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on December 16, 2015
I am in love with this keyboard and mouse. The key feedback is great. The chiclet design makes it super simple to type quietly and efficiently. Less error when typing compared to standard keys. The only small issue is that the keyboard is not incline adjustable. It's a fixed incline although the angle is very low and I haven't experienced any pain using it like that even after being used to a flat keyboard. The mouse is also great. Fits in the palm nicely and is shaped so you don't get hand cramps always trying to hold on to the mouse. I've found that with other big name combos similar to this. Also it's very, very difficult to find a keyboard that is wireless and has the inidicator lights for number lock, caps lock and scroll lock. What gives?! But this keyboard has that and it's great. Keyboard is smart to turn off the indicator lights to preserve battery when they keyboard is on but a key hasn't been pressed in a while. Wakes up quickly as soon as you start typing; no lag or missed entries. Mouse is the same, goes to sleep when not using and comes back on when you move it. Fantastic feature that both of the devices turn off when the computer source shuts down. Don't be worried if the indicator lights don't turn on when you turn on the keyboard; they keyboard has to be connected to a computer that is on for them to illuminate. Great feature in case you leave the keyboard switched on and shove it a backpack or bag. I love this keyboard combo and would definitely buy it again. Nicely done Dell and Logitech. Bought 2! One for work and one for home!

Update 4/23/16
I continue to love this keyboard endlessly! I am going to buy a third one for my father for Father's Day! Please never discontinue this keyboard combo Dell!
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on March 14, 2017
This rating is for the KM717. This keyboard is really great, one of the best I've ever used and I've used Dell, Logitech, Microsoft and more. The top is aluminum with a plastic bottom which gives it a more premium feel, close to the Microsoft Surface keyboard (white/grey) but in a darker hue. The key feel and travel on this keyboard are excellent and make typing way easier than it was on my old keyboard, which is important because I'm on the computer a lot. It does have a caps lock light and num lock, the keys aren't illuminated which isn't important to me as I learned to type at a young age through typing tutor software on a DOS machine. The mouse is interesting, it has good feedback and a soft touch plastic feel, it has forward and back buttons on the side and scroll wheel. There is no metal used in the aesthetic portion it's all plastic. For me the mouse is too low which made me have to put more pressure on my wrist to use, this may not be a problem for people with smaller hands or use a wrist pad, but I ended up buying a Logitech MX Master mouse which works well with the keyboard as it was causing too much wrist strain for extended use. I would whole heartedly recommend this keyboard to anybody, you can purchase the keyboard alone from other sources which may be wise for people with larger hands.
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on September 13, 2016
This is exactly the keyboard I've been looking for!, This keyboard has island style keyes (slightly higher/taller than a normal laptop) but that is a good thing, and types very smoothly. It is a slightly louder than I would prefer but it does not bother me given it's performance otherwise. I appreciate that there are indicator lights for the capslock and numlock, to identify their status as on or off. I would have also appreciated an addition legs on the back to allow for a more angle position, but it does not both me that much. The keyboard is slightly longer than I expected at 17.5 inches, but given its minimal depth of 5 inches, it does not take up as much space on my desk as I expected. The mouse also works very well with the monitor, and only one dongle is necessary to connect both the mouse and keyboard, which is very convenient and space saving for my desktop. The devices were very "plug and play", by which it was easy to start using the devices once the devices were *flipped on*. I would highly recommend this keyboard and mouse pair to anyone who expects to be typing a lot for work or school. Great Dell Product!
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on February 29, 2016
Both keyboard and mouse are good looking. Very modern design
Keyboard keys are very comfortable and soft for typing.
Keyboard and mouse sizes are very comfortable.

