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Demon's Souls
Format: Video Game|Change
Price:$19.68+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on March 23, 2016
Although the games make me want to pull my hair out due to their difficulty, I'm a fan of the Dark Souls games and I was interested in playing the game that started it all. It plays just like Dark Souls, so if you're a fan, there's no reason you shouldn't add this game to your collection, despite its age. My only complaint, and this may be due to my own connection problems, is after playing for a while and getting to a certain point, the frame rate began to drop and I was lagging to the point of not being able to properly block incoming attacks.
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on February 20, 2012
I watched this game for a while but never picked it up. I thought it was just another hack and slash game and figured I would wait; I was dead wrong. This game is great on many levels. The way it was designed is fantastic. It started out real slow and I really didn't think much of it and slowly played it on and off and as it progressed the game got better and better. I saw the lower your soul levels were the harder it was of course because you did not have anything. As I got higher and higher in soul levels the more options I had. You actually have to think in this game to make it anywhere from dodging, to timing sword hits, to just walking by bosses so they cant "hear" you. I was almost finished with the game and on the last 2 levels and then something new happened to me...

Someone invaded my world..

This is where the game really made it a A++ in my book. I fought another player that had to been over ten minutes. I died in the end of course because the player just rolled me but as my first pvp experience in the game it just put this over the top.

I learned that as you finish the game in one tendency you can go back through as another and do things you couldn't before. I must say replay value is pretty high in this game and can't wait to go through again. There are also consequences for your actions (I killed Blacksmith Ed thinking he would just respawn but I messed up my smithing creations the rest of the game. I did get the hands of god though.)

If you pick this up I would suggest you read up on the stuff you can do and what not to do because some can affect you in the long run. I would recommend this game to anyone that likes a long storyline and replay value.
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on June 20, 2012
I played Demon's Souls a year or so ago and really did not get into it. It just seemed too difficult and intimidating. After playing through Dark Souls over 80+ hours, I decided to pick up Demon's Souls again on the assumption that I would enjoy it more this time around, having some idea of how the game mechanics worked. And I certainly did. After finishing Dark Souls, if you are still on-the-fence about picking up Demon's Souls, you definitely should. It does not feel as refined as Dark Souls, but has all the elements that make its successor such an excellent game.

Really, Demon's Souls (Demons) feels like a less-matured version of Dark Souls (Dark). The combat feels very similar compared to DS; if you enjoyed the combat in the later, you will not be disappointed by Demons. Many of the "worlds" in Demons are analogous to those in Dark (unfortunately, the awful camera and precarious footing from Blighttown are present in an analogous world in Demons, ugh). Enemies are challenging and aggressive, but maybe slightly less "intelligent" than in Dark. They are also not really placed around the level, as they are in Dark, so that you are often tactically overwhelmed (e.g. fighting ranged and melee simultaneously). But still, the overall level design in Demons is top-notch and much better than the action-RPG standard. Online stuff was very similar I thought, but I didn't use it as much, with the exception of the hints which were extremely useful and prevented many, many possible deaths.

I didn't die as often in Demon's souls but I did finding myself grinding a lot more, just to get potions and herbs and such. For me, the game was much easier than Dark Souls. I don't think this is anything inherent in the game itself really, but reflects my familiarity with the game mechanics---gained from Dark Souls---and possibly because I played a magic user in Demons (rather than a melee in Dark), which made some of the boss fights very easy.

Overall, pick this one up. Especially at this price and even if the servers go down. You'll still have a blast and if you've crushed Dark Souls, the lack online won't be much of a handicap to finishing the game. Honestly, it's worth playing through just so you can back-stab Patches---deceitful as ever---earlier in the game.
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on December 20, 2011
I finally came around to purchasing this game and I am so glad I did. I used to play RPGs a lot growing up, but lately as my gaming time has been severly shortened I pretty much only play online FPSs (COD, etc). With those i can easily get 4-5 games in under an hour. Yet I still missed the occassional good single player game, so i decided to take a chance on this game after hearing endless praise for it. Here are some things that I found helpful to know / wish i would have known before buying the game (some of these contain "spoilers" ... these things all happen in the beginning of playing and I highly recommend knowing them before playing):

- EDIT*: I just wanted to let people know that the community is still pretty alive for this game!! For example, last night I decided I wanted to help people in World 4-1. ... laid down my blue stone (lets people summon you to their game) and I was immediately summoned. THroughout the night I was summoned 5 times, each with very little downtime waiting in between. Atlus has said they will keep the servers open until 2012 (did not give an exact date), so hurry up and play! :)

- the game saves CONSTANTLY. Do anything of significance (use an item, kill an NPC, whatever) and it saves. This is good because you can literally quit anytime and when you come back to the game it loads you at the exact moment you stoppped playing...it is also bad because you can't really undo anything! (no going back to previous saves). This is great for me b/c I have limited game time so i can stop whenever i want (no playing until i hit a save point)

- when you first start the game, you will play a really simple tutorial. You'll probably think "this game isnt as hard as everyone says it is!" ... You will reach the boss of the tutorial (Vanguard) and immediately die. (you are supposed to die...there are hardcore players who can beat him though). Once dead, you will go to the "Nexus" which is sort of a safe haven where you can talk to NPCs (and kill them...but you dont want to do that so be careful where you swing your sword!) or choose which world you want to travel to.

