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on December 22, 2014
*****UPDATE JUNE 2016*****

I finally have the option for pictures on Amazon reviews so I added a few. I have now had these since November 2014 and have no complaints. I haven't had a single problem with them and they still look excellent. If I was buying again today the only thing I would consider is a 1440 or 4k version of this same monitor now that the prices have come down a bit. Other than that these 1080p screens are excellent.

******Original Review*********

I will start out by saying that I love these monitors. I am a compulsive researcher when it comes to buying electronics. I researched monitors for a long time before deciding on what to buy so hopefully I can pass on what I learned about these Dell monitors now that I own 4 of them.

I have 3 of these mounted to an Obutto racing cockpit and one across the room on a desk. All 4 are connected to the same PC that currently has a single Gigabyte GTX 970 G1 card in it (SLI coming very soon). I am a 31 year old nerd that's been doing IT professionally and compulsively for a long time now. I am going to list the things that I got caught up on when researching these monitors in hopes to ease the pain for you

60hz IPS vs 120hz+ TN panel - I really went back and forth on this one. I tried a couple 144hz monitors and they were excellent for gaming. If fast paced online shooters are the only thing you do with a monitor then 120hz+ might be worth the consideration. BUT the trade off is poor viewing angles and slightly washed out colors. I don't play competitively and also work on the same screens so color became more important to me the more I thought about it. The colors and viewing angles on the dell more than makes up for the lack of a higher refresh rate. Especially in a surround setup where the outer monitors are angled. Yes high refresh rate is really awesome for competitive FPS games but to me it wasn't worth the tradeoff. I am happy to report that I have ZERO complaints about these 60hz screens while gaming. From racing sims to RTS to fast paced shooters. I don't notice any lag or blurring or anything else that would make me regret having an IPS for gaming. Best of all the colors look amazing in everything I do with them.

The dreaded nvidia color problems - I decided after reading reviews about this monitor and display port issues that I would stick to HDMI connections. I run one monitor on HDMI, two on DVI to HDMI cables and the 4th desk monitor on an active display port to HDMI adapter. My monitors did show up with limited color selected. This is NOT the fault of these Dell monitors. This is a known issue with nvidia in general and affects other screens as well. I ran the fix for this (see comments for link) and now have full range color on all four displays. It took about 2 minutes to download and run and all is well. You do it once and it sticks. No need to run it again after driver updates. Nvidia has finally acknowledged the problem and will have a fix for it in the future (link to that also in comments).

Daisy chaining via display port - Don't buy these monitors for that. If you need that function then these are not the screens for you. There are countless others having issues with it so just avoid it. I run laptops with HDMI and my gaming rig so I don't personally have a need for it but enough people have had problems with it that it wouldn't make sense to buy these for that purpose.

Dell warranty issues - This issues isn't an issue. Dell does warranty them if you buy them from Amazon or any other retailer. They even warranty them if you buy them privately. The confusion is that Dell monitors under 24" do not have a service tag which means they can't be registered with Dells support site. Check the comments on this review for the full warranty info posted by Dell. Rest assured that your monitor is covered under dell warranty.

Price / Value - Buy these on Amazon and direct from Amazon. Enjoy no hassle returns and a huge savings over dell direct. The monitor is phenomenal for the price. I tried to get Dell to price match Amazon but never got a response from them and still would have had to pay a large amount of shipping. I saved so much buying 4 of these on Amazon Prime that I could have bought 3 extra ones. The price on here fluctuates daily if not hourly sometimes so keep an eye on it for dips in price. I saved even more by frequently checking it.

Touch sensitive buttons - Not my favorite but they aren't THAT bad. As a few others pointed out, use your thumb. Mine work fine with my thumb but don't work at all with my index fingers. If you only run one of these monitors then install the dell utility and you can control most of the settings right through the windows app.

