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on August 1, 2017
A joy to read with amazing insights on travel. It's filled with great stories of his time doing Destination Truth for Scy Fy for sure but it's much more than that. There's the wisdom of a well traveled man with an amazing sense of humor and an attitude towards life that can only be gained by perspective. I already know that my fiance and I will read this book again. We just completed one full year of travel and learned a lot along the way. But Josh's book taught us things that we're ready to apply for our next year.
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on October 7, 2016
Very good read, just wish it had a bit more of his adventures in it but overall a good book. Josh is such a clown, had me laughing all through the book. One line in the book that left me dwl is when Josh said "the only chance I have of finding the creature down here is to be eaten by it." Any fan of the show would enjoy the book.
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on February 1, 2012
Let me start off by saying that I recently discovered the Destination Truth TV series and have been completely hooked. While I have not seen every episode yet, I watch as many as I can. Josh Gates is an engaging, funny, charming and daring adventure host and I should not have been as surprised as I was that he is also an outstanding author. Josh has a way with words that is very rare to find these days. From the first page, I was impressed with the clarity and descriptiveness of his writing.
As I read this book, it was as if Josh was narrating directly to me in the same style as the TV series. I could hear his voice explaining his background, his hike up Kilimanjaro, his introduction to his producer and the team at SyFy, not to mention the many travel accounts found in these pages. Even if you have not seen the TV series, Josh makes his book easy to follow and a joy to read. Several times I found myself laughing out loud. But the book is not just about recounting his adventures--Josh eagerly and passionately (sometimes recklessly) steps into new cultures and you can feel that he wants his audience to do the same. Witty and moving--especially the recounting of their travels to Chernobyl towards the end of the book--I couldn't put it down. Josh wants everyone to catch the spirit of adventure that he has, at least to some degree. As he explained the difference between real travel and just being a tourist, I found myself yearning to discover places like Josh does and I'm quite sure that is one of the main goals of this book. The only TINY fault that I found was that there was not enough about Ryder in this book. She is my favorite character on the show and only got a few sentences in the book.
Overall, this book is amazing. I didn't find any grammatical or formatting errors (I read the Kindle version) and I loved the pictures at the end. Two thumbs up for Josh! I hope there are more books to come as Josh continues to travel and shoot his TV series.
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on October 31, 2011
This is a wonderful book for any fan of Destination Truth, any fan of cryptozology, or anyone with a good sense of humor or a love of travel. Don't believe in monsters? Fine, Gates isn't convinced, either. But for 5 seasons he's hunted them across the globe and this book gives us a good glimpse of what a pain in the ass it can be to look for Bigfoot. Hate airports? Staying in less than reputable hotels? Shady rental cars? Well, no matter what your travel nightmares are, Josh has them beat. From gigantic spiders on the hotel wall to flying in rickety airplanes that literally are falling apart, Gates takes us along on a fast and funny tale of how to be a monster hunter...or in some cases how NOT to be one.

Gates clearly loves the romance of travel and adventure, and this book whirls you along with him. Fast, wry, sometimes wistful, Gates' outlook and sense of humor sets him and his show apart from the other "paranormal" reality shows out there. This is the perfect antidote for all of those overly-serious "ghost hunter" shows . A very funny and surprisingly heartfelt book about one man's journey...with monsters. Or sometimes no monsters.

Don't miss this splendid read
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on October 5, 2013
Yes, it's true I am a fan of DESTINATION TRUTH. (the SYFY series) but I only ordered this book because of the high rating it was given by other readers. I was not disappointed..... it was a blast to read from cover to cover! YOU GO<> JOSH! Not only was it interesting and informative.......it was a powerful book and the very soul of Josh Gates is exposed for all to see. What a wonderful person, so interested in people everywhere! Not too shabby to look at either!
I thoroughly enjoyed the "tongue in cheek" humor on almost every page. I also enjoyed the intelligent language used to describe things as Josh (on TV) sometimes laughs at himself and appears sometimes to be a bumbling jolly goof out for a good time.
What a pleasant surprise to me to find out he is actually a college graduate (Tufts) and has a degree in Archaeology and Drama!
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on September 4, 2015
I am a fan of Josh Gates. He completely made Destination Truth amazing. He did the same for this book.

I always worry how people write. A lot of times the sarcasm, the humour, and the personality do not transfer over to the written format. Josh Gates did not have that problem. His book reads just like his narrations, humour and all. What made it better, I kept reading it in his voice.

If you are a fan of Destination Truth or Josh Gates, please read this book. You will not be disappointed.

**One thing would make this better, if he did an Audible version where he actually read it**
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on December 11, 2012
With this book, I expected a fluff collection of memories from filming the show and was astounded to find myself laughing and crying in turn, amused by Josh Gates' uncanny ability to find the hilarious in the most mundane situation and touched by his insights on life, travel, and adventure.

Even if you have never watched Destination Truth, I still recommend Memoirs of a Monster Hunter to the armchair traveler who doesn’t take this world too seriously and also to anyone interested in cryptids like Bigfoot and the Jersey Devil.

Josh’s writing flows naturally from sentimental gushing at the wonders of this world to crude descriptions of circumstances that would break a lesser man. From the summit of Kilimanjaro to the radioactive ruins of Pripyat, the haunted forest of Romania to the dark waters of Vietnam, Memoirs of a Monster Hunter is a book well worth reading, and more than once.
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on November 24, 2014
Destination Truth: Memoirs of a Monster Hunter is one of the most entertaining and enjoyable books I've read in a long time. As many other reviewers have already said, if you enjoy the tv show, you'll definitely love hearing the behind-the-scenes thrills, chills and spills that didn't always make it on the show. The story of how the tv show was born and how Josh Gates became the head monster hunter was very interesting, and made even more entertaining as Gates proves to be an extremely quick-witted, insightful and eloquent chronicler of his adventures.

Gates is great on-air, but he's even better as a writer. Scarcely a paragraph went by without some little gem of a quip or quote to make me laugh or nod my head in appreciation. The man has a zest for life and for adventure that comes through in full HD in the pages of his book. I highly recommend it, even if you aren't a fan of the tv show. Excellent escape for a few hours and well worth the price.
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on December 30, 2015
I always loved Destination Truth. Mysteries like these have always attracted me as a child, and they continue in to adulthood. Josh Gates' sense of humor - which makes Destination Truth so much fun - comes out in the book. He doesn't take his "job" too seriously in the show, and it comes out honestly in the book. Given all the mystery/monster hunters on the TV, it is refreshing to know someone who is more interested in the hunt and the experiences you learn along the way. It is a quick read.
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on October 18, 2011
Yep, I'm one of those girls who has always loved myths, monsters, ghosts,etc. and never has grown up. That's why I love "Destination Truth" the TV show. I also love it because of Josh Gates and his crew...they always make you feel like you're along for the adventure in the backseat of some crummy rental car with them. I often have wished Josh would write a travelogue or something, and he finally has with this book. Thankfully, Josh writes the way he hosts the show: with intelligence, wit, and goofy humor. I read this...no, I DEVOURED it in a short time and wished for more. It takes you to places you may never see and you get some insight into what it takes to make such a wild "reality" show as DT.

Makes me wish I could have a couple of beers with Josh sometime and talk about archaeology, travel, monsters...and great movies of the '80's!
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