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on September 30, 2015
Just received laptop and unpackaged....Came with a power cord and I specifically wanted an xp laptop because of old software that won't run on current windows 8. I ran across this baby in the search engine and VOILA! Ok, to start off I have to say I am pleased to say that even though the laptop I received turned on with Windows 7 Professional.... it does have a setting to switch back to XP if need be....However I put in my software that said it was compatible up to windows XP and crossed my fingers....Program downloaded and installed with no problems...Runs fast...WiFi capability and also mine has four USB ports...Happy Camper for $45...I would suspect that it s great for personal needs that don't dwell on high graphics, but for the price great for college students and teem papers and simple gamers....Hope my review helped.
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on September 30, 2016
Received this laptop yesterday, got the refurbished option. Arrived missing 5 of the screws for holding it together. Hard drive was not secured, and the screws that hold the hinge in for the screen are missing. So everytime I go to open the screen up, the hinge post pops out. The keys are sticky and stick to the backnowledge platell ave have some nasty residue on them like spilled coffee or milk. I knew I was buying a dated laptop, as it has to be for the applications I'm running. But the condition of it is disgusting and missing parts. Finding tiny screws like that sold independently is next to impossible. I went with refurbished over just a regular used one expecting a higher quality. By amazons definition, refurbished means it is cleaned and rebuilt to the manufacturers standards and quality. This is a far cry from it.
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on October 2, 2015
Thanks for selling me this laptop. I had another one (same brand and model) but my board died (it was fair after buying it already used and using it hard for a couple of years). So I just used the one I bought here, replaced the hard drive, and it has been working great for about a year. I upgraded to WINDOWS 10 and it is now working EVEN BETTER!!!!!!

I had it updated with all the memory it can get (I think is just 2 GB) and a 1 TB hard drive. But they even sell solid state hard drives for this tough guy. I but a battery replacement every 2 years. It is completely inexpensive. This is a tough, robust, laptop. I am a developer at a major tech company in Seattle, and I use this laptop for my personal self-experimenting. Also I am a Phd student at a top-20 USA university, and this is the computer where I develop, test and show my research to my advisers and colleagues (I do weather computational modeling over non-sql mongo databases) and I run this stuff when riding a bus. So, this laptop IS good.

Dell. Please. Make a successor for this model. Current "successors" are just big tablets with keyboard. They are social-media computers. Those models suck.
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on May 22, 2017
I hope it is Xp version. update Thank My parents Man I 💏 😱😱😱 N-No I-Its N-nOt wat it looks I saw We vids I love Win ??-Xp About me I 💏 Old Stuff from The 10's to the 00's Due to Xp & Xbox original Date 2006 Like DAT I Hate Windows 10 But Rip Win Xp No new PCs😱😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫 💳💲. 💵💵💵 🔫 I need a Mortgage I'm not a homeowner BTW I'm ten I act like I'm in High School & Mid School Hell yeah DAT Windows 10 Is hatted 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈. I will tell U the Info when I get it. (Shipped) There is a black mark(IMG shows most) and nice PC only prob black mark boot screen & more lock it so gold ;)
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on October 12, 2015
This was a refurbished item that I ordered for a friend. It arrived very quickly and worked well but the battery would not charge. The company were informed and sent a replacement by first class post. My friend is very pleased with the item and with the company response. Thank you
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on July 20, 2017
Good buy for the money. Good customer service....just beware that it does not have a appears it did in the listing. Company claimed that is the way Amazon makes them list it.....with other computers that DO have camera....he offered refund (which was great), but I held on to it & it has been a great computer. It is a bit heavy, but is durable as it has hit a carpeted floor a few times. May also need to buy a $10 battery replacement after couple biggie.
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This is a good machine-- not screaming fast, not the fanciest features-- but a good performer. I bought it refurbished two years ago, and the only problem was that the battery doesn't hold a charge.

