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on September 12, 2014
Have purchased two of these printers. One to replace my old tired color laser and one to replace my father's ink jet.

First of all, LED and Laser printers use the exactly same technology to print the page. Only the light source to create the image on the drum is different. Other than that, they are essentially the same. Don't let it be the determining factor in buying a printer.

The printer is fairly loud for a laser, but no where near as loud as an inkjet. It doesn't have a dedicated paper tray, which I shouldn't complain about because of how tiny the footprint is. It will fit anywhere an inkjet will. Lastly, you must connect via USB to set up the wireless, which I suppose is not a huge issue but seemed kind of strange. Then again, you only initially set it up once, so I guess it's pretty minor.

The positives? Very fast and once it's set up it's done. I connect multiple devices via wifi and it always works. It always wakes up and prints. It draws very little power in stand by mode, so I can leave it on all the time. So it's very quick to warm up and fast to print, and those are big positives. Print quality is very good to outstanding. At 600 x 600dpi, black looks very good, but there are 1200dpi printers that do much better. You can't really tell unless you put them side-by-side though. The color output is outstanding. Service from Dell has been outstanding. The printer I use developed squeaky feed rollers after a couple of months and Dell shipped a replacement out at no cost--no questions asked. And the new one has been running problem free.

The original toner it shipped with lasted about 800 pages and the color about 700. This is exactly what is claimed by Dell. I have used $80 compatible replacement toner cartridges which are rated at 2,000 pages and that's about what they last too. Comparing this cost to inkjets, that works out to about 1/4th the cost of consumables comparing compatible toner to refilled ink cartridges (if you buy new consumable I would expect the difference to be even better). As for the drum and toner, they are not serviceable and should last 30-35K pages, or 3 years at 1,000 pages a month (6 years at 500 pages a month).

This is a great choice as a printer for home or light-duty office printing where you need a small footprint printer.
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on November 1, 2016
If all you want is a printer that will print on plain paper, this is an okay machine and can be run economically if you buy dupe ink cartridges. HOWEVER - if you ever wish to print on card stock or any other material, this is not the printer you want.
I was up til one in the morning trying to print the new month's calendars for my yoga studio and could not get the machine to accept light card stock.
This morning I got in touch with Dell customer support and they had me running in circles getting service tag numbers and the exact name and weight of the card stock before they finally just came clean and told me to stop trying - the machine doesn't print on anything other than ordinary letter paper. I wish they had just been upfront with that fact. This is not the machine I'd have gotten if that limitation had been made obvious.
It's nice enough doing what it does, but now I need a printer for the other function we use a printer for.
Not pleased about that.
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on December 17, 2016
The printer arrived in an apparently undamaged box, albeit one that appeared to have been opened before. I prepared the printer for use following directions in the quick start guide. The directions for setting the printer up to use wi fi say to install the printer software and drivers on a computer first, then turn the printer on and watch for a blinking blue light above the small LCD display, then connect. Immediately after turning the printer on, I instead saw a blinking red light and Error Code 007-371 with a message to try again and if the error repeats, contact Dell Support. The error repeated. I tried unplugging, plugging back in, starting again. I also tried connecting with USB. Setup of any kind was impossible. Whatever the error code signifies is serious and the printer will do nothing but show the error code until whatever is wrong is fixed..

I looked in the accompanying documentation and online for what the error code indicates. In the manual, 007-371 is among a very long list of error codes for this printer for which no explanation of any kind is offered. Online, I found a forum post for that error code on an older Dell printer. That post indicated some kind of problem with the printhead assembly, and said disassembly of the printer and repositioning of the printhead was necessary. I was not about to undertake anything like that. So, I went to Dell Support on the Web.

The young man at Dell Support who tried to help me in a chat session was polite but clearly a screener who knew little about the printer or troubleshooting the printer. On seeing my description of the problem and the error code there was a lengthy pause followed by a question: Did I plug the printer directly into a wall outlet? (Answer: yes.) He failed to answer my direct question about what, exactly, the error code means. When I asked a second time, he took a time out to talk to someone else. When he came back he said he was escalating the problem to a higher level of support and that I would receive an e-mail in 24 hours. That was on a Friday. Shortly after closing the chat session I received an e-mail from the screener saying if he could help in any other way to e-mail him. Twenty four and a half hours later, with no sign of an e-mail from a higher level of support at Dell, I sent an e-mail to the screener. Two hours after that with nothing more from Dell Support at any level I went to Amazon seeking to return the printer. That, I'm glad and relieved to say, went off without a hitch.

I'm rating this printer one star mainly due to dissatisfaction with Dell's lack of documentation for the error code and a support setup that failed to say just return it when that clearly was the only proper solution. I'm sure that if an explanation for the error code had been available to the screener, he or his supervisor would've just told me to send it back.
My wife belatedly told me today that we had gotten two or three messages on our home phone from Dell Support, the first apparently having been during the week following my support chat session. Whoever left the messages said they couldn't e-mail me because they did not have a working e-mail address. That's hard for me to understand because, before getting to where I could chat with support, I had to fill in a Web page form on Dell's site with my name, address, phone number, e-mail address, printer model, serial number, and so on. And, Dell's screener was able to e-mail me back after the chat session without any problem. My only guess is that Dell's higher level of support didn't think of looking on Dell's Web site form to check my e-mail address, or else isn't aware there's a form on the site where my e-mail address could be checked.
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VINE VOICEon January 27, 2018
This is an awesome home office color laser. I have been waiting a long time for a color laser this size to be affordable and am bummed that I waited as long as I did to migrate back to laser from inkjet. "Ef" Epson and other inkjet mfgr's who monetize you through overpriced ink and firmware updates designed to bork your ink and make you buy more. Also, while I'm at it, EF smeared page edges, buying overpriced "heavy stock" to prevent smearing, wet, curled pages, perpetual streaks, head cleaning, "cartridges no recognized"... EF INKJETS!

