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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon September 14, 2015
Style: LED-Lit Monitor|Size: 24''|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I'm reviewing the 24" SE2416H. There are two other monitors on this page that have different specs that I have not tried (the 27 inch one is curved and has speakers, the 22 inch is glossy where the other two are matte). I often dislike the grouping of reviews, but all 3 are SE##16H series monitors...

I'm a computer tech. I've installed somewhere around 100 monitors this year. This is a good monitor that I would suggest to a client, but it has a few pros and cons.

This is a full HD 1920x1680. It is IPS which means it shows more colors and has better viewing angles but may experience ghosting. I've not seen any ghosting but I don't really play games on it.It's 16:9 widescreen (same shape as your modern tv). The screen is matte which means it is not a reflective glossy (the bezel, black plastic around the screen, is glossy so don't get that confused with the actual screen). It has VGA and HDMI for connectivity. It comes with a VGA cable but not a HDMI cable. You can use a DVI to HDMI adapter or a Displayport to HDMI adapter but neither are included. Speakers are not built in.

-It has a very nice screen. I have a U2412M, a U2415, and this monitor all plugged into the same computer in front of me. While the U2412 and the U2415 are a little bigger and have more dots, they all three have very similar screens. I much prefer a IPS screen over a standard tn screen even though the IPS cost more. The backlight is more uniform than my U2412M but about equal with the U2415. The U2415 can get brighter but I'm comfortable with both screens at lower than brightest brightness.
-The bezel, back, and stand all look pretty sleek. LG brand IPS monitors tend to be cheaper, but they look cheap. This looks nice! Some of the monitors are moving to almost no bezel, no frame. I prefer a little bit of a bezel because I find the edge of the picture more distracting if there isn't much bezel.
-the 16:9 widescreen is perfect for watching netflix on my computer.
-on the Dell site it says it has a three year advance replacement warranty. This means that Dell will ship you a new monitor first and pay for the return shipping. I'm going to assume if you buy ships and sold by Amazon that you get the same warranty.
-standard computer power cord port on the monitor. No external power supply. If you lose or your dog chews the power cord, it's a $6 replacement.

-not much movement on the stand. It only tilts forward and back. It does not move up and down like fancier dell stands.
-no vesa holes for mounting to a wall or arm. There are third party "VESA Mount Adapter Bracket for Dell S-Series Monitors" that I think will work with this monitor, but I've not tried them. I would suggest that if you really want to mount it that you get a different monitor.
-Not only does it not have speakers built in, but there is no sound out port either so you cannot use sound over HDMI. Because of this, I wouldn't use this with a video game system.

Other Thoughts:
I see some saying that you should get a U2415 instead, because you can pay a little more and get better. Well that's always true! You can pay a lot more and get a 4k monitor which is definitely better, but I'm not going to suggest that. If you want to pay 1/3 more, the U2415 is a great monitor and I have one in front of me. This SE2416H monitor is pretty new, and I do think this monitor will probably get beneath $200 and will be a better deal then. This monitor is a great 16:9 IPS monitor and some prefer 16:9 because they watch a bunch of movies/tv on their computers!
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VINE VOICEon December 10, 2014
I am very happy with my new Dell S2240M monitor. It was at a reasonable price, has terrific resolution, image color quality, etc.. I was, however, frustrated at first. In this area Dell could do better. Like many new electronic products, it does not come with any printed users manual. Which means you must install the CD first to get the information you need. That means it's a kind of a "you figure it out" attitude. And IF there's a problem, at first or down the road, you are screwed unless able to read the manual from another computer & monitor. Also, I went on-line to the Dell website. There the registration process kept asking me for their Service Tag Code number. At first I suspected this might be a "third-party" monitor even though sold by Amazon. We found out the smaller monitors do not need to be registered, and still have a 3-year-warranty. No registration sheet included, either. Dell COULD HAVE made all this clear from the start. VERY bad company PR. They do state on their website to save the purchase documents (sales slip), should warranty service be needed. My first frustrations with my purchase could have been avoided had Dell "done things right" for the customer, not what's easiest & cheapest for them, from the beginning. That said, I am settled in with my purchase, glad I bought it, and LOVE it.
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Top Contributor: Cyclingon February 19, 2015
This was in my price range for the kids desktop PC. Yes, the screen is high gloss, but that does not bother me or the kids. I don't have reflections or distracting glare even though the monitor is against the wall and there are windows across the room. In fact, I like this better than the mat finishes that most monitors have. Another big selling point for me was the tilt base. This was the only monitor in this price range that had a tilt base. I can't imagine not being able to tilt the monitor. It's big, bright, great color depth and fabulous blacks. Didn't even bother to mess with the settings. And its very sharp even though I'm using the VGA port, not the DVI port (which should give an even better quality picture). This monitor is at its end-of-life so expect that it will sell out and not be replaced. There is a newer version of this monitor that costs much more. So if you want a great monitor and don't mind its being discontinued, better order one while they are still around.
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on October 20, 2013
I use two of these side by side as an extended desktop on my windows 7 editing workstation. I bought them frantically based on my first impressions of the stunning design and price, and LOVE them! When I bought them, I was planning on using them until I had the time to deliberately choose monitors better for my situation, but these are so great that I've kept them! I love them. Great color reproduction when I do image work, and superb performance when I work in After Effects and Premiere.