Lack of Windows 10 functionality for kits. For example mouse horizontal scrolling, two aditional buttons on the right and left side are not working in win10. Keyboard search button Fn+F5 is not working in Win10.
This model has no Fn+F6,F7,F8,F9 functions. Only from Fn+F1 to F5
It would be great to have multimedia next and previous track keys.
Mouse click voice is little noisy.
Keyboard has no Caps Lock led on it (they have solved this problem with osd soft to show it on the screen)
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on May 21, 2017
I bought this to use for a convention exhibit table I set up with a MacBook Air. I plugged it in, the OS wanted to do a quick configuration and then it was done and working perfectly. The volume keys on the keyboard even control the OS volume like the native keyboard does. Comes with batteries so you don't have to hunt them down. The USB receiver fits in a little space on the battery door of the mouse for easy storage.

The only complaint I have about this thing is the lack of an on/off switch for the keyboard. It takes two AAA batteries and I would like to just leave them in there when the thing is not in use and just flick a switch, like the one on the mouse. I suppose that the keyboard has such a low draw, however, that it is likely not too much of an issue. Nonetheless, I have taken the batteries out of it for storage.
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on January 30, 2016
*** UPDATE: At one point I rated this well. This one I had less than a week and several of the keys (one whole section) just stopped working completely. I filed a return and then we got hit with Hurricane Stella... Long story short I got my neighbors to dig my car out today and see that it's too late for me to return it now. Is it the seller's fault? No. this is clearly a manufacturing issue.

I will say it's a great keyboard when it works. But now I am stuck with a very expensive paperweight.

Absolutely the best keyboard and mouse combo out there. Well I've bought more than a few cheapo keyboards in my day and I can tell you there is a difference! I had one of these that came with Dell All in One and I loved it so much I got another one for my desktop. I highly recommend this keyboard mouse combo.. Anything else feels flimsy/ noisy / cheap to me in comparison to this one.
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on May 1, 2017
Plugged both units in and began working. It doesn't get any easier than that. I have a small desk area and these two units have a small footprint for keyboards I've used, fitting well in the space I have. The Dell keyboard has a good soft touch to the keys and the mouse is equally usable. So far there have been no issues with battery life, I'm still using the original batteries after 3-4 months regular usage. I work from home and use both units 8-10 hours a day for work 5-days a week as well as for personal use. I'd buy these again and highly recommend them if you don't need an ergonomic keyboard or don't need the power typer keyboards.
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on March 24, 2017
Why it took me so long to pony up and buy a wireless keyboard/mouse combo, who knows. But I'm glad I did. I was restricted by the USB wires on my old setup that I had to be careful not to pull my keyboard drawer out too far. This has changed everything. I like low profile keys, and this keyboard has been great. The mouse is good too, but it's a mouse. Nothing special about it. Keyboard goes into energy saving mode rather quickly, which is great. At the press of a button it's back on and registering to the PC. No lag, delay or having to double press. I'll be ordering more of these!
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on September 30, 2016
I bought this item about 6 months ago last March (2016) to use at my Mom's ranch; i.e. it doesn't get moved around. Almost from the beginning the mouse and keyboard would lag and hang up. I tried replacing batteries and switching both units off and on which would provide very temporary relief... and then... back to the frustration. Since I only used it once a week or so for a few hours, I would forge on and deal with it. On reading the rave reviews, I realize now I must have received a lemon. Sorry for the 2 star review. I should have sent it back immediately but I had taxes to do for others, business and personal followed by extensive business travels abroad through the Summer... so I blew it. I am happy that others are glowing about their purchase. This is as it should be. The cautionary tale here is to deal with a lemon immediately. I'm probably going to put this in the Goodwill donation box and maybe they can fix it and put it to some good use.
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on February 23, 2016
I needed a compact wireless full size keyboard that takes up as little as possible. It is very light and so is the mouse... almost too light. The gliding "pads" under the mouse is not very slick so the mouse does not smoothly move over mouse pads. The quality and feel of the mouse is... well, it feels pretty cheap. The keyboard is chicklet style and is quiet.

The power switches on both the keyboard and mouse are tiny and difficult to feel out. It would have been nicer if they had a little more surface area so that I didn't have to flip the keyboard over to find and flip the switches on and off with the edge of my fingernail.

The keyboard runs on two AAA batteries and the mouse on a single AA battery. Duracell's for both are included in the box. The transmitter is tiny USB that takes up minimal room.
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