Customer Reviews: Dell S2240M 21.5-Inch Screen LED-lit Monitor
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on October 26, 2012
The good:
Compared to the Dell UltraSharp U2312HM there's very little discernible panel differences. Overall image quality is very good, and the colors and saturation levels are fine in Auto. Also, good are the viewing angles, Contrast, Clock & Phase, Sharpness, Gamma, and Black Levels. Images look sharp and color accurate. Gaming for an IPS panel is good. On your desk it looks very nice and stands about 3-1/4" off the desktop, and since the stand is flat you can use that space.

The bad and decisions:
Ideally, most IPS panels don't make for great Gaming monitors, and I only game on occasion. I did find some minor Ghosting problems with certain middle gray RGB values: 64/192, 96/224, 128/255 and some minor Response time issues. I used Lagom monitor tests. Note: I am no monitor expert, but I know what looks good and doesn't.

Very limited inputs (DVI-D & VGA) compared to the Dell UltraSharp U2312HM which adds a DisplayPort. Also, it doesn't come with a DVI-D cable, and only with a useless VGA. So those without a DVD-D cable add $5-$8+ USD.

However, for the $70 (37%) savings the Dell S2340M is a better choice for most folks over the more expensive Dell UltraSharp U2312HM (fractionally better panel, Display Port, 90 degree swivel, USB Hub, and DVI cable).

Dell's Display Manager for those new to it takes some getting used to, but it can be customized and comes in handy. As usual go to Dell's website for the latest drivers, the CD's are old.

Hope this helps.
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on August 3, 2013
Wanted to write a review to help other mac users, I've tried other IPS monitors, a Samsung and even the Dell 2740 IPS display but have found most monitors lacking when when it goes up against a Mac display. If you're like me and have been using Macs for most of your life for design and photo work, your eyes are going to be sensitized to even little changes in color rendering which most people won't even notice. Almost every other display next to my iMAc so far after about and hour's use I've wanted to throw it against a wall. There will always be something that is just going to bug you and overtime drive you nuts. Luckily for me, I came across this one in a store and immediately saw that it came darn close to the output resolution and pixel quality I'm used to from looking at mac displays. This one is as close as you can get to the color render that a mac display outputs. With everything else so far I've seen annoying pixelation and crappy anti-aliasing around the edges on text and pictures when viewing web pages and this monitor comes close to matching the colors on a mac. It is not going to rival a Cinema display mind you, I'm going to be upfront with that, BUT it is a close enough trade off to the price point that it becomes a cost effective and a serious contender. I'd say It comes about 90% close to what a designer or photo/video professional would need, which is the trade off instead of paying for a cinema display.
I saw one review on here [which I seriously hope was written by an insolent child who didn't know any better) telling designers to go pony up for a very expensive display and to stop complaining about how other monitors that don't match up to a mac are great and designers should suck it up and pay a lot more, this person obviously has no idea on what real workflow is really like for a working professional and I would love to rip this person a new one. However, back to the matter at hand, other Mac users have also reviewed this item to be close to color matching on an Apple display, so really as a secondary display option, this is good enough. You're paying about 15% to the Thunderbolt display for even to the trained eye close to 90% color render match. For some reason Dell wasn't able to replicate this quality in any other monitor except this one. Hope this helps all Mac users out there.
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on October 27, 2012
I have been on a long quest for a perfect monitor, missing my good old CRT.
First of all, this is a glossy display. Some people may hate it, some may love it.
Because it doesn't have any kind of anti-glare coating, the screen reflects the light, a little. I would say a little more than your common laptop glossy display but not a lot more.
If reflections are not a problem for you and you don't intend to use this monitor is a well lighted room, go for it.
On the other hand, the colors are not washed out and the text is sharp!
I forgot how true black looked like... This monitor displays a true deep black! Probably thanks to its IPS display.
The color and gamma settings are dead on, it took me 5mns max to set the monitor.
Careful, there is no DVI cable included, if you don't have a spare one, you'll have to purchase it separately.
The monitor is really thin, light but not flimsy, I like the sleek design.
At this price, I'm going to order a second one! :)
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on October 28, 2012
I have 2 other 21" Dell UltraSharp IPS monitors in my office that I love, they are a couple years old and were much more expensive than this one. I picked up this monitor for an extra computer, mainly because of it's low price and because of my positive experiences with other Dell monitors. After unpacking and setting up this new monitor, I was disappointed with the overall finish and quality.

This monitor does have a great picture, the colors look rich and the blacks are deep. The problem is, this monitor is glossier than the top of Mr. Clean's head.

The base, bezel and screen all have a high gloss finish. The gloss on the bezel distracts from the picture, but the main problem is the high gloss on the screen itself which causes a lot of glare. If there is ambient light in the room or if it's anywhere near a window, some parts of the screen have so much glare they are impossible to see.

