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on December 11, 2009
I have had my Dell mini 10v for 3 weeks now. I have downloaded the necessary programs off the internet, open office and Firefox, and loaded my music and pictures using my external hard drive, so I have not needed an external DVD drive. I am very happy with the keyboard (it is much nicer than the Acer I tried). It is an adequate size and I quickly became accustomed to using it. All of the buttons are in the right places and I am able to type almost as well as I can on my 15 inch laptop. The touch-pad is different than most of the netbooks out there but that is part of what attracted me to the Dell. I read many reviews that questioned the touch-pad but when I tried all the different brands(Acer, HP, Asus) in person I found that it was one of the biggest and that I didn't mind the integrated buttons and liked it better than the hp option of putting the buttons on the sides. Sometimes it does think I am trying to scroll when I click but I very rarely want to scroll so I will likely turn the scroll function off. So far the battery life of the 6 cell battery has been adequate. When running on battery with the screen turned all the way down I am getting about 6.5 hours which is less than advertised but is more than enough for me. I also like the power adapter. It is one piece and is able to plug into a surge protector and only takes up one spot which is nice. The only real negative right now is that it gets hot, hotter than my laptop and that upgrading the ram is not a task that I will be able to do on my own because I do not feel comfortable taking apart the entire computer and there is no access panel. Windows 7 starter is working well so far and I am planning on upgrading eventually. Overall I would purchase this netbook again but I do recommend that you go to a few stores and try all of the brands to determine if the keyboard and touch-pad are right for you.
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on December 26, 2009
I've been eyeing netbooks ever since my fiance got one. After working on it for a little while, I learned that certain features are more important for me than others. First, I needed a large keyboard, and second, I needed a long battery life.
In addition, I had a chance to mess around on my friends' Apple laptops, which are superior to Windows when it comes to operating systems. But since Apple doesn't make netbooks, I gave Windows 7 a shot and was blown away by a product that felt like it was made right after a decade of messy messy upgrades to Windows 95. Windows 7 became the third important consideration.

This laptop has it all for me. Love the keyboard (great for a touch-typist like me); the battery is long and sticks DOWN (can't believe it took years for laptop firms to figure out a way to fit a larger battery in while helping cool down the processor); and Windows 7 works like a charm.

I considered upgrading from the starter version, but after some research, I realized that there really is no reason for me. Upgrading provides features I would never use. Plus, the Starter version works faster and seems to really be designed for netbooks. It's an eye-candy; the battery delivers (feels good to see "75% left (5hr 45m)" or around there); and I did not need to relearn typing.

The drawbacks compared to other netbooks: the larger battery also makes it a bit heavier; some software is incompatible with Windows 7; and the ac adapter is larger on the end rather than having a hub in the middle of the wire (this might get in the way when plugging it in in class); finally, I've dealt with Dell on the phone before, and it can be hit or miss. The communication is not easy, since all of the customer service is abroad.

Still, I love this laptop, which is reflected in the 5 stars I give it.

update: I've had the netbook for about 3 full months now. An issue that I noticed, which might be present in other netbooks as well, is that some graphics applications and newer games do not launch properly or just quit mid-progress. I looked all over the internet trying to find a solution and finally figured it out after installing an Adobe product that complained about the screen resolution. Turns out that the physical size of the screen limits the resolution to 1024x600, which is not enough for these programs. I went on Craigslist, got a 15" flat screen monitor for $20 and plugged it in -- voila. Everything that requires graphic power works great. Hope this is helpful.
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on January 10, 2010
I bought this netbook as a replacement for an Asus Eee 1000HD.

This particular configuration comes with the extended battery, a high-gloss screen, and Windows 7 Starter.

Windows 7 Starter is a limited version of Windows 7 designed for Netbooks. There are a couple of immediately noticeable limitations to W7 Starter. The first is the inability to change the desktop wallpaper. This doesn't bother me. The second pertains to Starter's licensing. The license for Starter limits the amount of system memory to 1GB. It's purely speculation on my part, but I think that might be the driving force in Dell's decision to make the single RAM slot as inaccessible as possible. You have to remove the keyboard, trackpad, and motherboard to replace the RAM in this unit. I haven't felt the need to upgrade RAM yet, but the difficulty of the exercise cost this unit a star.

I installed Ubuntu 9.10 in a dual-boot configuration a couple weeks after I purchased this machine. The install was pretty painless. The Broadcom wireless required a restricted driver install; easy enough. In Windows, the trackpad supports two-finger scrolling. This is apparently accomplished with some kind of multitouch emulation that doesn't exist in the Linux driver, so it's likely a Linux user will be stuck with a swipe to scroll region on the trackpad. Clicking the 'button' on the trackpad and trying to drag is an exercise in frustration in Linux. This would be enough to cost this unit another star, but I'm certain I can correct it in the trackpad driver's configuration.

Battery life is very good in Windows and Linux. I believe it's slightly better in Windows, but I haven't run any tests to confirm. Either operating system gives me a full day of moderate use.

The extended battery adds a full row of cells sticking out of the back-rear of the unit. It changes the form factor enough to be noticeable. It's purely subjective, but the battery looks a little silly. That said, it does provide more airflow across the bottom of the machine when sitting on a flat surface.

Suspend/Hibernate both work well in Windows and Linux. Ubuntu's network management gets a little confused if you've moved to another of your saved AP's while in suspend/hibernate, but it will eventually associate.

Webcam works in either operating system. The quality isn't great, but it works if you need it.

The keyboard has large (for a netbook), flat keys that have a nice crisp feel. It has a full shift key on the right side; something I'd missed on the Eee this machine replaced. The full shift key comes at the expense of the arrow keys, which are quite small.

