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on April 23, 2015
... for a home security system. It set up easily, especially the indoor camera -- just plug in and turn on. The outside camera took a little more effort, as we had to climb a ladder, mount the camera, then run the wire through an upper window to plug in. Even that only took half hour, at most. So 5 stars for ease of installation.

In the product description, it states that it comes with a 2Gb SD card, but mine actually arrived with a 4Gb, so kudos for the upgrade, even if it's still way too small; unless someone plans to offload video clips every day or erase data every day. I simply upgraded immediately to a 64Gb card. Quick note here -- not all SD cards are created equal. For this system, you need the following specifications: Supports Ultra High Speed Class 1 specification, Class 10 compliant, Suitable for SDXC / SDHC compatible devices. So, as far as the product description and the accompanying SD card, 4 stars.

Some people complained about the quality of the images. I'm going to disagree with their assessment strongly, but can only do so based on my personal observations. First of all, the LD monitor allows for two settings, SD and HD. Recording in a higher definition will, of course, chew up more storage space. While I can see a distinct difference between the two, it wasn't so different that I felt it necessary to use HD. I can see images in SD with enough clarity that I don't require the pinpoint visual precision of HD. The image does NOT, however, look like the sample image given on the description. So, image quality gets 5 stars.

This system also comes with a built-in microphone/speaker. We tested this repeatedly. Voices come over loud and clear both ways. The only issue I discovered is that there is a lag between when I speak and release the talk button and when the respondent can answer. If the response comes too quickly, the microphone hasn't reset (or something) on their end, and what they say doesn't come through. If they wait a second, it comes through loud and clear. This is also something that happens only intermittently, which is a little strange. Sometimes the response comes through despite speaking immediately after I release the talk button. So, speaker system: 4 stars.

Setting and use of the system is my next area of review. Setting up the system takes seconds. The menu is so very easy to access, scroll through and use, that it's almost unbelievable. It helps that the manual is simplistic. Anyway, I mastered it rather quickly. So, set up is 5 stars.

The camera. Great quality, sturdy construction, but a couple of drawbacks that I can see. The image given in the description makes it seems as if this camera has a broad coverage area. That it can see a wide span. This is not the case. In fact, I'd say that the coverage is approximately 15x8. That is to say, if you mount the camera right side up, it will view an area that is 15 feet in length, and outward (width), approx 8 feet. For me, that means my front walkway only. It doesn't even come close to capturing my front yard. The images are also displayed in a bluish gray scale, not full color. Not a problem for me, but again, not as portrayed by the seller's promo pics. For this reason, I ordered a third camera in order to cover my front yard/cars too. I like that the camera can be rotated for the view you want to capture, but if mounted high on a wall, repositioning it manually (if desired) would be too much trouble, so we plugged everything in after mounting and worked with where we wanted it pointing (viewing the image in the monitor) before climbing off the ladder. It would also be nicer if the camera had a auto rotate feature, but for the price I paid for this set up, I won't be too picky, nor am I disappointed. Camera: 3 1/2 stars.

Recording feature is about 3 1/2 to 4 stars only because the system won't record in split mode (or quad mode, if you have four cameras). It will only record when movement is detected in single screen mode. I have two cameras. The view rotates between the two. If motion is detected in my house, it begins recording for a specified length of time and then stops and returns to the rotation. If you put it in split screen, a message appears temporarily which states that it can't record while in that mode.

Again, I am very satisfied, overall, with this set up, and it was a very good deal at the price paid. My third camera will arrive tomorrow and I can add a fourth camera if I find another area that needs coverage in my house or yard. I don't foresee needing another, but its nice to know I can. Highly recommended.

UPDATE: 1 week after installation. Uh oh, the monitor has stopped functioning. I woke up and the screen had a thick pink line running through it. I have submitted a tech support ticket to the manufacturer. Hopefully they will resolve it quickly and satisfactorily. Will update again once resolved.