Sound bar accessory - SKIP THIS! Please just don't do it. It looked like a great solution for when I docked my laptop on my desk but it sounds HORRIBLE! Literally any other USB speaker on the market would sound better. The sound bar is almost painful to listen to and it stays on ALL of the time. No way to turn it off separately from the monitor.

So with all of that out of the way what's left to say about these screens? BUY THEM! I love them. The colors were excellent right out of the box. The three I have in surround matched each other pretty good with almost no tweaking. The matte screen is refreshing to someone like me that hates reflections with a passion. None of that here with colors that still look great and a matte coating that isn't grainy. And those bezels! Probably the #1 reason I was so stuck on buying these. If you are doing a multiple monitor setup then these screens should be at the top of your list. Even debezeling and overlapping TN panels won't get you bezels this thin. It's excellent for a surround setup.

Hopefully this long winded review can help dispel some of the reservations you may have on these. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend these as an all-around solid investment. 3 year warranty and out of the 4 screens I got not a single one has a dead pixel or serious flaw. If you are still reading, check the comments to see the other info I mentioned above or to ask me any questions about them. Good luck in your search for a new monitor!

**Video is a friend playing GRID Autosport on pretty high settings at 5760x1080. That's on a single GTX 970 locked at 60fps. This video was shot with an iPhone 6 but came out horrible when I uploaded it to Amazon. I wanted to post more pics of my setup but Video was my only option in the review section. Oh well, I tried. Bottom line is you won't have regrets with this monitor.
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on June 23, 2015
Works great with my old early 2011 Macbook Pro. Even comes with a Mini-Displayport cable! I followed advice from another reviewer about size, 27" vs 24", looked at a couple of 27" monitors in a store, and decided the smaller screen was easier to work with. Plus for long web pages, the screen tilts to 90-degree portrait view but I scroll the page up anyway because I want the section I'm working on directly in front of me. Actual viewing area of screen 20-3/4 inches wide by 11-5/8 inches high.

Set up monitor with Macbook Pro:
There are two display ports about dead center on the back of the monitor. I started with the mini-Displayport cable plugged into the display port on the right but found it has to go in the display port to the LEFT. I didn't write down steps as I went along so not sure of the order. The five teeny tiny dots for "touch" buttons on the lower right front of the monitor frame are barely visible but locate the power "button" far right and turn on the monitor. You'll notice now due to the light from the screen, the buttons are not visible at all. (Terrible design but you don't need to access often.) Press on the front of the frame to the left of the "on" light and four icons pop up on the screen--left to right are color, brightness, menu and X. Touch the frame just below the menu icon, then touch the frame below the up and down arrows to navigate. You can do everything in the menu section or use color and brightness sections separately. Took a little playing around but I used these settings: Input Source: Display port (NOT mini-Displayport!!!); Brightness/Contrast: 34/75 (it was way too bright for me); Color Settings: Custom Color>Preset Modes>Custom Color: r100/g88/b100 (strictly personal); Display Settings>Aspect Ratio: Wide 16:9. (To adjust color, I put my laptop next to the Dell monitor and adjusted as closely as I could to match my Macbook.) Your display won't be looking too good yet, but click on the Displays icon in the menu bar at the top of your screen and select 1080p (p not i - 1080i is blurry). Then click "Turn Off Mirroring" or use Mac preferences for that. You may have to set resolution for Dell back to 1080p after you make mirroring change. If you're going to work in "clamshell" mode, you can skip mirroring change and just close your Macbook. You should see the Dell screen change to the proper aspect view and resolution. Pretty now? I hope so. This may not be the exact steps in the right order but maybe will cut down a bit on your experimenting and frustration!
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on June 4, 2015
After having used an Asus TN panel for the last 4 years, the jump to IPS was an extremely noticeable one. Within minutes of turning this monitor on, I was left wondering why I hadn't made the switch to IPS sooner.

First in terms of style, the bezel is almost non-existent. My unit does have a fair bit of backlight bleed, more pronounced in the bottom right corner and slightly noticeable in the other corners, but nothing that really bothered me. IPS glow from off-angle is present, but inherent to the tech and really not an issue during normal use. The anti-glare panel coating works well. Height and tilt adjustment work well.

