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on December 4, 2012
I was so excited to find a computer with what seemed to be all the bells and whistles AND a cheap upgrade to Windows 8. So, I bought two, one for me, and one for my college bound student. However, I guess there has to be a reason this style Dell Inspiron i15R was a deal. Cheaply made cannot even begin to describe this laptop. I have had Dell after Dell and love them, but this one gave me pause. I plugged mine in and went through the initial setup with a keyboard that moves when you depress the keys and with a very sluggish touchpad with it mostly not functioning. The lid bends easily, and the hinges are extremely stiff; so much so that lifting the lid causes it to lift the whole laptop AND skew the lid. It must be from the removeable cover is all I can guess. I shut it down after trying to see if I could improve the touchpad performance, but to no avail. This morning I turned it on and found that the touchpad only worked about 40% of the time, leaving me in a delimma as to whether it was me, how this particular model responded, or whether it was just no good straight from the box. I decided it had to be a defective machine and that since I had not opened the other one, I'd box them both and return them. Now we'll see how understanding Amazon is about their restocking fee (15%) because the computer was not "dead on arrival", but may as well have been considering the touchpad was virtually useless. I would not waste my money on this laptop unless it sits on your desk, open, and you have a wireless keyboard/mouse to use.
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on January 21, 2013
I just got my Loptop for this 2105sLV today, it is very quick delivery. But I read customer reviews, one customer said it is not 2105 but 5520. So I looked at the back of my Loptop, it is really written: manufactured Model number "insprion 5520' and also I looked CD also said "insprion 5520". I am really confused and worried about it. I bought for my friend. Is anyone bought this Loptop the same thing with me? can anyone make clear for me?
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on March 22, 2013
I like the computer and it works for what I am looking for. I am not happy that the cover comes loose everytime that I open it with the latch. The latch is on opposite side of where it opens.

I am stuck with a new computer that has a loose cover that will not stay on.

I would like someone to comment to me about this issue and if possible, tell me how I can obtain a replacement cover.
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on July 27, 2017
I bought it five (5) years ago and its still works as new. Very rugged and efficient... I love this particular model cause it works great!
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on October 12, 2014
2 years into it and it works great for me.
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on March 18, 2017
Four years is all it lasted. hmmmm
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on January 10, 2013
It works well. It's very fast and easy to set up. The mouse pad on the bottom is a little too sensitive. It constantly selects items while I am typing and I have to be so very careful not to delete everything I just typed.
Edited -- Customer Service actually replied to my original review and things are much better! And... I just watched a movie from the internet yesterday and I have to say that this computer is much better than any other computer I've ever used for that. There was not skipping or pausing or graphic distortion. Love it.
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on September 29, 2012
I bought this new laptop to replace my previous Dell, and it just arrived yesterday. So far, so good. I was able to set it up within minutes. Using the Windows File Transfer was awesome, too, even though it took a long time to get my settings and files over. There is not a whole lot of crap on this laptop as someone claimed, either. I was expecting a lot of junk on here when there isn't. My connection to WiFi is 5 bars which never, ever happened on the previous Dell. The speed is PRIMO! I'm extremely happy with this laptop. It has not lagged one time since I've been using it (and I have 3 browsers open at all times with 2 always logged in). My youngest daughter is happy, because she is now the owner of my other Dell since her Acer died on her. It's an Inspiron 1545 model that I bought in 2009 or 2010 and still going strong. I think Dell is the bomb :-) May this one last 10x longer :-)

Dell Inspiron i15R-2105PNK 15-Inch Laptop (Pink) UPDATE, Sep 30, 2012 5:42:08 AM PDT: Okay, let me update this after a few negative new discoveries. First off, no matter what I set this on, the screen saver does NOT come on. No matter what I set this on, it does not go to sleep while the lid is open like it is supposed to. I have changed the settings twice now, and it just doesn't matter :-( I'm not happy about this. Secondly, it runs HOT, HOT, HOT, HOT. I have a fan pointing towards that side, too, and it still is very hot to the touch. It's like the fan is NOT working to cool this off. My other Dell did NOT run hot at all. Thirdly, I see the price jacked up since I purchased this 9 days ago. I am so glad I bought it when I did, because I would NEVER pay $700 for it ($600 was bad enough)! I'm not happy with the it's performance right now at all, but I will keep trying the settings and see what happens. My main worry is how hot this runs :-(

Dell Inspiron i15R-2105PNK 15-Inch Laptop (Pink) UPDATE, Oct 12, 2012 7:48 PM CST: One more update, and I hope that's the end of this story. I woke this morning to find my laptop wouldn't function. Every file I had of .exe was defunct. It wouldn't even let me run a virus scan. It wouldn't even let me restore. It wouldn't even let the Dell tech connect to my network so he could get inside and see what was wrong. So, we had to end up doing a factory restore much to my dismay, because, of course, that would mean having to re-install all my files, programs, etc. I'm not finished as yet, but I must say this laptop must have been sick upon arrival. The graphics were absolutely horrible on here in comparison to my other Dell, the sound quality was horrible, and it ran extremely hot. Since the factory restore, the graphics are 1000 times better than before, the sound is 1000 times better than before, and it is NOT running hot...not even warm. This is a mystery, no doubt. I just hope that whatever went wrong this morning will never happen again. The Dell tech suggested I had dl'd a virus, but I beg to differ. In almost 21 years of being on line, I never have. I am one that keeps virus protection, updates it, and does not click on links when I have even an ounce of doubt about it. He could not explain how I could get a virus when my system was alseep. So, that's a mystery as well. Anyway, right this minute, I'm so happy with my laptop, but my fingers are crossed that doesn't change :-)
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on February 11, 2013
To clear up any confusion, this computer is a Dell model 5520. I'm not sure why the seller does not change or include this in the description, as a clarification seems suitable. In any event, this is my second inspiron. I really like it thus far. The sound is unbelievable as they have moved the speakers to the front. I did not give it 5 stars due to the highly reflective screen, and the lacking battery life. The keyboard is arranged a bit different than my older inspiron, but that is not an issue for me. I bought this as I did not want a Win 8 model. If you feel the same, I suggest that you buy this ASAP. Glad I made this purchase.
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on February 16, 2015
I'd prefer this laptop to any other new out works great.
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