UPDATE 2: 4/30/2015. Since my monitor stopped working on a Saturday, and I didn't want to wait until the following Monday for tech support to get back to me, I instead contacted Amazon for a replacement. It arrived Sunday. I sent back the defective monitor Monday. To their credit, the company DID contact me Monday morning to assist, which tells me that their customer service is decent; however, they would only have been able to replace the monitor, so in this case, contacting Amazon produced faster results.
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on September 10, 2013
The hardware of this system seems low grade. The 640x480 resolution and choppy frame rate make for a fuzzy, hard to watch picture in which you couldn't really identify anyone if you wanted to. Think of those surveillance camera pictures you see on the news with a blurry picture of a person's face who could be anybody or nobody. Even worse, the software is so bare-bones and poorly thought out that it makes the system essentially worthless.

Just a few of MANY examples of the bad software:
- You can VIEW all four cameras at once, but you can't record more than one at a time
- The "motion detect" feature will record for ONLY 5, 15 or 30 seconds PERIOD, even if there is 5 minutes of continuous motion
- When recording from a camera, you can't do ANYTHING ELSE, including watch playback, look at another live camera, etc.
- You can't get to the settings menu from any screen other than a single (not quad) live camera feed
- You can't get to the playback screen from any screen other than a single (not quad) live camera feed
- The playback screen is literally a list of the file system that you have to manually navigate: "video" *select* "20130907" *select* "161326_1.avi" *select* and now you are watching your video that started recording at 4:13PM and 26 seconds on September 7th, 2013 from camera 1.

I've sent this system back to Amazon and won't be considering anything further from Defender USA.
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on August 17, 2014
For the first time, I am not just real sure how to write a review. When this was bought, had some high hopes for it. In real time, I have mixed feelings.

On a very positive note, it was a very easy set up. That is a strong point. From there it slides a bit downhill. First thing that became an issue was with one of the mounting brackets. There is a ball and socket joint that allows for the camera to pivot. The ball was either too small or the socket was too large. No matter, it was loose enough to not hold the camera where it was needed. Ended up taking the camera off the base to install a 1/4" nut that now acts like a locking nut to hold the camera in place. We bought two cameras but only one had this issue.

Using the "motion" sensor to record is not as good as it could be. Wish there were some adjustment in the distance this could be set for. As it is, for the camera to detect motion then activate the record event, the target has to be in the range of 10 feet or so to be detected by the motion sensor. The viewing distance is much greater than that but to record the target, it has to be pretty much with in 10 feet.

The quality of the picture while OK. IS not HD nor even close to it. As a matter of fact, not sure how to describe it other than to say it is like a mix of grayscale and color. Example. One camera is pointed to cover our front door. In the picture, you can see the color of the house. But the grass and bushes are gray. Tried to adjust the contrast which helped a bit in the quality of the picture, but not when it comes to color. Like one of those commercials you see on TV where parts of it are in color and parts of it are in black and white. Face can be made out, but color??????

The night vision is workable but it is a stretch when it is said it will see out 40 feet. Would have to say the distance where the face etc can be made out clearly is closer to 15 feet. Maybe 20 at the furthest. For sure, not 40'.

The distance from camera to the base unit, is another one of those maybe in the perfect world type of things where 100' is mentioned in the sales literature. In the real world, I would not want to place the camera any further then 70' from the base unit.

When you play back what has been recorded, you can choose to delete that content which is easy enough. Like with many photo programs, a folder is made with the picture files being placed into that folder. The base unit is a computer in all terms of the word. When a event is recorded, a folder is made with the contents (files) being placed into it. The files like I said, can be deleted easy enough. Just not the folder. It stays. So you end up with empty folders. Should be able to delete them as well with the same ease.