However! Now that Microsoft discontinued support for XP, it leaves me in a quandary. You leave yourself open to malware and viruses by keeping XP on there. This machine CAN be upgraded to Windows 7, 8, or 8.1. The specs are good enough. But it is an older machine, leaving me wondering whether it's worth it to buy the new OS or just invest in a newer laptop. I'm not sure yet-- but if you find this one dirt cheap, then I'd suggest it's a worthy investment.
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on March 19, 2012
I truly give this a 3 1/2 star rating. I'll tell you the Pros and Cons, and what the computer is and isn't made for. I wanted a new Laptop for the online marketing I do since I thought my Toshiba A205 was done for. The shipping from ABCcomputers was fast and everything they said the computer was, was valid information. I was ready to go back to Windows XP OS with the Dell, but decided to install Vista in it instead. The battery and charger worked very well to my surprise lasting well over 2 hours and there were very few cosmetic scratches. Yet the one thing that I cannot get over about the computer was how dim the screen was. I have doubts that all Dell D620 screens come that dark, but it seems as though it's always on a power saving mode for battery life like a typical laptop. It's a slight annoyance, but I believe I can live with it, and I can say this was the greatest of all problems I had with the computer.

ABCcomputers described it as a powerful laptop despite it's 1GB RAM memory, 1.65GHz Dou Core Processor and only 80GB HDD memory. To my surprise it was a work horse! Here's the twist, I replaced the 80GB Seagate Hard Drive with an 128GB Solid State Drive in the Dell and could start maybe 10 applications all at the same time including 3 web browsers with practically no application effecting the others performance. Here's another twist; when I found out what was wrong with my Toshiba (a newer computer than the refurbished Dell), I switched the Solid State Drive to the Toshiba that had 2GB RAM, and 1.85 GHz Duo Core Processing. In this experiment, I found the applications sometimes load a few seconds slower than instantly like in the D620. I actually encountered some freezing of applications I had to force close in the Toshiba. This never happened when the SSD was in my Dell D620! I still kept the SSD in the Toshiba because of how bright and wide screened it was over the Dell. Besides, the SSD works good enough in the Toshiba.

The computer's processing seems very good with it's original Seagate Harddrive. I really don't know what you can ask for more out of a refub Dell from 2006. This Dell's focus was primarily as a business computer so Word Processing is ideal. I was planning on upgrading the Dell even more by putting in 4 GBs of RAM as it only has 1GB. Before anything my main focus is getting that backlighting brighter as Fn + the UP arrow key does not do the trick. I'm sure that would cost at least over $100, and right now that's too much of an investment out of this secondary computer. At the same time the computer can only use 3.5GB out of the 4GB of RAM because of the BIOS blocking it or 32 bit OS you're using. Either one is the case but I'm not %100 sure. The D620 is not a light computer even though the screen width is just 14 inches wide. They made it pretty sturdy with a Strike Zone feature that probably helps keep your hardware and cpu denying damage.

It's not at all a Gaming PC. A video card / whole new motherboard has to be put inside of it just to recognize a newer Microsoft game. So, sorry gaming geeks, you'll have to pay probably another hundred dollars if you wanna play Skyrim and your other favorite games. Gaming wouldn't be exceptional anyway, since the screens brightness isn't top resplendent or enchanting.

Concluding my own personal story, I now have a secondary laptop that I'll probably just store files on such as music for I Tunes, and maybe in the future video file, and probably do some web browsing. I think its a good PC, but I would like to know what others feel about their Latitude's backlighting. Comment because I wanna know. It's a decent computer, but I think it would be well worth the $200 if it didn't hurt my eyes to watch lol. Other than that problem I would recommend someone buying this computer and upgrading it as they go making it a super computer like I did.
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on February 11, 2016
Welp, huh!
To start with -- computer appears almost new --- real impressive.
How-some-ever === As the title dictates, the laptop was SUPPOSED to have been shipped loaded with === XP ====
Nope! The stick on the unit says, "Microsoft Approved for Windows VISTA"
But, it was actually shipped with Windows-7 / Service Pack 1.
It actually works quite well and I am fairly positively impressed.
Other than the wrong Operating System installed (which turns out to be a non-problem thus far) and frequent requests from Microsoft to do upgrades and disrupt computer operations, the only curious point is a fairly loud HDD --- hopefully it will last for at least the next 25 months or so -- if it starts showing problems, Amazon is at the ready with the ability to replace the HDD with an SDD.
Bottom Line? I'm very happy with what I've received
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on October 16, 2017
This is a fine computer, fast with excellent graphics. I have bought a few of these models over the years, and I find their endurance is complimentary as compared with other models of the same type. Link-Tronics was the seller (I have purchased twice from them), and they have treated me with respect and were very helpful if I encountered any technical difficulties. Mailing was prompt and the service outstanding. I am a windows XP person, and in my opinion this is the best model for the program. Thank you Link Tronics!!
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