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on January 7, 2015
If you are looking for a sub-$500 desktop computer, this is it. I am completely amazed at what I got for the price. I was a little concerned about the pentium processor and onboard graphics, but it performs very well. My daughter uses it to stream Netflix shows all the time, and it does that fine with no stutter at all. She surfs the internet, streams pandora or spotify, works on office documents, switching back and forth and everything is crisp and responsive. We won't even attempt to play any sophisticated games on it -- anyone shopping in this price range should know better. I would think it would run Minecraft or more basic games, but I really haven't tried.

The touchscreen is really nice, and shouldn't even be available in this price range. I finally understand the Windows 8 start screen now that I have touchscreen -- it's awesome! You can use the mouse and keyboard, but sometimes it's just easier to reach up and touch something -- really cool. One of the best things is the lack of clutter. A total of one cable -- the power cord! Everything else is wireless -- keyboard and mouse, internet, awesome! I mentioned that my daughter streams music, so I want to mention that I don't think the built in speakers have very good sound. She doesn't mind, but to me the sound is very tinny. So, get an inexpensive bluetooth speaker (yes the computer has built in bluetooth!) if you want better sound. It definitely isn't terrible -- about what you would expect from a TV this size. Really only a problem if you want to listen to music very loud and you are picky about the sound quality.

Overall I would give this more than 5 stars if I could. I really can't believe what you get for the price. Good luck finding a touchscreen, dvd burner, wireless keyboard and mouse, and a pentium processor for anywhere near this price. I think the pentium processor is a big upgrade over the celerons that are in a lot of the computers in this price range. If you want to play games or do a lot of multitasking, you might want to pay a couple hundred dollars more for an i3 processor. But if you just want to surf, work in Office, stream music and movies, then this one is perfect. I might have to buy another one soon!
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on December 27, 2014
Great pc for work. Easy to install, ready to use from the box. Great design and Dell features are really useful. The touchscreen is a plus. I recommend this pc if you are on a budget.
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on March 4, 2015
We purchased this unit to replace a 7 year old Dell XPS 15" laptop that we had been using as a pseudo-desktop. This computer was a major step up in every way, and we are very pleased! The touch-screen is responsive and easy to use. We don't use it every day, but when you need to zoom in on something on a webpage it is great to be able to just pinch-zoom. The wireless keyboard is excellent and provides great feedback as you type. The wireless mouse is also a great size and we really like its usability. We were previously using a Logitech mouse, but no more! Set-up was super-easy, and we really love the simple look and small footprint of this unit. Finally, as an added bonus, it is pretty simple to upgrade the RAM or hard drive if you need to in the future, and the instructions detail the process. I can't find anything I don't like about it right now, but will update later if I find anything.
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on February 8, 2015
Great machine for the money. I have bought these machines before and they lasted a LONG LONG TIME and I was very happy with them. My kids couldn't afford a huge expensive computer so I bought these and they served them well. This one was for my brother (also on a limited budget) and he is very happyy with it. If your strapped for money and need a good machine, I would recommend these. BIG BANG for your buck!
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on February 17, 2015
Compact, fast (enough for me) and far better than my last Dell desktop, this is a great basic computer for the average user. And yes, it does have a touchscreen and an optical drive and a wireless keyboard and mouse! If you are not a heavy gamer or IT expert, this is for you.
Although I could not find this computer on Dell's own website, I have seen this same computer (yes, this exact model) at Walmart for $200 more!
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on April 15, 2015
I love this computer. When I bought it, I was trying to learn windows 8 because I have always used window 7. After I learned the basics with window 8, I'm in love with the quite smooth and sophisticated navigation from one window to the other. The touch screen is my favorite. It is very fast and just gliding through. I'm so happy that I can't work with any other computer away from home. Being a student you want all in one and fast pace product to help you do homework and summit without delay. This is it for me.
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on December 9, 2014
So far this touchscreen computer has been good. It's got a decent sized touchscreen display. If you use it for a long time, it's not convenient to use the touchscreen since my arm gets tired from holding it outstretched touching the monitor for extended periods. I never used a touchscreen monitor for too long and it's not too fun. So, I use the mouse much more like a regular computer, however, there's times when I need the touchscreen and I use it only at that time. Then it's back to the mouse. So, it's much easier to use the touchscreen at times, but it's less tiring on my arm to use the mouse. I used a tablet a lot, but that goes on my desk flat, not out where my monitor is, which makes my arm tired, swiping on the screen.
The computer is plenty fast, much more fast than my laptop (Win 8.1), which is only a year old. Startup is fast too, much better than my Win 7 machine. Wireless keyboard and mouse work well. There's plenty of USB ports on the monitor, unlike my laptop. There's 4 USB in back and 2 on the side. I think the 4 are regular USB and the 2 are USB 3.0
There's not too much software that comes with it, so you'll have to buy your own.
It weighs quite a bit more than a laptop, so it's not for lugging around.
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on June 17, 2015
I purchased this computer for my wife and she is very happy with it!
The 20 inch screen is beautiful, and the computer serves her
purposes very well. The keyboard and mouse are wireless not
wired as shown in the picture.
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on January 8, 2015
Really like the touch screen. No more trying to click with a mouse.
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on February 11, 2015
Excellent Value!! Fast enough for the average user. Not an i5, but not that much cash for this unit. I paid $399 for the touchscreen model just a month ago here. I see it's up too $523!!!! Don't know why and not sure it's worth that much, but at $399 It's a genuine bargain.
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