Customer Reviews: Hall Of Fame (Deluxe Edition) [Explicit]
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As a fan of Detroit rapper Big Sean and his first album, Finally Famous, I hoped his sophomore album would maintain the same consistency as his first. Even though I was hopeful, I didn't expect Big Sean to be as compelling as his debut. Thankfully, Sean kept things together and delivers yet another captivating album in Hall of Fame. The signature "Sean-isms" are in place, which is a positive thing for the most part.

"Nothing Is Stopping You" opens the album with great promise, with Big Sean reminiscing on life before and after he 'blew up'. Hookless, "Nothing Is Stopping You" is comprised of clever verses and a couple of interludes. "Fire" is even stronger, featuring exceptional production work (Darhyl "Hey DJ" Camper, Jr.). As always, Sean references his city and it's respective issues ("Coming from Detroit where everybody say 'whaddup tho'...everybody there cut throat / watch who you hustle with you might not get a cut though / even though you deserved a commission plus mo'..."). Enjoyable 'real talk', "Fire" is truly fiery.

He doesn't stop on "10 2 10", really focusing in on emotions within his raps by altering his vocal inflections. He assumes the role of different ethnicities throughout, which has some eccentricity but also makes for an entertaining set of rhymes. In the hook, he states that "...I work from 10 to10 / then 10 to 10, then 10 again / nightmares of losing everything boost my adrenaline..." "Toyota Music" is another bright spot, benefiting from it spacey nature, surely a musical representation of the paraphernalia that Sean references. As always, a play on words and repetition has a gargantuan role.

Keeping up the pace solidly on "You Don' Know", single "Beware" arrives retaining it's soundness. While it lacked the commercial oomph of past singles, the concept is interesting and the song enjoyable itself. The assists from Jhené Aiko and Lil Wayne aren't the collaboration of the year by any means, but they provide enough spark. "First Chain" is arguably more interesting, even if rap has overdid the 'come-up' tracks in which the measure of success are chains, cars, cribs, etc. This one is worthwhile if for no other reason than hearing Big Sean's distinct voice, Nas's intelligible rhymes, Kid Cudi's slightly off key humming, and NO ID's brilliant production work. "...Stunting like I got my first chain" is definitely not a poetic line, but the simple hook sums up "First Chain" solidly.

"Mona Lisa" begins a more twisted, sensually driven section of Hall of Fame, with Big Sean highly inspired by 'nastiness'. It's definitely not refined, but the clubby cut shines, even if one feels incredibly guilty listening. Interlude "Freaky" and the follow-up full-length "MILF" both 'cross the line', particularly "MILF" with it's risqué verse from Nicki Minaj and of course the 'trippy' Juicy J. "Sierra Leone", "It's Time", and "World Ablaze" are all decent, though not necessarily the main attraction. "Ashley", featuring Miguel, is a main attraction, with Sean being honest about messing things up within his relationship: "Sorry when you put your faith in me I was unfaithful, disgraceful, distasteful / yeah I know you're not supposed to have cake and eat too..." Closer "All Figured Out" is respectable, but not among the elite.

Overall, Hall of Fame shines with few major drawbacks. The best tracks are nothing short of exceptional, even if they don't always match the same commercial appeal of Sean's previous effort. The production work is a strong suit throughout, as is Sean's voice, which carries weight even when the rhymes are less enthralling. Ultimately, I highly recommend this album. 4 stars.
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on September 14, 2013
Sean's debut album Finally Famous was alright. It just didn't do it for me. Well he's come back with a new album and boy is it great. This thing goes HARD. His flow has improved, his wordplay is great, and the beats are crazy. The features are good too. That Nas and Cudi joint . . that one is wild. And the song with Meek Mill and 2 Chainz goes too hard!! Basically what I'm trying to say is this is one of the best albums I've heard this year and I highly suggest you pick it up and add it to your collection. It's one of those albums that gets better with each listen. And that Milf song with Nicki Minaj and Juicy J is a standout track ... the bass is crazy and Nicki trips you out, and then Juicy comes in and just murks it with his verse. Great album.
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on November 3, 2013
I just like Big Sean, even tho he's just not that talented in writing, rapping and singing. He also reminds me so much of Drake I get new releases on the radio confused first listen every time,and he is not as creative and talented as Drizzy. HOWEVER: Kanye didnt bank on Sean for nothing. Some of this stuff is great. Nice wild production, some guests but not an overwhelming amount. If you liked his work on 'G.O.O.D. music, o" you grin or grimace when he sputters his trademark, surprised sounding, " O gawwd?!", then you should spring for Hall of Fame.
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on August 29, 2013
wow good album from start to finish and I say I like this one better then his first album and also I didn't have to skip one track at all..
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on August 29, 2013
Finally got a chance to hear this new Big Sean.. & truthfully i like it... Hall of fame is better than the first 1 to me... Its 1 of those i can put in my playlist and groove through the whole cd with maybe 1 skip.. But all in all he did his thang & still puttin on for Detroit #IDoIt
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on October 9, 2013
Im a huge G.O.O.D music fan. Big Sean has always been one of my favorites when I was in high school. I've gotten into much more meaningful lyrics in music and not just a good beat. I used to bump his old album all the time. This one to me is better, but I just can't get into his lyrics being the same thing over and over again. I feel he kills it as a featured artist but i could only get into a few of his songs on this album. Detroit to me is the best music he has released thus far in his career.

