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on February 22, 2014
I replaced my Apple Thunderbolt with this one and want to add my 2 cents for those trying to do the same or torn between the two. I was using my MacBook Air with Thunderbolt which stood on a very fancy swivel stand from Rain Design (another $100). I was generally happy but wanted to use other media devices (like Roku or AppleTV), which was not possible on the Thunderbolt because it lacks HDMI ports.
Dell U2713HM has extra-HDMI or DVI port (in addition to the DisplayPort to be used with the computer) which can be used for another Media device.

I got myself a MiniDisplayPort cable from Circuit assembly and got full 2560x1440 resolution immediately. Extra cable is required.

Apple Thunderbolt has a very slight advantage of using the monitor as a hub, but only slight because Dell also comes with a very respectable USB 3.0 hub. So really, when all boils down, the only difference between setting up MacBook Air to Apple Thunderbolt than to Dell is hooking 3 cables instead of 2.
The picture quality is close. Apple might be a tad better but I would not bet on it.
However, one advantage Thunderbolt has over Dell is the ability to control monitor (brightness etc.) right from the computer while for Dell you have to use its tedious onscreen menu. Second advantage is you can use FaceTime Camera on Thunderbolt with your Macbook in Clamshell mode. This one does not have camera but if that is important than you will have to add a camera to the USB hub.

Quick comparison between Apple Thunderbolt and Dell U2713HM:
1. Picture Quality:
Apple: 9.1
Dell: 9.0

2. Stand:
Apple: No stand
Dell: A great height adjustable pivot.

3. Looks:
Apple: Very Pretty (9.5)
Dell: Very plain (4.5)

4. Connectivity:
Apple: 9.1
Dell: 8.0 (Lacks camera)

5. Extensibility:
Apple: Not extensible in any way or form (Deal-breaker for me)
Dell: Other devices can be added (Roku, AppleTV, Blu-Ray player).

6. Audio:
Apple: Great audio for a monitor
Dell: No audio but a decent $40 Dell sound bar is available, which integrates natively to it.

7. Audio Out:
Apple: Not Audio out
Dell: Has audio out (Stereo only). Preferable to those like me who want to use their own speakers.

8. Price:
Apple: $1100 with stand
Dell: $550-$600

In short, if money is not a problem in life for you, and all you want a pretty looking monitor to hook up your MacBook or Mini than Apple Thunderbolt is a better option for you. If you want to add other media or enjoy your own audio than Dell appears more suitable. Picture and resolution wise there it is hard to tell the two apart.
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on December 19, 2013
I ordered one of these monitors earlier this year and it was fantastic. High quality, great price - one of the best purchases I've ever made. I'm a graphic designer and this made me a very happy camper. It was for personal use -- but I loved the monitor so much I made my boss buy me two for work. Again, both of them were as close to perfection as you could get.

This fall I decided to get a second U2713HM monitor for personal use. I was severely disappointed. Brightness was significantly less. White colors took on a noticeably green and dull tone. I thought I had bad cables, so I hooked it up the same way as my first U2713HM. Still dull. No matter how I altered the settings I ran into significant troubles. So, I returned it and got a replacement. Just tried it out and the replacement has the exact same problems. On the back of the monitor it says it was made in September 2013. I'd say Dell's quality department needs a severe smack upside the head. I will be returning this one for a refund. I'll have to figure out a different monitor to buy. I don't understand how Dell could screw up their product this badly.
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on January 23, 2015
With the mixed reviews of people loving this monitor and those who had a various problems, I was very hesitant to buy but decided to take a chance. I'm here so report that (although just a day into my ownership) I see none of the problems that have been reported. I am driving it with the latest macbook pro retina, connected with a miniDisplayport-->Displayport cable. Some people reported backlight bleed - I don't see anything signifcant at all. Some people had problems getting the max resolution. I'm getting the full 2560x1440 right out of the box. Some people reported the monitor not waking up with the computer after sleep. My monitor wakes up as the laptop does with just a touch of the (bluetooth) keyboard or the (usb) mouse. Some people even complained about the stability of the stand. It's stable and adjustable. My monitor was manufactured in September 2014 and is rev A00. I am not doubting other people's experiences - just reporting on mine. Hope this is helpful to future buyers.
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on August 25, 2014
Nice bright colors. No tweaking necessary unless you do color accurate work.
Can't say enough about colors on IPS panels. Beautiful.
4x USB 3.0 ports. Nice.
Input ports galore. All monitors should come with this many input ports.
Very easy to use controls.
Very solid stand.

Backlight bleed on these monitors are HORRIBLE. Visible in the corners and sides. Leakage is very uneven.

I went through 2 of these monitors. Beautiful, bright colors, but with IPS glow and mediocre black levels. The real problem with this monitor is the backlight bleeding. I had real bad bleeding on all 4 corners on both monitors. Both monitors also had a large semi-circle shaped bleeding on the left side of the screen next to the USB ports. Most IPS monitor I've seen have some light bleed, but I've never seen monitors with bleeding as bad as the U2713. These monitors need better quality control.
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on May 19, 2015
Truly a glorious looking display. I've no intention of repeating its specs in this review.

However, be aware of the connection capabilities. HDMI In does NOT go full resolution; it maxes out at 1080p. Combinations of DisplayPort to HDMI or HDMI to DisplayPort also do not display full resolution. VGA will get slightly higher, but still not full resolution. So far, only DisplayPort to DisplayPort has shown the full picture. Allegedly DVI-D works as well. From my understanding, the slightly more expensive Dell U2713H does display 2560 x 1440 with other connectors, and newer 4K displays at a similar price point will also have an easier time moving from your computer to the display.

