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A sequel that is equally hilarious and as entertaining as its original movie! My family loved that this movie expanded on the lovable characters of Despicable Me AND had us laughing ourselves silly. The evil minions where such a nice twist! Gru's love interest was adorably spunky and an ace agent, too! Loved the new characters!

Now, where can I purchase a guacamole hat???!
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon January 18, 2016
Yeah, I couldn't wait until release day for Despicable Me 2. The original
Blu-ray was once at the very top of my Top Must Own 3D Titles list, and knowing
how much the animators favored pop-out effects, I was certain going into this
film that it would aim to please. I was not disappointed....and neither will you.

Picking up some short time after the original film, we find Gru (Steve Carell)
retired from being a super villain as he concentrates on being a father and a
legitimate businessman. You know, instead of blowing things up and creating
general havoc, he he's entertaining young kids at a Birthday party, dressed as
a fairy princess. However, that life suddenly comes to a screeching halt when
an agent named Lucy Wilde (Kristen Wiig) persuades Gru to help the Anti Villain
League hunt down a mastermind who has taken off with a secret formula that
turns innocent people into monsters.

With most all of the original cast and filmmakers returning for this sequel,
Despicable Me 2 aims higher than its predecessor thanks to the amount of
emphasis that is placed on its unusual stars, the Minions. This was a smart
thing to do given the fact that any scene with these lovable creatures manages
to get the biggest laughs, while the rest of the film sort of "hits" or "misses" when
it comes to trying to retain the magic of the original.

It becomes rather impossible to say anything negative about an animated
transfer like this that has been created entirely within the digital realm. It's
virtually flawless, with its vivid palette of colors and razor-sharp images that
beautifully detail the film's tremendous animation efforts. I really loved watching
the scenes that take place in the Minion tropical paradise. I think they show off
the most impressive levels of color from deep sky blues to the banana yellows of
the Minions themselves. Black levels are something to behold here as well,
particularly evident in young Agnes's (Elsie Fisher) hair or Dr. Nefario's (Russell
Brand) gloves. This is a transfer that is going to really make your display show
its worth.

As for the 3D, it's got a lot going for it as well. First, there is an ample amount of
depth that separates foreground and background objects. Animation is perfectly
layered throughout the film so that certain objects (such as overhead light fixtures)
stand more prominently forward than everything else. The use of descriptive
computer overlay gives a very nice 3D effect. Of course, as with the original film,
Despicable Me 2 plays to its audience, taking every opportunity it can to throw
props outwards. From an inflatable pony, to unraveling party horns, to floating
shards of glass -- there is always something coming at the audience. Look at Gru's
nose and the way it always seems to poke itself out of the screen. Unfortunately,
outside of a few character hand extends, the outward reach seems rather limited
for the in-film content. The real deal comes during the ending credits (which you
must watch completely through), where various objects mishandled by the Minions
come the furthest forward. These are the real 3D moments to savor. I suppose
Universal was afraid viewers would skip the credits so they have included most (or all)
of the credit hijinks in the opening menu.

Ghosting issues are ever-so minor. In fact, outside of the ghosting on the opening
credits (same problem as the original film) and a bubble sequence during the
closing credits, I hardly noticed any issues on my active shutter display.

Despicable Me 2 features a 5.1 DTS-MA track that is just as engaging as the film
itself. Effects work their way effortlessly across the channels. Dialogue is clear
throughout while the film's music seems to get even distribution around the entire
sound field. LFE is very much present in some of the film's action sequences,
particularly those involving the flying magnet. There's a lot of toe-tapping musical
moments to enjoy here. I was most pleased that one of my favorite instrumentals
by Barry White's Love Unlimited Orchestra was included.

Despicable Me 2 arrives as a 3-Disc set (Blu-ray 3d+Blu-ray+DVD and Digital HD)
housed in a really cool lenticular cardboard slipcover that features a blown party
favor. There's a wealth of extra material that I really didn't have time to spend with,
but I did take the opportunity to watch one of the three included mini-movies (the
only one in 3D), Puppy. It's actually a very cute short that features great dimensional
depth (though no pop-out).