No disrespect to Big S, keep doing your thing. I am just waiting for a more mature artist who doesn't rap a lot about girls and money.
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on September 6, 2013
Things have changed on G.O.O.D Music since last year. Kid Cudi and producer Hit-Boy boy left the label and Ye became a Dad. Big Sean had a nice buzz around this time last year with his contributions on Clique and Mercy from the G.O.O.D Music compilation Cruel Sumner and his Detroit mixtape. Since then, a lot of Sean's music hasn't caught on with the masses like My Last and Dance (A$$) did. Guap was dope but was it really "single" material? but to his credit, Big Sean said he didn't want it to be a single, but Kanye chose to make it one anyway. Beware featuring Lil Wayne and Jhene Aiko didn't really make a splash either. I've seen the Fire video on MTV Jams a few times but thats about it.

I got a question, did Def Jam or Kanye even try to promote this? Oh yeah and lets not forget about Kendricks verse on Control which had the Internet goin nuts. And that song doesn't even appear on Hall Of Fame, according to reports its because of clearance issues but fans think otherwise. Big Sean raps about he followed his dreams and got signed, on "Nothing Is Stopping You" over Key Wanes violin helmed instrumental with a chopped and screwed hook, he spits I know "I'mma get it, I just don't know how/ Heart up on the stage, body in the crowd/ Parents always tried to keep me home/ But I can't get paid from the crib, so I'll be gone 'til we on".

Toyota Music is one of those songs you can get smoke to, now I don't smoke, but as much Hip-Hop that I listen to I can always tell one of those laid back smoking beats. Wiz or even Curren$y would of sounded good on this one. I'm assuming "First Chain" was recorded before Cudi left the label because he shouts out "G.O.O.D Music forever" at the end. Big Sean was happy to get his first chain, especially after seeing Biggies, Nas and Kanyes. I know alot of people felt the song wasn't as good as it should of been, but I personally enjoyed it. All three of them had nice verses.

Then on "Ashley", featuring Miguel, Sean reminisces on the good and bad times he went through with his girl (at the time), with lines like "Remember that Christmas? We had a wish list/ We couldn't afford nothin' but we still get s***/ Ironically those were the times I felt the richest/ All those times that we spent by the pool girl/ Was too broke to even take you to the zoo girl". Other songs to check for are "World Ablaze" featuring James Fauntleroy and "Sierra Leone". Big Sean slips up some on Hall Of Fame. His lazy flow on 10 2 10 was terrible, he sounded so out of place on that kind of production. Big Sean do us a favor and never yell on a track again.

"Mona Lisa" is cheesy and what was Big Sean, Nicki and Juicy J thinking on Da Internz produced "MILF"? Its so bad that you'll actually have to laugh at it. MILF suffers from "good idea bad execution". The hook is cringe worthy with the kids saying "man not mama". I'm not even gonna get on Nicki's verse and Juicy didn't added anything worth mentioning. Throughout Hall Of Fame, Sean rarely switches his flow, which can get annoying after a while. All in all, this album doesn't really feel like a step up from his debut album, he didn't get better or worse, he just stayed the same.
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on September 1, 2013
I was highly anticipating this sophomore effort by Big Sean as I've been a stan of his music since his Finally Famous mixtapes before he got signed. The album starts off strong with Nothing Is Stopping You. Big Sean offers an aspiring young artist the same chance provided to him by Kanye West which I appreciated in this particular track. From there, as I listen to each track, I begin to fear that Sean is about to experience a Sophomore slump (Fire is okay, 10 2 10 he is screaming the lyrics and hook like Meek Mill, Toyota Music bored me, etc.) but then comes one of the tracks I was excited about: First Chain. I found myself disappointed as I felt that Nas brought himself down to Big Sean's level instead of inspiring/motivating Big Sean to rise to his level. Then the album gets silly with the Freaky skit and the follow up track M.I.L.F. I was prepared to give this album a 3 star rating based on the first half of the album...

Then it seems as if Kanye or some other member of the G.O.O.D. Music camp had a talk with Sean and asked him what direction he was trying to go on the album b/c the second half of this album is significantly better. Big Sean's lyrical content is much stronger in the second half of the album with tracks like Sierra Leone, All Figured Out, and World Ablaze. My only complaint again is aimed toward Common's downgrading himself down to Big Sean's level as opposed to challenging Big Sean to step up his mic skills to match him. These tactics by Common and Nas will not help Big Sean improve and as we heard from Kendrick Lamar on Control - which is not featured on the album but would have been nice if it made the tracklist - Big Sean's peers are not gonna hold back in order to let him shine.

Overall I would say Hall of Fame fell short of the title implications and is more on par with a Pro level performance than Hall of Fame. It is a slight improvement over his debut album Finally Famous but there is still much room for growth before Big Sean is considered a rap Hall of Fame inductee.

Favorite Tracks:

World Ablaze
All Figured Out
Switch Up (Feat. Common)
First Chain (Feat. Nas & Kid Cudi)
Nothing Is Stopping You
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on February 26, 2014
Love Big Sean. Several great tracks on this one. Also love that he is proud of Detroit and represents the city well in my opinion. Even song that aren't getting radio play are great which hip hop fans know, isn't always the case.
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on August 30, 2013
I bought this album the day it dropped and I still listen to it now. The standout tracks for me are Toyota Music, First Chain, Mona Lisa, Sierra Leone, Let's Get It, Ashley, Fire and MILF. The rest are pretty solid and the only tracks that are forgetable are ironically the deluxe edition bonus tracks(Mula Remix is the only exception).

This album is a huge step up from Finally Famous. While Big Sean may not be the best new school rapper, he definitely stepped his game up and showed everyone that he is here for the long haul with this album.

-Some crazy flows
-Amazing production
-Intoxicating Beats
-Much More Cohesive than debut
-Wide range of introspective tracks to bangers

-deluxe edition is not really worth it
-Control didn't make the album(Sean arguably spit his HARDEST verse on that track)
-Lack of lyrical depth on some tracks
-There are only 2 skits and they honestly could have been left off the album without anyone caring
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