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on May 3, 2014
First, I am writing this review assuming that you have a up to $500 budget. So here we go.

I will start with the only con so far.

The screen: As another reviewer has mentioned, the black on this screen is not very strong. However, make no mistake this is a very good screen. It will only bother you if you are VERY picky with this kind of stuff. I am particularly picky with this kind of stuff and believe this is why I noticed that in the first place. I think most people will actually be very satisfied with the screen.

The pros:

Price: This is priced amazingly. I was not able to find anything in this price range that was as good. Dell had a special deal for it at $279. I missed it. Later they had another deal for $300, however after tax and shipping it came out to $325. I chose to buy it from amazon new from $350 as a $25 dollar difference was not a lot, plus amazon had 2 day delivery, and I get amazon credits at work. I also get dell credits if I want to, however they have pages of restrictions on how you can use them, so again this made me choose amazon.

The Design: This little laptop looks just as good if not better than it does in the pictures. Everybody I show the laptop to goes "Wow, how much? that's it?" I looks really high end. It feels really good too. All around it, it feels like this nice rubber. The only other laptops I was able to find with the same features and about same size looked really cheap, like a Lenovo one you can find here on amazon. I found some used ones for a bit more that I believed to be better than this, however I wanted something new, as I was tired of getting broken hand me down laptops and fixing them.

Speed: Again, this is a budget laptop, I had it for a week and it feels pretty speedy. Not a laptop to play call of duty or anything like that. But perfect for everyday use and work.

Upgradable: You can safely upgrade the memory to at least 8GB, and can put an SSD. It behaves fine as is, but I am sure it will be a lot faster with an SSD and double the RAM.

Size: I spent weeks looking for a laptop just this size. This size is perfect for someone that wants portability. It is big enough that it does not make you wish you had a bigger laptop when you are using it. The size allows the keyboard to be big enough that you can type comfortably. The size also allows you to take it anywhere with you. It is really light and can fit in any back pack.

Battery: Battery is pretty good. Lasts a lot longer than my previous laptops that's for sure. It has been lasting me a good 6 hours in average.

So, if your budget is anything up to $500, get this laptop and do something nice with the $150 dollars you will have to spare.

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on March 31, 2014
For the money, this is a great laptop with all the ports that you need Ethernet port, card reader (except optical drive & vga). It's a lot snappier than the AMD A6-1450 found on most 11.6". On the outside, it feels like a more expensive laptop and I'm not lying, I had the Alienware 14 with the same silvery rubberize finish and it felt exactly almost the same on the Inspiron 11 3000. There are some Pros and Cons and I'm going to list them below.

- Looks and feels high quality on the outside because of the fit and rubberize finish
- Very portable, just 3lb and under an inch
- Good Battery life of around 5-6 hours using Balanced Mode at 40% brightness web surfing and light media playing, idle life is longer around 8-10 hours
- Decent keyboard with an ok key travel, keyboard also has a dedicated mute, increase and decrease volume button that don't require the FN key combo.
- Good performance for the money with the Intel Pentium Haswell 3556u which is snappy and the intel hd gpu can even play some games since this is the intel hd haswell graphics which is faster than the Pentium bay trail hd graphics.

- Display is mediocre. The blacks looks grey and it has some grainy look to it. The reason people go for glossy screen is to avoid that grainy/sparkly effect that's mostly used on matte panel but this glossy screen is grainy.
- Touchpad is decent when it's working normal but sometimes it is erratic and it freezes for several seconds.
- The 3.5mm audio port emits a hissing interference noise when using any headset/earphone
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on July 18, 2016
This is a 2.5 stars review. I didn't mark 3 stars because of the Dell deteriorating customer service. I am very sad to admit it because I have been a Dell person since I remember. I simply love Dell and I was extremely tolerant and patient about this product.

It was sold to me as NEW by: Ecc1908Okkk and Fulfilled by Amazon.
I am a regular user who uses her laptop for basic browsing, emails, some video streaming. Once or twice a week I work from home so I use it for the Citrix application.

Upgraded to Win 10 (not sure if it was a good idea. I think people who got a new tattoo pose the same question).
Added additionally 4 GB of RAM so I have 8 GB. The difference? I don't have my $29.

Nice, sleek, very compact design, good and responsive keyboard. Rather sturdy feel. Looks and feels like a more expensive laptop. Very decent screen with a very good resolution. Never had any issues with video streaming.

Battery. After using it for a year it still holds for 5 hours or so.

Mouse. One word: nightmare. Or comedy. Or both. Your choice. It stops working or it goes completely crazy. At some point I started to use a wired mouse because my frustration would lead our neighbors to call for a professional (definitely clinical) help. Imagine that you are with your laptop on your laps (hence its name I guess;), in your bad, on your sofa and you *must* ( being literally forced to) use a wired mouse. Installed new drivers twice. Worked for a month or so and then "here we go again festival"

Web browsing. Never ever, please do not even try to open more than 4 (four) tabs. Does't matter which browser I used....Chrome, IE, Edge (of nervous breakdown). Takes two seasons to upload the fifth tab.