- You can NOT use your souls to level up your stats UNTIL you beat the first true boss (world 1-1, Phalanx).

- Once you beat the 1-1 boss, return to the nexus, talk to the maiden in black. Then go up the stairs in the nexus until you reach the upper level with all those bodies sitting around in a circle. Talk to the one with a candle in front of it. (I had to press talk twice for some reason). She will tell you a story, then ask you to say "yes" to something. THEN, you can go back to maiden in black and use your souls to level up stats.

- When you die, you lose your body and go into "soul form" ... your guy looks the same (same armor, etc) but has an unhealthy green glow and outline. You have 50% of your HP (that sounds bad but its really not...just think of this as your normal HP). To regain your body, you either have to defeat a boss or help another player out online. Lots of people recommend always keeping soul form, so once you get your body back just go to the top of the nexus and jump off to suicide.

- Playing online -- you dont have to if you dont want to. Just hit "cancel" when it asks you to sign in. Playing online enables you to: see messages left by other players (some helpful, some not), join another players game to help them, invade another players game to annoy them

- Playing online -- you can NOT be invaded by another player if you are in soul form. You can NOT summon another player to help you if you are in soul form

- starting at the first world portal (world 1) going clockwise around the staircase is how people refer to the worlds. Then each boss marks the "end" of a world level. (Phalanx marks the end of "1-1" ... once you defeat phalanx, a pathway opens up and you can either continue to "1-2" or go back to the nexus)

- If you want an "easy mode" - start the game as character type "Royal" ... they are equipped with a magic spell "Soul Arrow" right away, which kills most starting enemies in 1-2 shots.

- This is not your traditional (or in my eyes traditional) RPG where when you increase a stat you see immediate effects. For example, if you increase your strength stat by one point, you do NOT necessarily see an increase in damage done in this game. In this game, equipment primarily determines how much damage you do / how much defense you have / etc. Your stats enable you to USE the equipment. For example, a sword might require you to have 11 STR (strength) to equip it. The sword's damage will not change whether you have 11 STR or 20 STR. There are however some weapons that have damage bonuses that scale with your stats, so in that regard increasing a stat CAN have an impact, but not always.

- my tip: read a FAQ for the first world (1-1). It will enable you to get two very important items you may have otherwise missed (Cling Ring -- 75% HP in soul form instead of 50%, and Thief Ring -- harder to detect by enemies). It will also give you some sense of how levels work/shortcuts work/etc. If you dont want to read a FAQ, well let me just tell you --- dont go through the first fog gate you encounter unless you have found the cling ring. If you encounter a knight with RED eyes, go the other way -- you are not ready to fight him yet. Once you get a feel for how 1-1 is laid out, etc...you can play the other levels with no FAQ and only refer to a FAQ if you are stuck.

Well i hope those tips helped you. There is one final tip i will put at the end b/c it happens a little later in the game. THis is a great game, but there are a few cons. Here they are:

1) Equipment stats are shown in confusing symbols instead of words (why can't you just say STR, DMG, MAG, etc?). You will probably have to refer to the manual multiple times before you get the hang of what they are trying to show

2) If you die at a boss (and you will), you have to go back to the start of the level with all enemies respawned. Lots of levels have shortcuts to the boss, but this is still really annoying. Not annoying b/c it is hard necessarily, but annoying because it is time consuming and makes boss fights less enjoyable. Some of the bosses are fantastic looking and unique, but you dont really get to appreciate them because a death in a fight can cost you a lot of time in the game.

3) Camera angles / targeting system can be wonky, especially if you are in tight spaces. Sometimes this can lead to an annoying unjustified death.

4) Not really story-driven. This is not a con for me, but i know lots of people appreciate good story-telling and cutscenes. I particularly like that there are not really any long cutscenes to break up gaming, but just FYI.

All in all, even with the above cons, this game is worth your time if you have any remote interest in RPGs. Highly recommended.

