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on September 12, 2014
Have purchased two of these printers. One to replace my old tired color laser and one to replace my father's ink jet.

First of all, LED and Laser printers use the exactly same technology to print the page. Only the light source to create the image on the drum is different. Other than that, they are essentially the same. Don't let it be the determining factor in buying a printer.

The printer is fairly loud for a laser, but no where near as loud as an inkjet. It doesn't have a dedicated paper tray, which I shouldn't complain about because of how tiny the footprint is. It will fit anywhere an inkjet will. Lastly, you must connect via USB to set up the wireless, which I suppose is not a huge issue but seemed kind of strange. Then again, you only initially set it up once, so I guess it's pretty minor.

The positives? Very fast and once it's set up it's done. I connect multiple devices via wifi and it always works. It always wakes up and prints. It draws very little power in stand by mode, so I can leave it on all the time. So it's very quick to warm up and fast to print, and those are big positives. Print quality is very good to outstanding. At 600 x 600dpi, black looks very good, but there are 1200dpi printers that do much better. You can't really tell unless you put them side-by-side though. The color output is outstanding. Service from Dell has been outstanding. The printer I use developed squeaky feed rollers after a couple of months and Dell shipped a replacement out at no cost--no questions asked. And the new one has been running problem free.

The original toner it shipped with lasted about 800 pages and the color about 700. This is exactly what is claimed by Dell. I have used $80 compatible replacement toner cartridges which are rated at 2,000 pages and that's about what they last too. Comparing this cost to inkjets, that works out to about 1/4th the cost of consumables comparing compatible toner to refilled ink cartridges (if you buy new consumable I would expect the difference to be even better). As for the drum and toner, they are not serviceable and should last 30-35K pages, or 3 years at 1,000 pages a month (6 years at 500 pages a month).

This is a great choice as a printer for home or light-duty office printing where you need a small footprint printer.
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on November 1, 2016
If all you want is a printer that will print on plain paper, this is an okay machine and can be run economically if you buy dupe ink cartridges. HOWEVER - if you ever wish to print on card stock or any other material, this is not the printer you want.
I was up til one in the morning trying to print the new month's calendars for my yoga studio and could not get the machine to accept light card stock.
This morning I got in touch with Dell customer support and they had me running in circles getting service tag numbers and the exact name and weight of the card stock before they finally just came clean and told me to stop trying - the machine doesn't print on anything other than ordinary letter paper. I wish they had just been upfront with that fact. This is not the machine I'd have gotten if that limitation had been made obvious.
It's nice enough doing what it does, but now I need a printer for the other function we use a printer for.
Not pleased about that.
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on June 1, 2014
Print quality is good. I have an HP P1102W monochrome and am replacing it with this Dell. It is only slightly bigger in both length and width than the HP P1102W, so it takes up about the same amount of cabinet space and gives me a color option without having to have an additional inkjet device. With the paper output extension unfolded, it takes up about 3 more inches in height than the HP P1102W, but the printer can easily be used for smaller print jobs without the paper output extension being used. It has a priority sheet feeder which fully recesses into the printer easily which is useful for envelope printing, and envelope printing is pretty easy and on par with the HP1102W. When folded up as in the picture, the paper tray is full enclosed, so there are no additional accessories which need to be stored outside the printer. Manual duplexing is an option; however, the intermediate step requires using the printer panel as opposed to either the printer panel or the software. That's a minor issue, and I still like the printer and print quality overall. Wired and wireless connections were easy to set up on my Windows 7 64-bit system. Shipping was truly excellent - I placed the order at 9:00 am and received it by 5:00 pm the next day using the standard shipping option (in other words, shipping was better than amazon prime). I opted for this model instead of the C1660W because of the paper handling/bypass tray options and the higher-capacity toner cartridges available for this model.
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on May 24, 2017
I just love the setup on this printer! Easy as pie and just as nice but not as filling. The unit was ready to go in minutes once I loaded the cd to my computer. The first item that I printed in color was perfect. The built-in paper holder is a little different that what I'm used to but it makes sense to just have the paper in the bottom rather than a special drawer that would mean extra parts. It's quiet when it prints and will do the job for us.
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on March 30, 2017
Very impressed with this printer. Our small business has owned a handful of more expensive color laser printers over the years by Dell, HP, and Samsung And this prints as good as any, with one tiny exception. The blacks are not a rich black but a very dark gray (almost pure black). This was a bit disappointing at first. But we are used to it now and to the naked eye you can hardly tell the difference from a couple of feet away. But the rich colors that this printer puts out (that are very true to computer screen colors) are very good! And we love the small size of it! Thank you Dell.
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on March 17, 2017
Great little color laser printer at a great price! When I was shopping for this printer I was replacing a portable inkjet printer that I use on the road. It travels in my workbox, so I needed it fit within a certain footprint. I'm happy I found this one. It fits great, and the print quality is every bit as nice as my HP Color LaserJet at home.
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on December 11, 2016
So far this Dell color laser printer is excellent. Dell's OEM CD installed the printer driver and software onto both my Windows 7 desktop and my Windows 10 laptop computers so that it works fully featured and flawlessly on both machines. I installed it via the suppplied USB cable but also provided are wireless and ethernet facilities.The printer warms up quickly, much more rapidly than my previous and expired color laser printer, and prints much more quietly. Dell's software allows for control over essentially every conceivable printer function and adjustment. Out of the box the color rendition is much better than I had expected for a printer in this price range and it is difficult to discern any difference between the original and the printed item. Text printing output also is excellent, producing clear and sharp characters.

Prior to having laser printers I have had dot matrix and inkjet printers and this Dell is a vast improvement over both. With my HP inkjet printers I had constant problems with ink cartridges clogging even when used comparatively frequently and attempting to clean them resulted in deterioration of print quality and often complete failure, with replacement cartridges being outrageously expensive. I tried refilling them with usually much less than satisfactory results. In my experience laser toner cartridges will not become problematic even if they are unused for years, and overall the cost of use is much less than with inkjet machines and laser print is water-fast, unlike ordinary inkjet output. Also, despite this Dell printer being comparatively low priced it has a printing duty capacity which makes it useable even for many business applications.

Thanks to Amazon this Dell printer is a tremendous bargain, and it arrived only two days after being shipped, using Amazon's Standard shipping service.
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on June 19, 2017
This laser printer is used hardcore and has yet to let me down. The print quality that this puts out is amazing. I mainly use it for printing documents for work and school. Occasionally I have used it for birthday cards and graphics. The only issue I found is that when I print on card stock sometimes there is like a smudge from the picture. But, I feel this is not the equipment but mine for using a paper that is too heavy for this printer. Over all it is definitely worth the purchase.
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on December 12, 2017
Wi-Fi is an absolute mess. Every time this thing goes to sleep, I have to reconnect it to Wi-Fi via WPS in order to get the device online again. I've opted to plug this in via Ethernet cable direct to my Wi-Fi router and it prints every time. I don't regret buying a laser - the ink lasts a million times longer than an inkjet, but I would advise buying a newer model due to the many Wi-Fi problem plaguing this model.

As a side note, the last firmware software for this via Dell was circa 2015, so there's no longer vendor support for this model.
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on April 25, 2017
I am in love with this printer. I have not have to buy new ink as of yet so I guess I will be updating my review of the product later on. So far so good. The printing quality it is great. It doesn't uses too much ink and the page once printed it does not look like over charged with color like my last Epson printer. Photos also print great in it. I have used it on my windows desktop and the compatibility it is great.
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