I only have four minuscule gripes about these monitors:
1. Design of the ports makes it hard to plug in cables that are longer than a few inches. I can't use a DVI to HDMI adaptor on the monitor end because there isnt room for the ports to plug in.
2. There is a slight color difference between the two monitors, but it could just be how i have them calibrated. I haven't tried to fix them. Nothing bad!
3. Only a DVI port, no HDMI.
4. The glossy base is both fingerprint prone and scratches very easily... but I just keep a black screen-cleaning cloth on top of each base. Not a big deal at all.

I liked Dell's monitor utility at first to auto set different modes based on the open application, but I got annoyed of it and uninstalled it.

Overall, however, I HIGHLY recommend these monitors. Best monitors in my entire office (13 brand new monitors, all different make/model). I plan to phase these in as others die. Truly the best monitors for the money.

I would love VESA mountability and physical rotation, but this isn't in the right classification to get those features.

Super slim and right amount of gloss.

Truly a great design and perfect performance.


So, I loved these so much that I've purchased a total of 6 others for other computers at my office. We want to replace all monitors with these as they die. Truly great. RECOMMEND~!!!
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on July 26, 2017
I'm very happy I can see now. This is just the right size. Also, the screen is matte, not glossy. I can't tell you how much I hate glossy screens!!! This is a plus for anyone like me who can't see so well anymore. I don't want to see shiny reflections, I want to see what's on the screen! And matte does the trick. Another great thing about this screen is that it comes apart. That is, it comes apart ONLY when you want it to. So if I have to relocate, I can just take it apart and pack it up. The price was nice, too. Bravo!
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on November 19, 2014
I wanted a dual monitor set up and looked for some good ones on here. After reviewing some of the reviews on here, I took my chances with Dell's 21.5-Inch LED monitor. I am quite glad to be the owner of one. I use this as main monitor and moved my former HP 2009M 20-Inch over to the side as my secondary. I am a happy man.

The Good:
--- My Dell S2240M 21.5-Inch has very crisp and clear color quality.
--- The overall design of the monitor is sleek and thin. It looks great on my desk.
--- Installation was enjoyably quick, easy and painless.

The Bad:
--- Out of my choices to pick either a Glossy screen or Matte Screen, I chose Glossy because it promises more vibrant color; which it does. However, I find on many occasions that I can see a reflection of myself because I use fluorescent lighting. Sunlight from my nearby windows also produces a reflection. This is a minor annoyance that I can live with.

The Overall:
--- I gave this five stars because I needed a superior monitor to use as my main. It does the job and fully entertains all my visual needs. Well worth the money I spent!

The Disclaimer:
--- For those not aware, there are no integrated speakers in this monitor. As such you would probably need to buy your own. I knew what I was buying so I bought myself a sweet sound system beforehand.
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on January 9, 2013
I purchased the S2240M as a complimentary second display to my 2011 21.5" iMac. A glossy, 21.5" IPS panel with great reviews for $140 seemed too good to be true. My plan was to hook it up to my iMac with a HDMI->DVI cable with a Displayport->HDMI adapter.

Upon receiving the monitor, I was shocked on how small the box was. My last monitor purchase was a 24" Dell LCD about 4 years ago, and boy let me tell you, that was that a huge box. I pulled everything out and again was amazed with the compactness and lightness of the monitor. The power supply us separate from the monitor, which saves on size and space, but does add one more thing that could need to be replaced if something goes wrong.

