Customer Reviews: Deluxe Leather Case with Built-in Stand for Apple iPad (Red)
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on June 16, 2010
"I recently put a $9 dent in my wallet.."ouch" to buy what I thought would be the the best Ipad case in the world"
Well if you said something of that sort when purchasing this item, you will be rather upset with the outcome due to your ridiculous standards, although If you are like the rest of the world and can afford to lose some quality for a great price then this is the case for you.
Lets break this down...

1) Case fits Ipad ..nice start!
2) Case protects Ipad
3) Case performs well as stand..(as long as you live a consistent landscape lifestyle you will be happy.)
4) Crazy cheap! I am pretty sure I bought this with money I got from returning the beer cans from my "I can't believe I got an Ipad" party.

1) Cost was cheap, so obviously the materials that go into it guessed it, cheap. Fake leather (I guess the price of raising, killing, skinning, and tanning animals isn't what it used to be), stitching is pulling out already (two days owned, but they never said you can't chew on it in the fine print!!).
2) Cutout for screen is off by a smidge, probably one of those measure once, cut twice deals, just needs to be a bit bigger next time.
3) Pockets? It seems the pockets on the inner cover are for some sort of memory card...can someone tell me where to buy an Ipad with expandable memory so that I can fill these pockets? Although there is a pocket for my credit card which I always seem to need when I am in the app store so good call on that one. Next time give me a stylus and screen wipe pocket.

Final thoughts- Buy it! If you just need a case to keep your Ipad in one piece then this is right for you. If you stand 10 feet from people at all times you may even be able to make them believe your case cost as much as $12.
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on June 11, 2010
I am more compelled to write this review to dispell the negative comments than anything else. I bought this cover a few weeks ago, and find it to be fine. The Ipad does not slip out IF you snap the closing loop. It has two positions, one when the cover is open and the other when the cover is closed, both to keep the Ipad from slipping out. It can clearly be seen in the picture in use in both positions. And one pocket is used for a business card,etc, so if you leave your Ipad somewhere, and people are honest, they can contact you to get it back.

I like the snazzy color, and it's already been on numerous flights with me, holding up the Ipad for viewing very nicely, thank you.
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on May 1, 2010
For starters, this case cost $15 so set your expectations accordingly.

If you have an iPad realize that the screen is like the iPhone and very sensitive to external light from the sun, windows, or light bulbs. Adjusting the angle slightly takes care of the problem, but the iPad surface is metal that is virtually frictionless (i.e. it slides all over the place if you try to prop it up for better viewing). In my opinion you want a case that allows you to use the device while still in the case.

If you are going to use this in an airplane, breakfast table, etc. you need a cover that allows you to adjust the viewing angle. This case allows you to stand the device upright vertically and horizontally. The fit of the case is OK, but not quite snug enough. The edges of the case are a little too big and cover a VERY small part of the screen. All the buttons/charging port are available when in the case.

I didn't notice any strange smells as mentioned by other reviewers.

The case looks nice, but it's the thinnest leather (or faux leather) you have ever seen in your life. However, I didn't spend $50 so I am satisfied.

If you plan to watch a lot of video, this is a good case for the $.

If you are fine spending $50 for a case then buy something that is better quality and fit.
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on May 3, 2010
This folio style carrying case obscures a significant portion of the iPad's display around all four edges of the screen (except directly above the primary button). We tried to trim the case material back so that the full display could be properly accessed, but the results were completely unsatisfactory. The case material is not leather; the part covering the iPad's bezel is a semi-rigid, plastic film sandwiched between two, thin outer layers of synthetic fabric that resembles the cheap vinyl found in inexpensive beach toys. Attempting to trim the case back to properly expose the iPad's screen reveals this three-ply synthetic construction in a very unsightly manner. The thin, leather grained, synthetic fabric composes the covering for the entire case.