This printer does everything better and more efficiently. I am utterly impressed with the size (small), price, speed, noise levels and quality of prints. Same quality as my multi-thousand dollar business class color laser at work that fills half a room.

- price
- size
- low noise
- clean, crisp paper (as opposed to curled up wet sheets from an inkjet)
- cartridge life/price (aftermarket replacements available)
- quick start-up
- flawless Wi-Fi performance
- 150 page paper handler
- can use regular, cheap copy stock

- overall print speed slow for a laser (still much better than inkjet)
- awkward single-sheet feeder for envelopes, labels, etc.
- not multifunction (but with phone-based scanners and print-to-Wi-Fi, who cares)

Compared to an inkjet this printer is a total win. Same price or less, faster, cleaner prints with no smeared edges, streaking or curled pages. I bought this coming from a top of the line Epson XP-610 and I would never EVER go back. After spending $40 for ink and then having a forced firmware update deliberately kill the cartridges less than a week later I can honestly say Epson made an enemy for life.

Compared to other color lasers in this class, the Samsung seems to get better reviews, but is also more than double the price. Thanks, but no thanks. This is plenty good for everything I need to do in my home office. I have had zero issues with this printer. One of the best purchases I have made for my home office.
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on September 22, 2017
Printer will stop printing based on predetermined usage levels and not based on actual toner levels. It will force you into buying a new toner cartridge even though the printers toner cartridge is not empty. This is a very cheap way to make customers pay for toner they do not need. I would highly recommend buying other brands which do not have such a governor in place.
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on July 11, 2017
This is an exceptionally good color laser printer for the price. I would have given it 5 stars but the reason I did not is that the image of the printer does not show that when paper is loaded that the paper sticks out in front of the printer rather than being concealed in a drawer that you load paper into. I could have looked at the user manual and realized that, but did not since most printers conceal the loaded paper. However, aside from the paper issue, the quality of print is absolutely exceptional even though it has a maximum resolution of 600 x 600 dpi in color mode. The printer comes with a CD with the drivers and user guide. The user guide is OK. The printer is capable of connecting via WiFi, USB, or Ethernet, so connectivity i very flexible. I installed it as a network printer on my home network so that I can print to it from any computer on the network: to do that you have to install the drivers on each PC you want to access the printer from and select the wireless/Ethernet option. One thing you should probably do is assign a dedicated IP address on your network for the printer, otherwise every time you turn the printer on it will be given an available IP by your router's DHCP (most home routers use DHCP). Installing the printer is a snap. For Ethernet, just plug the printer into an available Ethernet port on your router or hub then from any computer run the software to install the drivers. If all goes well the software will find the printer, and you can proceed with finalizing. Overall, I had no trouble installing drivers on 5 computers on my network that all were able to access the printer. If you don't mind the paper sticking out from the front when it's loaded this is an excellent color laser printer and you won't be disappointed.
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on September 27, 2016
Just finish setting this printer up. Tried to set up wifi, but it didn't work as expected. I had to install it with the USB cord first. Then I went back and installed the WiFi option. I still had to install it manually because my laptop wouldn't find the device. I had to enter the port and the ip address lol...What!? I ended up getting the ip address from the dell print app on my phone (this app worked seamlessly btw)...I guessed the port number as 1 and voilá the install completed! I tried printing and of course it didn't print...but thank Bill Gates for "troubleshooting" intelligence...I clicked figured out that the printer hadn't been shared with the network and now, finally...after 1 1/2 hours...I can print wirelessly from my laptop! It prints beautifully AND I don't have to deal with clogged ink jets because I don't use my printer often enough. I think the toner that came with the printer will last me a couple years cuz I mainly use it at tax time and to print random shipping labels...Life is Good! Lol
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on March 6, 2017
I feel cheated - I purchased this printer because it was supposed to print wifi from iOS devices with Mobile Print App for Dell - when you search for the app at the app store, you can't find it - when you google it, you are directed to the Dell website. The Dell website, under the Installation heading states "The Dell Mobile Print App for Dell" is no longer available for download!!
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on March 15, 2017
I bought this to replace my inkjet printer that was less than a year old. I don't print that much and the darn jets keep getting clogged. It gets expensive when I have to replace cartridges that still have plenty of ink in them. I finally decided to spend a bit more and get this printer. Problem solved. Printing just got a whole lot cheaper in this house. Set up was a breeze. I'm using it as a usb device, not wireless. It prints at least 10 times faster than the inkjet, and even though they say it's not supposed to be as good for pics, I find that it's better. It's much quieter. Although it's bigger than the other printer, it occupies the same footprint.

There is only one downside, and that is the way the paper hangs out the front. I leave it closed up, like in the picture, until I want to use it, then open the door and put in the paper. This is a quality product at a low price. They are particular about what paper should to into it, but I found the stuff I had been using - general purpose printer paper - worked just fine.
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on March 8, 2018
Nice looking printer until you load the paper, then it is like it is sticking its tongue out at you with the tray open. What could I say it IS a laser printer and works good when it works but once in a while I have to trouble "shoot" it. I have to completely remove all files from my computer and re-install everything to make it work again. For this you have to be somewhat computer savy or google a lot of things as the windows troubleshooter will not find the issue.

TLDR; Great printer, horrible software. Makes it unusable.
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