Customer Reviews: Despicable Me 2
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon July 1, 2013
I loved this movie and both my daughters loved it even more. It is AS GOOD as the first part, therefore this review follows the main lines of my review of the first "Despicable me". This review contains very limited SPOILERS.

1. Hilarity - Exactly as the first film, this sequel is HILARIOUS! There is hardly any 15 seconds in this movie that would not contain a really good gag, children or/and adult oriented. Whoever wrote the scenario was a genius!

2. Despicability - in this film Gru is a little bit different from what he was in the first part. He is no more so grumpy, mean, petty and permanently aggravated - he certainly smiles more and all his attitude softened. He remains however exactly as insecure as in the first film. That being said, there are moments in this film when the old Gru resurfaces, when his heart is broken or when somebody REALLY upsets him. His geriatric sidekick and only friend (well, kind of) doctor Nefario didn't take all this change easily and he has some trouble to adapt his evil laboratory to new tasks of producing jam and jelly... Gru's murderous (and toxic) dog/rat/wolverine/skunk like pet on another hand felt completely under the spell of the girls - but still gives a great show! The two "bad guys" are also excellent - which is a real achievement, considering that one of them belongs to species usually not associated with evil villainy...)))

3. Girl power - as in the previous film, I believe that any parent of little girls will fall immediately in love with Margo, Edith and Agnes, the three little orphaned sisters Gru adopted in the first part. Those seemingly defenseless creatures took him since under the sweet and soft but in the same time surprisingly totalitarian control little girls exercise over their fathers, adoptive or not...))) Agnes, the youngest of the three (I think she is 5) is still particularly sweet - if only she was real I would adopt her on the spot and spoil her silly all the rest of my life! Tomboyish Edith, aged around 8, still wears permanently her pink hat which seems to comfort her, but as you will see, she certainly recovered from her previous traumas...))) Margo, the oldest one, is now a young teenager (she is about 13 I think) and starts already to think about boys, something which TERMINALLY freaks Gru out - and I can relate here! Honest, if you already are a parent of a little girl, you WILL LOVE this movie. And if you do not have yet a young daughter, get one!

4. As in previous film, as far as reasons to watch this movie go, even the girls must cede the first place to the minions! The totally devoted, fearless and highly professional and in the same time impossibly immature and conflicted army of Gru minions is THE greatest treasure of this movie. In this film there is even more minions and believe me - they pack incredible fun! I am very impatient to see their own film (which I believe will be released in 2014).

5. Agent Lucy Wilde, a young rising star in the Anti Villain League, is a new element and a new delight added to this film and her character is a great success. Well trained in martial arts and using some extremely cool gadgets, she is also a mixture of perfect lady and a tomboyish, contagiously enthusiastic adventurer, still lacking a little bit of experience and therefore prone to attack first and ask questions later...))) And she is also cute, which certainly doesn't hurt.

I purposefully omitted in this review some of the characters and did not hint at most of the gags and scenes, to avoid big spoilers and keep things short.

To conclude, this is a TREASURE OF A MOVIE. A thing to see in cinema, then buy on DVD, watch, keep and re-watch on regular basis. And I ABSOLUTELY hope for A SECOND SEQUEL!

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on July 22, 2015
The story is endearing and the minions, even the evil ones, are cute overload. While not as impressionable as the first, there are still many moments that stick with you. Check it out!
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A sequel that is equally hilarious and as entertaining as its original movie! My family loved that this movie expanded on the lovable characters of Despicable Me AND had us laughing ourselves silly. The evil minions where such a nice twist! Gru's love interest was adorably spunky and an ace agent, too! Loved the new characters!

Now, where can I purchase a guacamole hat???!
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on July 25, 2013
I thought it was impossible.but thjs is better than the first!It.s hysterically funny.touching and the special effects are unbelievable!Gru.once a villain recruited to catch a bad guy.He must balanxce this wirh caring for his 3 adopted daughters and watching over his unpredictable Minions!What's more is it's wholesome family fare.Movies this good are few and far betweenThis is a definite must!!!
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on July 14, 2013
Because of the fact the movie is still fairly new and at least half of the world hasn't seen it, I'll keep this review sparse.

