Customer Reviews: Degrassi Junior High Season 3
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on September 12, 2005
I discovered Degrassi in the dark years when my parents canceled cable and I was relegated to public television in the afternoons. What I've rediscovered is that when you watch one episode, you can't have to keep going through 4 or 5. This season was excellent, though Stephanie Kaye is sorely missed.

The old school Degrassi far exceeds the "next generation" for one simple reason: it's painfully honest. You look at them and remember when you had an outfit that bad, or braces that shiny, or a crush on a guy who actually wore tight jeans... The Next Generation is too slick and too good looking - part of the allure of the old Degrassi is that it shows that adolescence is brutal and awkward, but it does get better.

Some behind the scenes features and interviews would be awesome - it'd be interesting to see what the old bunch is up to now and what they think of the show.
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“Degrassi Junior High” is a Canadian TV production that garnered critical acclaim due to its unflinching treatment of serious issues experienced by adolescents. The series ran for three season and then spun-off into “Degrassi High” which ran for 2 seasons. It is recommended that the show be watched in order since most of the actors portray the same character roles and it shows how these characters mature and evolve as time progresses.

In Season 3, Wheels experiences a great tragedy when his parents are killed in an accident involving a drunk driver. Wheels then finds himself living with his grandparents who are both aging and life becomes very challenging. This season also deals with teenage drinking and how this impacts not only the teen concerned but those around him. Melanie discovers that Kathleen, the high achieving student with an alcoholic mom, has an eating disorder. The consequences of divorce are also explored when Arthur copes with his divorced dad dating again.

Prejudice and racism is also explored in this season when Melanie is invited to the graduation dance by BLT, who is black. When Melanie’s parents discover BLT is Black, they refuse to let her go out with him, citing that she is too young to date. Melanie must then decide whether she should let things be or act according to her convictions.

In between the serious episodes, there are some light moments such as teenage crushes, pranks, etc. This show is so well put-together and I particularly love that it doesn’t flinch from tackling hard subjects. Even though the issues are difficult and sensitive ones, they are handled with finesse which makes this show a great family show for teens and parents to watch and discuss.
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on July 16, 2014
What's there to say that I have not said about that first two seasons?

The door to junior high is about to close, and the door to senior high is to open. The ups and downs of friendship and intimacy are clear as day and night. The need-to-know issues from racism and drinking to anorexia and depression to dealing with divorce and (do I dare say) sexual preference are top priority. No "Beverly Hills 90210" blues added or needed.

Joey is still learning the hard way. Wheels has begun his downward and upward spiraling following the tragic loss of his parents. Kathleen is too proud to admit she has problems. Lucy is going about the right and wrong ways of proving her self-suffiency. Spike is dealing with being a student and a mother, back and forth about whether Shane is in or out. Arthur and Yick, once the lightest of the guys in class, are each growing into their own--and so far liking their standings as bachelors. Melanie and Snake are yet to get past mono-syllables. Mr. Raditch is as professional as ever, like Mr. Feeny after him. Ms. Avery is still laid-back, as long as no one or nothing gets on her bad side. Oh, and like students, parents, and teachers, school buildings are not perfect.

How much better would "Degrassi: The Next Generation" be if they stuck with the standards set by and with the original concept and class. A whole awful lot.
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on January 17, 2016
Love it! Nostalgic feeling, yet it deals with issues that are relevant today. After watching Degrassi: TNG growing up its great to see familiar characters during their time at the school.

There is an uncensored use of the "N word" in the episode about race in season 3, so that's something to be aware of if you would be concerned about your child hearing that or find the word offensive yourself.
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on October 4, 2015
Once again the series does not disappoint. The stories are well written and cover a range of topics that so many people can relate to during our teenage years. Dealing with things like teen pregnancy, losing one's parents, eating disorders, peer pressure, drugs, and finding out that a loved one is gay can be difficult for anyone to handle yet they're common issues that young people deal with daily. The series makes it easy to relate to the characters and understand many of the challenges they go through. Aside from the deeper issues, there are so many lighter topics that are covered which I find myself thinking "I remember thinking that" or "I used to feel that way, too". From serious to light hearted, Degrassi Junior High has got it all.
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on April 19, 2016
It's a neat show and it's nice to see how degrassi started! The acting isn't the best but I think it was ran on like a PBS type station. This show is better than DTNG. The characters and storyline are a bit more realistic.
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on September 9, 2005
During its third season, you can see Degrassi slightly alter its format a bit to fit in with the significant changes to the characters through puberty. There's more focus on the relationships, with romance brewing between Caitlin and Joey, and episodes about interracial dating, dating a senior, and the tension between teen parents. Stephanie is gone, Spike's given birth, Kathleen is still a prude, and there's the addition of the funniest character I've forgotten about over the years; Arnold's cousin. The most significant story arc in this season concerns the death of Wheel's parents, which was inspired by the death of the actor's real life father, and it's dealt with a much more grittier tone than the previous seasons. (Compare it to the bout of depression Stephanie suffered in season two.) I reckon the performance is still as powerful as anything you'd see today. This set has a great behind-the-scenes feature that really highlights the impact of the show and will really open your eyes about how convincing the realism was seen during its day. All in all, a great season and a nice lead in to what will be the much darker and serious, Degrassi High series. I can't wait!
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on February 20, 2014
I have seen all of these eps when on PBS & on amazon prime more recently once again superb story lines & characters that tackle a vast capacity of teenage problems that occur in the real world it is not a picnic being a kid there are hardships sometimes. take a look everyone jump street is not the only high school series that dealt with this stuff sure think it is much better then 90210
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on August 15, 2014
Watched this as a young teen and it seems even better as an adult. Very little fakery (though cuteness happens here and there) ti captured the feel of the time period and even feels relevant now. The current series has actors that are a bit too self-aware. This actors, mostly neophytes, give the show a cinema verite-like feel.
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on June 13, 2014
Very cool show. It may have been made in the 80's/early 90's, but that is my generation of TV so it seems a lot more genuine to me. The characters are unforgettable and the story lines actually seem much more dramatic and believable. I love the show now but these older ones are definitely worth watching, especially if you are a true Degrassi fan.
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