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on November 17, 2012
Compact, large screen. Did not realize how large it was until I opened the box. Fast boot. You have two option,, type in you pass word (very quick) or use the recognition to log on (very slow).
Good sound & graphics. I find the mouse a little heavy. Guess its the batteries that cause this. Maybe the manufacturer could redesign it using
AAA instead of AA batteries to reduce the weight. One issue I have and have not figured out how to work around is after using it for extended period,
the unit goes into I assume energy saving mode and sleeps. I still have not figured out how to stop it from sleeping while in the middle of my work.
It came pre-installed with Microsoft office trial but could not use it as it seems to be corrupted because it kept reporting an error when tries to load so I installed
another office software (free) to get started.
Definitely would recommend it.
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on October 24, 2012
I was looking for a all in one desktop for home purpose and then i came across Dell Inspiron io2320-3333BK. I got the delivery real quick and when i started workin on it, i just loved it. Touch screen works nicely and the performance of the machine is good as well. The only thing i didnt is the keyboard and mouse came with it, those are the worst keyboard and mouse i have ever used but overall i like this machine.
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on January 28, 2013
This is a great home PC with lots if wonderful features! You don't use the touchscreen as much as you think you would, but it's cool when you do. Like for instance, on a webpage that has small pictures/writing, you can take your fingers and swipe the screen larger for viewing it (just like on an iPhone). Screen is more than big enough, and it's super fast. Love it!
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on May 13, 2012
I am very pleased with this computer. It is fast,easy to set up and works great. Has all the features you need for work or play.I would recommend this product to all my friends.Everyone who has seen it are really impressed.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on March 1, 2012
I've had Dell computers exclusively since the 90s without any problems. I was considering an iMac, but couldn't justify the premium for what I needed a computer for. So I bought the Inspiron One 2320 as a compromise. It's been running for a few months now and it's had several issues. The first issue was when it was shutting down it would hang up and never power off. I was finally able to boot up in safe mode and get it running again, but for some reason the cooling fan would stay running on high (very loud) continually after that. I made a call to tech support in India where I tried to explain the issue. People in India are very nice, but there is just no substitute for a native speaker when trying to explain issues like that. It was very time consuming and frustrating, additionally, at every opportunity or tech support operator change they would try and sell me some bloat-ware POS. With their help I was finally able to update the BIOS and now the fan is quiet again.

The other issue is build quality. The plastic pieces are loose and several times a day the computer starts vibrating very loudly. Some days I set it one some socks which stops it for a while, other days I use duct tape and tape the back in a certain way to stop it. This certainly isn't the most expensive computer on the market, but it wasn't a $250 el-cheapo either. For the price paid and my past experience with Dell I expected much more and I'm pretty disappointed. This WILL be the last Dell that I own, I just hope it lasts for a few more years, but based on what I've experienced so far I'm not holding my breath.
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VINE VOICEon July 12, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is my third Dell computer since the early 2000's. Although the others are now rather outdated, they still work trouble-free which was a big factor in me choosing this Dell System.

Overall, I have to say I'm pretty impressed with this desktop so far in quality and function, especially for the price. The computer and screen are all in one which makes it neat and attractive on the desk without taking up too much space. The screen angle adjusts by moving the clear base stand in the back. The touch-screen feature is awesome, especially for young children or older people who are new to using computers and working with a mouse. There's a nice selection of software pre-loaded (such as Photoshop Elements 9, Premiere Elements 9 and a starter version of Microsoft Office 2010...more on this later). The desktop has an assortment of widgets for easy access to music, photos, notes, sync, weather, media and more. Internet connectivity is fast and easy.

Unlike some of the other reviewers, I haven't experienced any problems or issues with the computer at the time of this review, but there are a few software-related things I feel would have made it a better value. The Microsoft Office 2010 is just a starter version. Office is such a basic product that most people use for work or school, so it would have been nice to have the full version pre-installed. Same with the McAfee Internet's only a 30-day trial :(

Here's my opinion on some specific things:

Setup - Very simple and fast. Probably took ten minutes or less from the time I opened the box to the time I turned it on.

Mouse - Although it works fine, it feels a little cheap and the batteries fell out once. I'll probably replace it with a better one at some point.

Keyboard - It's lightweight and since its wireless, the desktop looks neater and less cluttered. It comes with AA batteries which was helpful.

CD/DVD Drive - No problems with it although it can be a little loud when running to install software, etc.

Sound/Speakers - Very good, music and movies sound great.

Webcam & Video - Great feature with fun effects.

AC Adapter - The cord is long enough, but the box part gets a little hot after a while.

Screen/Image Quality - Pretty good. It's not quite as crisp and vivid as my MacBook Pro, but unless someone's a serious graphics professional, it's more than fine. You'll need some screen cleaning wipes for the fingerprints if you use the touch screen feature a lot.

