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on January 7, 2013
Sturdy; the shipping weight is 26 pounds and that reflects the build quality. Nothing about this stand feels cheap or flimsy. My suspicion is that it would sustain more weight than it is advertised to do so. The clamp opens wide and is easily adjustable. In my case this was important because my table is weak (a folding plastic variety that thankfully has a metal bar running through it) and the extra space allowed me to place a couple of planks of wood to spread the force over a wider area.

Easy to adjust and assemble. Assembly is a breeze. Monitors adjust smoothly and easily.


Monitor Angle:
The side monitor mounts do pivot allowing the user to change their angle. However, there is no ability to adjust their distance from the bar, and as a result tilting the side monitors will move the bezels apart considerably. This has two major shortcomings: 1) if the side monitors are of a different design, the user will probably not be able to make the bezels match; 2) even if the monitors are the same make, the only way to have the bezels align is to keep the monitors adjusted to curvature of the bar. The curvature angle is appropriate for gaming applications where the side monitors are effectively only serving as peripheral vision. However, in a productivity setting the user will need to adjust them. The protrusion of the middle monitor means that this might be slightly more involved than simply tilting them back as the center monitor will probably obstruct the view. Nonetheless, the monitors do slide easily along there bar and this should be viewed as more of a hassle than a severe limitation. Indeed, I have found that I actually prefer the different angles.

Cable Management:
The side bars to not allow for routing cables inside the bar. However, there are nice tie downs that keep them neat against the bar (and out of view from the front). Cables are easily routed down through the center tube.

Clamp Footprint:
It is relatively small. This is generally a good thing, but given the amount of weight involved, an extra inch of area would make for a smarter design choice. Nonetheless, this is a very stable stand, and as I mentioned above the clamp opens wide enough to allow for the user to place a small board inside the clamp (in my case above and below) to spread the force out. There is also a nice foam pad under the top part of the clamp to protect the underlying surface.
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on April 19, 2015
Spent an enormous amount of time looking online for a mount, and most of them had issues where triple 24" monitors would not fit perfectly or would be flat instead of curved.

As other reviewers noted, the newer version of this mount that started shipping later 2014 / early 2015 has set back the central monitor so that the curvature of three monitors is perfect (~30-35 degrees). See picture.

Have three Dell U2415's and this mount feels like it was built for them, though you could easily add bigger screens.
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on June 13, 2015
It's important to note that the current model has a better curvature than shown in some of the old photos! From what I have read, the company listened to it's customers and made the appropriate changes. Thumbs up!

For those who say it won't work, here's proof that you can mount this beauty to a glass desk. Just make sure that you use wood blocks on either side of the glass and don't over-tighten. Obviously, there are varying thicknesses and types of glass and there are different weights of monitors. These variable should all be considered, but with a little common sense and a strong piece of glass you should be fine.

It's a bit of a pain to get everything lined up and leveled the first time, but it looks great once you get it right. There are even little screws for making minor height variations for those of us who are a little OCD! I would recommend taking the plastic bolt covers off of the outer mounts BEFORE you slide them onto the arms. This way, you won't have to fight with the unit while it's up in the air.

This is MUCH better than the adjustable arm mounts that I have used before. There is no sag whatsoever in the arms. I would definitely recommend this for your setup!
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on December 27, 2014
As a few others mentioned, the build quality of this thing is awesome. It's much better than expected. Holds my three Dell UltraSharp U2414H 23.8" LED LCD Monitors in perfect position. I have a corner wooden desk, I cut the corner off, works fine. :)
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on April 27, 2016
I purchased this mount specifically because the listing states that it will support up to 3 28" monitors in landscape or portrait mode. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to be the case. The pivoting arms that hold the side monitors are unstable at best and over time drift considerably. I've tightened everything up and still these issues continue regularly. Because of this the side monitors in portrait mode must rest against the center monitor to remain stable. Even so, the slightest bump will throw them off alignment. Landscape mode isn't much better, the displays rotate somewhat over time so constant readjustment is required.