I use my computer almost exclusively as a gaming rig, so when I decided I had enough with the poor color reproduction and terrible viewing angles of a TN panel and started looking for an IPS display, I first narrowed them down by response time. Note that while other IPS displays may claim a lower response time of 5ms, as compared to the 8ms of the U2414H, you can't always take those numbers as truth. Scouring professional reviews for this monitor I found that it was about the best you will get in terms of response and input lag for an IPS display. I can say that I notice almost zero difference form my Asus TN panel, which claimed a 2ms response and is often seen in reviews as one of the lowest response monitors out there (the Asus VS248H-p if you are interested). Simply put, those worrying about response time of this IPS vs a good TN have nothing to worry about. This monitor performs great from 3rd person RPGs like the Witcher 3 to fast paced FPS like Battlefield 4. I don't notice a difference from my old TN.

I'm also a bit of a color nut. I consider myself a novice calibrator/enthusiast. The main reason I wanted to jump to IPS was for the supposed increase in color reproduction and IQ. In short, this monitor blows away my old TN panel in this department. I had thoroughly calibrated my TN panel, and had even recently bought a Spyder 4 colorimeter to try to acheive a better calibration. However even with hardware calibration the TN was still off. Gamma was always a mess, and obtaining a neutral 6500K white was almost impossible.

I was very interested in the U2414H because it comes with a factory certified calibration, which is activated in the sRGB mode. It also comes with an included calibration report with Color temperature and gamma charts. I will say that the factory calibration was quite good, and if I wasn't sensitive to calibration I would have probably been happy with it. However I immediately noticed that the image was fairly warm and the gamma felt a little high (too dark). I was able to verify this using the Spyder 4 sensor and dispcalgui calibration software (highly recommended if you intend to calibrate your monitor further).

In the factory calibrated sRGB mode, I measured a color temperature of about 6250K, which is a good bit warmer than the 6500K target. I also measured a gamma of 2.3, slightly darker than the 2.2 standard. There was also noticeable clipping in the high end with red and magenta, causing red, orange and pink type shades to be over-saturated. This is what I measured only for my unit though, other units may have better calibrated sRGB modes, so you may get better results than what I did. However I will post my settings, using my colorimeter and software, to help those who are unhappy with the sRGB mode.

In order to obtain a 6500K white point, in the Custom Color mode I ended up on the following:

R = 100
G = 97
B = 99

Contrast = 75
Brightness = 32 (for 120 cd/m2)

After making those simple changes, the display was very close to ideal. White point measured at 6540, and gamma came in at 2.1, as it is in most of the other modes from my testing. Although the gamma is slightly lighter, the colors are extremely accurate. After running through a full calibration with dispcalgui, the end result was only slightly different than what I got just from adjusting the monitor controls. The difference in normal images was almost imperceptible, and could only really been seen when looking at a grayscale or the like, where the extremely slight reddish tint was removed. Using the verification function in dispcalgui showed colors with errors less than 2 across the board and 99% sRGB coverage.

Overall, for the price point this IPS monitor is wonderful. It sports extremely accurate color reproduction with only a small amount of effort and has very fast response time that should pose no issue for gamers. The factory calibrated sRGB mode is fairly close to the standard out of the box, but at least on my unit was not ideal. By making small adustments to the custom color mode, I was able to dail the display in to 6500K fairly easily with a default gamma of 2.1. I think most people would be happy with the custom color adjustments I posted above. If you have a colorimeter, using dispcalgui you can obtain an almost ideal calibration on this monitor. Extremely pleased. Why did I wait so long to go IPS?!
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on November 15, 2014
After weeks of reading reviews, technical details, etc. I bought the Dell U2414H and am very pleased with it. I like the easily adjustable stand, the clarity, and the size of the monitor. For the price, I believe I got a very good monitor.