This product is not high end and we knew that. But just thought it would be a bit better than what it has been made out to be. Tried for weeks looking at reviews and learning about security cameras, making what we thought to be a good choice, has left us a bit disappointed with our purchase. It works, but not as advertised leaving us with very mixed feelings about the product we just spent money on.
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on November 21, 2012
I have a cottage in the country that I want to monitor with a security camera and DVR. The price of the other dvr security systems was ridiculous. I bought the PX301 from Amazon and got it in three days. It was very easy to set up. I could not get it to record. I had it hooked to my tv input, and everything was working fine live, no recording to the SD card. I contacted on line tech support (I like live chat as good as phone calls) and got instant chat service. Unfortunately before I got the answer, the power went down for a few seconds on my end and I lost the connection. I finally figured out the issue on my own.
Even if you set the camera to record on motion, YOU MUST SELECT AUTOMATIC RECORDING on the receiver also by pushing the button where it says "Recording Auto" (you can start recording yourself by pushing the manual record button on the receiver), and it will light up. Works great now. I also purchased a 16GB SD card ($14.95) for 8 times the OEM recording time before full or being erased. I set it to NOT erase.
Remember, since it stops recording after the time you sent, and each start is triggered by motion, a 16 GB card could last up to months depending on how much motion there is near the camera. The card is in the receiver, not the camera, and is real easy to get to.
Everything you need comes with the system including a 2 GB SD card good for 350 minutes at the lower resolution 320X240 (640X480 is the highest but that is all you really need). Picture (color) and sound is good especially for the money. Not HD of course, but good enough to identify someone. The camera has an aluminum body and is very sturdy and well built. With the power cord for the camera, and the adapter cord, you have enough power cord to reach an outlet from the camera almost anywhere. I am guessing the combined length is about 14 feet. The camera found the receiver instantly and automatically. The mounting bracket for the camera is very strong and adjustable, and it comes with paper templates for screws if you need a template. You do not really need a computer or card reader to view recorded videos. If you hook the receiver up to any TV or monitor with RCA inputs (including an almost brand new 12" color TV with RCA inputs in the back from Goodwill for $5.00) you can do EVERYTHING from the receiver. I hooked it up for setup on my 40" flat screen. You can select the video (each recording event is arranged by date and time and has its own file), you can watch the video, rewind, etc. etc. (using the supplied remote or receiver keypad and on screen menu), set up record time after activated by motion ( 5 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds). You can select "view split screen" if you have multiple cameras. Delete videos and format the card is easy too. Of course any movement starts recording again. Since it stops after a max of 30 seconds with no additional movement, you could actually record a 7 hour+ event with the included SD card. I like the time limit feature since wild animals and dear roam where the camera will be aimed. I don't want to use up all the recording on that. The on screen menu is SUPER easy to use with giant icons. I would say the menu is easier to use than any TV remote or the old VCR menus I've seen.
You can hide the receiver inside your home or business where it is safe from the elements and destruction by an intruder, all you need is an outlet within 6 feet for electrical power to the adapter (9Volts). You can also mount the receiver where you can easily get to it and start/stop recording manually by simply pushing a button. The receiver makes a chirping sound (about three times then stops) as an alarm, when it starts recording, and you can adjust the volume from none to pretty loud. I tried to get past the motion detector, but was unable to not get caught. Once mounted, the receiver actually looks like the control panel for an alarm system with all the lights etc. The camera and receiver did not seem to get hot while powered up as some products do. I don't know about the 100 ft. range since my camera is only 40 feet from the receiver and it works fine. The manufacturer suggests for the best angle and coverage that the camera is mounted about 12 -14 feet in the air, and that works out perfect for where I mounted it. Of course you can place it on a table top or hide it if you want to as an inside camera to monitor what someone might be doing while you are not in your house (make sure it is legal first. Don't do anything stupid with the camera). Wireless cannot be beat.
There is another version of this product for more money that includes the same stuff built into a 7" LCD color monitor. That is too small for me, I like this setup better. The 7" monitor would be useless to me. I also like the receiver key pad design better.
The entire system appears to be high quality and well constructed. I was glad I do not need to remove the SD card and take it to my computer to view. If I want to print a pic, or make a video copy, I can use my computer card reader then.
I like this system a lot, it is actually better than I thought it would be for the price. It would also make a good system for a small business. The designers seem to have thought out the design really well. I will be purchasing a second camera in the future for the cottage, and a second system for inside my main residence (I already have an alarm system, but video would be great). Sure the alarm calls the cops, but if there is no video of the person, the intruder usually gets away.
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on April 25, 2015
Edit after 2 years: The system is going strong. The colors have not faded, and it has been moved indoors and outdoors. I have found one major point of weakness. If the power goes out, even for a second, then the DVR resets and recordings stop until I manually restart the DVR. I've fixed this problem by installing a surge protector with a built-in power supply and hooking it up with the DVR.

