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on May 22, 2009
I bought the Denon AH-NC732 headphones after reading all of the reviews, but for a different application. I operate farm machinery, and the Sony earbuds I have been using with my MP3 player were uncomfortable and prone to being dislodged easily.

The Denon headphones have proven to be an excellent replacement. After about 40 hours of use, they are doing exactly what I bought them for. They very effectively reduce the engine (diesel) noise, provide very good sound, and wear comfortably for long periods of time in the field. They appear to be well-constructed, and if handled sensibly they should hold up to the use I purchased them for.

Along with some of the other reviewers, I doubt the claim of "99% noise reduction" and agree that about 80% is a more believable figure. I like the fact that I can hear my music well, and still audibly monitor the equipment I'm operating. For me, this is the perfect package.

I was very impressed with the price. I had looked at Bose headphones in an electronics store, and for about half the price, I think the Denon's are a great value.

I'll update this review if any issues arise, but for now the Denon's are doing very well.


UPDATE! After two weeks of use, the right-side earphone began emitting loud static while in noise-canceling mode. I changed batteries and tried two different sources with no effect. I contacted Denon's factory repair site and got the OK to return them. The headphones came with a one-year warranty.

I returned the Denon's in the box I received them from Amazon, along with my proof of purchase dated two weeks earlier. After nearly three weeks, I just received a set of "factory reconditioned" phones with a 90-day warranty! The set I sent them were in as-new condition, and had about two weeks/50 hours of use, in a climate-controlled environment. They were absolutely not abused. I really expected to get a new set returned to me.

I am going to contact Denon and complain, but I am a bit pessimistic. I would suggest looking at other headphones, but if you do buy Denon's, be advised that their one-year warranty is a joke.

Further Update: PLEASE READ! Shortly after posting the above, I received a very courteous letter from Denon explaining that my headphones were indeed warranteed for the full period, and to contact them if I encountered any further problems. It has been well over a year now, and the Denon's are performing very well. Almost exclusive outdoor use, and no further problems. I am fully convinced that the first set of phones were a fluke. Back to 5 stars, and my apologies to Denon for the above rant.
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on January 28, 2009
If you don't want to read my boring review, skip to the bottom where I praise and recommend these.

First, let me thank the previous reviewers. I was contemplating these for several weeks based upon the other reviews.

The other reviews are spot on in their assessments. They do take a few minutes to adjust but then are quite comfortable. I don't wear them hours on end, so I cant speak to the comfort level of prolonged use, but I don't have any complaints about the comfort and fit using them on and off throughout the day when I want some isolation.

Another reviewer referred to the excellent sound quality. I do indeed hear my music with more clarity and richness. I can hear details with these that I have not heard with any other earphones. I notice this mostly in the mids and highs. I should note most of my music is recorded at 192kbs and 44 KHz.

I had used the Sony MDR-NC40 headphones but wanted something a little better. I bought the Denons about a week ago and have been very impressed with the sound quality and noise reduction. I work in a computer room with constant background noise. Putting the earphones on immediately drown out some noise, but the NR is impressive. You dont have to even listen to audio to dampen the outside noise. Oftentimes I use them with NR only and it definitely makes a noticeable difference.
My wife has the Bose Quiet Comfort. They also sound good, but not "$250 good".

For the value, I was surprised at the price point. I bought these through Amazon for almost half as much as other products.

I consider myself a sound enthusiast, because being an audiophile is way too expensive for my taste. These headphones have surpassed my expectations although the previous reviews set my expectations fairly high.

Summary of my thesis on the Denon AH-NC732:
In my opinion, better overall sound than Bo$e for less money. They did not disappoint.
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on February 15, 2009
I just purchased these for my next family trip so we would have two pairs for the children. I fly every week and have a pair of Panasonic RP-HC500 that I have been using for over a year. I have always heard Denon was the brand to have in audio electronics so I decided to give them a try. After all, they said up to 99% noise reduction and my Panasonic said up to 85% so they have to be better.
I decided to give them a side by side comparison. On my last flight, I tried both pairs on several times and the Panasonics had better noise cancelling. I believe this is mainly due to the Panasonic headphones have a tighter fit on your ears.
Both units have extremely good sound.
Both are very good headphones but I would rank my Panasonics with a 4 star while rating the Denons with a 3 star.
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on April 17, 2009
These headphones have been ideal for my use. On the noisy New York subways (and noisier subway platforms), I enjoy crisp treble and subtle, rich bass at a low-to-moderate volume. Screeching train brakes, "musician" peddlers, and nearby chatter are either significantly dampened or eliminated altogether. Denon's claim of "99% Noise Cancellation" is probably overstating it, but for wearing the headphones around the city, it's probably better to notice an approaching taxi's horn rather than not hear it at all. I can still hear the piercing-loud voice of the subway conductor announcing the next stop, but it's softened as though I had pillows over my ears.