When "Despicable Me" came out in 2010, I didn't see it as a film that could generate a good sequel (although making $540 million at the box office pretty much made it a certainty). If this had been released by Disney instead of Universal, odds were this would have ended up like one of those straight-to-DVD types that were so common in the 1990s and early 2000s. But this sequel is one of the rare movies that tops the original in terms of plot, pacing and even music (if you're a fan of 70s R&B and disco, you're in for a treat), so it's more than deserving of its own shot at the big screen.

Positive No. 1: You don't even have to have seen the original to follow what's going on here. This was great, because my family and I didn't remember much about the first one (which says something in itself).

No. 2: The pacing is well-done. There's not really a slow moment; the movie chugs along from second to fifth gear admirably throughout.

No. 3: The script is solid. Sure, there's a few plot cliches, but you get past them because you spend a good chunk of the movie laughing hysterically. I have to admit that part of the ending was different than I expected, which makes the film all the more great.

No. 4: The film is loaded with subtle and not-so-subtle verbal, visual and written references -- whether it's "I Love Lucy," "The Man With the Golden Gun," "The Spy Who Loved Me," "Footloose," or others -- to where you feel like you need to see it again to look for more. Lucy's Southern California cell phone number, by the way, is a real working number, not one of those 555-1212 items.

No. 5: Gru's yellow "minions" put the film over the top in terms of humor. Try watching the scene where several of them are doing a version of Boyz II Men's "I Swear" without spitting popcorn out across the theater. My wife tells me that part of what they're saying throughout the film is in French. Given the highly French production team, I wouldn't doubt it...although maybe it's backwards French. And they do all of this without being overly crude (families with young kids can rest easy). No wonder they're getting their own movie in Christmas 2014.

My only negative: Don't bother with the 3D version -- there's really not that much here, animation-wise, to merit spending the extra $4 or $5 per ticket. Don't get me wrong -- the animation is solid (although we appear to have maxed out after "Toy Story 3" in terms of what can be done on screen). But aside from one scene, you can watch the basic 2D version and not feel like you're missing anything. And you'll avoid the eyestrain-induced headache.

All in all, an "A" grade. Sorry, Superman, Lone Ranger, Hangover 3 guys and Will Smith -- here's the real summer blockbuster.
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Actually, this review is of the theatrical performance of DESPICABLE ME 2. We hadn't planned on seeing it this weekend but we were running early at the multiplex and the next showing of MONSTERS U was full. Neither of us had seen D.M. 2's predecessor but it didn't matter once we caught onto the fact that the Minions are kind of like Gremlins or Ewoks except they have very little hair, there are tons of them, some have only one eye, and all of them love to go into costume. The plot has superspy overtones, as the formerly despicable main character Gru (voice of Steve Carrell) is shanghai'd by the international Anti-Villain League to find out who is about to enslave the world (the likely culprits have been winnowed down to the proprietors of the stores at the local shopping mall). Lucy, a way over-the-top near-novice girl spy (Kristen Wiig) joins our hero and at the beginning there is no love lost between them . . . but things develop. So what you have is basically a super-high-energy 98-minute animated feature that's part spy caper, part screwball comedy, part teen romance (Miranda Cosgrove returns as the eldest daughter), capped with the Minions singing a spirited version of the Village People's "Y.M.C.A." in Minion-ese. Benjamin Bratt as a macho restaurateur and Russell Brand as Dr. Nefario add to the fun. Rated PG, though I'm not sure why except there's some comic SPLAT-ing going on, and the Minions apparently think the word "bottom" is naughty. (One whispers the word to another, they both titter; then the children in the audience titter, followed by the adults. It's just that kind of movie.) Our showing ended with spontaneous audience applause, and the movie deserved it in my opinion. We awoke today to the news that D.M.2 is the top-ranked movie in America, and my partner went out in search of the disc version of D.M. (1) that includes extra Minion mini-features.
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VINE VOICEon July 11, 2013
The summer of 2013 will likely be remembered as a period of sequels for the computer generated animated feature film segment. Sure there are some original pieces sliding into the fray (Epic & Turbo for example) but the lion's share of the media attention falls squarely on Pixar's Monsters University, Universal Pictures'/ Illumination's Despicable Me 2 and already the trailers are beginning to circulate for Disney's third entry into the Cars universe: Planes.