Bottom Line...

I'm still on the fence between 3.5 and 4 stars because of the Microsoft Office Starter version, the 30-day McAfee trial and a few of the other things I mentioned earlier, but considering everything else you get for the price, I think this a good quality desktop for an individual, small business or for kids. It easily handles all the basic things someone would do: internet, photos, music, word processing, games, videos, entertainment, etc. and it has the processor speed and enough room on the 500GB hard drive to add more programs if you want.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
To set the stage, I was given the incredible privilege to audition this product for free. I was very excited to have the opportunity and looked forward to getting it. That said, I'm now wondering if I'm going to keep it hooked up. It has some really nice aspects, but there are some negative issues that I'm not sure that I can overlook. For free, I find myself on the fence. Had I spent $700+ on it, though, I'd be very disappointed. Given the quality issues (see below and other reviews), combined with the fact that this model is no longer being made (Dell has a newer version), I don't recommend this unless you can get it for ~$400 and are willing to take the risk on quality.

I'm going to guess that if you are in the market for an all-in-one desktop, you aren't looking for top-end performance or the ability to upgrade the hardware later on because you aren't going to get either. These are made to be easy to use, and they are neither thoroughbreds or for the casual upgrader who wants to put in a new graphics card and such (btw, swapping out the hard drive would be pretty easy, and adding memory looks doable for most people).

Okay, you give up performance and upgradeability and pay for the ease of use, so - is it easy to use? Well...if everything worked correctly, then yes. The design is intended to be very easy to set up, and there aren't cables running everywhere. It could be very easy, and that's the intent. However, read the reviews here, and you'll quickly see that you're taking a risk with this model in regards to quality issues and things not working. For example, right out of the box, my stand wouldn't adjust - so I couldn't set it up. I spent over an hour taking it apart and troubleshooting it, with my brand new screen sitting on the wrapper face down on the floor, which isn't what you want from a brand new product. I'm fairly comfortable taking electronics apart, but I can't begin to imagine what my parents would have been thinking if they'd gotten this (okay, I would have been shipped back the next day).

After getting it fixed and set up, though, things have gone pretty smoothly. My two main gripes are (a) it's kind of loud, from the fan to the disk drive to even the screen buzzing, and I expect new computers to be quiet because they get louder with time as things wear out, and (b) the display quality is only so-so, with a very reflective screen, poor off-axis visibility, and not-so-great integrated graphics. For me, those are two major issues. After all, I can't use this thing without looking at the screen, and I'm using it close enough to hear it.

But, hey, it's not all bad. :) That's why I'm torn on it, because it does have some good features.

- Pretty decent CPU performance. The second generation Core i3 in this is near the bottom of Intel's offerings, but it's no slouch for a lot of things. If you haven't bought a new computer in a while, you might be amazed at what the "low end" processors are like these days.
- Nice screen size. 23" is a good amount of real estate.
- The speakers are surprisingly good, IMO. I'm using it on my desk, so I don't need to crank them, but the quality is very good. I have external speakers for games and music, but the built-in speakers work very well for casual listening when watching videos and such.
- Good quality webcam. I was surprised by how well I liked it. Also, it has the added bonus that it has a privacy screen that easily slides in front of the camera. So, if you're worried about someone remotely turning on the camera or simply leaving it on by accident, that screen has you covered.
- Wireless keyboard and mouse, and wireless N wifi. The only cord that you really need is for power, and that's cool.
- You can use it as a monitor for other computers or video devices. To me, this is huge. For example, I have my laptop connected to the HDMI input and my desktop to the VGA connection. While I wish that it had a DVI input, just being able to use it as a display is great. It took Apple years to get that feature into their iMacs.
- Good connectivity in general. Video and audio inputs/outputs are good, and it has six USB ports and a card reader.
- The touch screen is kinda cool. Probably not very useful for most people, but still kinda cool. :) It shows finger prints/swipe marks easily, but so does every other touch screen that I own, so I can't dock it for that.
- Hardly any Dell bloatware comes on it. It comes with Dell utilities, but I find them handy.