Overall I would say that this would be a great product for a 24-25" lightweight (I do stress lightweight, wouldn't recommend anything over 8 lbs. or so per display) triple monitor setup, but if you're trying to drive 3 1440p 27-28" monitors I suggest you look elsewhere.
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on March 2, 2016
I purchased this stand to upgrade my previous set up. I was using two Dell 24'' P2414H on a two monitor stand and a Acer 23'' monitor for on its own separate stand. I know have 3' 24'' P2414H monitors. I use all three with monitors with my desktop and GTX 970. I have one of monitors with a DVI to HDMI for when I want a second monitor for my laptop.

I consider the assembly to be a moderate level of difficulty. I personally didn't have any issues following the directions but if I asked my Wife to assemble it I feel like she would run into a couple issues. From start to finish I spent about 45-60 minutes assembling mounting monitors and leveling and tweaking their position. The only issue I encountered is one of the screws that are used to attache the arm to the stand seemed to strip out or cross thread. I had to put a lot of torque to drive the screw in and I would be concerned if I planned on adjusting the height.

-Max height. I'm 6'5'' and at maximum settings it is just tall enough to be comfortable for me.
-Well built. The components are good quality and seem very solid
-Room for large monitors. I have my set up for 3 24'' monitors and there is still a ton of room for larger monitors
-Good adjustment (up and down). The outside monitors can be screwed up and down with provided tools. This is great for getting the outside monitors to align to the center monitor. Tilting and fine adjustment other directions are a little more tricky.

-The cord management clips are just ok. One of my clips doesn't stay secure. I instead used Velcro cord straps along the arms and stand to secure cords.
-Monitors shake a little I use these on a sit stand desk and the monitors shake when I type. This isn't a huge issue but I feel I should point this out.
-Fine adjustment is tedious. Getting the center monitor centered and plum isn't too difficult. It is a little more difficult to get the outside monitors to stay tilted exactly right. Overall it is easy to get them closely aligned but feels near impossible to get perfect.

My setup:
-Vortex Series 60-in Wide 6-Button Electric Height Adjustable Frame Only:
-Bekant Table Top birch ...]
-EZM Deluxe Triple Monitor Mount Stand Desktop Clamp
-3 Dell 24 Monitor - P2414H
-SMSL SA50 50Wx2 TDA7492 Class D Amplifier + Power Adapter (Black):
-Micca MB42X Bookshelf Speakers (Black):
-Corsair Gaming STRAFE RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Backlit Multicolor LED, Cherry MX RED:
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on July 27, 2015
Great super heavy duty mount with just some slight negatives.


Holds 3 heavy Monitors with ease.
Install wasn't too difficult as long as you have basic understanding of how pivots and joints work.
The side monitors have quite a bit of adjustment options.
Supports Vertical or Horizontal 27" setups.
Not cheap metal - very thick bars and very little plastic.
The most height adjustments i've seen in a setup like this.


The wrap around isnt quite as tilted in as it seems. You need to tilt the sides in to make a wraparound setup. This can cause some gaps which may not allow it to be seamless.
The clamps under the bottom can become loose if you pull on monitors often. This occurred no matter how much you tighten
Instructions were hard to read, and pictures small, I wish they would blow the pictures up so you can see all the small adjustments and bolts.
Its HEAVY.. Which is a good and a bad - the super heavy duty build adds extra weight, so be weary if your desk is super thin.
There is no way to tighten its ability to 360 tilt. So the monitors are easily susceptible to a bump on the desk and they go out of alignment.
The angle it sits at, its not a good choice for using the corner of an L desk, the arms do not accommodate enough wraparound.

With all that said - once you get it all up and clamped and set right, the unit is a lifesaver - it just takes some work to get it right.

I am using 24" | 27" | 24" an it fits with complete ease. I have the mount clamped on an IKEA wood desk with about 1.2" of thickness and no issues.
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on September 8, 2016
Does what it's supposed to do. Well priced. Nice and sturdy.