One quick note about size with respect to a 21.5" iMac (I looked but could not find another person's impressions of this situation). This monitor's screen will not line up vertically with a 21.5" iMac's (mine is a 2011 model). The S2240M is just shy of 4" from desk-to-screen (the actual pixels, not the enclosure). My iMac is about 6 1/4" from desk-to-screen. So, if you want the screens to be side by side, you are going to need to place it on something (~2 1/4") for them to line up.

I set the monitor up without a problem, and then tried to hook up my video cable... Houston, we have a problem. My video cable (HDMI->DVI) happened to be a large gauge cable (i.e. a very thick wire), made for in-wall installations, with little bend in it, at the ends. The area where the cables plug in does not have very much vertical clearance. Instead of a shelf shape where the cables come in from the bottom, its what I'd describe as a scoop shape, where the cables come in at an angle and then twist vertical to secure the connection. The large-gauge cable would not fit properly and would not allow a connection. Back to amazon I go for a new, thinner, cable.

However, I did have a standard DVI cable laying around, and hooked up an old Mac Mini that was gathering dust. The standard DVI cable hooked in fine, but it was still a tight fit. If any Dell engineers are reading this, look to find a better way to shape your connector area. The picture looked very good with a great viewing area, and there were no dead pixels. I know the arguments against glossy displays and reflections, but they just look better to me than matte displays. I wouldn't rate the quality as equal to the iMac's IPS display, but I will wait to tinker with the settings and add my final opinion to this review at a later date.

One funny coincidence is that the Mac Mini I used for testing just happened to be an almost perfect shelf for this monitor to stand on and line up with my iMac. This is an older model (~2006) Mac Mini, which is taller than the newer models.
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on April 20, 2013
Okay. I was looking to leave the world of desktop PC's behind and enter the world of Apple.
With my Mac Mini, I admit I ended up spending nearly what I could have purchased an entry level IMac for. There were a couple issues.
The way my desk is constructed monitor size is a real issue. Add on top of that access to disc player access, and the IMac seemed like less than the optimum choice. Then there is the aspect of the "all in one". Love the simplicity and styling. Not so hot to the idea should one component have issues, your whole unit has issues. So decided on the Mini that I performed mods on it for modest costs that have me operating like a screaming high end Mac.
Apple monitors? They are sweet. No doubt. My wallet isn't nearly deep enough to allow anything newer than one about 7 generations old. That would be silly. Read reviews and even though I was tempted to go with a screen with anti-glare, I opted for one without the coating, since back-glare reflections isn't too big of an issue the way I currently have my set up. I'm not a monitor snob. (and I don't mean that in a derogatory way). I simply need a monitor that works well, is adjustable and has a decent field of view angle. Couldn't be happier with this monitor and if you're looking for something that's more than moderately priced and provides a happy computing screen to work with, you could do far worse.
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on September 16, 2014
The screens perform as expected with great quality. However, I couldn't help but notice that the edges seem to be cheaply glued on, as it's easy to push the LCD into the monitor encasing. It's not broken or anything, just something I noticed.
Also, the pocket in the back with all of the ports is a bit small and has this curve that makes it difficult to fit bulky wires into it. Just make sure that you're only plugging one wire into it at a time, or else you'll have trouble fitting them in there.
Other than that, great monitor, great price.
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on November 16, 2013
This is an awesome monitor. Got it for the purpose of working from home and it has fit in perfect for my requirement. The display is crystal clear and the brightness and contrast in Auto adjust mode are just perfect for sitting at a 1.5 feet distance and starring at lots of lines of code. Connected it to Macbook Pro retina display and the clarity of this Dell monitor is as good as the retina display of MAC itself. Hassle free connectivity. Both the DVI and VGA have very good screen resolution. Coming to the entertainment part, this is a decent screen to watch movies lying down on my bed at a 6 - 7 feet distance.. doesnt hurt your eye and gives a good enough area size for video. Not recommended for watching exhilarating CGI based movies like Avatar, (but hey, thats why you have a TV). This acts as a good screen for some casual before sleep watching. Very good value for money. Also doesnt consume too much space. Just snug fits the far end of the table. One small disadvantage is height is not adjustable but you can tilt the display unit to a convenient viewing angle.
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