The only downside is the touch sensitive buttons used to the monitor on and off, and to adjust the settings. They do not respond to a touch and I find that I have to repeatedly touch a button to make an adjustment. While this isn't a deal breaker, the quality is lacking on this feature. I use another Dell monitor at work and the touch buttons on it work perfectly 100% of the time.

I tried some of the monitor's presets when I received it, and ended up using the sRGB setting, which gave me the truest color. One nice feature of this monitor is that it comes with a printout of the monitor's color analysis from the factory. The only thing I adjusted was the brightness and contrast. Once these were set, I didn't have to make any further changes.

I ended up downloading the Dell Display Manager from the Dell website to use for making adjustments to the monitor. The software allows me to use the mouse to make adjustments, which is much easier than using the monitor's buttons. All in all, I'm very pleased with the monitor and would recommend it to anyone.
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on April 19, 2016
Excellent monitor that I use as an extension to my laptop connected via a docking station. Images are sharp and the colors are solid. The best feature of this monitor is the ultra-slim bezel, an advantage I felt useful while having two monitors adjacent to each other.

I had some trouble configuring it for the first time, but, from then on, it was all smooth and good.


I am changing this to a 1 star review for the monitor. It was working fine and efficient until it gave up on one fine day. The screen got grainy and started to flicker for no reason.

It was a good monitor for as long as it was working, but I expect a monitor to last for more than 6 months.
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on December 30, 2014
I bought this after referring to TFT Central's list of flicker free monitors.
If you are affected by flicker, this one works perfectly for that purpose

However, the common issues presented themselves.
The display port on this monitor is horribly implemented. It will cycle on and off forever if you suspend your computer, fail to turn on once resumed, sometimes start going into the on/off cycle upon resume. Since the default cable is the display port, you'd think they would try to get it right.
I bought a hdmi cable to see if it was isolated & it was. It works fine now. So I greatly suggest getting a hdmi cable if possible with this.

The black is washed out. Online guides suggest changing some settings on nvidia or some other video cards. Naturally, these are all for windows computers (I am running Linux Mint) and I'm not using nvidia.
However, if you are running linux, fixing this may be actually quite simple.
In the terminal, enter xgamma -gamma n

xgamma -gamma 0.8 works good for me. I doubt this is permanent, so put it somewhere to run at startup. No need to install anything.

There is a color profile available however which is nice, and the color is incredible. I watched Avatar again just because it looked so good!
As others have reported, the touch screen buttons are terrible. But, set them once & you're good. So not a big issue.

In summary, 1 star docked for terrible displayport implementation
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on October 25, 2016
Let me preface this review with the fact that I have never owned a high quality monitor before. So my thoughts on this monitor may be skewed a bit.

HOLY CRAP THIS IS A GOOD MONITOR! I had no idea what I was missing. I bought two of these to replace a broken HP monitor I had and a crappy TV that I was using as a monitor. I use one of them as a main screen, one as a vertical screen for music and documents, and I have a crappy alienware screen that I got for free that I now only use for skype, folders, and sticky notes.

These are really well built and sturdy. All of my screens would shake when I bumped my desk before, but now they do not. I love the stands they come with. The stands are part of the reason I chose these. The vertical orientation is amazing for documents. One small issue is the menu buttons are hard to press but you should only be dealing with the menu once and then never touching it again. Another small issue is that the cords provided (power, mini-display port, USB) are all pretty short for my setup. I would recommend buying longer cables. The picture is amazing as well. The only issue I had with the picture is that when watching the film "Visitors", which is black and white, the blacks did not look deep enough for my liking. Other than that, the picture is very sharp and easy on the eyes. I love it!

