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on January 29, 2015
Shelves are small, my DirecTV Genie Box takes one up completely. Also, the posting behind the shelves that covers the cords heading up to the TV, are much to short, difficult to keep the cords in the cover, and it doesn't like holding more than 1 cable on each side. Notice in the pictures how tightly the shelves are fit underneath the TV...that is as low as they could go if I wanted the cables hidden by the cover. I'd prefer maybe another foot or so.
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on March 6, 2015
The overall design is wonderful. The installation process is simple. My issue is glass shelves are too small. Xbox One is filling up one whole shelf completely and the modem and router on the other with no more space. While they might be the size described, I recommend showing it in inches also for more clarity on size. Or maybe showing items like cable box or gaming system on shelfs in the demo pictures to give visual representation of size . Basically the shelves are way to tiny for any household that has a cable box and gaming system or other accessories that would normally be put on a tv stand. I really wish I would have either gotten the 3 shelf version of this product or found floating shelves that were longer.
What ended up making it a 3 star product for me was that a big reason for getting tv stands of any kind is to hide/manage cables. And on that front the "cable management system" is not helpful for any of thicker cables like power/hdmi/coaxial. It was can only handle thin cables so I have a huge mess of cables I ended up having to zip tie. A few of the thinner connections like the modem and router power sources were the only cables that fit into the "cable management system".
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on January 19, 2015
I just finished installing the unit. I must give 2 stars based on initial impression and installation. The package arrived smashed from the front (very careless). One of the tops is scratched up pretty deep. It has 6 screw holes but only came with 5 screws. The tops come with rubber washers but I was missing 1 out of the 3. Total initial presentation would be 0 stars. But I have two because it does what it's meant to do and doesn't look too bad. Wish it was a little more sturdy but good for the price.
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on December 20, 2015
My reason for writing a review is to provide images of what you'll get at this time. I bought an extra two-shelf unit to match one I already had. The exact same product I bought summer of 2014. The one we get now is not the one shown in the current images on the website that I relied on to be a match. The one in the picture that I bought last year is a solid piece of metal as the brace, then you have small plastic guides that slide into the far sides of it to hold the cables. The one we get now is like the cheaper Ematic brand where you have a small bracket about an inch wide that you screw to the stud, and then plastic pieces that attach to it and curve back to the wall.. it's much cheaper looking and feeling and i'm upset they changed the design without changing their product image because I bought this to match their product I bought last year. Anyhow, here are images of what you'll get and you can see what I mean by the smaller single brace and plastic curved pieces that attach to it. Also the shelves now have the logo 'VonHaus' written in the front right corner.. the originals did not. Also since I just remembered, the braces that the shelves sit on in the original (as in the current image above) taper a bit up toward the front of the shelf to make it look nice.. the ones you'll get now are basically straight and look cheaper in comparison.. here are the pictures.
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on January 6, 2015
The shelves are "fragile", flimsy and SMALL. Neither of my 2 Blue Ray players fits and Sat box too wide and too long for the size of the shelves.

Installation: If you want these floating shelves to be align on center with your TV while installing on drywall, good luck! The TV mount uses the wall studs at 16" so there's no wall stud at the mid point. I had access from behind and reinforced the wall with 6-8" x 6-8" pieces of plywood. It installed fine.

But again measure before ordering as these shelves are small. The tracks for the wires are a joke, as it's almost impossible to get more than one at a time. Drill more holes on the wall and take straight to receiver and power stations behind entertainment center. These shelves now hold my AppleTV, wireless headphones and a picture frame. But any normal satellite, blue ray or any other player, Good Luck!
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on May 20, 2015
For what this is advertised for it is completely useless. It doesn't fit my cable box, or my Xbox one. The picture and advertising make it seem much bigger than it is.

For whatever reason my product smells like a bonfire, which I have had to scrub clean.

This is very easy to assemble. However, the instructions are terrible.

