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Display Size: 27|Style: Curved|Change
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on May 16, 2016
Love this monitor. I had purchased it off of Amazon Warehouse deals...I got shipped the wrong monitor. Which was no big deal, I returned it and then had the right one shipped out. Amazon handled the process flawlessly. The monitor has a slight curve to it, which isn't too noticeable, but it does help. I've never had a curved screen, I never thought I needed one...personally for a computer it's perfect. The colors look fantastic and the black levels are amazing. My previous monitor was a 10 year old 19" Dell so this is quite the upgrade. I wasn't sure if was going to be too big for my desk it isn't. The only real problem I have with it is the stand, it is fairly wobbly and tilts side to side. It is something that can be overlooked, but I am fairly obsessive and it does bother me a bit. Certainly not a deal breaker and not worth returning, but it is an irritant. Other than that it is a great 1080p monitor. I am very happy with my purchase.
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on February 16, 2017
Update 3/2/2017***Changed Custom Settings Read Below

*Very gentle curve not distracting
*Excellent color and viewing angles (not IPS good, but still excellent)
*TV-like black levels and contrast for movies and games (VA Panels superior in this respect)
*Thin Bezels / attractive overall look
*Solid feeling build with a good stand
*2 HDMI inputs
*Comes with HDMI cord
*Anti-Glare semi-glossy screen works great and NOT grainy
*1080P very optimum resolution for gaming right now, even at 27 inches
*Reading mode

*No height-adjustment
*Built-in speakers just so-so
*Somewhat tricky to setup (calibration info not found, needed to experiment on my own)

This Dell monitor was the answer to my prayers. Its getting harder to find a 27 inch screen with 1080p resolution, as the industry moves to 1440p and beyond. But since I use my computer for gaming, reading, and movie watching, I really wanted to stay with 1080p for the time being. In the next few years when technology catches up, I'll switch to probably 4K and seek a 27-32 inch size as they become more mainstream.

I think it says something that I traded up from a Dell S2415H IPS monitor and am overall happier with this one. The 24 inch dell had a glossy screen that was like a mirror. Also, it was a bit too bright - no matter what I did, particularly at night, the "IPS glow" was distracting and took away from movie watching. Despite its excellent built-in speakers and beautiful image quality, it just wasn't quite optimal for my uses. I found myself using reading mode all day long and feeling "fatigued" anyway. I would HIGHLY recommended that screen since its awesome, but for my room, I just wanted something a) bigger b) non-reflective and c) VA-panel, NOT IPS.

Why VA? Primarily for the 2000:1 to 5000:1 contrast ratios that promise superior black-levels. I don't need perfect viewing angles or superior color since my work doesn't require it. I don't need retina-burning maximum brightness, lately I am finding it much more useful to have a better minimum brightness! Seriously - a lot of monitors seem way to bright for the rooms they go into. Maybe in an office environment you need 250/cd but in my room I seem just fine with a max around 120/cd. So I sold the S2415H to my brother who does photo work and took a chance on this one, after realizing that Dell's displays usually look better to my eyes, and my only other realistic option was a Samsung. In-store, the Samsung didn't really impress me. The SE2716H, on the other hand, once hooked up, has only gotten better as I've gotten more used to it. I did struggle at first, thinking something was off with the color / gamma levels. But after some fiddling and a re-boot, things were looking much better.

There is minimal info about this model out there, so I will report some details. The various settings look the following, to my eyes. Standard (greenish), Multimedia (Reddish/warm but nicer overall with a good balance), Movie (bluish, dynamic contrast super bright noticeable, annoying), Game (Reddish, dynamic contrast annoying), Paper (yellowish, less bright), Warm (reddish), Cool (bluish). Custom is my present Mode. I do R 96, G 94, and B 98. Contrast is 75, brightness ranges from 0 to about 30. It looks to my eyes most like Multimedia mode, but seems well balanced to my eyes (white seems white and black seems black), and I can stare at it all day without feeling super fatigued. I otherwise would probably use Multimedia mode or Paper mode in my day to day stuff. I also went into NVidia settings and made sure it was set to RGB "full" not "limited" mode. I now leave gamma alone at 1 (0.85-0.95 'darkens' the image and produces more punch if you want it), and reset saturation to 50% (54% was 'crushing' colors on some test patterns I noticed, and wasn't worth it). I am not going for the perfect gamma / DeltaE settings people, but I am trying to get something somewhat more accurate from this display. I'd guess that these settings are closer to being "accurate". Keep in mind that "accurate" these days (2.2. gamma, 6500k color temp, 100% sRGB space with DeltaE less than 1) might not be subjectively pleasing to your eyes. So, if you are happy with the stock image settings (not Standard, but Multimedia in this case, as with my previous Dell), I suggest you avoid getting obsessed with "calibration" like me.

The anti-glare screen is nice, it blocks MOST reflections or at least minimizes them on all but the worst days. It is not grainy. In daylight it works well and later in the day I see no reflections, just like I hoped. Reading in "custom mode" has been great, and the brightness range is a tad better than the old Dell (a more minimal "minimum"). Gaming and Movies are now awesome, with less distracting IPS glow and minimal backlight "bleed". The black bars in movies now actually look black, and shadow detail is much improved. The overall image seems very even from corner to corner, and I have notice no real shifting unless I TRY to view from an off-angle, particularly vertical angles. The overall image quality seems best at a slight difference, I would note. The curve might be somewhat gimmiky/uneeded, but it didn't detract from 6-foot viewing for a movie, nor is it distracting in practice, so I'm cool with that.