Additionally, the case blocks the iPad's ambient light sensor located in the center bezel above the iPad's display (the sensor is on top when the primary iPad button is on bottom). Consequently, the iPad's display will be perpetually dim despite external lighting conditions. Cutting a hole in the case to expose the light sensor will result in another unsightly modification.

Despite reviews for this case claiming otherwise, there is no snap to secure the iPad within the case when the folio is open. Consequently, the iPad easily slips out of the case in this condition if care is not exercised. Even when the folio is closed, the iPad will slip out of the case if the snap strap is not secured well, so do not forget to refasten it every time you close the folio. Oddly, the case has a magnetic clasp to hold the folio shut, so the snap strap would have been put to better use holding the iPad in place rather than holding the folio closed.

Speaking of magnets, the case has at least two: one to hold the folio shut and another to hold the stand in the closed position. These magnets interfere with the iPad's digital compass when the iPad is in the case. For instance, our tests show that simply opening and closing the stand will change the direction of the iPad's internal compass.

If these design errors are corrected, the case would be a good, relatively inexpensive, protective solution for the iPad. The adjustable stand works as advertised and the case is padded well and looks pretty good. However, the case material used is not leather, but a cheap, synthetic substitute that almost certainly will not hold up well over time, so even if the case design is corrected it should sell for significantly less than the current price.

As it is now, the case is very disappointing and a waste of money. It is made of cheap synthetic materials -- not leather as is claimed in the numerous Amazon product descriptions for it. Because of its cheap construction, the wholesale cost is probably around $5, so the current Amazon selling prices of around $20 (including shipping) are very high. The case fits the iPad poorly and obscures a significant portion of the display. The iPad's ambient light sensor is completely covered by this case resulting in a perpetually dim display. Case modifications are out of the question due to the cheap, three-ply synthetic construction: mods are very unsightly and will invalidate the buyer's option of seeking a refund. The iPad's internal compass is thrown off by the case's magnets. And perhaps worst, the iPad will easily slip out of the case unless the folio is closed and the strap is snapped securely.

EDIT: I have uploaded photographs showing the synthetic construction of the case.
review image review image review image review image
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on May 27, 2010
I've been very pleased with this case, especially considering the reasonable price tag. The leather is nice, the stitching is well done, and the design is great. It's slim, not bulky, and yet it protects my iPad very nicely. Closes securely, and the stand allows for easy viewing when open.
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on May 17, 2010
I'm normally a pretty patient person but when I receive the item 17 days after I placed the order I think that's unacceptable. Granted it is USPS' fault but when you go through the seller's reviews it seems as though they have a recurring problem with USPS. And when I emailed them 15 days after placing the order the only response I get is to wait longer. No shipping credit offer to appease the situation much less an apology. Needless to say, if they get your order right then all is good, but if not then good luck dealing with CTCStore's crappy customer service. And I wouldn't normally lump in the product with the seller in the review but this is a CTCStore product. Believe me when I say I'm not the type of customer who typically complains but I just had to speak my mind here. Whew, now that that's out of the way on to the product itself.

Now, the item itself was not what I expected. Its changed now but when I first ordered it the list price for the item was around $60 which lead me to believe that, hey, this could actually be real leather. And getting it for the sales price $15 (plus $5 shipping) is actually a steal! No. It's just a trick to get people to think they're actually getting a good deal. This thing really is worth $15 - if not less. This case is that fake leather plastic material similar to the pants I wore for Halloween when I dressed up as David Lee Roth. Also - F***in Magnets (how do they work?). The magnets mess up the compass, not really a big deal for me but thought I'd mention it. There also isn't a hole for the ambient light sensor. The thing that doesn't make sense to me is that when it's open there isn't anything holding the iPad in. The little button strap only works when the cover is closed.

If you ask me, I'd avoid this case AND the seller. I'm going to be shopping around for a better one and just chalk this up as a loss.
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on May 5, 2010
I got it on line. It said it would come with a screen cover and it did not. It said it was real leather and it wasn't. My ipad slipped out of it and hit the floor, and this is when I decided it is not what I needed. Luckily the company accepted it without problems.
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on April 26, 2010
I bought this case based soley on the pictures.