*** the next final tip is for a little later in the game, but still is one of those things that if you never heard about it before, you probably would never have known to do it ***

- in world 3-2, there is a mean looking dude in a cell you can free. He has black armor and horns on his head. He is Yurt the Silent. IF YOU FREE HIM, he will return to the nexus and start killing NPCs!! Either do NOT free him, OR once you free him KILL HIM right away. If you kill him you get his armor too which is pretty cool.
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on August 21, 2015
This is a great game! Having played Dark Souls first, I figured this would be similar, which I was correct. This feels like a beta version of Dark Souls.The difference between Dark Souls and this game is that instead of traveling to different areas via pathways, you travel to different areas via portals from the Nexus. the nexus serves as your base of operations, you can stock up on items and take a breather. You enter different worlds via portals. Each world has 2 sub-boses and one main boss. After you complete one world you unlock a series of other world which you can complete at your own pace and order. The lore is good and the story is easier to follow than Dark Souls. Kingdom is invaded by Demons and you take up arms to rid the world of them. Gameplay is very similar to dark souls but some of the animations different of course. Also you cannot jump but that is a minor limitation. Most of the people here are probably coming from the same situation I did (Having played dark souls first), so in short, if you loved Dark Souls 1, you'll love Demon's Souls. In fact, Demon's Souls is more similar to Dark Souls than Dark Souls 2 is to Dark Souls.
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on September 18, 2014
I love this game. Since I played Dark Souls, I have been interested in the Souls series so much. I decided to buy Demon's Souls. So far, everything is what I expected. The combat is fair, items are easy to find and the classic message of "If you die, it's your fault." is still there. Only with a price, in Demon's Souls, if you die, you are punished by being stuck in a form known as "Soul Form" where your physical body is lost and your health is halved. I find this to be challenging at times due to my carelessness but I can deal with it if I am being careful. If you are coming from Dark Souls I or II. I have some advice, parrying is harder here so don't attempt it unless you are a timing master. In order to parry, you must time it just exactly when the enemy strikes. So get used to back stabbing. Also, in world 1-1 or The Archstone of the Small KIng-1. You can find the Cling Ring. It'll retain some of your physical form's health. so instead of it being halved. It is instead chopped of a quarter ish of your health.
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on January 20, 2014
Let me start off by saying that Demon's Souls is a rare treat. It's a game that's not afraid to give the players a challenge. Some people will say it's "SO HARD OMG!!!!", but in reality, it's only hard if you don't put thought into what you're doing and I love it for doing that. What makes it hard is how unforgiving it can be. In other words, it's the type of game you can't just blindly run into a horde of enemies and expect to come out unscathed. This game forces you to take a minute and think about what you're doing and prepare for the worst. This game sees how most modern games will guide new players on how to do everything, and turns the other cheek.

Now, don't confuse what I said for meaning this game doesn't tell you how to play. On the contrary, it gives you enough information to do the basics, and encourages you to experiment with different items and weapon/armor sets and expects you to go through trial-and-error before finding what suits your play-style.

If the above sounds good, then by all means stop reading and play this NAOOOO!.

For the story, don't expect it to spell everything out for you, either. This game tells its story through the items you acquire (they each give you a brief history about it, and some even give you insight on key characters you meet throughout the story).

Honestly, this is a niche game that in my opinion is a rare and beautiful gem, and my explanation can't do it justice. Watch some videos, and if you like it, get it. If not, I'd still play it if not for the challenge alone. It's just really good. lol
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on February 13, 2014
This game was a very enjoyable experience, and a pretty solid one at that. There were a few bugs here and there, some odd collision boxes (but I expect that's due to its age), and some enemy ai glitches, but nothing major at all. The gameplay itself was great, and was exactly what I expected it to be. It plays like Dark Souls but without the same polish that its sequel has.

The enemies, environments, bosses, sounds, ect are all brilliant. Some of the areas in the game are downright sickening (in a good way), a couple of the enemies/bosses are pretty nasty to look at, while others are exceedingly awesome, and some down-right freaky.

If you like a difficult, dark fantasy game, that lets you create your own character (although the graphics are dated!), and play how you want to, at your own pace... Then Demon's Souls is definitely for you.
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on August 9, 2017
Great game. BUT BEWARE The particular seller I bought it from, however, sent me a pirated copy I think. The terms and such had many of the unknown character rectangles instead of actual words and the audio would glitch out many times. it was funny at first hearing a crossbow sounding like an automatic weapon but there's more than that and it can get in the way of gameplay if you have your audio on like me. it mostly works however though it does get slower at times. I also had memory issues one time completely wiped my data but I think that may be a PlayStation thing.
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on August 2, 2013
I recently completed Dark Souls, and I couldn't get enough of the grueling and punishing gameplay so I ordered this.(Came 2 days late on Prime but was worth the wait!) Demon's souls' atmosphere sends chills down my spine and the bosses make me want to give up on the game entirely BUT when you do complete a level or defeat a boss it's the best freaking feeling in the world. I highly recommend this to hardcore gamers and not the COD/Elder Scrolls crowd.
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