Despicable Me 2 falls a bit short of the original, but still remains quite funny thanks
to the time that is spent with its lovable Minions. I can't get enough of those little
guys and I look forward to their own spin-off feature in 2014.

Meanwhile, this is yet another "must have" release for anyone that wants to enjoy the
full potential their 3D display has to offer. Despicable Me 2 is just plain "fun" and it
makes for one of the very best 3D releases of 2013.
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on December 31, 2015
Despicable Me 2 Limited Edition Ornament Gift Set (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD)

I got this version rather than the 3D just because I wanted the ornament for my granddaughter. We had everyone glued to the TV Christmas day as they all watched the Despicable Me 2 Movie. No longer a bad guy but doing his best to be a really super dad, Gru is recruited to be a good guy to track down a new villain. Sorry guys no spoilers here. This is just a must watch movie.
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on January 2, 2015
Edit: Since my review I was able to resolve this issue with Universal Support. They lose one star for making me look up their support email and jump through hoops to get the digital download. On the plus side they didn't try to foist ultra violet on me, I was able to chose iTunes for my download.

Original Review:
The movie is great. The product sold is a rip off. The digital download disc WILL NOT WORK if you try to use it after 12/31/2014. Don't waste your money on this version, get one without the digital download. And if you want the digital download, well you'll have to find some other means because apparently hollywood doesn't want to sell it to you. (But they will take your money letting you believe that you are getting it).
Why they set an artificial expiration date I have no idea. There's no good reason for it.
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on July 22, 2015
The story is endearing and the minions, even the evil ones, are cute overload. While not as impressionable as the first, there are still many moments that stick with you. Check it out!
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For Christmas we got this and "Despicable Me" (the original one) for my eight year old daughter. We take her to see pretty much EVERY family-friendly movie that comes to the theaters, and I have to say, the Despicable Me series holds a special place in our hearts- not only is it wildly appealing to children, it's also very, very funny. And both films stand the test of repeated watching. I have to admit, I like the first "Despicable Me" better, but it's nice to have both of them in our library. I'm sure you've seen this, but if you haven't- go ahead and rent/buy it. It's worth the time. Very funny.
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on November 18, 2014
We bought this for our daughter for Christmas and she loves it! (We have it to her early lol) she hung onto the little ornament throughout the whole movie, and she really likes the cute mini movies. This had excellent fast shipping and was delivered no problem.
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on November 14, 2015
The movies are excellent.However beware if you plan to use the Digital download. It is an import and, as such, only downloadable in UK and Ireland. As that was one of the primary reasons for which I purchased the set, I found this fact highly disappointing. While I did see the "Import" in the description, I was not aware of the implied regional restrictions and do, honestly feel that the vendor, The Valhalla Group, should have stated in their description that this was not, as are many, Region Free. Although it might pain my Nordic forbears, I shall avoid Valhalla in the future, at least in the matter of purchases (I wonder, did Loki put this on-line...?)
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on May 26, 2016
My kids are obsessed with minions and this movie is really cute. I have to admit I kind of love it too. It's nice to see Margo, Edith, and Agnes back and trying to hook Gru up with a girlfriend. So cute, loved the history of how the minions came to be. Wasn't my impression, I thought they were created in a lab, apparently not!
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on March 12, 2015
Hilarious family fun and even better than the first one (I didn't think that would be possible). This absolutely should have won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film over "Frozen," which was riding the "Let It Go" hype at the time of the awards season. The minions are a catchy, brilliant creation and I'll take the message of love that Gru has for his adopted girls and how love of family an conquer evil over the syrupy "I choose my sister over a man" silliness that "Frozen" represents. This movie will stand the test of time...great vocal acting and writing. We finally get to see the fart gun in action!! "I'm not afraid of your jelly guns." "Oh, this ain't no jelly gun, sunshine." Awesome. :)
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