- Quality control. Just read the reviews here, and you'll get a sense of it. I haven't had mine long enough to notice anything breaking down, but when I first unpacked it, the stand wouldn't adjust more than about half an inch (which isn't far enough for it to stand upright). Long story short, it was because the spring tension was too high on the internal mechanism. Had I not been mechanically inclined, and willing to spend over an hour disassembling and troubleshooting a new computer, it would have gone back in the box. Very surprising to me that issue got past inspection. But, the stand I could fix, unlike the small piece of debris that is underneath the glass of the display. It's small, but noticeable enough to annoy me.
- Noise. The fan in this thing isn't necessarily loud (yet), but it has a buzz to it that's a bit annoying. Because I took the back off to fix the stand, I could see the fan easily - and it sure looks like they could have put a larger and quieter one in this. My concern is that fans tend to get louder with time, and to have it be loud from day one isn't a good sign. Also, the screen buzzes sometimes, and the hard drive noise is louder than I'd expect.
- The screen is highly reflective, which is a problem in my office with a window off to the side. I mention the screen because all of the pictures on Amazon, at least to me, make the screen look like it has a mat finish. It definitely does not.
- Very poor off-axis visibility. Straight on, it looks great, but from an angle, the visibility drops off significantly.
- It vibrates and causes my desk to hum. The vibration is barely noticeable when touching the case, so it seems like the issue wouldn't exist had they put a little isolation on the base of the stand and feet. The new design uses a more conventional monitor stand, which might get rid of this issue.
- The stand and feet aren't horrible, but they don't allow for much adjustment on the display. You definitely can't adjust the height of it. You can buy stands that will attach to the VESA mount, but you'll need to take the stand off to use them. Again, the new design looks better for this.

So, I obviously don't recommend it at the current price of over $700. It has some really nice features, and it could have been a home run for Dell - but the fairly poor screen, noise level, and quality control issues make me say pass on this. If you can get one for $400 or less, it might be worth it.

UPDATE July 7, 2012: I'm now running this as a regular desktop with a monitor connected to the VGA output and the main display turned off. I also have it sitting on the floor and not on my desk. Two things that I want to note: (1) the graphics are very good over VGA, and my monitor doesn't have the screen issues that the built in display has and (2) there's zero hum from the case now that it's on the carpet. As a computer, it does very well (still not a powerhouse gaming machine due to the integrated graphics, but very good for daily tasks). So, I still won't recommend this in the $700+ range because you're paying for the display, but if you have one already or can get one fairly inexpensively, it makes for a good "desktop" once you connect it to an external monitor.
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on June 11, 2012
I bought this thing hoping to run a little graphics prblishing comp in Sept of 2011. Since I bought it Dell has replaced the mother board two times and they have replaced the hard drive twice. I am on Social Seceruty and although I only spent $800.00 for this hunk of crap, is it a LOT of money to me. All the techs are in India and altoough they seem to know their business and are really nice people, I cant understand them.
Presently, I am having a problem with loadig the drivers for my new printer (I can load them on my 8 year old compact laptop) and now the Dell will not reconize my canon camera (so I cant import pictures ....... so how does one run a graphics like that ????) Two weeks ago, Dell advanced tech level said they were going to replact this thing and they would call me to keep me informed o fthe progress. I have yet to receive a phone call so last night, I checked their progress (Takes them about 2 weeks to build one of their computers) on, entered the order number and got a massage that the order had been cancles !!!!!! WTF !!! So I got a tech on a chat line, after about 35 minutes, he tells me ... he dosen't know why it was cancled and to call "Dell customer support care service" (very miss-leading), I call this AM and am told to call back in two hours as they are "servicing" their systems. No kidding, fixing their own systems.
I bought a two year service option and Dell has been to my place 3 times with re-furb parts so I cam keep calling them for the next two years and having them replace parts ...... or I can go to WalMart and get a $300.00 E-Machine, which will be a real upgrade from Dell
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on June 7, 2012
What a piece of crap - I've used Dell in the workplace for about 15 years. Based on that history I decided to try this A-1 model when it came time to replace my aging Sony. What a mistake. I'm truly confused by the people who give this five stars - I'd give it MINUS FIVE STARS if that was an option. If you're looking for a computer that:
1 - cannot operate I-Tunes - then buy this computer.
2 - cannot play a DVD without locking up - then this is your baby.
3 - locks up while on the internet - without being on any particluar website - then buy this computer
4 - if you like the color blue while it locks up - you will enjoy the blank blue monitor. Leave it on forever, it won't fix itself.
5 - if you like to make friends on other continents - you will like the CSRs who tell you its perfectly normal for the computer to lock up like that.
6 - if you like to give Dell your money for no good reason - you will have fun with CSRs who's only interest is to sell you an additional warranty.

If these things appeal to you then, yes, by all means, buy this computer. If not, get an HP or any other computer. I gave this door stop, boat anchor to my mother (all she does is send e-mails and play solitaire) and even she doesn't like it. Sorry, mom - i thought it would work out for you.

Don't even try to get someone at Dell to listen. Who are you going to call? The only support number you have is the International Support Team and according to them, all of the above is ok. Piece of crap, pile of junk (repeat).
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on May 15, 2012
Bought this for Christmas 2011. From almost day one the screen would go blank and I'd have to reboot to be able to use it. Less than 5 months of owning it, it will not boot (can't even get into the bios). I contacted Dell and they refuse to take it back. I've always had good luck with dell, but was lucky enough not to have to deal with customer service. This was my third dell and now last. I guess if you need a boat anchor, buy one.
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