Speaking of pillows on my ears, these headphones are incredibly comfortable. The leather is very soft to the touch and the grip of the headband is gentle. My ears are not sore even after hours of wearing them, though they are slightly warm -- as you'd expect, since headphones like this necessarily limit air flow. The headphones stay securely on my head as I look up, down and around, never slipping a bit.

On a long flight to Asia, the engine noise was nearly eliminated, and I was able to clearly hear a quiet airline movie (Revolutionary Road) at low volume. My wife, who had no interest in fancy headphones, used the standard issue Singapore Airlines headphones and couldn't hear some parts of the movie even with her volume up all the way.

I had debated between these on-the-ear headphones and other brands' over-the-ear ones. These have been a great pick for me, since their low-profile case allows me to easily fold and pack them into a small city or travel bag with room for other goodies. Had I chosen the Audio Technica or Bose over-the-ear models (both very good headphones), they'd be too cumbersome to carry around as often as I do. While I'd imagine a good over-the-ear design would offer slightly improved noise cancellation (by definition), the trade-off of clunky size would have me wearing them less often, so what's the point?
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on June 8, 2009
The headphones sound pretty decent while they are turned on, however you won't be wanting to listen to them if the battery is dead or turned off. Like another reviewer noted, they sound "muddy". The sound is instantly more clear and crisp when you turn them on, even in a quiet environment.

The sound is decent. They aren't any more spectacular than the old Panasonic RP-HT355 non-noise canceling headphones I previously used (these aren't anything fancy if you're not familiar, sub $75 wired stereo headphones). However, the noise isolation is really good in a lot of circumstances. Inside, in an "open" work environment, they easily provide ample noise isolation. I'm very pleased with the performance in that situation.

On the bus, they definitely dampen traffic and bus noise, but that is not to say that you won't hear those things. They'll just be significantly muted. Decent performance there, but not a cure-all.

In general, they do well with steady sounds (bus engine, "environmental noise" at work), but not so well with irregular sounds, like traffic or conversation. Unlike a previous pair of noise canceling headphones, they don't actually amplify conversation in their attempt to actively cancel it out, however. The fit of the pads against your ears takes care of the rest of the dampening, so are probably not better than any other set of good-fitting headphones with foam earpads.

I did find that when I was walking around, I could clearly hear my footsteps as thumps, even with the noise canceling off. I don't recall this effect with other headphones, so perhaps not the best choice if you intend to wear them out and about.

When you use them in noise canceling mode without an input source, they also do a good job, but the effect of the noise canceling without anything else makes me slightly dizzy and might aggravate a tendency towards motion sickness if you are susceptible to that and intended to use these headphones in that fashion.

They are fairly comfortable to wear, though after several hours, I find that my ear is a little sore where they push it into the arm of my glasses. They don't feel hot and sit comfortably on the ear though. If you don't have glasses, I don't imagine you'll have any issue at all.

Overall recommend at Amazon's price, especially for indoor, office use.
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on April 13, 2009
I'm a college student and really big into music. Due to this, I probably have about a dozen pairs of headphones in my room from trying out new products, finding what I like, etc. These headphones have it all; amazing power, strong bass, untouched sound quality, and they conceal sound very well. Being a student, I work a lot in a library and having headphones that leak sound out when you have volume above like 6 are useless for me; I have had this up to about 40 on my computer and a person sitting about 2 feet from me couldn't even hear them!

If you are looking for good sound quality in many ranges, from soothing classical music to pumping rock and metal, these are it. Not to mention they come with a hard carrying case...something Sony should have developed a long time ago! These things keep them protected while you use them, it has a detachable cord, etc.

For those who wish to purchase Bose headphones, let me deter you; these will provide equal if not better sound quality and provide superior noise cancelling properties. Not to mention, they aren't Bose, so they won't get stolen!
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on April 21, 2009
I wanted noise reduction headphones to concentrate in the office and for flights.

The performance of these in the office is comparable with the Bose headphones. One colleague has the QC2s and one has the QC3s so I was able to test extensively against both.

As many reviewers have commented, the sound quality on the Bose QC3s is very poor - sounds muffled. The QC2s have good sound and the full over-ear construction.

The sound quality on the Denon's is great and at least as good if not better than the QC2s with great bass and high end. As I write I'm listening to "Sweet Dreams" so can't help but smile at the quality.

The sound cancellation in the office is very difficult to distinguish from either the QC2s or the QC3s in terms of effectiveness. The Denons seem to be just as good. I have not yet tested them on a plane.


