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on May 27, 2012
For Christmas I received the BD versions of LOTR & Star Wars. I wasn't about to insult these movies with the speakers from my HDTV.

My Onkyo Home Theater Receiver shorted out after a juice spill in the TV room several months prior. I had this receiver for several years and was very happy with it. Either technology has changed during this period of time or there is a significant difference with this Denon receiver. My rear Bose speakers never sounded so vibrant. I feel that I really have a surround sound system now. With the Onkyo device, it sounded more like a quadraphonic sound system.

My satellite system is not HD (we use it very little with all of the content available over the internet) and it did not recognize the tv signal via coaxial cable. I have not played with this any further to try and work it out.

I have several thousand digital video files on our HTPC and we stream a lot of content over the internet. The Denon is a beautiful addition to my HTPC configuration. I have had zero problems or issues with my Denon.

In fact, I've carved "LOTR & Denon = TRULUV" in a tree in the backyard
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on May 6, 2012
Recently purchased the Denon 1612 AV Reciever for $202.96, Great product.

The Audyssey Audio setup feature is a must have. Simply place the microphone at ear level where you usually sit, and the system does the rest. I turned the dynamic volume feature off, so that the full bass and special effects come thru.

My home theater setup consists of the Micro Energy 5 speakers paired with the Polk Audio PSW10. Amazing sound quality, enough bass and crisp clean sound from the Energy speakers. Blue Ray discs sound really great as the system automatically switches over to DTS HD, for the home theater experence.

I used 18 gauge wire for the speakers. I would suggest also buying banana clips for the rear of the reciver, as hooking up 10 wires with the screw-on caps is a bit frustrating. Subwoofer simply use one RCA Cable, set the low bass max, power to On and Phase to zero prior to using the Audyssey EQ feature.

HDMI cables all hook into the back and pass thru the signal to the TV.

The USB/IPOD port makes listening to your digital music a breeze. The reciever has many preset audio format setting you can enjoy trying out.

Overall for the $200-$250 price range, the Denon 1612 can't be matched in terms of value, features and sound quality.
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on August 3, 2014
I bought this Denon a little over 2 years ago. I must say while it was working, it sounded great. After about 18 months it started to have intermittent problems with the video signal. The sound would work fine but it wouldn't have any video signal. If I turned the receiver off and then back on the video signal would work. The problem persisted until about a month ago. At that time the video signal went out and did not come back on. The receiver is a little over 2 years old which sucks. I’ve tested all the HDMI hookups and verified it’s the unit itself. I’m temporally using my old Sony surround sound receiver which still works and is about 16 years old. I’ve been shopping around for a new receiver but I can tell you after my experience with this Denon, my new receiver will be anything but another Denon.
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on January 1, 2013
I purchased the Denon AVR-1612 previously and immediately after installing in a well ventilated area the unit would shut off for no apparent reason. I put a fan by it to see if it needed to be cooled down and it still would shut off. That unit was returned to Amazon and replaced with a new unit, same make and model. It worked a little better than the first one but then again this one also started shutting off after only several minutes of playing. Finally it shut off and will now not turn on at all. This is one of the worst purchases of any product I have ever made. Prior to the original purchase I had looked at reviews of this unit and they seemed to be rather positive. However, my experience with two different units has resulted in me realizing that I will never purchase anything with the Denon name on it. This unit was a complete waste of money.
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on July 23, 2012
I had bought this on Amazaon for $200 and OSD 40 ft HDMI cable for $27 in the first week of July!!! I reside in India and getting such products here is a challange and that too with such a low price. I got the delivery within 8 days in New Mumbai, India thru Aramex courier. Surprisingly the delivery boy was asking me to pay an addtional INR4200/- for customs duty, etc. But I denied and called the Mumbai call centre. Thankfully, they solved the matter with the branch office guys within minutes and the parcel was delivered!