I enjoy this machine, and would purchase it again despite the couple small issues I've noted.
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on February 10, 2010
This compact computer is easy on the shoulder, the back, and the mind. I'm a graduate student and I was schlepping around my full-size Dell Laptop to coffee shops and class, and my back was killing me. So I decided to pick up a netbook to supplement my larger laptop for the purpose of taking notes in class, taking on long trips, and browsing the web at any location. The great thing about this is that it fits into my purse (and my purse isn't that big), and it is easy on my muscles.

As for its workability, this computer works perfectly fine. I have placed the full Microsoft Office on it, as well as a variety of other applications, like Chrome, and it's working seamelessly without stuttering. It's a quick start-up, and it has yet to break down on me over the past few weeks.

The difficulties? The keyboard takes a bit to get used to, and the mouse is quite small. I have a travel mouse I use on occasion, but with a little practice you can make it work.

Finally, I shopped around -- a lot -- at a local Best Buy, checking out the Samsung and Acer and other versions, and there really was no difference in them. They all come pretty standard with 1 GB internal, 160-250 GB storage, etc. The biggest difference is the processor, and the Dell version comes with a sturdy, quality processor. Also, the netbook prices on Amazon are by far much cheaper than if you were to order your netbook off the company site or in a store like Best Buy. So my tip? Buy it online and save money!
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on February 7, 2010
First, this is a very nice looking netbook. The black obsidian is a nice finish and does not seem to attract fingerprints at all on the surface. The keyboard is almost like typing on a full size keyboard on a desktop. I also like the fact that is has 3 usb ports with at least one on each side. I think one of the reviews said 4 but 3 is enough. It also has an SD/MS/MMC reader which most other competitors did not have. Most had one with Windows XP but for some reason, most other netbooks did not have a card reader with Windows 7 starter. Windows starter only allows 3 apps to be open at a time but many programs don't count as an application. Unless you are trying to run a business, which you would not do on a netbook anyways, W7 starter is just fine. Only one drawback to W7 is that you can't change the wallpaper at all. I read where you can buy a small app to do that though.
I got the standard battery and that is fine. The power mgt system is always dimming the monitor and along with other features, the standard battery is just fine. My Dell 1011 is also quite light and awesome to travel with. My only complaint is that I thought Dell should have thrown in a $10 sleeve. The Dell is slightly higher in price but worth it. It would have cost Dell about $2 to put one in the box. I would still buy it again and very happy with it.
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on December 30, 2009
I bought the Samsung NC-10 and was happy with it until the LCD crystal ($270 replacement) broke and when I tried to get it fixed under warranty they said it was void due to user abuse. Unhappy.
Bought the Dell mini-10 because it was basically the same thing only built more sturdy. Transferred my 2GB memory from Samsung to the Dell and have been very happy with it. Dell customer service is very good better than Samsung which is none.
If you want a reliable Netbook buy the Dell it's a very good device that you can depend on. The 6-cell battery is like the energizer bunny. Windows 7 starter is pretty cool to.
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on May 8, 2010
I am very impressed with this netbook.
The HDD has more space than I need; 160Gb.
The RAM comes with 1Gb and is in fact upgradable to 2Gb for the 10v (I've read other posts that says it is not).
The Atom 1.6GHz processor is just right for my needs.
The screen display is better than I had expected and you can tweak your applications to make your experience even better.
Windows 7 Starter is just fine for my purposes. I also installed Ubuntu 10.04 LTS beside the Windows 7 OS very easily. It was my first attempt at a dual boot machine. I've also seen a lot of articles that say you can install Mac OSX on the 10v.

I have only encountered two cons.
First, I could not install Windows updates right out of the box. I re-installed W7starter and that fixed the problem.
Second, I am not crazy about the touch pad because I am used to the buttons being separate- but I am sure I will get used to it.

Overall, I am very pleased with this machine and would recommend it.
I hope this helps!!
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on September 18, 2011
Bought this a xmas present for the wife she was not computer friendly but ths Dell Mini did the trick she now spends every night on Skyp, emailing and reading information and shares the info with friends and family, the battery runs almost 8 hours without recharging, great with wifi, clear picture great color fast response. Dell Inspiron Mini was the best purchase for the money, lightweight, user friendly and she puts it in her pocketbook and when we travel that the one we take because of size, usablity with projectos, digital photo ready, and usb capabilities. Let me tell you for the same size portability and great quality, have no negative responses to inform at this time. We are having lots of fun with this Dell
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on April 5, 2010
I bought it after 3 months of research, I wasn't to sure about it but I decided I was going for it after reading some pretty good stuff about it. For now, I love it! It's very good. It's size fit perfectly to my life for I can carry it anywhere! My older sister is even jealous because my battery stays longer than her laptop :) .. I use the wireless to go on facebook, tchek my email, go on msn.. The only thing is that it's kind of slow when I want to watch a movie or go on youtube.. I have to put down the volume, wait hours before I could watch it without disruption. But it's not it fault, it's the wireless. I recommend it to everyone that needs something lighter and cheaper than a laptop! It might not fit everyone's style, so If you are not satisfy don't blame the notebook!
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on February 6, 2010
I bought this Dell Mini mainly for educational use. Instead of blabbering on, let me offer up a list of pros & cons...

Pros -
1. Portability (It's much easier to transport than my other, regular-sized laptop)
2. Speed (Internet, etc. is just as fast as a regular laptop)
3. Keyboard (I didn't have to "re-learn" how to type; this keyboard was easier to use than other brands that I've tried)

Cons -
1. Parts of Windows 7 (You can't change the desktop background)
2. Cover (The top of the computer absorbs fingerprints like crazy)

Neither Pro nor Con -
1. Touch-Pad (It's better and wider than others that I have tried, but it's still a little short)

Overall, I think it's going to be perfect for my intended use.
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