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DEEP RED [Blu-ray]
Format: Blu-ray|Change
Price:$17.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

After a mysterious clue at the beginning, Dario Argento's DEEP RED (1975) takes us to a theater, where a psychic named Helga Ulmann (Macha Meril) is demonstrating her mental abilities. Back at her apartment, she has no idea that her powers have led her into trouble of the lethal kind. Ironically, her visions are no help at all. Meanwhile, jazz pianist Marcus Daly (David Hemmings) is just outside, minding his own business. Suddenly, a scream, and Marcus is drawn into the drama, in a most... disturbing, blood-soaked way. Now a witness to murder, he believes he may have caught a glimpse of something odd, but can't quite figure out why it seems important. After meeting up w/ reporter Gianna Brezzi (Daria Nicolodi), Marcus sets out to solve the crime himself. This, of course, gets the attention of the killer, resulting in Marcus being stalked by the maniac! Then, he finds that all of this could possibly have something to do w/ a weird children's song, a spooky mansion, and an old legend. More deaths occur. Can Marcus figure it all out, before he too winds up dead? One of Argento's best giallo films, utilizing elements of the supernatural / paranormal, as well as the psychological. BEST PARTS / SCENES / ASPECTS OF THIS MOVIE: #1- The death of Helga. #2- That creepy doll / robot thing! #3- Any / every time Marcus goes to that glorious house! #4- The Goblin soundtrack!!!! #5- The truly surprising, final reveal! Highly recommended, especially for lovers of the genre...
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on January 7, 2018
A prime example of how superior direction can elevate a film to something greater than the sum of its parts. At its core, Deep Red plays with the same basic structure and themes as any other giallo film. But with Dario Argento at the helm, the familiar tropes rise to a new plane of vibrancy and vitality that few other directors in the genre are able to achieve. There's so much subtlety in the way Argento accomplishes this: the way he carefully stages and photographs his set pieces, the fluid movements of his camera, the Hitchcockian escalation of suspense, the occasionally bizarre and dream-like flourishes, the off-color use of music. Each plays a crucial role in breathing life into the film and differentiating it from the competition, and the result is a film which earns its reputation as one of the best in the genre. Unfortunately I do still have some nagging issues, mainly with the pacing and the length of the film. At times it does feel as if it could've been tightened up into a slightly more well-oiled machine. And of course there is some cheesiness and stilted acting here and there which is pretty much par for the course for the genre. But when the film is at its best, it is quite arresting and certainly offers some of the best thrills the genre has to offer. Definitely one I look forward to revisiting.

