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At first glance, NovaLogic's Delta Force doesn't look like the sort of action game you might expect to see here at the tail end of 1998. After all, a game in this genre has to be 3D accelerated to be good, right? Not necessarily. If ever there was a game that proved the value of gameplay over graphics, it's Delta Force.

Delta Force is a game of special forces combat against terrorist and insurgent forces. You can play the game from either a first- or third-person viewpoint. You can even do both at the same time, thanks to the picture-in-picture feature that lets you see your first-person view in a small window while playing the game from a third-person POV.

Delta Force includes five single-player campaigns, each against a different foe in a different theater: a drug lord in Peru, terrorists in Chad, terrorists in Indonesia, insurgents in Uzbekistan, and more terrorists on the Russian island of Novaya Zemlya. The foliage (which is universally sparse), the buildings, and the bad guys all vary from region to region, though the landscapes are all pretty much the same except for color changes (green for jungle, tan for the desert, white for the snowy arctic circle, and so on). Rolling hills and plains pitted by deep, smooth canyons are pretty much the standard terrain type here.

The attack-and-destroy missions are interspersed with a healthy number of other scenarios. For example, there are a few missions where you will have to infiltrate a base to steal a laptop or some other source of intelligence data. Others include rescue missions, convoy ambushes, and (in one of my favorites) laser-designating targets for naval bombardment. Overall, the mission design in Delta Force is very strong.

One point where Delta Force could stand some improvement, however, is in the mission-planning phase. As mentioned earlier, you have no say in the mission plan itself. You can alter your starting equipment and weaponry, but the mission waypoints are fixed - and suicidal. Nearly every mission is planned out so that your first dozen or so steps will take you straight into the heart of heavy, concentrated enemy fire. The best way to complete most missions is to ignore the waypoints entirely and make your way slowly around the objective, sniping all visible bad guys from extreme range before moving in to mop up the survivors.

Then again, the computer-controlled good guys aren't often much help anyway (particularly Charlie Team, which was about as useful as red shirts in Star Trek). For some reason, these poor fools got wiped out early in almost every single mission, often before I could even make it to my first few waypoints (maybe that's why they wouldn't leave their hole on the last mission…). The AI for enemy troops, on the other hand, is quite good. Unlike in Rainbow Six, a bad guy in Delta Force will most certainly respond when you blow away his buddy - and so will a dozen or so of his comrades. Opening up with an automatic weapon from an unprotected spot is sheer suicide, as the bad guys will quickly home in on your stream of fire and wipe you out.

The tepid graphics engine does not ruin this game. So long as you have the hardware to run it at 640x480 with 16 million colors (the aforementioned Pentium II 300 can do this just fine), Delta Force can actually be quite impressive from a visual standpoint. The maps are all very well designed, as are the various bases, airfields, and other objectives you'll encounter. The player and enemy animations are excellent and realistic. The death animations even vary depending on where a character is shot. And the rolling terrain makes sniping a real challenge, as you often have to wait for a bad guy to pop up from behind a rise before pulling the trigger. The idea was to create believable outdoor environments where combat could take place at extreme ranges (we're talking about distances of up to a kilometer here), and Delta Force truly delivers in that respect.

The game's Dolby Pro Logic 3D positional sound and excellent sound effects make the battlefield even more realistic and immersive. The sound of bullets whizzing by is often the only indicator you have that you're under fire. When you hear slugs hitting the ground all around you, you know that it's time to move and move fast. Also, the shouts of your enemies (which come complete in a language native to the theater) will let you know whether or not you've been spotted. Once, after shooting a Peruvian at point-blank range, I heard him yell "Medico! Medico!" before crumpling to the ground.

The weapon sound effects, from the suppressed H&K MP5 to the mighty M249 SAW, are utterly fantastic - possibly the best I've ever heard. In multiplayer games, the weapon sounds of 32 players combine into an unforgettable din. When you enter a multiplayer game of Delta Force on NovaWorld, NovaLogic's free gaming service, you will feel like you're entering a real combat zone.

In general, multiplayer games of Delta Force are incredibly fun - when they work. NovaWorld is very obviously lacking in the bandwidth department, and reports are flying all over the Net about difficulties getting this game to work well over modem and generic Internet links. Still, if you catch NovaWorld on a good day and at a good time, you're in for a treat. Delta Force online is one of the most enjoyable and thrilling multiplayer experiences I've ever had. Game variants like capture the flag, king of the hill, and team deathmatch are a real blast no matter how many players are in a game.

