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on January 6, 2017
Arrived as promised, new, packed and sealed in what appeared to be original Dell packaging. I have a Latitude E5420 docked, all the USB ports work as expected. I'm using a 32" Vizio 1080P flat screen TV as a monitor at present. I bought an inexpensive DVI/HDMI converter to make the connection. I also bought an inexpensive Display Port/HDMI adapter (I'll eventually have two monitors) and that works as well. I've used this same docking station at work, and they're simply great. The deck is angled slightly so that the laptop fits flush on the docking station and slightly elevated in the rear, but the design leaves plenty of room for the fan vents. The laptop seems to actually run cooler than when it sits flat on a desk. I don't hear the fan speed up nearly as often as when it is undocked.
As I said, I've used this same model with this laptop before, knew what to expect, and I'm not in any way disappointed. Dell's price is $169.99, so this is a great deal for a new docking station.
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on March 29, 2014
I ordered this docking station on the 20th, it was delivered on the 24th, which was one day earlier than expected. The seller's description was right-on, my box was the original Dell packaging, the Dell shipping tape unbroken. Opening the box, I found the typical Dell packaging with clear plastic wrapping and clear tape and it was easy to remove the power adapter and docking station.

The docking station works exactly like I expected, the 130W power adapter charges the device quickly, actually faster than the 90W adapter I carry around with my laptop. All my tests were done with my Dell Latitude E6410, Windows 7 Professional 64-bit. No drivers were needed for the docking station to work.

Docking the laptop is as expected, just line up the middle of the laptop to the dock and press down, the loud snap will definitely let you know when it's locked in. The eject light and power light will glow when the unit is connected. The unit will work with the standard 6-cell battery and the larger 9-cell battery. There's a slide on the top of the unit that'll adjust to what type battery you have for a easier line-up when docking the laptop to the unit.

What was tested on the docking station and worked:

-Audio out
-All USB ports
-DVI port (automatically adjusted the resolution to the native resolution of the attached monitor)
-Ethernet 10/100/1000 half/full duplex (Yes, I tested all these variations with a Cisco Catalyst 2960 using a Gigabit Ethernet interface, and tested its auto-negotiation capabilities with the Gigabit and FastEthernet interface, all worked)
-eSata port
-VGA port (had to manually adjust the resolution to the screen's native resolution)

What wasn't tested on the unit:

-Kensington security slot (it's just a hole to lock up the unit so it doesn't walk away... the hole was there, so it'll work.)
-Audio in/microphone port
-Dell DisplayPort (this is a proprietary port designed for output to 2 monitors for a spanned desktop. I don't have the adapter, nor do I have a multi-display setup. The adapter can output to DVI or VGA, and the adapter can be purchased pretty easily.)

This may just be me, but I did wish that there was a physical "Sleep" button on the docking station... My power settings are set where if I close my screen it puts the laptop into sleep. I have to go into the Windows menu and go to that little arrow beside "Shut Down" and select "Sleep." It's a minor inconvenience, but that's just my way of handling my power options and it's not worth taking a star out of the review. There are keyboards that have a physical "Sleep" button, so I'll probably just utilize that feature.

In all, this docking station is exactly what I needed for my E6410.
The seller provided detailed and accurate information.