One trick with any system is placement and recording times. Surveillance of your front and back doors alone cover almost 50% of burglars' favorite entry points to a home, so use this info when placing cameras. Most burglaries happen between 10am and 3pm, so set recording times for when you are away from home. As mentioned in my previous review, these cameras have weak resolution, so camera placement is a vital factor if you want to get a good look at an intruder.

Ive been using this system for a few months.

There are very few cons, so let's just get them out of the way. The resolution bothers me. I have a hard time seeing the details of a person's face from across my living room with this camera. It would be hard to give the police a fine description with this camera unless someone got within 10 feet of it. 1080p recording is NOT expensive or difficult technology to get, I don't see why this had to be low res.

The camera itself is sturdy and well built. However, it is rather large and difficult to hide. If you plan on getting this, understand that you won't be able to hide it anywhere; I was not looking for a concealed nanny cam, so this works for me.

I love the motion detection feature! It catches anyone and everyone. People do have ways of defeating motion detectors by sneaking by low and slowly. The key here is to point the camera at a door or something that is too large to be handled with finesse.

Overall I'm pleasantly surprised. I just wish they'd get some truly high definition tech, and this would be the go-to system for anyone.
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First the pros and cons.

Easy to setup.
Handy monitor.
Good default motion sensor levels
Sturdy Cameras
Good recording system, with overwrites, sorted by date/time.
Reasonably good resolution
Reasonably good night vision
Excellent rolling record for moving subjects

LOW range. Comes stock with 1-2db antennas, most good systems have 6-9db antennas.
No way to upgrade antenna on base.
No wifi capabilities
Poor monitor controls unless you use remote.
Requires moving AVI files to PC, then converting to MP4 to render them usable.
No internet/IP capabilities whatsoever.
No battery backup in DVR
No way to add a second monitor, or expand the system
Overly sensitive 'light' aspect detection to motion (tree shadows, etc)
Buggy Quad mode, sometimes switches between cameras for no reason
NOT WATERPROOF! IP01/IP00 rated cameras, don't expect them to last if exposed to the elements!
NO granular controls of anything really, such as motion sensitivity, light ranges, etc.
NO push capabilities (sending texts/alerts to devices etc)

Ultimately this was easy to install, and the SECOND NIGHT it picked up a prowler around our property. I figured we had losers prowling around here, and it was good enough to give to the cops to issue an APB for the guy. For that, it works. But it soon became apparent this system was too limiting for me for the cost. Without ANY capability to monitor from remote, or even in my bed, I felt naked. Without any capability to expand it to extra monitors, or access recordings from the internet I felt pretty blind! Then came issues with false motion detection with no way to adjust it other than some scotch tape over the sensor.. Then came the 'lower' resolution in some cases which made it HARD to identify someone/something. Although these cameras are nice, they simply aren't up to commercial standards - good homeowner stuff, that's it! The last straw was range.. 20 feet away through a couple of walls this thing totally failed to pick up a signal.. Given it's not WIFI and relies on an old 2.4Ghz cordless phone standard, it's NOT going to get range, and you WILL NOT be able to boost that signal!

I uninstalled it all and returned it.

I elected to go with a Trivision 336W HD camera. Offering high definition resolution, strong 6db antennas, and WiFi. Local+Remote access. Cameras are long range, and super resolution - license plates and faces at 45 feet! Ip66+ rated camera, which is full immersion in water, rock/sand/dirt proof. They are sealed, but to last.

Then I added Blue Iris software on an older PC in the home to act as a server. Blue Iris allows 'extreme' customization of all aspects of a camera system. I can 'mask' areas where I don't care, and 'hotspot' areas to be extra diligent about.. I can tweak everything. Further, using this method I can access all cameras anywhere on the planet, from any device on the planet. I can CONTROL them from remote. Blue Iris allows me to 'push' notifications, such as a doorbell to my devices/phones/tablets if someone comes to the door. Remarkable!

Monitors? Easy.. I purchased some CHEAP $40 Tablets from Amazon here, with some cheap mounting brackets. One on each floor provides a full control panel, monitoring, and emergency trigger for every floor of the home - all wireless! A check 7 inch Tablet is the perfect solution in my view. Install Blue Iris Mobile on each tablet, slide them into the brackets in say your bedroom, and by your computer, and you have a full home monitoring system.