I didn't know this going in. It's really frustrating to know you've got a bombshell of a display after researching and waiting for a good price to buy, only to find you have to completely rethink your options and go through a handful of cables.
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on November 5, 2014
Received this monitor late Oct 2014. Got the A00 rev but noticed the manufacture date of Aug 2014. Noticed a few of the reviews indicated issues with the A00 (mainly 2013 reviews). Considering this monitor was made a few months ago, I'm assuming Dell fixed these problems and that the rev number does not indicate date made.

Bought this monitor for my MacBook Air 13" (latest version). Decided it was silly to spend 1k on the apple monitor when you can get a monitor with similar spec for nearly half the price. Note that you will need a display port to mini display port to get the full 2560 resolution.

Right out of the box the monitor was easily installed and the colors were great. No dead/flickering pixels. The monitor worked great with the MBA closed and all was good. That was until a week later... It was subtle but i noticed that there were a few lines that did not accurately show grey color. These lines would be slightly lighter. I ran the Dell diagnostic test to make sure the issue wasn't with my connector or computer. The first test screen is a solid grey color and lighter lines were visible. After trying to tinker with the issue for another half hour I decided to print out my return slip and send back to Amazon. The following day I decided to test my monitor one more time before I returned. Strangely, the monitor display was fine... No faint lines. No idea why. Barring any future issues, I plan on keeping the monitor.

I've thought about it and even with the issue I had, I would still order from Amazon. Here's why:

1. The monitor I received was just recently manufactured and contrary to what others reviews states, I don't think Amazon is unloading old reversions. Mine is just a few months old.
2. Price - 70 bucks less then Dell's website
3. Return policy - This is the big one for me. No hassle returns - just a click of a button to create my return slip. No having to deal with Dell's sales to try to return the thing. I noticed I have until the end of January 2015 if i want to return it back to Amazon. After that I'm still covered by Dell's 3 year warranty.

Hope this helps.
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on May 12, 2013
Overall this is an awesome monitor, colors are fantastic, resolution is amazing. I had zero dead pixels when I purchased it.

On the first night of use there was a little image retention, but that went away by the second day. On the second day of using though, I decided to watch a movie and that's where I could see horrible backlight bleed. Lower left corner is yellow, and lower right corner is white. Top right corner was okay, but the upper left was also yellowed out.

Production date was Feb 2013. I'm returning it to Amazon and hoping they will send me one from a newer batch. Not what you'd expect from an UltraSharp premium monitor for $800 MSRP.

One star rating due to the bad backlight issues. Uniform color is necessary for me.
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on November 12, 2014
Just received this monitor but have used it previously, friends have one. I have the A00 Revision but was built in August 2014. The first thing I did was immediately check for back light bleeding since this was a known issue with this monitor. I did not notice much at all so it appears Dell has fixed the issue.

Setup was flawless. I just plugged in and had to switch the input. Please note that in order to utilize the full 2560x1440 resolution, you will have to use a DisplayPort Cable.

I was contemplating between this monitor and the Asus PB278Q monitor. Both are of the same resolution but the Asus is a PLS (Samsung) panel where as this is a IPS (LG) Panel. The reason why I decided to go with the Dell is because of Dell's warranty. While both Asus and Dell offer 3 year warranty's, Dell offers paid cross shipping. What that means is if this monitor were to ever go bad within its warranty Dell would ship a replacement immediately and then I send them back the defective monitor free of charge no hassle. With Asus you have to pay for shipping to the factory and you have you wait for your replacement.

In terms of GTG response times, the Asus is a bit quicker (5ms) whereas the Dell is 8ms. My old monitor had a 5ms response time, I hardly notice a difference between the two.

TL:DR Back light issue seems to be fixed. Dell offers paid cross shipping within warranty
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on May 16, 2014
Let me start off by saying that Amazon customer service has been fantastic! Also, the picture, viewing angles, and sRGB color reproduction on these panels is really good. Now the bad stuff: At these prices, I expect my monitor to deliver perfection; unfortunately, Dell completely forgot to do any quality control on these monitors--it is all a big game of whac-a-mole! I gave up after sending 3 of these monitors back:

The first one had dust under the AR coating (Rev A00 made in Feb 2014).
The second one was an open box item (I did not bother to check Rev # or manufacture date).
The third one had yellow backlight bleed most noticeable in the lower left corner (Rev A00 made in April 2014).

So I am back to using my trusty old Asus! I might try an Asus PB278Q in a few months: http://www.amazon.com/PB278Q-27-Inch-LED-lit-Professional-Graphics/dp/B009C3M7H0/
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on February 20, 2013
Must say, I did my research before I bought this monitor. I am using it with my macbook air, and the fact that this monitor has a display port (DP1.2) that provides video and sound in the same output was a big plus. Also, the flexibility that this monitor offers is another great thing about it - you can rotate or change the level of the monitor very easily. If you want to get 2560x1440 resolution, and plan to use it with an apple product (e.g., mac mini, macbook pro/air etc.) I definitely recommend this monitor, especially if you don't want to spend almost a thousand to get a native apple display (aka the thunderbolt display). So, for those who plan to use it wtih a mac computer that has a thunderbolt port, just buy a mini display port to display port cable, and it will give you the maximum resolution. Mind you with hdmi, you can only get 1920x1080 resolution.
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