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on June 25, 2010
I purchased this tripod to use with my Flip Ultra HD, and it is exactly what I needed.
DBROTH is a great supplier here on Amazon as well. I received my tripod the day after I ordered it, at a Standard Shipping rate.

There are a large number of features that make it almost hard to believe that this tripod is as cheap as it is.

The legs:
They've got 2 different lock-clips that are sectioned off from each other, making it easier for you to get the height you want. At full-length, you can get some great aerial shots or eye-level, depending on your height.
Get a ruler and measure out 57", that's how tall it is.
The rubber bottoms even swivel around slightly to help reduce the risk of your tripod going flying on it's own.

The head:
It swivels in every single direction you could possibly want, and it even comes with multiple "bubble-levelers" so that you can see how level you are. (Like the kind you see in rulers when doing construction work)
You can lock it from moving forward-and-back by tightening the handle, and you can lock it from moving left-to-right by tightening the side-clip. This ensures that you camera never goes flying while you are taking the shot.

The verdict:
The carrying case that is comes with looks professional and is perfect to fit the tripod when it is compacted. It makes life so much easier to be able to sling it over my shoulder and walk to make videos, since we're out a lot.
The cleaning cloth it comes with is also very high-quality, and is very handy for lenses, laptop screens, and glasses alike.

Don't buy the crappy mini-tripods that Flip offers you, at a near-to-higher price at that. This tripod is way more versatile, way more professional, and overall wins in every aspect with flying colors.

And don't think that it only fits the Flip Ultra HD, because it also fits my Kodak EasyShare C180, and should fit the majority of camcorders and cameras. If you have a screw-bottom available on your device, then odds are it will work with this tripod.

I didn't have one negative thing to say about this tripod, and that speaks for itself, because I consider myself a tough critic.
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on November 26, 2016
I couldn't be happier with this tripod. My young son has taken to making videos with our Flip camera, and wanted a tripod. I ended up buying this one because it had decent reviews and was quite inexpensive. I was a little concerned about the cheap price, but seeing as it was for a child, I really didn't want to spend a lot of money. I was both shocked and pleased when the tripod arrived. It was packaged extremely well to prevent any damage during transport. I didn't have very much trouble setting it up. I think it took me about 15 minutes, and I'm not the best at that kind of thing. The legs and fittings are very sturdy. The clips that lock the legs in place are plastic, but each leg has two sets of clips instead of just one, which makes the tripod quite stable. It's fully adjustable and easy to use. I can't believe the high quality of this piece of equipment for the price. I highly recommend it!
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on April 21, 2011
This is an excellent tripod and just what I was looking for. It comes out to 57", and I have not needed more. It is incredibly easy to fold down to two feet, although angeling to handle down is a bit tricky but easy once you get it. It is sturdy, light, and provides could support for a light camera. Don't go sticking any cameras larger than a typical home camcorder on it.

The only problem is that sometimes a couple random screws can come loose, but it never affects anything. Also, there is this black little piece on top that I mostly found annoying, but I think is supposed to help with balance. So, if you don't like it, just rip it out now because it's coming off soon anyways. But, again, that did not really affect anything, and if you don't like that piece, it actually made the tripod better.

So, overall, if you are a BEGINNING filmmaker, I highly recommend this camera. I would point a gun to your head and force you to buy it over other tripods.

For more advanced filmmakers, the tripod does not have the necessary weight to carry a good camera. It does not have measurements for height reference. It also does not have the full "steering" mobility that a higher quality tripod could provide.
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on March 18, 2011
This tripod is a no frills piece of hardware, and it is a pretty good bargain for the price. The quality of the product is passable, but keep in mind that you won't find anything else like this for the rate that this item is going for. I bought mine after purchasing a Flip Ulta HD camcorder so I could take some home videos. Let me start off by saying that this is a VERY basic tripod, and the construction quality should be considered as such. The legs lock into place with plastic clamps, and there are no ruler markings on any of the extensions for height reference. Most of the mounting bracket and the crank that elevates the mounting platform are made of plastic, so don't plan on abusing this too much if you are an avid outdoor photographer. Also, I can't say that this thing would hold too much weight for more serious camera gear, so stick with the smaller cameras for this one.