If you are looking to upgrade a crappy setup then do it! If you want a monitor that will allow you to work efficiently, then get two and use one vertically.
I could not be happier with this purchase.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon December 6, 2016
How I set up dual monitors on 2015 MacBook Pro 15 inch: I bought two Thunderbolt 3.0 (Mini Displayport) to HDMI adapters from Amazon Basics and two Amazon Basics six foot HDMI cables. Specifically, the adapter is AmazonBasics Mini DisplayPort (Thunderbolt) to HDMI Adapter. I could maybe have used the HDMI port that is available on the right side of the MacBook Pro directly, without the second adapter, but I wanted both cables coming out on the same side of the MacBook Pro; the two Mini Displayports are on the left side of the MacBook Pro. I plugged both Amazon Basics adapters into the two TBolt ports on the MacBook Pro, then the HDMI cable from one to the first monitor and the other HDMI cable to the other monitor (i.e. both are set up independently). Boom, both seen in the display setting the MAcBook Pro. No problems. No hiccups. I could arrange, change scale, etc., from the systems display setting. They both work in 1080p resolution. Specifically, the ideal resolution for these monitors through HDMI cables in portrait mode is 1080x1920 60Hz

Note: the newer version of this monitor is the Dell Computer Ultrasharp U2415 24.0-Inch Screen LED Monitor, which has a higher resolution, I think. I do not know if that one goes into portrait mode or not (description says turns "90 degrees", but whether it does that smoothly in both directions, etc., I don't know (must turn in both directions so that one monitor can have bezel-lee top against the other monitor's bezel-less top (which means it's turned the other way, if that makes sense)). Bottom line: I didn't research that monitor fully, and did not want to spring for the higher resolution (which would make my icons and text even smaller at max setting than on this monitor, which is plenty small enough for my You might want to other monitor so research it. :-) The resolution of the xx15 model is In-plane switching, anti glare with hard coat 3H: Optimal resolution 1920 x 1200 at 60Hz. But, there are several smart reviews that say modern HDMI cables are limited to 1900 x1080, which is the XX14h monitor reviewed here, at least with the cables as I have it set up. I'm no guru, no idea if all that's true. :-) I also note that this xx14h computer has item weight Amazon under 8 pounds, and the xx15 model has item weight over 14 pounds! Don't know if that's the display alone, or if the box has a ton of packing If it is heavier by 45%, I don't want it. Again, YMMV.

Note: I use Amazon Basics USB-powered speakers, which require the 3.5mm headphone jack and a USB port. I can attach them either to the MacBook Pro itself, or to the back of one or the other of the monitors (the monitors each have the necessary jacks). These monitors do not, in and of themselves, have speakers. The reviews of the Dell speaker intended for these monitors was marginal, so I went with Amazon Basics USB-powered as I didn't want another AC cord to deal with. Had I wanted better sound and an AC powered unit, I likely would have bought the Bose ninety-nine dollar jobber, Companion.

Daisy chain: I didn't even bother trying daisy chain the video monitors themselves after reading the nightmares in these reviews. I fretted whether these would work with two HDMI cables, but in the end, it was a plug and play solution. Simple. I'm glad I tried it. For anyone considering daisy chaining these monitors, search these Amazon reviews with the words daisy chain and it'll have you considering the method I used. LOL That said, I think that without daisy chaining, I cannot watch a full image that takes up both monitors...i.e. a gigantic picture. I can mirror both monitors to have identical stuff, or I can have them each act as separate monitors (but with a shared cursor arrow moving across each, from one screen to another). So, when I "full screen" a window, it fills its monitor, but not the other monitor. I can have two full screen things open at the same time--like a Youtube video in one, and an Amazon shopping in the other, for example. I often have a Pages doc in one, and a Word document in the other (portrait mode truly shines for that). However, since I have independent HDMI to each, I cannot have one giant continuous display for movies, gaming, etc. (I do not see a setting for that, anyway, in Display under System preferences, arrangement; someone can correct me if I am wrong). So, if that's your desire, you are going to have to wade into the mucky-mucky of the daisy chaining quicksand. Personally, although the bezel is thin, I don't think I'd enjoy watching videos with the thin black line splitting the screen anyhow. But, that's me. I'm cool with, for example, putting my Tweetdeck on one monitor, and watching Youtube videos on the other, all controlled with one mouse and mouse cursor, if that makes sense.