Comfort: sit on the ear. Feels fine
Sound cancellation: probably about 90% as good as the Bose QC2 and QC3. Hard to distinguish
Sound quality: Excellent. Comparable with QC2 and far better than QC3
Cost: $150 - half the price of both Bose models - makes it a clear win for me

Summary: very hard to justify the extra $150 for the Bose models and if you want to listen to music the QC3s are simply not good.
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on June 21, 2009
Ordered 2 pairs for me and my spouse. We returned both pairs. One pair was broken from the get go - right ear had no sound. The second pair worked but there were two issues. One, there was a high pitched whistle sound in the left air which we assumed was the suction between the ear and headphone coming undone. Happened a number of times and eventually got annoying. Two, the noise cancelling aspect was just okay. Our prior headphones were from Sennheiser and these Denon's didn't compare.

All in all, we wanted to like the Denon's. They packed small and sounded good. But, realibility was an issue. We decided to go back to Sennheiser and get the PXC 350.
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on May 9, 2010
I my quest to find the best noise reduction headphones I have tried quite a few. From the Bose QC3 and QC15, Sennheiser PXC 250, and now the Denon AH-NC732.

If you want on-ear style noise reduction headphones these are a really good value. I had the Sennheiser for about 5 years and they worked well - might have been an earlier model than the PCX250s. I left them on a flight and was not able to recover them. This gave me a good excuse to search for a replacement. I tried the Bose QC3s but I could not get myself to spend 350 when the Denon set is priced at about 150 on Amazon. I think you will be hard pressed to hear a difference between the QC3s and the Denons (or comfort) that would justify this price difference. Both come with nice cases, but the Denons fold and store more compactly. So - if size and compactness and price are your criteria - get the Denons.

Now - that being said - try on a pair of the QC15s - wow - the over the ear style is larger and a little heavier - but they are comfortable (even for my 4 or 5 hour flights) and they sound incredible. They just seal out more external noise and sound incredible. They store in a nice case that is just a little bigger than the QC3s but almost twice the size as the Denons. I decided that sounds quality and noise reduction where more important that size and price. I picked up a pair of the Bose QC15s from a Bose Store on a trip and had both these and the Denons on the flight home. The Bose QC15s stayed on my head for the flight and as soon as I got home I returned the Denons.

- Comfort
- Decent Noise Reduction
- Uses replaceable battery (can carry a spare)
- Cost - very reasonable at discounted price or 150 (200 cheaper than comparable QC3)
- Size - folds compact and stores in small storage case

- Not that loud
- Noise reduction not as good as over the ear models

Summary - if you really want the on-the-ear style - get the Denons but if you give the over the ear style a try - you will want the Bose QC15s.
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on January 18, 2010
I tested the Denon AH NC732, the Audio-Technica ATHANC7 Audio Technica ATH-ANC7B Active Noise-Cancelling Closed-Back Headphones, the JVC HANC250JVC HANC250 High-Grade Noise Cancelling Headphones and the Bose QC15Bose® QuietComfort® 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® Headphones.

Let me start by the worst of them as it was clearly the JVC, despite the reviews I checked. Actually, given the reviews, it was the first one I bought. However, soon I placed them, the sound was not good at all. The noise cancellation was ok, but you could hear a slight buzz. I return it

Then I bought the Audio-Technica. The sound is wonderful as well the noise cancellation, the best of the first three. I return it because the noise cancellation only works for the person using the headphones :-). Someone on the side can hear very well the music being played. Despite what some reviews say, it has nothing to do with the sound volume you are using. The headphones just leak very easily.

There was another reason that made me return them. They are just too big! As I want to use the headphones for air travelling, I suspect that with these headphones, someone would ask me if I was not mistaken as I should be on the groung maneuvering the ground movements of the plane :-) I return it.

Then I bought the Denon's. They were the best considering the sound quality and the noise cancellation performance. You hear a slight wiss with the NC on, but it does not bother. Also, they are very comfortable (I used them from Frankfurt to Houston 9h flight). I kept them...

Last, the Bose QC15 are really good. I test them in a Apple store during the Christmas shopping period. I was amazed with the NC performance. Actually, it was so good that I felt a bit dizzy in the end. I think this is something that one will get used to. The sound was just the best and much better than the QC3 in all spectrum.

However, they cost more than twice the Denon's and not sure at all if it is worth it. I had trouble to justify it for me, although I travel a lot and I can afford them.

Also, they are bigger and heavier, which is important to consider to fit in a bag with computer.

At the end, considering all the money lost with the returns, I may have been better off if I went directly to the Bose.
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