Packaging was solid this time. The reciever itself felt rock solid by its built and weight. When I set up it with my HTPC and 5 speakers, and played the blu-ray of Transformers 2, immediately got to knew what I was missing all these years with my local surround amp. SUPERB! LIVE! I never knew my floor standers has got such a punch in them. Even the center and surround speakers are now felt without any efforts. I used Auddessey set up after 3-4 days of listening to normal settings. It really changes the output and feeling of the sound for music and movies and the whole experience is completely different and pleasant! I am still testing my whole lot of HD movies collection with this and the Vivitek H1081 projector I bought just 2 days before it on Amazon. The HTPC is now connected to 1612 and it is powering the speakers and the projector. The full 120" 1080p image blows us out completely.

Now only sub is remained!
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on October 4, 2012
I purchased this receiver to replace a 15 year-old Sony that no longer is compatible with the digital connections of new equipment. I didn't want to spend too much, I didn't want excess bells and whistles. I only wanted 5.1 surround, average power, and a clean, simple interface. I've never owned a Denon product before.

I am very pleased with the AVR-1612. The set-up is easy. Others have complained that the product manual is only provided on CD, but it is not needed to set up or operate the receiver, and the only thing I've used it for has been to look up a couple of technical terms I wasn't familiar with. The remote operates all my connected components including a Sharp TV, a Cisco cable box, a Sony BD player and an old Sony DVD player. I was impressed with the ease of use and results produced by the automatic speaker setup using the supplied microphone. I never achieved anything close to the surround effect with my old Sony. The receiver automatically switches between surround settings depending on the program signal coming through the TV/cable source. This unit is being used in a basement, and the supplied single-wire FM antenna is adequate to receive clearly stations 45 miles away I usually have trouble with.

I highly recommend the Denon AVR-1612.
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on June 21, 2012
I had bought from Costco a Sony AV receiver and it sounded great over component video. When I then tried to get it to work over HDMI, nothing. Sony would not help, because I was using a HDMI to YPbPr Component Video Converter for HDTV PC PS3 STB, DVD and Projector (Support HDCP 1.2) and said the box was the issue. I didn't believe that.

So I buy this Denon AVR-1612. Hook everything up like before and guess what. It works perfectly.

The video is sharp and flawless.

The sound is just as good as the more expensive Sony. I loose out on iPhone controller and network features, but I use a Logitech Harmony 1100 Universal Remote with Color Touch Screen and probably never would use the iPhone app. And I would never use the network features either, since my DVR allows for streaming from my PC.

Overall, a wonderful, low cost unit.
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on October 9, 2012
I got this as a refurb or used (sorry I forgot) deal from Warehouse Deals, Inc. I was VERY worried about what I would get. I got an email response assuring me that the product was in excellent condition but you never know. Well it arrived in a timely manner ... in PERFECT condition. I saved quite a bit on it. I went from an older Onkyo so this was an excellent upgrade. All in all I can't complain with all the HDMI inputs, renders Blu Ray 3D superbly and I've so far never had any hiccups. It is a 5.1 setup which is the only area I can see that may be obsolete in a decade or so but I'm ok with that. Excellent deal and very happy with this purchase.
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on July 11, 2012
I owned a Denon 1910 model for a few years until it was fried by a lightning strike and it was by far the best surround reciever I've ever owned. In a hurry to replace it I purchsed a Pioneer which lasted only a little over a year. I didn't have the money to spend on the higher end Denon, read the reviews of this model and bought it from Amazon for $199.00 which was less than half of what the Pioneer cost me. Hookup was a breeze and the setup mike worked flawlessly. Some customers complained about the confusing instructions (all on a cd) but I had no problems comprehending them. The sound on this entry level Denon blew the much more expensive Pioneer out of the water. If you are looking for a great sounding entry level surround reciver this is the one to get. From now on I'll only use Denon recivers. For the money nothing can touch this one.
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on February 4, 2013

I purchased this receiver on June 29, 2012.
I paired it with Polk Audio RM705 5.1
It worked perfectly till last week.
& from Last week suddenly there is no audio output from Left surround channel .
I checked the speaker by attaching on different channel , the speaker is ok .
I checked the wire connection , replaced the wire also & made sure that there is no issue in wire & connectivity .

When I play test tone from the setup wizard inside the receiver I get tone audio on all other channels
except left surround channel.

What can be wrong , Does the receiver gone bad ..?

Please help .
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