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5.0 out of 5 stars
Delta Green (Call of Cthulhu D20)
Price:$314.00+ $3.99 shipping

on March 1, 2016
An excellent book. Fantastic source material for a contemporary Call of Cthulhu campaign. My copy does not have the spine disintegration problems that this edition sometimes has, so not all are in bad shape.
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This review is for the dual-system Delta Green (hardback) sourcebook.

Delta Green began life as a reason for a bunch of otherwise individual people to band together to fight the Mythos in the "Cthulhu Now" milieu for Call of Cthulhu.

It grew in the telling.

Comparisons to the X-Files inevitably produce comments that DG was around first, but actually the story is (like all stories) a little more involved and for all intents and purposes this version of the product was developed contemporaneously with shows like X-Files and Millennium, and it was obviously informed by those and other pieces of the urban media landscape of that time.

Delta Green is not a complete game. You will need a copy of The Call of Cthulhu rulebook to play, either the BRP 6th edition (though any of them will work) or the D20 version - this edition of the rulebook has stats for both systems where required, so you can run BRP *or* D20 games from it.

What you get: Probably the most complete sourcebook ever produced for Call of Cthulhu, giving so much information that your brain will likely overload attempting to absorb it. There are enough conspiracies, counter-conspiracies, secret organizations, holdovers from WWII and cults to keep a Keeper/GM busy for a very *very* long time.

There is a wealth of factual information with which to give your games the patina of realism, including a rundown of various legal ramifications and security service procedures. There are pages of blank documents and forms with which to gussy up your in-game clues. There are adventures you can run with only some reading ahead of time.

And in this edition there is the added benefit of being able to run the game with either the usual BRP rules for Call of Cthulhu or the also-excellent D20 rules (now out of print but still available and occasionally at reasonable prices from this very emporium). I am currently running a DG campaign using the D20 rules and it is one of the most popular games I've ever run (and I've been running Call of Cthulhu for 35 years).

Content wise, I don't "buy into" everything Tynes, Detwiller et al have to say, and you may not either. Even so, there is so much in here that any Keeper/GM will be able to take those parts that appeal to him/her and build a campaign around just those aspects. I, for example, have made great use of the Karotechia, a Nazi organization that tried to harness Mythos Power during WWII and whose members may have escaped to places like South America after the war.

Production-wise there is little to fault. The hardback book is cloth and stitching bound so you won't have pages falling out of the book if you open it. The pages are semi-gloss white which along with the double-column presentation and the typeface chosen make for easy reading. All the artwork except the cover is black and white.

I do have one complaint: the D20 character sheet is deficient and needs to be reworked for most characters. Be aware that since the D20 license for Call of Cthulhu has expired, finding online resources for that version of the game can be challenging. Those running the BRP version should have no problems as the character sheet is considerably less complex in that system.

If you've ever considered running a game in the paranoia-infested world of the 1990s, you couldn't do much better than this gem. The dual system idea is one I heartily endorse, and I only wish that the D20 rules were still in print so we would see more of this sort of publication.

Highly Recommended.
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on May 20, 2008
Here is the deal, this book is very much like the 1997 printing (with out the insanely hard time finding the 1997 printing or the extreamly rare 2000 countdown version). It is updated with the post 9/11 stuff, which makes cretin things a little easier. Also there are D20 and BRP stats.

This game is like a non-fluffy version of the X-Files.

This game is my personal favorite. I have read/played many other systems in my 5 years of gaming. (I attend Origins, GenCon and smaller conventions.) This has both D20 and BRP stats. The D20 stats were an after thought but this book has more content for the read. I personally dislike D&D and most d20 systems as they lend well to power gaming. Delta Green is highly lethal, but that is really needed to get the mood right. I love this system and setting, but this is not for everyone. This is Modern-Horror-Sci-Fi gaming at it's best, and if you're not into those genres this may not be the game for you.

For any horror role-playing affectionado, this is where it's at
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on November 22, 2008
Delta Green is a modern setting for the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game. It contains a horror-based theme mixed in with an X-Files feel (minus the fluff). The original printing was in 1997, but now the game can be found in both d20 and the Chaosium systems.

A friend of mine first introduced our group to Delta Green this year. It had the entire flavor that Call of Cthulhu did but without the limitations that sometimes are experienced with playing a game based in the 1920s. We played five or six adventures and had a blast.

Since then, I had really wanted to purchase the book but just hadn't gotten around to it. My interest got renewed recently when I saw a few television shows dealing with topics that are covered in Delta Green, such as the Majestic 12. Even after playing the game, I had no idea how much of it was based in actual conspiracy lore. I originally thought it was just H.P. Lovecraft blended with the X-Files, but it's much more than that. Of course there is plenty of added flavor to the game but the research that went into it is very good and surprisingly detailed.

If you love conspiracy lore and roleplaying games, you probably already know about (and own) Delta Green. If not, check it out. Delta Green is modern sci-fi horror gaming at its best.
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on January 21, 2008
It's a conspiracy oriented Call of Cthulhu RPG game. The D20 addition gives you the opportunity to create much more action oriented encounters than the BRP. Imagine having a character from the x-files in a Call of Cthulhu game uncovering secret plots by alien Gods and monsters. You get the picture. Throw in man made political schemes into the mix and your in for one hell of a ride with the players. The book goes over various secretive organizations and how to make a plausible character. There are helpful templates and ideas of how to get players involved. The scenarios are really good and thought out. Infact the whole book is very well thought out. Keep in mind when reading it that they wrote the Call of Cthulhu version with the BRP system first and overlayed the D20 features afterwards. So the D20 stats will always follow the BRP stats. This is especially true for the gun section
I would aso like to add that the book goes over various designations of top secret very well and will add to the flavor and play of the game
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on March 22, 2011
But don't spend more then $50 on this title no matter how bad you want it. Arkham Bazar ha the new updated hardcover with both d20 and BRP rules available for $40+$10 for shipping. I know its not the $30 we all used to be able to get from CCG Armory, but it's better then humoring these ridiculous con men trying to pass off one of there outdated copies for anything more. If you love CoC, and you've been wanting to play a game in the modern day, or, for that matter, during any particular major war period, this book has it all; secret societies, how to run a realistic military conspiracy in a modern setting, mythos nazi's, x-files style investigations, and a whole slue of weapons, adventure ideas, and so much more. One side note though; you will want either a copy of the CoC core book by Chaosium, or Monte Cook's d20 CoC book, as well as this one, if you're planning to GM.
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