I added the "Display Menu" app by Thorsten Karrer in the Mac app store, free, which gives me more choices for scaling and puts an icon on the desktop for quick changes in resolution. See it in the Apple App Store. It's use is optional, though. I just wanted more scaling choices depending on the type of work I'm doing (i.e. if I need more screen real estate and windows).

I use both monitors in portrait mode, which works great for YouTube commenting, Twitter feeds, and longer documents. Thin bezel allows no significant "knife" between the monitors when each is showing it's own material (the "knife" might be too much if one is daisy-chaining these babies to watch a movie half on one, half on the other, though). I have read about people placing gaffers tape in the rear to "join" the monitors such that light does not come through the gap between them; I have not found this necessary. All settings to rotate the images to portrait are in System Preferences, Display, Settings. I honestly adore the dual portrait set-up. (One funny finding is that, for some reason, Youtube video pop-up ads--those annoying rectangular things we have to click to turn off--come at the bottom of the portrait page, not in the video, so no more clicking! That said, the video itself is in the center of the portrait monitors, and only you can tell if you like it that way).

IMPORTANT: I watched some Youtube videos reviewing this monitor to discover-- thankfully, before I ordered the two I own-- that the dual stand option from Dell, the one that is offered as an option when buying two of these monitors, DOES NOT allow the monitors to be used in portrait mode! Only in landscape mode. So, anyone who wants even one monitor in portrait, or even occasionally wants portrait, should not buy the stand. Frankly, unless someone is trying to place this setup on a miniature desktop with a single footprint, the stand is not necessary. With the optional dual stand, you won't be using the innate rotating stands that already come with the monitors. :-( So, I did fine (and saved $80) by not getting the extra stand, and now I can choose landscape or portrait, or a combination. The twin monitors sit nicely on my desktop, no issues.

I am very glad with this purchase. If I run into monitors dying, dead pixels, etc., I'll update this review. Dec 6, 2016. The picture quality is quite decent, the set-up was much easier than I had anticipated with my 2015 retina McB Pro.
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on March 17, 2017
Excellent picture quality and great stand. The only thing I don't like is when you turn you computer off it has this bright light on the power button that's not on when the computer is on, but comes on and flashes bright the whole time the computer is off unless you press it to turn it off. Wish it would just automatically turn on and off or at least not flash that bright light the hole time the computer is off. I don't know why they made it do that. Looks nice with the matching sound bar but don't buy it if you want to just plug it into the back of the monitor and not have another cord going to the computer. There will be static in that speaker the whole time the computer is on.
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on April 29, 2016
I waited a few months to write this review because I purchased this unit refurbished from a Canadian company through amazon for $186 which is a steal so I couldn't pass it up. Shipping was fast and actually came earlier than expected. I could not be happier with this purchase! The matte screen is amazing in my bright room and the colors are so rich and clear. I use this monitor as a second screen to my laptop and its just amazing. I also use it with my ps4 since it has 2, yes 2, HDMI ports. It also has display port in and out to daisy chain more than one of these monitors together. Many people have complained that the response time of this monitor is not ideal for gaming but I believe those people have not personally owned this monitor because I have not noticed any screen lag that will hinder my usage. I opted for this monitor over the U2415 because of the 16:9 aspect ratio vs. the 16:10 ratio on the latter. 16:10 is great for browsing the web and photo editing etc., but I use this mainly for video editing, movie watching and gaming so this is perfect. 1080p is more than enough resolution for the average person especially on a 24" screen. It also has a 3.5mm audio out port and I have it hooked up to some Desktop speakers. One downside of the monitor is that it doesn't audio control so volume has to be adjusted by either the input source or the speakers you hook up to it. All in all, this monitor is a great purchase, after 3 months I have yet to run into any issues. I hope this helps anyone that is considering purchasing this monitor.
review image review image
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