The system I have in place is 1000x better. BUT it is NOT for people that cannot 'set' things up, or 'tweak'.. Be warned.. If you want a fire and forget 'reasonable' system - then THE DEFENDER is the best one on the market IMO. If you want more, then I recommend the route I ended up going!
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on April 19, 2015
after 2 mos,,,I am learning more,,,humidity seems to be hurting camera quality,,by displaying a "no image " signal,,,
distant vision is unclear,,(beyond 50ft...
The frequency of the unit disrupts my laptop,,,and my TV antenna...
A less costly security system..but Defender had a good review...
I have the 2 cameras,, both mounted outside...
nite vision... does a good job...I can see out to the street,,and houses across the street...but it is not "sharp" at distance...
behind glass,,when ,mounted inside,,,there is no nite vision,,,for some reason..

Audio... is there if you want it,,,picks up the noise at the camera,,,if you want to hear it,,,
Electrical....each camera requires an outlet,,also the monitor..Using the RCA cable(supplied),the can be plugged into a TV...
Easy to set up and operate...move the monitor around the house,,,no problem,with range of reception...
One drawback on the system..the camera sits on its stem,,,and is difficult to obtain a secure mount,I torque the pressure screw down for a snug fit,,but does not feel like very secure...,you may want an "angle down",, application,,and a split is there to rotate the camera to an acute angle,,( hard to describe)..
This would be an excellent indoor system...electrical outlets being right there....
mounted on the outside,,the bad guy could unplug the camera....
Record...350 minuets on the provided card/chip,,,it records over well...
Packaging...I expected better on electronic was the system itself ,,from Defender,,in its box..the electronics here were suspended in its plastic wrap and did not appear to be protected from shock....this was in a larger box,,with some paper,,,
Mounting a camera on the house is not always welcome,,,but it seems a necessary thing,,,our police did suggest it,after a number of auto thefts,,,
hope this helps..................walt
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on February 5, 2015
It does what I was expecting, not was hoped for (or advertised) in regards to range. It says 450 feet range...granted I assume that's top end, line of sight, perfect weather, everything is right with the world kind of actuality for me it's working at about 100 ft range. 150ft is intermittent. I had hoped to place this 200 feet away, but it simply won't work. Am I sending it back? No. I will simply move the receiver into the same room as the camera and hide it under a counter. I am using this more for coaching my sales staff in our cafe, showing how they interact with guests (or don't) and I can roughly track someone from start to finish of order to see a real-world view of how long orders are taking (i.e. ok, red shirt guy just ordered, skip ahead and see how long it took etc. It's not very detailed, so I wouldn't think you could prosecute based on this footage, the faces are too pixleated. Now, if you have limited staff like I do, and I saw one of them taking money from the register - knowing all 8 of my employees, I could identify which one by body type, but a stranger off the streets...would look like anybody else. Some reviews said it wasn't good at color, I didn't have that option, a red shirt shows red, of course I couldn't tell you if it was fire red or rose red etc. haha, but you can tell it's red.

Functions as expected, records, works, received 32GB card with no issues so far. Just started using it today, I'll update after a few months of use.
Works for my needs (aside from a longer range that would have helped my 2nd work location (200-250 feet away) see if the Cafe was busy and I could shift bodies etc.) but still functions for coaching and light security system.
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on December 23, 2014
I am so impressed with what this little unit can do, we have a small home so its not an issue with distance. It installed easy and fast nothing hard about the features. I do what I always do just played with all of it to get the feel for its features and then set it up and shocked at what I got for the price. I have bought two extra cameras and have them all working. I have done motion records and scheduled records and all works great loaded onto a 32GB SD card. The remote is really nice when you want to go through the videos. I can go through 5 hours in about 20 minutes with the remote. You can play back up to 64X speed so if nothing there get through it quick and delete. Bang for the buck is fantastic if your not into spending big money. Color cameras work great, motion detection excellent has speaker in it as well, you can also push to talk and say something back. Listening to the rain right now from outside. The monitor works great (7Inch screen) I bought an extra 5V power supply direct from defender (not available on Amazon) and I move the screen into the bedroom at night. So when my driveway alert system goes off I can see what is taking place instantly. Very happy with this little system. Update 6-7-15 Have six cameras with two systems that have worked flawless, one camera became stuck on record. I had a new spare camera on hand so plugged it in and back up and running, still under warranty ( six months old) so lets see how getting it repaired or replaced works.
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on February 11, 2013
The reason I selected this product was it had special features not available on other models of equipment.
Having the ability to provide wireless A/V signals was a real plus for me. Adding a whole new set of A/V cables from each of 4 cameras to a tri level house would have been a real struggle for me. Addionally, I wanted to be able to use it as a video - intercom at my front door to avoid having to open it prior to knowing who was there and what they wanted. Front door forced entries are starting to show up in this area and this would assist in not being a victim.