Depending on who you are, the animated sequel thing can work- look at the Toy Stories and Shreks, Kung Fu Panda, Madagascars, and so on. That said, it didn't come as too much of a surprise when rumors started circulating a couple of years back that 2010's surprise breakaway hit about a villain turned good guy would be getting a direct sequel as well as a spin-off film featuring the minions a year after that.

That brings us to the sequel itself- Despicable Me 2 does away with fancy tag lines and usual sequel fluffery and drops its viewer quickly into a brief reprise of Gru's life as a former supervillain turned domestic daddy caring for three orphan girls. This time around we learn that his vast resources, technology and manpower (or Minion power as the case may be) are devoted to the business of producing a line of jellies and jams.

It doesn't take long for Gru's simple life of parenthood/ Smuckers wannabeism to come to a halt when Lucy Wilde, an agent representing the Anti-Villain League (AVL) abducts the baldheaded mastermind and takes him to a top secret meeting to plead for his assistance in solving a caper involving the disappearance of an Arctic laboratory responsible for the chemical agent PX-41. PX-41 is dangerous because of its ability to transform mammals injected with it into indestructible purple, wild-haired killing machines.

Intel leads the search into a local mall of all places, where a storeowner is suspected of harboring the precious chemical. Posing as operators of a food court bakery, Gru and Lucy are assigned the task of figuring out who is behind the lab's disappearance before they have an opportunity to unleash the dreaded PX-41 on the world.

Sure it isn't much of an extraordinarily rich plot, but it is serviceable enough to set up some genuinely funny moments and visually rich action sequences. It's all but impossible not to find enjoyment in Steve Carell's zany delivery as Gru; especially with a script that seems to hone in perfectly on all of the nuances that make the character tick.

Love em or loathe em, the yellow gibberish-spewing Minions are back with a vengeance and lend some comical moments in a variety of disciplines from light potty humor to all out slap stick to complex visual gags the likes of which wouldn't be uncommon in an old Loony Tunes episode. There is little doubt Illumination realizes they have struck a chord in the world's collective psyche with these guys and plan to milk the gimmick for all its worth.

Fortunately even the Minion overload doesn't take much away from the overall entertainment value of the experience- the fact of the matter is there is something to laugh with, about or at going on in nearly every single scene of the film. Some of the gags are more in-your-face than others of course (which is sort expected in a piece that targets everyone from young children to the most cynical of adults) but certainly multiple viewings reveal layers of comedic charm one would expect from studios as refined and experienced as say Pixar or DreamWorks.

Perhaps the most notable element of the viewing experience comes from a quality that's difficult to pinpoint but unmistakable just the same: the film resonates with the same goofy, almost sublime charm that made the first one so successful. Unlike something from Pixar that would try to awe you with cleverness or say DreamWorks where each sequence feels like it was refined a million times over in boardroom, Despicable Me 2 never feels like it's working too hard to woo its viewer. The vivid, unbelievably rich visuals make it nearly impossible to look away while the characters simply do what they do. In the end you find yourself laughing at Gru's dialog, the Minions' antics, Dr. Nefario's combination of brilliance and geriatrics, a new "very macho" villain, the unique gadgets (after all, what other movie can boast containing a 21 fart-gun salute?) or some combination of the above.

In the event that you haven't been keeping up on such things, Illumination Entertainment has been the modern day incarnation of the King Midas myth. Beginning with the first Despicable Me and extending through Dr. Suess' The Lorax and now with this sequel that in under a week has managed to bring in more than quadruple it's $76-million dollar budget, it can truly be said everything these guys touch has turned to gold. Well not really gold so much as yellow- with goggles and blue suspenders.
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on January 2, 2015
Edit: Since my review I was able to resolve this issue with Universal Support. They lose one star for making me look up their support email and jump through hoops to get the digital download. On the plus side they didn't try to foist ultra violet on me, I was able to chose iTunes for my download.