Power savings options. Must be its mouse's cousin. For no reason the screen suddenly decides to go black like going to a sleep mode but it still reacts when you type any key, switching itself on for ....barely 2 seconds and then it...immediately goes back to sleep ...again. You're typing and it winks to you and then ....it ignores you. You need to restart it. There is no way to stop the screen from falling asleep. This happens even if your screen's settings (monitor sleep mode) say "NEVER"

Last but not least.... Dell customer service. Unfortunately it is located overseas so cultural difference ( I am trying to find a diplomatic way to describe it) can be a VERY assertive realty check. "Ma.m, did you buy it directly from Dell?" Me "No, I bought it from Amazon" " Why are you expecting it to work flawlessly? Maybe it's a refurbished unit" Me "No, I bought a new one" "How can you be SO sure? You people buy a cheap laptop and expect miracles"
Yes, it was not very expensive. I didn't have to sell my kidney nor did I have to visit a pawn shop with my engagement ring. I paid $350 back then. But hey... I wish I bought another model. No wonder that even over a year ago it was "discontinued". Lesson learned. Will never ever buy again if not *SOLD and fulfilled by Amazon*

And please create a back up disk/recovery copy for the OS because you may desperately need to reboot it a/o reinstall it otherwise you are on your own *or* ...simply get another laptop
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on June 24, 2014
This is a great little laptop and fits my needs very well:

Great battery life
light and thin
screen bezel not too thick
hardware specs are good
everything works out of the box
limited bloatware
enough ram for a light VM
fit and finish (except for one thing mentioned below)
easy to upgrade

A bit too "dell" heavy. There's a few useful applications like recovery but it still installs it with all the dell stuff already on it. It's a bit hard to make it your own
UEFI - can't dual boot. I've tried everything. I've checked all my hardware and end up with errors upon loading a linux live session via usb. This is the most disappointed part of this. The other stuff is a bit nitpicky.
Trackpad and its driver is a little wonky and inconsistent. It doesn't like moisture, scroll direction is "reversed" as default (Mac style), sometimes takes a while to load up upon coming out of suspend. Doesn't windows8 have its own trackpad driver native? I haven't tried disabling it, it might work better without it if it's supported.
The application "My Dell" runs randomly. Probably best to uninstall
Comes with Cyber Media.
The edge of the computer at the palm rest is really sharp and somewhat uncomfortable if you have your computer situated at various angles
Stock HD is slow. I got a Hybrid HDD+SSD and it boots up from cold in seconds so that's a really sweet upgrade.

I'd give it a 3.5 but rounds to 4. Mostly because of the dual boot/uefi issue, which I don't know if it's a software or hardware fault. Despite the rating, I'd probably still get this computer again because I researched these cheap small computers very thoroughly and determined this is the best for the price. Unfortunately there are just a few issues. What might help is a bare Windows 8 reinstall and try to get the minimal drivers needed from Dell support. I haven't decided if I'll do this.
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on August 30, 2014
Excellent product for the money! Perfect for my wife's typical basic needs. Battery life is quite good - several hours. Appearance is chic and sleek, feel is nice, imo. Performance is good for a tablet class machine.

A detachable touchscreen would be nice, but is definitely not a show stopper here - only if your routine includes using a touchscreen while walking around. Like everyone else, we are getting used to Win 8, seeing no other viable option at this price point for the software/app and interoperability requirements.
We share an Office 360 subscription card I got for about $70 on sale.

I got this older model because it has the Pentium CPU. Another reviewer mentioned adding an 8Gb stick, but I think the specs state a 4Gb max - I will ask the reviewer that question if you want to look at the Q&A a little later.

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on October 19, 2014
Excellent product!! Does what its supposed to.... Now a days we all use devices with such crisp and clear screens, and because of that the screen on this one might disappoint some(myself included). But, hey, its faaaar better than other sub-standard cheap 11 inch 'Netbooks' available out there.. Battery is pretty good.. lasts about 6 hours.. Built is EXCEPTIONALLY good(even better than Apple).
So, if a non-HD display doesn't bother you then look no further. Go for it!!
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on March 4, 2016
This is a decent computer, a little slow, but for the price and for what it is being used for, it is fine. One thing: this was sold as brand new in box, which it was, but according to Dell, the warranty expired four months ago. The seller explained that Dell starts the warranty period when they invoice the buyer, which is strange, but Dells online warranty information appears to confirm this. Other brands I have used start the warranty when you register the computer online.
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on November 9, 2014
This is an awesome laptop. I am very pleased with this purchase. I appreciate the great price, too! $339 for a Dell Touchscreen laptop is an outstanding price.

The unit itself works very well. Initial set up was a breeze, as it does most of it automatically. I am enjoying the 11.6" size as well.

Overall, this laptop ranks very high on the list of successful purchases I have made here on Amazon. Successful, meaning I LOVE IT.

If you are looking for a laptop in the 11" dimension category, this one would be a very wise choice.
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on May 28, 2014
I got this laptop because it looked portable and suitable for my needs. I actually considered just getting a tablet, but I needed something a little more (need to write and save documents). Well, so far, I'm in love with this little machine. It's compact, functional, and cute. Do I think it will last 7 years like my last heavy-duty laptop? Probably not, but for the cost, if it stays this perfect, even 3-4 years and I'll feel like I've gotten bang for my buck.
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on June 20, 2014
I do outside sales and take my computer with me everywhere. This is a terrific, compact machine - nice and light - yet it feels very substantial and sturdy. I had a previous computer of the same size, different manufacturer, and it didn't hold up at all. I have been using the Dell for several months now, and am very happy with it. I love that it is also touch screen. I'm glad I made the purchase.
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