The only real gripe that I have about this thing is that the unit I received from the vendor was clearly used, and I purchased it as new through this site. There were obvious signs of use (including a rock that was embedded in one of the rubber feet of the stand), but nothing was broken or worn to a degree that would make me return it. If I ever decide to get more serious about film, I will most likely buy a more professional tripod, but this one suits my needs well enough for now. What else can I say? This thing is worth the money especially since I see similar units on sale at retailers for two or three times the cost right now. I bought the tripod that was made for the Flip cam as well, but I don't like taking desktop videos and the legs are annoying to bend around to make the thing level all of the time. If you are making the choice between the mini Flip tripod and this, get this one instead.
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on February 8, 2015
Original Review, 2/8/2015:
My Flip Ultra HD fits on it nicely. The lens cleaning wipe is awesome and comes in a small plastic case. It's very small in the carrying case, especially for 57 inches fully extended. It's almost as me, it's perfect.

Edit, 4/19/2017:
One leg bent.
I'm ordering a new one.
But still, two, three years. Great tripod. Many spills but only one break.
P.s. I've used this for way more than just my Flip Ultra HD, which broke btw. Also used it for my Olympus point and shoot. Outlived both of those cameras. Maybe I'm just rough on the cameras or the tripod is just really awesome. You decide. I vote tripod.
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on November 21, 2013
When I opened it up, it seemed pretty sturdy. Once I extended the legs, I realized it was a little flimsy. Nonetheless, it is very good. I've read reviews saying it broke easily, and I could understand why it would. Yeah, there are certain plastic parts that are cheap, but if you wanna make 'em last, first thing you should do is loosen up any detatchable things and adjustable knobs. For example, the handle isn't the best, but if you simply unscrew it a little, it handles great. It's awesome for the price, but just be careful with it.

Make sure every leg is even and locked in place. Do the same for everything, from the crank to the camera mount. You can also do special kinds of camera tricks and movements with them, if you adjust it properly.

I tested it with a Flip Camera and so far, so good. Though I am not sure I can recommend use of this for a heavy camera, but rather something no more than 4 pounds at most.
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on August 20, 2013
Pros: Tripod arrived in great condition. First use was flawless. Really amazing with the tripod for the price.

Kept my tripod in the box while not in use to protect from damage. The carry bag is a very thin nylon just to keep it from opening. The bag does it's purpose. Flip camcorder fits great on it and its pretty easy to use for a new tripod user.

Cons: Went to use it for the third time and noticed the leveler liquid was gone. Be aware that if you are purchasing because of the leveler, it may break during use or storage. This tripod is good for regular digital cameras and flip camcorders that are for amateur use.

I enjoy using this, but I will be upgrading once I purchase a DSLR. All other features work great.

I did not receive the mini tripod since it is an added item to this product.
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on February 15, 2012
Not a bad tripod for the money. There are a couple of things missing but overall a good value for the $15. ***Correction**** The Microfiber Cleaning Cloth was included in the shipment. However, it was taped to the outside of the box. Come on Amazon! How hard would it be to put it in the box?
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on November 29, 2013
I diI didn't know one could make a tripod so light and flimsy. I used it only once to find out that the Pan Tilt were so sticky that a clean shot could not be made. Totally insubstantial for pan and tilt. Might work for a fixed shot. I would not purchase another one like this. Luckily my lost stand was shipped to me from out of town so, I'm happy for my older stand that works well.dn't know one could make a tripod so light and flemze. I used it only once to find out that the Pan Tilt were so sticky that a clean shot could not be made. I would not purchase another one like this.
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on May 16, 2015
This is an awesome tripod especially for the price. Very easy to use also. It works great w/my Flip HD recorder.
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