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on June 29, 2017
Pretty decent start up kit for beginners. Pretty good price for what you get too. The practice skin is kinda useless to be honest. I tried and tried but the ink,that came with the kit and other brands I had, would not stick. Also the power supply is pretty basic and I have to have it turned up to 6.7 for the machine to even run. I still use the machines which run pretty smoothly. The inks are ok. My skin seems to hold them well but they definitely aren't vibrant and fade to a pretty dull shade after the tat is healed up. The inks did not stick well for others though. Mainly it's a 50/50 chance if inks will work for your skin but do note that whatever color it looks like when freshly inked,it'll dull significantly by the time it's healed. All in all its a good deal/price for a beginner,use the ink for practice instead of inking on someone else and eventually get a higher quality power supply. Other than that,I would recommend for someone just beginning to dabble with tattooing
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on March 1, 2013
Okay so I bought this actually for my fiance to start tattooing with, at least that was the plan till it ended up being mine. She opened it and the next thing I know I'm the one who is playing with it trying to figure everything out. Youtube is great for setting up the gun, the minute the package arrived we instantly threw that DVD into the trash. The skins aren't like other practice skins ive felt, don't really like them honestly but still used those ones up and got better ones from our local supplies shop. The inks are great for practice(DO NOT USE THESE ON A REAL PERSON) I do like the guns but honestly one is WAY heavier than the other so you have to get use to that. The power supply is great and i've never had to push the power. I will report back after I've put a few more hours on the guns.
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on May 18, 2014
This is an awesome kit for beginners at a great price. The two tattoo machines work flawlessly for their intended purpose, though the shading machine is a bit too heavy but that's not a huge problem. The kit comes with everything you need to get started, though I highly recommend against using these "Sakura" inks on anyone's skin. They work fine for practice on fake skins or oranges, but they do not hold well at all in real skin and will turn out splotchy and faded if you use them for actual tattoos. I know because I did a couple tattoos with them and they did not turn out that great. I bought a 19 color set from Radiant Inks for $79 as well as a 12 oz bottle of Intenze Zuper Black ink for $32 and they work very well and have done some pretty sweet tattoos since with these inks. Another problem with this kit is the plastic disposable tips that come with it are not actually in sterilized packages, they're just thrown in a little ziplock bag and therefore are not sterilized and probably aren't very safe to do tattoos with if you want to be legitimate. I recommend buying extra tips that are individually packaged and e.o. gas sterilized like the needles are. The practice skins that come with the kit are fine for practicing line work and such, but are nothing like real skin and so aren't of much help, but they do help get the hang of using the machine. You cannot shade on them at all so don't even try. Oranges are much better to practice on as you can actually do shading on them. Lastly, the foot pedal that comes with this is not very good, you have to click it in to turn on your machine and then click it again to turn off the machine and this is not how it should be, you want a pedal that you hold down with your foot to run the machine and lift up to stop it. You can purchase a much better foot pedal for around 5 bucks so this isn't a big deal. These are all minor issues so don't let this scare you away, this kit has a great value for the price so I definitely do recommend it, but you will most likely have to spend a good deal more money to get everything needed if you want to actually do a good amount of tattoos. Everything else about the kit is great. Comes with plenty of grommets and rubber bands, a decent amount of assorted needles, a good ink cap holder, a good amount of ink caps, 2 sheets of stencil transfer paper, and 2 practice skins. Also metal tips that I would not use if you don't have an autoclave, and between 10-15 disposable tips. Overall an awesome kit, I have gotten a good amount of use out of it so far with no issues. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.
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on June 27, 2017
My boyfriend loves doing tattoo work so I got this for him for his birthday it came really fast the packaging was nice nothing was broken or missing everything was nice I hope he loves it. I would recommend this to anyone staring tattooing
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on December 26, 2012
I guuss for the price the kits is ok. The down side to it is that it comes without instructions on how to put the guns together and does not give you any tattoing tips. It does come with a dvd but the set up makes it very hard to actually find the file to watch it onces its in the dvd player, and the kit on the dvd is NOT the kit you are ordering here. Its for a much different kit with a lot more items. It does tell you how to put the gun together but he goes thru the steps very quickly so you have to listen very carefully. This was bought for my fiance for christmas and he went over an old tattoo with the ink it comes with, so i will give more when it heals. He also let the tube that goes on the gun soak in water to remove access ink and it started to rust pretty quick. Idk if it was suppose to be soaked to clean it bc it did not come with care instructions, so my advice is to look on google before using or cleaning any of the items. The practice skin that it comes with is just a few peices of thin rubber with patterns already drawn on them, so simple designs are impossible to practice.
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on September 29, 2014
i was told it would be in on tuesday prior to being lately delivered everthing came which they said would but the dvd dont seem to work and thepower supply was crappy in the middle of preforming my first tattoo using it the power supply went completely out which being as that was the day it arrived im upset i got this but then im not because it is a good kit besides the horrible power supply
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on October 20, 2017
It’s ok power supply still running & it’s been 5 years .. tattoo gun died in 1 year also the chip cored & pedal
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on September 4, 2016
I used this for my first tattoo, it turned out nicely. GREAT beginners kit to see if you are into it or not for the price... You get everything you'd need to start except the license.
I will admit I freaked out at first... I got into poison ivy and thought I had a reaction to the ink... Lol!
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on August 31, 2014
The machines and everything inside the kit was amazing. Everything worked perfect. What I did not like about it was the fact that it came with a soft case, instead of a hard shell like casing for everything to fit in, abd the case that came with it tore after two weeks of having it. I recommend getting this product just for the machines and whatnot, but make sure you buy a separate case to use because the case that comes with this sucks, and not everything fits in there in an organized manor.
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on September 19, 2013
the machines themselves are average and the trace paper is awesome same with the needles. but the lack of needles is frustrating, the quality of ink is horrible and worst of all the " instructional“ DVD is nothing more than a guy giving a tattoo not explaining a thing. if it wasn't for the power supply and machines being as decent as they are this would be getting one start.
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