Delta Force is a very impressive game overall, despite the limitations of the graphics engine and the multiplayer flaws. The excellent single-player gameplay, the solid multiplayer component, and the incredibly immersive battlefield environment make for a truly impressive game. Any action fan who is open-minded enough to look past the graphics engine will see a game that easily ranks with Rainbow Six as one of the year's best "alternative shooters." Just make sure you have a powerful system, otherwise you'll waste all of your ammo firing at pixels you could almost swear had just been moving. --Michael E. Ryan
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Release date August 4, 2000
Customer Reviews
4.8 out of 5 stars 25 customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
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By A Customer on February 14, 2000
Delta Force is an explosive game. It combines militay tactics w old faschioned shooting. Mission include Assulting terroist bases, sabatoge, black opps, convoy interception and protection, and rescue missions and lots more. And after you've mastered the game. Go on novaworld for endless game play were you are fighting a true enemy. Not dumb AI but real humans. If you dont watch out you'll find yourself in front of someone elses crosshairs
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By A Customer on February 2, 2000
I have been playing DF constantly for the past year. I discovered multiplayer about two weeks after I bought the game and have just played online since. This game is incredibly addicting. Competition is fierce. Novalogic's servers can often be laggy, but during the workday, traffice seems to lighten and you have a smooth game. If you want a really good bang for your buck, buy DF; stay away from DF II---too buggy and hard to play. DFI will give you a wild online experience you will come back to hour after's intense.
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Let me start by saying that in general, I really enjoyed this game. I played through all the missions a couple of times, and some were downright challenging. I only give it three stars, though, because of several key factors.
The main drawback is that the AI is weak, in my opinion. The bad guys don't react particularly well when you start sniping their buddies. Rather, most of them tend to assume threatening postures but otherwise just stand around waiting to join the ranks of the worm feeders. Others will run around a bit and shout, but there is no real method to their madness. Again, they tend to be easy pickings.
Related to the weak AI is the fact that the bad guys are rather poor marksmen. My typical tactic playing through many missions was to find a suitable vantage point from which to engage at long range, reasonably confident that the return fire would be pretty inaccurate and not particularly threatening. Of course, if you start getting into closer quarters, their aim tends to improve just a bit.
The bad AI also applies to fellow team members. Alpha and Charlie teams (2 men each) were very poor about trying to be stealthy, and were wont to charge in with guns blazing only to find themselves promptly deposited in body bags. The net result is that the player (the one-man Bravo team) has to fulfill most mission requirements on his own.
I also disliked the fact that the bad guys were a little to easy to kill. Simply grazing one on the foot is enough for a KIA. This tends to cut both ways though, because the good guys also die with only one or at most two hits. On a related note, bullets don't penetrate soft objects like tents (but thankfully do break windows). Just a tad unrealistic.
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Even when it first came out, Delta Force wasn't really a groundbreaking game. However, what it may have lacked in graphics and animation accuracy, it more than made up for in sheer joy of gameplay. Even though I no longer play it online, and play it in single-player mode with my 4-year-old son, we both find it incredibly enjoyable. The missions are difficult enough to provide suitable challenge, especially since, if you're not careful and wary, one single bullet can kill you - just like in real life. None of the ridiculous "hit point" meters and other nonsense like in other FPS-type games. However, the missions are also short and sweet - perfect for those like me who don't have the time to invest in hours-long missions of stealth like in Operation Flashpoint.

I also like this version of Delta Force because bullets from your machine gun are capable of destroying vehicles and helicopters. In subsequent versions of the game, you would be required to use a rocket or other explosive, when in real life, a fusillade of rounds can bring down a chopper just as surely as an anti-aircraft missle.

In short, this is just one of those all-time classic games. I recommend it with 5 stars.
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By A Customer on January 15, 2000
Ever hear a cuban scream after being shot with a m401A sniper rifle at 500 yards? Well you can here... The game includes diffrent languages that the enemy can scream or curse out at you. It's almost as if you really are in the jungle holding a amazing-man killing cannon, in your hands and hunting your fellow man. Really there is no better elite forces sim to be found anywhere... This is the highlight, and it's even better while playing on the net. It's all you wanted from a combat/action/sim and more... you are part of the elite delta team. A secret team that goes behind enemy lines to fulfill a number of mission objectives... (assaination, raid, stealth insertion... ETC)
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Delta Force is one of the best war games I have come across. The environment is beautiful, the missions and enemies are realistic and you don't need fancy hardware to run it. Select your weapons carefully and start your mission. Once the shooting starts, the positional sounds makes you wet your pants the first time. I almost froze when I met enemies up close (but finished them off eventually). The controls are easy to use and you'll soon be a ruthless killing machine. That's when you're ready for some multi-player action. This game sure is a must have!
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