+ Low Price
+ Thin Bezel
+ Tilt Adjustment
+ Superb Picture
+ Excellent Brightness
+ Good Colors

- Gloss finish on the screen itself is highly reflective, causing a lot of glare
- Glossy base is a fingerprint & dust magnet
- Height is a bit low
- No height or pivot adjustments, only tilt (Listed in the description, so not a surprise - just be aware of it.)
- Not compatible with VESA mounting options

If you need a monitor to use anywhere near natural light, there will probably be glare on the screen that can sometimes make the picture hard to see. If you don't mind the high gloss finish or will use this monitor where glare is not an issue, this may be an excellent monitor for you. The picture does look amazing behind all that glare. In my case, the amount of glare I get on this monitor in my office (which has many windows) makes it almost unusable.

**2014 Update**
I am no longer using IPS monitors. I switched to Samsung's AD-PLS and have never looked back.

I strongly recommend Samsung Samsung S22C650D 21.5-Inch Screen LCD Monitor for anyone experiencing glare issues or just wants a matte finish. It's matte black, has a gorgeous picture, VESA mounts, and Amazon has it at a great price. I'm currently using three of them.

Thankfully the piano black gloss monitor trend seems to have died down a little, we have some great matte finish and anti-glare options available now.
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on November 8, 2012
I thought I had a nice LCD until I hooked up this baby. Boy was I so wrong?! IPS may cost a little more, but it is more than worth the extra cost. Crisp, clear text. Bright EVEN color from ANY angle. Games look AMAZING!! Don't worry about the slower refresh rate of IPS. You won't notice it at all. I can't say whether all IPS screens are this good, but this one is excellent and worth every penny. Even if you had to pay full price of $199 on Dell's site, (which I didn't, I got it here on Amazon for a steal!) it would still be worth it. I held off buying a monitor as the last part of my six months of upgrades and this one BY FAR made the biggest impression.
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on November 14, 2012
I just received two of the 23 inch models. The display is great. Very crisp and clear and the color, after a little adjusting, practically matched an iMac. It looks great for anyone who is looking for a crisp monitor for designing, like myself, but it does have it's downfall (of course).

Pros: Very crisp, vivid colors, super bright, nice glossy display, beautiful design

Cons: Not mountable. Too short, unless you have a stand on your desk you almost always feel like your are looking down, even with a short chair. It is not at an eye level distance.

Overall, I would buy another one if needed, I just wish it had an adjustable stand or was mountable. Display-wise, it's amazing and a steal for the price.
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on April 23, 2013
First of all, I would like to start by saying that the monitor shipped with 3 dead pixels (2 whites, one green). I quickly got alarmed and was going to exchange it for another one. Then I tried something which worked like magic. I just pressed a microfiber cloth around the area with the dead pixel and rubbed it. All the dead pixels magically disappeared!If you've ever had a dead/stuck pixel, you definitely need to do this before wasting your time returning it, only to get another monitor with dead pixels!

Now for the design. The design is superb, with a plastic dark grey brushed aluminum looking bezel at the bottom with the dell logo. There is an LED which turns white when the monitor is on in the bottom right of the screen, and it's thankfully not overly bright like with some monitors. The "bezel less" look makes the screen look very modern and nice when off, and while it's obviously not an actual bezel-free screen, the bezel is very thin compared to most monitors, which makes it great if you want to have 2 or 3 of these side by side. The fact that the bezel sits flush with the panel also greatly reduces eyesore if you are looking to have several of these. There is unfortunately a small seam between the housing of the monitor and the panel itself, which might collect a little dust further down the line.

Image Quality: The Image quality on this panel is absolutely superb! The 21.5 inch screen size is in my opinion the best size for 1080p because it doesn't look as pixelated as the 23 inch size. Viewing angles are obviously fantastic since this is an IPS Panel. It works well for gaming as well because the response time is not too high at 7ms, but there is definitely more ghosting than the regular TN panel. The image quality doesn't look best in it's factory presets. The image looks too warm. After calibrating the display, this is what I came out with and I strongly recommend you use these settings. Make sure you are on the standard profile (in the monitor settings) before you adjust your monitor.
Brightness: Close to 70 is optimal
Contrast: 60 to 70
Sharpness: 60 (Be sure to set them at 60 for neutral sharpness!)
But most importantly, we need to change the color tinge of the display for warm to more neutral. To do this, type "calibrate" in your windows search. Then click on it, skip the gamma, contrast and brightness settings and go to the one that says color balance. Now lower the red and green color bars 2 ticks (use arrow keys because it's easier). This should successfully remove the yellowish/warm tinge from the monitor. Once you are done with that, it should make you go through cleartype. Choose the text that you think looks best to your eyes and you'll be done with the whole process. Hope this helps you guys that had problems with the warm tinge of the monitor.
PS: This is with the stock intel graphics properties color enhancement, so be sure you reset that to defaults first or else it will not work well!

