Customer Reviews: Bitdefender Total Security 2014 Value M2 (3-PCs/2-Yrs)
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on November 15, 2013
I don't care for this for my security, as I have had a lot of problems with it popping up and closing me out of my online banking. And I don't like it on my screen when I sign into my banking, it should be working in the background. I don't think I would use this for my security again, for that reason. And it is forever popping up and want a code put in. I think once it is put it that should be enough. I find this for security to be very irrating.
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on February 6, 2014
I should have paid better attention to all of the negative reviews. In all fairness, this software may run very well on a better computer than mine; however, I purchased it based upon the advertised system requirements. My PC is a IBM T-41 laptop running XP-Pro SP3 with 2gig of memory and ample HD space. When loading, the software checked my machine and proceeded. This process required quiet a bit of time as the computer became slower and slower and eventually almost unresponsive. After I had successfully loaded, I attempted to register and received error messages that I wasn't connected to the internet, even though I was. I rebooted the PC and found that my wireless function would not work. Picture this: click an icon on your desktop and go take a walk while you wait for a response. So, after deciding that this software had totally overwhelmed my computer, I decided to remove it. This is when the real fun began. I had to resort to doing a system restore in order to reach my add/remove option. When I selected remove, the software gave me the additional option of repairing. Like a dummy, I decided to try it. This is when the software went through a failed process of removing and replacing files. During the replace files action, the computer froze. I finally resorted to rebooting in safe mode in order to manually delete most of the files.

Bottom line, my experience with this software, on my computer, was a certified nightmare. If I had the option of giving it less than a one star rating, I would. I'm not sure if Amazon will issue a refund on opened software, but I'm planning to try. .
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on December 5, 2013
This is the worst product I have ever purchased! It is ridiculous! I have a brand new computer that worked perfectly, but my free McAfee trial was running out, so I bought this. It had good reviews, though some said there were installation problems if your computer is infected with malware. My computer was not infected at all. But once installed, internet explorer stopped working. Then, when restarted, Bitdefender hijacked the reboot and requested that I do a scan. Fine, I did a scan. But I cannot reboot it without it continually hijacking my system. I cannot even start it in safe mode. I have been waiting three days for tech support. They keep telling me they will be in touch "soon". I work on this computer, and have not been able to work for three days!

Do not buy this product. It is a bad product and customer service is terrible!

Review update: They have "upgraded my request to the highest level of technical support and the highest priority" and it has been two more days since they did that. Five days, and not a word. Unbelievable how pathetic their support is. I will update this if/when it is finally resolved.

Second Review update: It took six days for them finally to get to my complaint. And when they did, their assistance was pathetic. They ended up recommending a website that would show me how to get into the windows recovery mode. I had been trying this for days, but I could not do it because of their software!! So I ended up reformatting my hard drive. What really upsets me about this is that I could have done it a week ago and avoided all of these headaches. I lost a lot of information, and have to reinstall a lot of software, but at least I have my perfectly working computer again and another 30 day free trial of McAfee. Again, do not buy this product! It may be good at eliminating viruses (according to the reviews) but having it on my system is worse than having a virus.
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on December 5, 2013
Don't listen to the supposed "Most helpful review"ONE star. I am an avid computer user, I have a lot of experience in many different softwares, and I have built my own computer multiple times. I have used a lot of different kinds of anti virus programs but none of them match the security of this program right here. Having been a user of Bit Defender for more than 6 years myself, I have never once (even in this newest installation) seen a popup or ad or what have you. THOSE people that have those issues must have a virus or something they allowed to get through.

If you are looking for quality BD TS gives you the best, the best of the best. I implore you to support this program, buy it if you have the extra money because this is a great deal.


System Requirements: (Now the program is SORT of bulky)

OS: Must have at least Windows XP 32 bit SP3 installed or later. So you could have XP, Vista, 7, or 8.