This item was just purchased about a week ago.
I started by installing one camera to see how the system worked and what kind of signal strength it could produce. My first tests almost had me sending the whole system back for a refund BUT additional tests confirmed information that is VITAL for the user to know which is a total game changer.
To start, DO NOT MOUNT THE CAMERA PEDESTAL BASE ON A CEILING. That puts the image upside down and there is NO adjustment to correct this.
If you are near any large metal, such as flashings or a metal garage door, this will kill your wireless signal to the monitor. It took several tests to discover this. Once I moved the camera away from those things the signal improved substantially.
On the monitor, the signal strength shows up as 1-4 bars. If you cannot get reliably at least 3 bars your in trouble. The camera will provide a drifting wireless signal which will show up periodically as "No Signal" if under 3 bars. If you establish at least 3 bars your fine.
The video of the cameras is very acceptable for the overall cost of this system. Daytime is full color and reasonably clear.
Night time, the camera switches over to Infra Red. Your picture is black & white but is amazingly bright in full darkness. It looks like you left a light on.
For two-way audio/intercom functions, the manual explains that your camera must be within six feet of the monitor. It also mentions that this is supposed to be in use on camera 1. What I did was use a little piece of blue painters tape and mark #1 on the tape and paste it on the primary camera which came in the same box as the monitor. When you first start the system up, it's designed to use this first camera as the "Camera 1" operation to the monitor.
Mine is in that range. The camera is just outside my front door and the monitor just inside on an adjacent wall. The other cameras do receive audio which is recorded with any video to the SD card for each of the other three cameras which may be in a record mode either manually or in automatic mode.
The manual has a couple of instructions which are incorrect. Not a problem but being aware of these before you setup your system will help you.
There are two power bricks inside the basic system box. One for the camera and one for the monitor. READ THE BACK OF EACH COMPONENT CAREFULLY. The monitor wants a 5 volt power brick. The camera wants a 9 volt power brick. The manual says 9. for the monitor and that's wrong.
The manual says you can mount the pedastel mount on a ceiling but as stated here that makes the picture upside down.
The joystick on the monitor seems quite delicate. I suggest being extremely gentle when using it so you don't abuse this little switch.
The manual says that when you want to view your recorded files put on the SD card, you need to have one camera showing you live on screen. When you are viewing a live camera shot, you simply push straight down on the joystick to bring up your recorded files. THAT IS CORRECT, HOWEVER if your camera signal strength is less then 3 bars your going to have a very difficult time viewing your files too. So once again, having three bars of signal strength is necessary.
Last item: If you are experiencing low signal no matter what you try there is NO BOOSTER accessory for the cameras. That is unfortunate because now that I got mine operating properly I can tell you I am quite pleased with the results.
It would be a real plus for the SVAT company to offer a more powerful antenna or power booster for those who really needed one.
The Bottom Line: This is a simple solution to most basic surveillance needs if that is acceptable. It's priced quite fairly for what it produces. If you need a really sophiscated system, then keep shopping.
For me this covers all four sides of my house with a minimal of wiring needs. Yes, you must supply electricity to each camera and they tell you clearly that these are weather resistant, not weather proof so if they must be out of a protected location like under a roof eve you will have to put them into some box to assist them from avoiding direct inclement weather. If you keep in mind that wireless devices need extra consideration so as to help them in gaining unobstructed signals and then keep them within a range of the monitor of less then 100 feet, you should have a properly working system.
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