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on April 8, 2011
Although the description lists a select group of speakers this mount will work with, it will actually work with "any" speaker weighing 10 pounds or less, that also has a 1/4x20 threaded bolt hole on its back. I used these to mount my Energy 5.1 Take Classic speakers. (very nice, awesome sounding Home Theater speakers also purchased from Amazon)

I'll admit I had a problem with the $50 price tag for these mounts (I still do) These mounts are very solid and nicely constructed but its had to justify the price. Very expensive for what they are. Not willing to pay $50... I originally considered three other mounts that are very similar in design. They would be the OmniMount Stainless Steel Series Wall Speaker Mount, the Wall/ceiling Speaker Mount by Sharp... and/or the Pinpoint AM30 Universal Satellite Speaker Wall Mount. All are similar in function and design to the Pro-Mount 90 and all are available on Amazon.

In truth, I eventually settled on ordering two of the Pinpoint AM30 speaker mounts because they looked just like the Pro Mount 90 and I would save $20 in the process. But... just as I was getting ready to place my order I spotted a seller on Amazon selling a set of "Open Box" like new Pro-Mount 90's for $35. I figured I'd spend the extra $5 because the Pro-Mounts get such good reviews.

Anyway... as other reviewers have pointed out they do not include any wall mounting hardware (i.e. dry wall anchors, screws etc) so how you physically hook them to your wall is up to you. Another issue is the adjusting screw hardware used to tighten the ball/speaker in place. The bolt and nuts used to tighten the bracket down onto the ball assembly is unpainted metal (silver in color). Problem is... this adjusting hardware shows once the assembly is mounted on the wall. For $50 I would expect any exposed hardware to be painted to match the brackets.

The actual "ball" itself appears to be made of ABS plastic (the same material used to make motorcycle helmets) As a result it will have no problem accepting the strain of the mount or the tightening of the bracket.

Once installed they hold the speakers very well with absolutely no movement in the ball mount assembly. They are a nice design that provide plenty of adjustment positions. That said... I can only give them 4 stars due to the price and the unpainted hardware. However, if you don't have a problem with spending $50 on these... you won't be disappointed.
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All 3 that I ordered have a few little scratches and permanent little black marks on them. Maybe the scratches are because of the way they're packed in the box rubbing against the allen wrench. The white paint is low quality around the edges. It looks OK from a distance.

These have the same design (copycat?) of the Omnimount 20 series mounts, except the Omnimount has 3/8"-16 thread with stainless steel (rust proof) hardware and this one from Definitive Technology has 1/4"-20 thread with standard metal hardware (not rust proof). Be sure to check your speaker thread size before ordering.

These are overpriced for having such bad quality control on the paint finish. But these are the only strong ball mounts that I was able to find in white color. The metal clamps grip onto the ball without any slip, so I don't think the speakers will come loose easily.

Update: I returned them and instead purchased the black Omnimount 10 which I'm going to spray paint white. I think I will be able to spray paint the Omnimount nicer than the sloppy paint on this "new" Definitive Technology product.
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on November 18, 2016
I purchased the mounts in hopes they would fit onto the pre-wired electrical box in my walls/ceiling. The Mounts do not fit the box and will require me to mount them next to the pre-wired box and leave the current cover on and modify to allow access to the wires. This product seems best suited for wireless speakers.
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on June 12, 2017
High quality speaker mounts for my Def Tech speaker system. Holds the speakers very well. Easy to install.
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on December 24, 2010
First of all, this mount seems like its pretty solid. I was a little thrown off when these finally arrived, as they appeared bigger than I thought (not blaming amazon at all, as it was my own fault for thinking they were small). The good news is, these were no joke, solid mounts that look like they will more than do the job. However I felt they were on the expensive side(50 bucks). And when I tried to mount em, the attach point is at the bottom of the speaker....this ends up making the speaker VERY top heavy, which kinda worried me. And also personally I didnt like the overall appearance of these speakers jutting out from the wall. They look much better now sitting nicely against it..

I ended up going back to the hardware store and purchasing one drywall anchor for each speaker (not a plastic anchor...but an actual metal, threaded anchor). There is a spot on the top of the speaker on the back in which you can hang it. My anchors went in flush to the wall...and the overlying screw had a bout 1 cm of clearance...enough space for the speaker to hang on there tight. This way, the bottom edge of the speaker can rest against the wall too, providing a little more stability. The best part about it was a pack of those 4 anchors were like 5 bucks.

THOUGH I should mention that my drywall in this location is actually somewhere around 3/4 to 1 inch, because its a firewall. However I'm sure even with standard 0.5inch drywall these anchors will hold since these anchors are metal threaded.
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on March 21, 2014
Mine arrived scuffed/scratched

Solid, but ugly looking..... Actually ugly is relative because the most other speaker mounts are kinda ugly also. I mod Bose UB-20 speaker mounts for my purposes (but you need a drill press for that and it's a lot of work if you don't have the right tools).

I wish where would be more attractive standard speaker mounts that have plates to cover the mounting screws. The ball design is ugly (compared to the bose mounts).
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on October 21, 2013
I found the Promount 90 on I should have read the other reviews more closely. As several other reviewers had noted, the white finish is scratched and there are no screws for mounting the hardware. I expected better. They should do the job, but they fall short of my expectations. Heading to the hardware store to get the screws.
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on October 12, 2014
I purchased these to mount a pair of SONOS PLAY:1 Compact Wireless Speaker for Streaming Music - (White) speakers to my wall. They were cheaper than most other mount options and got decent reviews. However, I wish I'd have spent the extra money for a more flexible mounting solution. Don't get me wrong, you can move the speaker around, but you need to be mindful of the stress you'd be placing on the connector as you're doing so. For the money, the pro-mounts are good and serve their purpose. Just not as flexible as I'd like in hindsight.

They hold the speakers well, match the color nicely, and have a small foot print on the wall. You need to attach the balls to the back of the Sonos speaker first, mount the clamp to the wall, then insert and tighten the clamp around said ball. The balls are rubberized and the clamp has little ridges, or teeth, to help hold the speaker in place. Which brings me to the two things I don't like:

1.) The tightening screw (hex/allen wrench needed) is at the bottom and hard to get at. I kept scrapping my knuckles on the wall while tightening the clamp. The size of the Sonos S1 speakers makes it hard to use the allen/hex wrench length-wise to get more torque. It wasn't a super annoying experience, but it did make the process of aiming the speakers more tedious than it could have been.

2.) Once they are tight, they will stay that way. Despite the spherical shape, there isn't much in the way of movement when aiming your speakers due to the difficulty in doing so. It can be done, but you need to find a balance between making them just loose enough to move, yet tight enough to stay in place. If you'd like greater flexibility in speaker positioning, then I'd recommend getting floor standing mounts instead. If you really, really, want to wall mount then I'd recommend trying the Flexson AAV-FLXPLAY1B2 Wall Bracket for Sonos Play:1 - Pair (Black). They mount to the wall and will allow for easy movement without having to loosen and re-tighten every time. Plus, they were designed specifically for the Sonos P1 speaker.
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on December 30, 2014
Great mounts for wall or ceiling use. I have my speakers mounted from the ceiling, angling downward. They have not moved since I placed them 3 weeks ago. Well constructed, simple operation. Just need some 2" drywall screws to attach to joists in ceiling.
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on August 5, 2012
Mounts perfectly fit the 1/4 in by 20 threaded mounting hole in the Play 3 and easily hold the entire unit when properly mounted. Mounts arrived within 1 day and worked perfectly.
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