CPU: 1.6GHtz processor (1x core+)
HDD Space: (Hard Drive) 1GB+ (says at least 800 MBs on the drive)
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on March 28, 2014
The software seems better than average, but does not prevent web hijacking. Support is slow to respond, It took 3 days to respond other than automatic generic responses. They provided tests to perform and results were returned to them and examined.
My computer ended up with so many popups, I couldn't operate it. I re-installed all the software before I heard from BitDefender Support again (3 weeks). They examined the test data and found nothing wrong.
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on April 7, 2014
One word of NOT give Bitdefender your credit card info!!! They will renew the subscription automatically at the end, and you won't be able to talk to anyone to cancel it. They charged me 79.00 to renew for 1 yr. Had to go to my credit card company to dispute it.

Other than that, it works great.

Your fine purchasing thru Amazon....
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on February 20, 2014
When I first got this software I noticed Disney's Split Second game would not even start. After troubleshooting with them they determined it was the "Active Virus Control" setting. They gave me an over complicated process to fix that so I would not have to turn that off. Then I started having problems with Torch Light 2 multi-player and Tiberium Wars multi-player. Finally tonight its firewall was blocking Steam from connecting altogether. Also when the supposedly non-interfering "Game Mode" was on the Chrome browser would not start, but IE would. They claim it runs silently and does its job, but no antivirus software I ever had has been such a nuisance. It seems like they do insufficient testing with this with games. I want my money back. Time for an un-install. And no, I did not see any "pop-up" adds people talk about so I don't know why people say that.
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on June 9, 2014
It slowed my computer to a crawl. I tried 2 different times to send you the results of your own problem checking program, and never heard anything back. Bitdefender is now removed from my computer and will not be tried again. I have another highly rated program, that seems to run as its supposed to. So much for yours. I will not recommend it to anyone.
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on May 30, 2014
Purchased this 3 seat license and installed on 3 machines running W7 Home Premium, W7 Professional and Windows 8.1. Removed prior a/v software (for Mcafee remove the normal way with control panel, then remove again with the utility you can download from Mcafee). All installs went fine. Set up was easy. The software was somewhat slow to update and required some attention, but nothing I'd call out of line.

This is the first a/v software I've had with locate and wipe capability and an online account to manage that. On May 4 I contacted Bitdefender to ask if they have two-factor authentication for that functionality. I finally got an answer today, May 30. Slooooooooooooow. The answer was no. That bothers me. A lot risk potential there. Also they offer other functions such as online storage and a wallet that I am not using. This is an account with capability that should have the highest degree of protection.

Since installing on autopilot mode the software has remained reasonably unobtrusive. I get a weekly vulnerability report that is easy to dismiss, and I could turn that off I chose.

My big complaint is that since installation all three machines regularly grind to a halt for about 90-120s several times a day. The machines operate normally the rest of the time, so I assume this is some sort of background function Bitdefender is performing. It's an annoyance for sure, but perhaps worth it if this really is the best a/v. Those running the independent benchmark tests seem to think so. So I guess I'll keep it, but the slow inquiry response time (it was just a simple yes or no question), the machine slowing, and the lack of two-factor authentication keep me from giving it more stars.
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on October 20, 2013
Internet security means secure browsing, fast interception of problems, no key logging, safe money transactions, fast updates, and reliability. There are many other factors; especially with internet suites. Control over the clutter that poses potential problems and cleaning the registry are important. Over time, the product's support team proves itself; along with the company's dedication to serve its client users. Registry cleaning and disk defragmentation are essential to your computer's efficient use of resources and it's speed.

Speed. So far, this product has been able to deliver all of its advertised tools, especially in the program's execution. But, I commend the engineers in creating a product that users can use right away. It has not required extensive review of some thick manual. Better, I have not felt the need to visit the User Forum or contact support. Finally, Bit Defender has enchanted this user with a superior product at a very affordable price. Last, I am an experienced computer user and I realize this review is really the first. I expect to amend my review in a few weeks - or, months! I highly recommend this product, and suggest you give it a trial usage. See if it works for you before making decisions.
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