You could have it up 1-2 hours if things go smoothly and you don't mess with too many details. I had to modify some things, move some furniture, and mess with cables. I ended up taking things apart, starting over, and making lots of small adjustments. All-in-all, it took me 8-9 hours to get it the way I wanted it.

Some notes:

- The stand was firm, but the back of my desk is beveled and we experience earthquakes once in a while. I wanted a bit of insurance, so I drilled through the front plate and desk, and bolted it. Now it's solid as a rock. The discoloration on the mount is where my drill touched the column and scraped it. Nothing a sharpie can't hide. It's only visible during the camera flash.
- Took me forever to get the side monitors to line up at the right angles and height. I suggest taking off all the caps and leaving the allen wrenches at your side for a day or two. You'll probably end up messing with it over and over.
- The outer monitors have a tendency to shift downward. I can't possibly tighten anymore, so I've stopped trying to fix it and gotten used to it.
- Make sure you buy longer cables! 10 feet cables worked for me.

I'm happy overall, even though there are minor issues. The price and quality make it worth it.
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on August 18, 2015
If you're looking at this, then odds are good you've committed to a 3 monitor setup already. I'm not going to sell you on a 3-wide scene; yes, it's awesome, but this isn't the venue.

The Good: Incredibly sturdy and well-made. I'm familiar with machine work and while they do use coarse threads for the screws, the finish work on this was excellent (although not gorgeous, but it's not meant to be seen, is it?). It clamped to my glasstop desk with no risk of damaging the glass or marring it in any way. It went together fairly quickly and intuitively, with a minimal amount of time spent interpreting instructions. It holds 3 BenQ 27" monitors effortlessly, and you can pivot them to portrait mode with a touch of the finger. The pipe for running cord helps keep the mess to a minimum, and runs it neatly out of sight behind your desk. The entire monitor support arm can adjust up and down as one unit to raise or lower them in 1" increments, which is a great way to ensure perfect posture at your desk.

The Bad: This sucker's heavy. I'm fairly strong but unless you've got good upper body strength and strong fingers, you're gonna want a second person helping you get this installed and aligned. Aligning the monitors is a terrible pain in the rear; the pivots can work loose on certain axes of motion and then it turns into a game of 'adjust this, adjust that, go back because this is off now'. Once I had all three monitors perfectly calibrated and settled, naturally I found out they were set too high. Removing the setscrew that holds the monitor arm to the center column instantly hands you a

Improvements: It'd be difficult to make aligning the monitors easier, but the 4 axes of motion plus the arm slider makes it tough to get them all in line at once. A tensioner to keep them from swinging while I tighten the pivots down would fix this. Also, there could stand to be larger reliefs cut at the bottom and top of the pipe for passing cable; 6 cables total was almost too much for it. Finally, moving all 3 monitors (light ones, at that!) up and down was extremely difficult, even with two people. There might be a better way to lock that arm in place so it's easier to drop up and down.

TL;DR: You absolutely get your money's worth with this. It's durable, rugged steel and the welding is well-done and the powder finish is clean and thorough. It's not the sexiest 3 monitor stand, but it's certainly well priced.
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on May 20, 2016
Purchased this to mount my 27" iMac and 2x 27" LG monitors so I could have more desk space; when you have that much screen it takes up The mount itself is very sturdy and I'm not at all worried about it handling the weight of the iMac, and if it can handle the iMac it can handle any screen I can think of that you'd purchase for this thing.

The reason I only gave it 3 stars is because of the lack of functionality with the mounting brackets. The iMac has a wide black border around the screen and is also taller, and the 2 LG screens on either side have almost no bezel at all and have a bit of a different shape. Because of this, the top of the LG screens doesn't line up with the top of the iMac screen. It's quite a substantial difference, actually.

I fixed the problem by purchasing two independent mounts for the LG screens that have a post so I can adjust the height, but of course that meant spending more money and now I only have one screen mounted to a triple monitor stand.

This is a great stand IF and only IF you are using 3 of the same screens; otherwise I wouldn't recommend it if you're at all like me and OCD about having your screens leveled up.
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