Original Review:
The movie is great. The product sold is a rip off. The digital download disc WILL NOT WORK if you try to use it after 12/31/2014. Don't waste your money on this version, get one without the digital download. And if you want the digital download, well you'll have to find some other means because apparently hollywood doesn't want to sell it to you. (But they will take your money letting you believe that you are getting it).
Why they set an artificial expiration date I have no idea. There's no good reason for it.
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on July 24, 2013
As stated in my earlier review for Despicable Me, this movie was on my 2013 must watch list. So after its near 3 week highly successful run, here is my review for: Despicable Me 2.

Despicable Me 2 brings back Steve Carrell as everyone's favorite bad guy, Gru. Also returning are Miranda Cosgrove as Margo, Russell Brand as Dr. Nefario, and Elsie Fisher and Dana Gaier as Agnes and Edith. Newcomers to the movie include Benjamin Bratt as Eduardo, Moises Arias as Antonio, Steve Coogan as Mr Silas Ramsbottom, and although she played a minor role in the first film, Kristen Wigg portrays the lady with the lipstick, Lucy Wilde. The cast did an excellent job.

The story line is highly enjoyable, not quite as charming as the first film in my opinion but still very enjoyable. There is the right amount of humor, the animation is well put together, and the minions (as always), are at it again.

My complaint that it is not as memorable as the first is easily overlooked Thanks to Despicable Me 2 being so smart. It has the smarts, the fun, and still has the heart that made us fall in love with the original movie. I have a feeling that a 3rd sequel will be made in due time; while in the meantime, the minions themselves will be getting a movie all on their own in July of 2015. To close out my review If you have not seen this movie, What are you waiting for? GO SEE Despicable Me 2! I can guarantee and confirm that you and your family will have a blast.

4.5 Stars
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VINE VOICEon September 6, 2013
I'm not ashamed to say that `Despicable Me' was one of my favorite movies of 2010. Granted, the year itself was not a very great one, with only a handful of truly amazing films being made (`The Social Network', `Blue Valentine' and `Toy Story 3' being the best of them), but even still, `Despicable Me' is a respectable and entertaining film that made something unique, charming and completely original out of a genre that has had its fair share of redundancies. While it seemed to be all over the place at times, it was truly a breath of fresh air.

I was excited for `Despicable Me 2'; really excited. Like I said, I really liked the first one and so the idea of Gru and his newfound family coming back for another adventure had me anticipating something special.

I can't say that `Despicable Me 2' is anything new or fresh when you consider where the plot is going (far more generic and predictable than the first film), but these characters are so joyous that one can't help but fall in love with their whole troop. The kids are hilarious, especially young Agnes, and the inclusion of Lucy is great, especially since both Wiig and Carell have great comedic chemistry here.

The plot follows newly `straight-laced' Gru as he is pulled into the dangerous world of espionage by the Anti-Villain League. They need Gru to use his master bad-guy skills to help capture a real bad-guy who has stolen a mutation serum. Gru is hesitant, but his current profession (he's making jams and jellies in his basement laboratory) isn't working out so good for him, so he decides to give it a go. He's paired up with hyperactive and completely star-struck Lucy (she loved Gru's work as a villain) and together they scope out the mall looking for the bad guy. Gru has his hunches, but it becomes clear that those hunches are clouded with personal feelings when his eldest daughter Margo falls for the charming young son of the man Gru thinks is the real baddie.

The usual lovelorn antics occur with the parent despising the idea of his daughter seeking out a love interest. Daughter's heart gets broken, father mends the tears, father hides from love, father falls in love, everyone is happy. It isn't really the story that makes this film work, but the way that it is crafted. There is just so much to love here. The dialog is sharp, the character development is heartwarming, the criminal activity is comical and the minions are hysterical (yes, I'm one of those people who laugh at everything they do).

This was a great family film, one that was bursting at every seam with something to enjoy. It's not as good as the film one, but it's make good on the promise and actually delivers a sequel that is on par with what we were originally presented with.

I give this an A-, and hope to GOD that it winds up on Oscar's ballot over the likes of `Epic'. This is honestly the best animated film I've seen this year (yes, better than `Monster's University') and I really would love to see it recognized, especially since the first one was denied despite being better than two of Oscar's nominees that year.
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