Great experience with the seller, great docking station!
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on August 6, 2011
This docking station was inexpensive, relatively speaking, and worth every penny. What Amazon doesn't tell you is this has VGA and DVI out as well. I have a dual monitor setup in my home office and am running a 27" 1080P display no problems. I love the fact it comes with its own power adapter you can always leave hooked up, and keep the other in your travel bag when you do decide to undock. It has plenty of USB ports, 3 being on the side for easy access. Also has audio out I used to plug my speakers into. Super convenient to have your home office setup with a standard keyboard and the works, but ability to packup and go without plugging and replugging 10 cables every time, getting under your desk to get your A/C adapter, etc. If you move this once every other week, this will save you, let's say, 1000 minutes per year. That is like 15 hours. How much is your time worth? My time is worth much more than $7 per hour, especially when that is extra time with the family.
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on October 17, 2015
I installed this at my work when all they would give me is a laptop but I wanted a desktop. I feel good about it because the computer feels more "permanent" which is good for me because it is checked out in my name so apparently if it is stolen off my desk, it is my responsibility to replace it! I have a job that has me in and out of public schools all day long so I have no desire to tote around a laptop. This docking station not only offers enough extra usb ports to connect all my peripherals but also a charging cord for my phone. Perfect! Yay!
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on May 3, 2014
I ordered this for my work computer as I wanted to use it with an external display/keyboard and mouse. I am using this with a Dell Latitude E6320 running 64-bit Windows 7 Enterprise. It arrived in brand new condition with an OEM Dell power adapter. I wanted to use this with my extra 20" Apple Cinema Display (connecting thru DVI-D). They lock down our corporate comps quite a bit, so I was worried I was going to have to file an IT ticket to get this to work with the Apple Display. I plugged everything in and it worked right away! The locking/docking mechanism works well and the eject button is convenient. The dock is much smaller than I thought it was going to be which is nice as well. I have the extended battery and the laptop still fits great due to the adjustable slider on the dock. Plus, since this came with it's own power adapter, I can leave my original adapter in my laptop bag so I don't accidentally leave it at home!

Ports I have used:
DVI @ 1680 x 1050
Ethernet (confirmed working gigabit connection)

I would definitely recommend this for someone who wants to use their laptop as a desktop while at home.
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on May 25, 2016
This was fantastic for a while. This offered me many shortcuts on my desk. I have a projector, printer and smart board that I hook up constantly. So this thing made things much simpler.

2 months went by and I started having issues. So I finally just un attached it to avoid those issues and noticed 6 pins in the slot were bent down. I only had this thing for 2 months and always snapped it in place gently. Not sure why the pins would just bend except this is made like garbage. That's why I am reviewing this product in a negative light. Works great for a while but doesn't last just like lots of other Dell products
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on March 11, 2015
After not having a dock for so long, this is amazing. I've always wondered if they're worth the hassle. Well, they are. This dock has dual monitor output (one DVI and one VGA) so I can plop my laptop down and get an instant dual screen experience. Of course, it has ethernet, USB, audio, etc. The power adapter has a high wattage, so it charges quickly. So far (three months now) it has worked without any problems. I'm using it with my Dell Latitude E6430.
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on November 24, 2015
This product works exactly as described and it works well with the Dell Latitude E4300 series laptops and most other Dell E series laptops as well. I have 5 USB ports and the ability to use either analog or digital for my video and separate headphone/microphone jacks as well. Currently have my USB Wi-Fi adapter connected to the device to use on my computer but plan on using the gigabit Ethernet port in the future. A much cheaper alternative than getting a huge desktop computer.
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on November 7, 2014
I bought this docking station for use with my Dell XT3 laptop, and it works perfectly. I bought this as a refurbished unit for about $20, which was a great deal. It came in like-new shape, very clean, with no scratches or defects. The power supply included works fine as well, and was also in perfect condition. The docking station lets me keep my monitor, speakers, external disk drive and printer hooked up to my laptop with ease, and taking it out of the dock and putting it back in is a breeze. There are plenty of USB ports for whatever external things you need, and it takes up very little space on my desk. If you have a compatible laptop, I would highly recommend one of these. The only downside is that the blue lights from the power supply and the eject buttons might be a little bright for some people, but I didn't find it bad at all even in a pitch-black room at night. Overall, great docking station!
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on May 3, 2013
This is the same port replicator/docking station that we use at work and I decided to buy one for home so that I can hook my work laptop up and work off dual monitors. The price was great and it works as promised. Getting the port replicator plus a genuine Dell charger for this price is a great deal since the power cords themselves can run over $40. Works great and would recommend for home office use.
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