, but again, it's not a big deal.
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on February 1, 2014
This storage drawer arrived well packaged and in great condition. It's very sturdy and works perfectly under our Keurig machine. I highly recommend it!

Update 6 months after purchase: I'm leaving my rating of 4 stars due to the quality of the construction of this K-cup drawer. But, when it comes to looks it's not as good as the one I just purchased to replace it due to a few issues.

Here's my review of the comparison for this product with the other one I bought on Amazon: "Mind Reader "Anchor" Coffee Pack Drawer for Keurig Vue Packs, Keurig K-Cups, Nespresso Capsules, CBTL/Verismo Pods or Tassimo T-Discs":

I bought the metal version 6 months ago on Amazon: "DecoBros K-cup Storage Drawer Holder for Keurig K-cup Coffee Pods"

When I saw this one with separate drawers, I decided to buy it because in order to open the single metal framed drawer I have to move everything away from the front of the coffee maker just to pull open the single drawer to get a couple K-cups out. This one arrived quickly and in good condition. It's slightly smaller than the metal one but holds our Platinum brewer nicely. I also didn't notice what an eyesore the metal one was until I compared the two side-by-side and this one looks much better with the cups covered in a sleek, black designed stand than having them showing from the sides and front of the metal version.

This is completely plastic, so on the down-side it won't last as long as the above metal version and I have to snap the drawers shut a lot of the time - but again, it looks a lot better and it's convenient to be able to open a drawer and get cups out without having to move everything away from the front of the machine. Also, I do think the plastic top will be easier to clean than the felt-like top on the metal version. The plastic top is slightly textured and the black color matches our machine trim so it looks nice. I've put my metal version under my Tassimo machine in a far corner of our kitchen to see if it might still work if less visible (and it fits that machine too), while this one is front and center for every day use.
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on February 3, 2015
This is a GREAT way to store your K Cups. I had saw these at Walmart for $25 and I really didn't want to pay that for the one they had. I did some searching here on Amazon and found this one for almost $10 cheaper. I liked that the top was a soft grip like finish so the 2.0 wouldn't move around when I shut it. I was also pleasantly surprised when I placed the 2.0 on top of it and it didn't bend or give at all. This piece is extremely well made and really strong. It holds my cups perfectly and the drawer stops so you don't put it all the way out. I simply LOVE it!!! You can't go wrong with this unit. Quality at a great price! Thanks DecoBros!
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on February 6, 2017
I bought this storage drawer for the new Keurig we bought for our office. Let me start by saying I do not drink coffee, so I have never used a Keurig before (yes, I know it does tea and cocoa, but it wasn't a reason for me to buy one for personal use), so I had no idea how HUGE the K-cups were. I thought they were the size of creamers, but, boy, was I wrong; they're nearly double that size and twice as wide, which explains the size of this storage drawer. Again, I expected it to sit neatly under the Keurig like a pedestal, but because it has to accommodate six rows of big K-cups, it's double the width of our K-15. Now, none of this affects my star rating because we have plenty of counterspace to work with, but I mention it for ignoramuses like me who have no idea how to use a Keurig.

The drawer holder fits with our modern office design, which is why I purchased it. It feels high quality. The drawer accommodates the K-cups easily and can hold (I believe) 36, so it will stay full for a while. It slides open and closed very easily and stacks well with the machine.

I'm very happy with this purchase and would recommend to others looking for similar quality and storage capabilities.
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I have owned Keurig brewers since they were first introduced. I have tried several different K-Cup storage devices and they were fine for using at home. I recently installed a Keurig in one of our retail stores so that customers may have a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate. I didn't want to use the same carousel as I did at home so I looked for something different and this product stood out.

I like it for several reasons:

1. It takes up very little space, unlike most K-Cup holders, since it fits underneath the brewer instead of next to it.
2. It stores six cups in six separate rows which makes it easy to choose from.
3. I can pull the drawer out so that our customers can see what we are offering and choose from them.
4. It provides a nice base for the brewer.

This holder seems well built and has held up well for far. I plan on buying more of these as the seem to be the storage solution that I was looking for.
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on May 14, 2014
The appearnce of the storage drawer is excellent, however the construction is a drawback. The "platform" the keurig machine sits on has a bit of flex in it. When the machine is running through the water intake part of the "coffee cycle", it shook/vibrated the cup out of the coffee stand - I had to hold the cup in place.

I have seen other stand/drawers that have a solid glass or wood top and I am thinking that these would eliminate the shaking that happens to this drawer.
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on July 20, 2015
I love this storage drawer! The rubber mat keeps the noise from my Keurig down, but also keeps it stable! I can actually get 3 additional Kcups in there by flipping every other one upside down! Can't beat the price. I save room in my pantry and it really doen't create much of a bigger footprint than the Keurig already uses. It is stackable too, if I want to get more! The drawer slides easily in and out. The whole thing is a sturdy metal design. Looks clean on my counter top!
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