Its a shame there aren't more VA panels out there like this one - and that IPS is getting all the attention these days. These panels are fantastic all-rounders if you can handle the minimal color-shifting from slightly less than 180 degree viewing angles, and slightly less accurate colors. I can only imagine how awesome it will be as "quantum dot" and OLED type panels start trickling into monitors like these.

But this one while you still can at around $250, its a great deal and I don't think you will regret it!
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on June 17, 2016
I don't care about 4k but still wanted a nice display so went with this Dell. Screen is great, sound is great. The curve sure is slick. I use it with a mac mini and ps4. Whats holding me back from 5 stars is clunky settings navigation, it takes way too many clicks to change the input source or change audio. A remote would solve all the issues. I would expect this from some generic company​, but Dell?
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on March 24, 2016
Full Disclosure: I did have to deal with Dell's tech support due to a technical issue; the original monitor they sent me was defective so I returned it and received a replacement. The replacement is what I am using as a basis for this review.
I absolutely am in love with this monitor. The picture is crisp and clear. The software allows for so many settings, between tiled windows to preset auto-changing color temperatures for specific programs/media. The speakers are amazing for built-in speakers. I have found that streamed full HD video looks better on this monitor than it does on my "42 Vizio HD television. This monitor has exceeded my expectations and is great for games, streaming video, video editing, and everyday use.
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on June 20, 2016
Excellent for gaming, I connected my PS4 and played Uncharted 4, also connected my Dell Inspiron 7559 gaming Laptop and played Rise of the Tomb Raider and both games looks amazing with this Curved Monitor! For HD movies and TV series with Amazon Prime the picture quality is awesome! For the Internet, videos and music is excellent too, so this is the best monitor I ever had. The best price on Amazon for $229.00, excellent!
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on November 30, 2015
Love this monitor. It was between this one and the Samsung 27 inch curved monitor and I am SO glad I went with the Dell. The bezels are MUCH smaller and the stand is made out of a much more hefty combination of metal and plastic. The speakers are also fantastic.
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on February 21, 2016
The picture/text is clear and the glare is reduced making it easy on the eyes. Sound is solid. I'm happy with this purchase, but do find two problems. The sound controls keep changing and sometimes are unresponsive. Sometimes I have to open the volume mixer to adjust and sometimes I can just lower it as usual. The monitor has no USB ports. Had I realized that, I would not have even considered this item, but I find that I can manage without them.
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on November 7, 2016
I bought the Dell SE2717H because it's one of the newer generation monitor that use direct current to power the LED to prevent flickering, which is better for your eyes for prolonged usage. They advertised the ComfortView mode which also filter certain harmful bluelight, but I "think" it's a filtering, not a shift, which more expensive monitors have, so the colors look very bad with it. Fortunately, I have a colorimeter and use the program "DispcalGUI" to correct the color on that mode. Now I have the benefit of filtering some harmful blue light and good colors. If you don't have a colorimeter, you can use 'warm' mode which looks better, or use "f.lux". It also have the benefit of being 75Hz for 1080p, which help further and make gaming a lot smoother.

Overall, nothing special in term of color reproduction, it is only a 6bit monitor. The port choices are also poor, limiting you to VGA and HDMI only. I think AOC has better colors and contrast, but the reason I bought this is because of flicker free and 1080p @ 75Hz while still IPS.
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on February 4, 2016
I have been impressed with the picture quality from day one with this monitor. Everything looks crisper and more vibrant than either of my previous monitors (both of which were reasonably good quality). The sound is very good for built-in monitor speakers, and the dual HDMI ports have been handy for switching between two computers. Note that one of the 24" variants only has a single HDMI port; make sure you know which one you're looking at if that matters to you.

One other plus: it was very easy to setup right out of the box; I was almost able to do it with one hand.

That said, there are several things that prevented me from giving this monitor 5 stars:
- Limited adjustments of the stand; it tilts forward and backward, but that's it. No height adjustment at all.
- The buttons are a bit awkward, on the bottom of the bezel and hard to see at all. You basically use them by feel, which is ok, but slightly cumbersome.
- I wish it were easier to switch between the inputs. It takes 3-4 button presses and it's not at all convenient. If there is an easier way, it's not easy to figure out because of the awkward buttons.

A couple other things I wish I had recognized when purchasing (my fault for not reading the specs carefully enough):
- The stand only works in landscape mode. I guess a curved monitor might not work well in portrait anyways, but I hadn't considered that when I bought it. I like the ability with my old monitor to swivel it when I needed more vertical screen space.
- I miss the extra pixels that I used to have with my 1920x1200 monitors (vs. 1920x1080 for this one). It seems that the latter is the more common aspect ratio nowadays, but I do miss those extra pixels.

All in all, a very solid monitor, with great picture quality and generally well-built. If the caveats I mentioned above don't bother you, I'd strongly recommend it.
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on March 24, 2017
Great screen,got this for my work computer and have it hooked up with my laptop. What I'm doing on one screen continues over to the other screen
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