I am pleased with my purchase overall. however there are somethings you should know prior to buying that are not mentioned in the description.

first, the bad:

the stand that allows it be propped up looks nice, but really provides only 1 angle of view, no matter which notch you put the stand in the viewing angle is essentially the same. so don't think that you will be able to put it at all sorts of different angles with the stand. You could probably see this if you looked at the pictures and really thought about it, but it is much more apparent when you have it in front of you like i do now.

next the 'ehh'

the snap functions to hold the ipad in the case and keep it from sliding out when the case is CLOSED, when the case is open, you can either leave the snap undone or fold it backwards and snap it again to hold the cover the back. (though not necessary i like this feature). so when the case is open, the ipad can slide out, you need to remember this if you are walking around with it open, because the ipad might slide out.

also the pockets on the inside of the cover are very tight (i'm sure they will loosen), and i'm not even sure what they were intended for? business card? not really,

now the good:

the construction is very good, it does not look sloppy at all. the cover when closed has a magnet in the bottom right that holds it closed without the need for the snap at the top. I generally like it when companies incorporate magnets in this fashion, it is right along with the Magsafe connector on my mac.

the stand on the back employs the same functionality with a magnet, which again is a very nice feature and adds to the quality of the case.

now the future:

since i have ordered the 3g and do not have it yet, i cannot comment to the fit and usage of the ipad in this case. hopefully after i get it, i will remember to revisit this review and add to it.

overall, from my first impression and hands on without the ipad, I feel confident in my purchase and am pleased with the product. as of now, i would recommend it.

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on May 22, 2010
As some other reviewers have written (see the black version for more), the frame covers the edges of the active area of the iPad, making it almost unusable. I wish those reviews had been posted before I bought it so I could have saved some money. The case is cheap enough that I don't feel terrible about the purchase, but I would not suggest it for anyone else. I'll be replacing it soon. Until then, the case will serve as a "pocket-style" case with the ability to have some basic access to the screen without totally removing it. The unfortunate thing is that its value would be so much greater if only the opening were a little larger - such a simple solution.

I contacted the seller and have received no response. I assume I'm not the first to inform them of the problem. It's a shame they didn't bother to test the design.

I'm going to try cutting the material with a utility knife, but what I've read leads me to believe it won't work well.
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on May 7, 2010
I was skeptical with this product as it was inexpensive and from a company i've never heard of.

I purchased this and the apple ipad cover. Hands down this is a better product. It looks nicer. It has many more positions to place the ipad in--meaning that it rises and lowers at better angles. The apple ipad cover fell completely short of being something that holds the IPAD in a position that i'm comfortable with. I like it raised slightly higher--gives better viewing and better ability to use the keyboard.

Even the apple store guy said he did not like the limitations of the ipad cover and recommended a leather cover alternative.

I don't know how this will hold up in a year--but to me, the price was cheap enough that it doesn't matter if it falls apart in a year. It seems like it will be durable though.

While some might be comfortable using this cover while the IPAD is standing, I only like to use it in landscape mode. It seems too unstable standing.

You can not use the cover while docking the IPAD in a docking station, however, you can hook it up to the computer or charger without a docking station.

I am happily returning the $40 apple IPAD cover and keeping this. And strongly urging you to not hesitate to buy this.

There is an elastic strap on the top corner, inside the cover, to keep the IPAD in place. The snap that holds the cover closed, remains loose when the cover is open. That bothers me slightly--just because i don't like the look of it that way. The Kick stand (for lack of a better word) is magnetized with what seems to be a sufficient enough magnet to hold it in place when you don't need to use it.

With all of that said--I wouldn't pay $70 for this--then again, i can't imagine paying $70 for any IPAD cover. At $15.00 it is a bargain.
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