Strong 4/5
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on February 20, 2018
I've seen a few movies with music by Goblins, and they've all been ruined by the music by Goblins. Jazzy disco playing over a brutal murder scene completely ruins the tone. Even if the music had been appropriate, I'm not sure this movie would have been worth much. There's also completely out of place slapstick throughout that just makes no sense. How could anyone thought it was a good idea to have an unfunny arm wrestling contest with a "liberated woman" shortly after the initial killing? Why when those arm wrestling screwballs are later talking on the phone, is one of them getting blasted with a steamy coffee machine while the other shouts over a loud newsroom to ZERO comic effect? Add on top of that the ridiculous dubbing. The main character speaks English, but everyone else is speaking I guess Italian but dubbed over with Kung Fu movie quality dubbing acting.
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on August 21, 2014
Argento's best (next to Susperia, of course, but this film is my personal favorite.) So glad to finally having the uncut English language version on Blu-ray! The film looks stunning in this format. Such a must for horror fans. I have been wanting the uncut English language version of this film for so long, I almost can't believe that I finally have it. I have yet to view the more lengthly Italian language version on this disc, but if the English language version is any indication of quality I'm certain I'll be just as happy. The previous DVD extended version, while complete with the un-dubbed Italian scenes, I found somewhat jarring, with the sudden shift from English to Italian often taking me out of the viewing experience. Personally I find Argento's English language cut of this film to be my favorite. Other fans might think differently, but for my viewing experience, this disc is the best option.
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on December 18, 2015
Must say i loved this movie. Old school , whose the killer mystery. Have another Argento movie" Suspiria" and this one just as good. Blown away by sets and music also.Argento takes you into this film and you are in it to the end
Can see how he influenced later horror film directors. One of my favorites of this genre.💀
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on September 22, 2001
My five stars is for the movie itself and not necessarily for the quality of picture and sound (DVD). This movie is truly a suspense thriller and I am wondering how much more shocking and thrilling it would have been to see it in 1980 or better yet, 1975 (theatrical release).
Let's see, "Deep Red" was originally released in 1975 but then I've also seen January 1980. Would 1980 be the U.S. release date? I don't know. "Suspiria" was released January 1977. "Deep Red" seems to be like the older, more mature picture. The release dates confused me because I couldn't believe "Deep Red" came after "Suspiria".
Regarding the lost English dialogue: The subtitles and switch back + forth didn't really bother me. What was more shocking was the great change in the voices. In some ways, the Italian voices seemed more natural -- it depends on the characters. For example, there is a police detective that eats a sandwich, talks, and laughs simultaneously and that voice is better and quite humorous compared to his English-dubbed voice. I have not listened to the straight-Italian version yet. Some of the voice changes seem seamless. It shouldn't affect your enjoyment of the movie.
Most likely, I will listen to Italian dialogue after I've viewed the DVD a few more times with the English/Italian soundtrack.
I was pleased to see Daria Nicolodi acting. My first exposure to her was in the 25-year-anniversary special for "Suspiria". Of course, she is 25 years older in that special.
This DVD has some great music again by Goblin but it is different, possibly to keep with a jazz theme. Some louder portions <of music> and screams have distortion.
If you are an Argento fan, you must add this one to your collection. Now I am craving additional Argento movies on DVD.
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on October 11, 2017
A great Dario Argento film. I think David Hemmings gave a great performance. Daria Nicolodi gave a good supporting role as well.
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on April 30, 2011
To me, the Arrow blu-ray looks and sounds great. Color and detail are very vivid and sharp. Blacks are inky and gorgeous. It look better than I've ever seen it, and I've seen it in just about every format it was released in including theatrical screenings. There are nitpicks involving slight, inconsistent color variations, but they are light, few and far between and don't detract. It's such a visually beautiful film and the impressive transfer reflects that.

Extras. The commentary track by Argento expert named Thomas Rostock is really good, and the main reason that I opted for this instead of waiting for the Blue Underground release. I love commentary tracks and this one is well researched and filled with sharp details about the film's history and symbolism.

Unfortunately, the three featurettes are rather slack with much of the running time devoted to film clips.

Both the international and U.S. trailers are included.

The menus look good and are easy to navigate.

The packaging is very nice with a short, well-done booklet of liner notes, reversible covers, and dual-sided mini-poster.

Overall, an excellent release. If you don't care about commentary tracks then opt for the Blue Underground release which will probably be stunning.
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on January 5, 2011
It's clear from reading the reviews of this movie on Amazon that people either "get" Dario Argento or they do not. It's an either/or type of thing. I'm not sure why that is the case, but I must count myself among the many who "get" him. I don't bother trying to convert the non-believers because, well, they're non-believers!

That's not to say that every movie that Dario Argento has made is great. Far from it - some have been real bombs. But make no mistake - Deep Red is a masterpiece. I've watched this movie many times and I still find it fascinating. I can't say that for a lot of movies, regardless of genre. A very few, yes; most, no. This one, always.

I think one reason why I personally love Deep Red is because I understand that films in general do not exist in a vacuum. They always reflect the times in which they were made - and the really good ones change the way films are made after them. I find so many reviewers here on Amazon approach films as if they were all made in the last year, judge them accordingly, and find the older ones wanting. Deep Red was made in 1975, not 2011, and is not an expensive bit of contemporary CGI schlock. If you have an appreciation of the history of film, you'll see things in Deep Red that radically changed the concept of what a movie is and what a movie can be. The impact of Deep Red on subsequent movie making - and viewing - is beyond the scope of this tidy little Amazon context. Let me just say here that it did. If you can't see that, well too bad for you!

If you "get" Argento, you will love Deep Red. It's really that simple.
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on January 23, 2017
Great creepy classic.
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