The only thing I have that this is capable of holding is my modem.
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on April 24, 2014
Let me start by saying if I was not using this to organize my chords, it probably would have gotten a 4-5 star review. That being said, if you are on blood pressure medication and trying to hide/organize your AV chords, avoid this thing or you might have an aneurysm.

The basic idea behind their system is a set of rods with fingers that go down a channel on either side of the column. To place your wire down the channel, you need to run the chord between two of the fingers and then guide the apparatus down a groove in the channel. The problem with this is most chords are textured and hang up as you try to guide them down and it is exceptionally difficult to do more than one wire at a time. The other issue is their system makes the end of your chord come out at a 90 degree angle, which you then have to bend again to hook to your device. Not an option when using a digital audio line.

The second problem is the channel is only big enough to accommodate 1 big wire or two small wires. You could run the power chord and HDMI cable through this but wont be able to fit the digital audio.

The build quality was okay and it is holding my Xbox and cable receiver just fine, but the design of the cable management is lacking and I would not buy it again.
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VINE VOICEon June 3, 2015
This shelf set was really easy to install. It comes with sinkers for masonry or drywall (mine was drywall into a stud) and the three shelves are adjustable. I liked that feature because I was stacking consoles on these shelves and some are taller than others.

The smoked black glass shelves look classy. They sit on metal "V-shaped" arms, and you hand-tighten the bolts that hold the arms in place. My only complaint here is that the shelf-bolts are small hex-heads that can be hard to work with an Allen wrench.

Once I had the shelves installed, cabling was a breeze: there are channels on either side with tabs that you can push the cables through and they will be held in place.

I liked this "VonHaus 3x Black Floating Shelves" set and I would buy it again.
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on January 6, 2017
This unit worked out well when installed on a bedroom wall. Everything arrived as expected, it was well packed and nothing was damaged. It was relatively easy to install and the glass shelves sit neatly in place. The unit easily holds the small television and small components feeding it, although despite tightening the screws that hold the shelf brackets onto the center track very well, there is still some play in the horizontal balance of the shelves. They are easily knocked off level. This is not so drastic that anything is going to slip off, but just enough to make me double check the balance.

The reason for the four stars is that the cable management system comes up short when dealing with wires of larger diameter, specifically the Comcast cable line that feeds a digital converter box. The plastic teeth of the cable management system do not flex enough to allow thicker cables to pass behind them easily, so it became quite a struggle to gently pull back the plastic guards and thread the cable between them and the wall. I was afraid I would bend or break one of the teeth or a whole section of plastic, but fortunately, everything held up without damage. Thinner wires for things like AC adapters were much easier to insert, but it would be great if they could improve the way the plastic covers go on so that was the last step in the installation process, not the first.

It would also be helpful if the cable management pieces were larger to allow more cable behind them. I had one particularly long HDMI cable that had to be coiled inside one of the tracks to install neatly and it barely fit. Yes, the answer to this problem is to buy a shorter HDMI cable, but not everyone has that luxury.

All in all, I am pleased with my purchase and it meets my needs well.
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on April 4, 2014
Overall, I am not overly displeased with this purchase but I will clarify why it is not too great. First the good: It is shipped securely, the glass is high quality, and it looks great mounted on the wall under my TV. The bad: The shelves are pretty small and won't hold much more than a cable box. It barely barely barely fits my Samsung blu-ray player. The shelves also will tilt if you bump them at all, even with the bolts tightened as much as possible. The third item of note is that I wanted to hide my cords behind this thing so they wouldn't show, but that is basically impossible. The end caps cover up any entry for cords to run behind this shelf and the side covers are this stiff inflexible plastic that is kind of useless unless you have the cord coming out of the wall, which in an apartment is not possible so much. So you will see all the cords coming out of the router if you go that...route. In summary, it looks good, doesn't cost that much, but is mostly impractical unless you just want it for a cable box or cigar box or some photos.
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