Only cons: No VESA mount (you can buy a vesa mount mechanism specifically for this monitor on ebay), No rotation, up and down movements with the stand. If you want a more versatile stand, get the H2212HM or H2312HM, but it costs more and you won't get a frameless design and the screen is not glossy, and the H22/H23 have an anti-glare coating which makes images look not as good but is advantageous in very brightly lit environments.
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on February 23, 2014
(21.5" version review. NB: comes only with a VGA cable, no DVI or HDMI.)

I needed a monitor for a remote location on short notice. I didn't want to spend money I didn't have to but I was loath to buy anything less than a 1920x1080 IPS display. Was surprised to see a corresponding model from Dell in the $150 range. I have a U2412m which is nice enough, so I decided to take a chance.

For the price I paid (~$150 shipped), I am impressed. Dell clearly put all the effort into delivering the good image quality (at the expense of unnecessary features:)

The only adjustment is tilt, and there is no VESA mount, so be sure the height will work for your space. As I noted above, it doesn't come with a DVI cable, so you'll need a spare one. There is no USB hub or audio. It's super-glossy, but I don't mind as in my workspace reflections are well-controlled; all I can see is the display. The housing and base are also very glossy, which is fine as long as you are not putting your fingerprints on them.

If you're OK with such price-saving measures / aesthetic choices, the monitor delivers in the most important way: image quality. It's bright enough for a naturally-lit room, it calibrates nicely (but is also good out of the box), it has fairly even background illumination, great contrast, excellent black depth, decent viewing angles, etc. It also has a narrow & flush bezel, and a thin profile; it looks like a quality item, not a cheap budget product. And the OSD is good (includes a custom RGB setting if you need it).

A note on color gamut; Dell gives the mysterious figure of "81%" (percent of what? aRGB? NTSC?). Based on cursory online research, I believe that this monitor is close enough to sRGB (a little over) for general content consumption & enjoyment. However, if you are a photographer or graphic designer, it behooves you to research a bit more thoroughly than me, and this probably isn't the screen for you except as a second display for non-gamut-critical applications.

In short, if you're on a budget for second monitor or remote monitor and don't need "features" but hate to compromise on quality, the S2240M delivers. My "missing" fifth star is due to the non-sRGB gamut, which limits this monitor's applications.
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on April 29, 2013
Hello I am a Professional Photographer, I have purchased this monitor in November 2012 it is now the End of April and Have already received 3 different monitors from Dell's warranty with the same problem. I believe this product line is defective, some LED's go out on half of the screen creating a green shift (green tint) also loss of quality in that part of the screen. You can see the pixels, so both horizontal and Vertical lines. I saw this same problem on three diffident monitors which leads me to believe that the whole line is defective. On 2 coinsurance the monitor worked fine for about 3-4 months, no problems, clear picture. But after 3-4 months the monitors all of a sudden show change in color and loss of quality. On the third coinsurance it was defective out of the box sent from Dells whorehouse, the issue was the same except on the left side as opposed to the other two monitors which had the same problem on the right side.

Personally I am not buying a Dell monitor unless it is an Ultra-sharp series, but even then this experience has made me trust Dell way less.
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on July 10, 2013
My previous monitors were Dell IPS 2005 Panels and they lasted 8 years before manifesting typical signs of age. I figured I'd stay brand loyal and continue with 3 Dell monitors and last another 8 years.

First thing you're going to notice is that the base is 100% non-adjustable. Not the end of the world but definitely not 5 star quality.
Second thing you're going to notice is that the gloss is profound. If you have a lamp, or a window open, you might as well pack it up or buy some blackout curtains. Learn to love the dark.

Third thing you're going to notice is really bad color transitions. Might take you a while, but abrupt color changes like black to white have bad, bad bad ghosting which once you see, you can't un-see.

If you think you're buying a good mid-range monitor, you're wrong.

I can live with all this, however...

After 5 months, first monitor started having issues. Left 30% of the screen turned an afterimage shade of purple, became incredibly grainy, and would burn-in images after 5 minutes on-screen.

One month later, the second monitor had the exact same problem.

Now not 3 days after the replacement of the second monitor, the first refurbished replacement is having the same issue as the first and second original monitor, only on the right-hand side.

Dell has been adequate in the replacement of these monitors (beyond the joys of calling Dell Tech Support) but I would prefer to just purchase monitors that didn't have glaring defects in craftsmanship and quality. And there will come a point where they will stop caring about my monitor defects, stop replacing these broken panels, and I will end up with 3 purple-hued pieces of dell on my desk.

So in conclusion, if you enjoy calling Dell Warranty Support, these are the monitors for you.
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